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MSG 102,级别15,状态1,程序SPGETGYZZITLLL,行36语法不正确

I am getting an incorrect syntax error on line 35/36 in the following query: CREATE PROCEDURE afm.SP_Get_ZINTLL AS Begin SELECT DISTINCT ls_id AS ZINTLSID_0 ,'ARC' AS ZINTSRCCODE_0 ,


I have a pandas dataframe in which one column of text strings contains new line separated values. I want to split each CSV field and create a new row per entry. My Data Frame is like: Col-1 Col-2


I trying to create a method call to a WSDL, but have some problems with the headers class SoapClientDebug extends SoapClient { public function __doRequest($request, $location, $action, $version, $


I use Flask-Admin and Flask-Security to implement admin panel for my Python application. Here are the models for User and for Role: class Role(db.Model, RoleMixin): id = db.Column(db.Integer(),


I need to disable setting status bar programmatically in android.User can't acess wifi ,gps and other shortcut through setting pull down menu.


I have several EC2 instances in my AWS amazon account. I have one specific EC2 instance that I want an outsourcer to use (stop,start, manage security group, resize disk space, etc). I tried to do it


I am trying to display a form using ReactDOM.createPortal(). It works fine for the first time. But if I close and try to open again - it does not show. No error messages - none. Note "main-win" and


Is there a way to fully integrate a ".xmp-file" into a PDFA-3b? I have already found the tool "exiftool" and can thus already change and add metadata. however, I need custom metadata in the PDF. That'


What are those yellow fields and how i disable editing them when doc is protected? It isnt Bookmarks/Fields/FieldForms from what i can tell, only finalizing document helps but its easily removed.


I have built an expo (React native) app and in development it is working great, even running perfectly on my android device. I built an APK and now when i run the apk on the same android device enter


Let's say that I have a very basic form like this: <form action="https://www.website.com/"> <select name="1option"> <option value="A">A</option> <


I am new at mobile app developing, and i have been looking into push notification and , i understand that you have local notification, static on the device and remote notification, send from a

Xamarin Froms在绑定数据时访问自定义对象字段

I am trying to bind some data to a listview and I am dealing with the following issue: My object type is CartItem which has a Product field and a Quantity field. Quantity is just a integer, but the


like the title said,when I open hprof files,I can see this, but i don't know what it means

I am trying to programmatically add a back button to a different view controller if there is no back button found on the navigation controller. However this snippet runs even there is a back button on

未知命令行参数根组件XAMARIN IOS

I'm trying to launch ios Simulator from Visual Studio for Windows 2017 Community (version 15.7.6) and Xamarin.iOS When connecting to Mac, VS automatically upgraded Xamarin.iOS version


I have a large csv file (6 GB) and I want to sample 20% of it. These 20% should be with same distribution as the large original file. For example, take Kaggles data: https://www.kaggle.com/c/avazu-


I'm trying to understand bitcoin transactions verification specified here. Item 10 states, that parent transaction (mentioned as input for current) should be searched not only in already confirmed


ID ERROR STOCK TRD_DATE AUDIT_DATETIME 101692579 Y US9128 15-AUG-18 00.00.00 15-AUG-18 17.01.07 --gets missed 101692555 Y US9128 15-AUG-18 00.00.00 15-AUG-18


Here part of data. mydat=structure(list(code = c(123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L, 123L,


I want to use Stanford Pattern-based Entity Extraction and Diagnostics (SPIED) with German language texts. Unfortunately, the defatult setup is made for English texts (e.g. POS and NER models). Plus,


Let's say I have the following code: open class Fruit class Apple : Fruit() open class Juice<T : Fruit> class AppleJuice : Juice<Apple>() fun <F : Fruit, J : Juice<F>>


I'm trying to pass an array from my MVC Model into a javascript array (to use in fullCalendar), however having an issue. From the below, "myArray" is being populated with the correct amount of items


I have to change the value of the variable depending on the browser in which I'm running the script. I have my code as given below: *** Variables *** ${upload_file} xpath=//*[@id="

OL 2016 / ExCH 2013 -收件人没有正确显示

we are using on-prem Exchange 2013 and Outlook 2016. Our received mail is first filtered by an external party and from there forwarded to our mailbox-server. This works fine. Now I have a user that


I have created one OpenSSL dynamic engine for AES and RSA. I need to add this dynamic engine support for in Nginx web server. How can I add that information in Nginx config file?


I have PS and need some (batch) changes in my producs database: 1.- In distributor ONE change all discounts to 20% FOR EACH product UNTIL END IF distributor="ONE" THEN discount=20

PHP PrimgRead -从句子中替换所有URL的所有实例

I'm having a real headache to craft the proper php preg_replace code to remove all possible URLs terms from text contents I want to prevent spammers from even mentioning their URLs when posting


in this above code I get process terminated with status -1073741819 and 4 at line 34 is not being printed what should I do? I get segmentation fault when I debug it #include <iostream> using


I have local region Gemfire and I want to persist the region to disk. How to define it on Java DataPolicy?


I would like to resent an viewcontroller as modal view in size .formSheet. The background color should not be grey transparent, it should be an blur effect. How I cloud change the background color


i made a post friday already about how starting off to use a SVG animation to show the state of IO hardware. I´ve read a bit now because im using CSS, svg { transform: rotate(45deg); transform-

在Python TeSycOR PKG中设置白名单

I have create a config file in tessdata to set the white list. And I also know how to use it in command line shell. But I don't know how to use it in python with tesserocr package. The


I'm using a socket for HTTP connection and I would like to know how can I use default Credentials like NTML etc.. if required by proxy or something Thanks.

如何在Office Word VSTO中添加UI页面导航?

I'm on the beginning steps of creating a VSTO Word Add-in with C# which will reside inside a "Task Pane". So my question revolves around the best way to make UI navigation. At the moment, I have

卡夫卡主题分区领袖- 1

I noticed that few of my kafka topics are behaving in a manner i cannot explain clearly. For eg: ./kafka-topics.sh --describe --zookeeper ${ip}:2181 --topic test Topic:test PartitionCount:3


I'm new with typescript and require.js and I'm trying to get the required modules for my application managed by required.js (so any help is appreciated).. This is my config.js: require.config({ "


I've faced a problem - Appium can't see custom views on Android. I have Appium 1.8.1 and custom view extends Framelayout. Does anybody know how to solve this problem?


I have 3 collection on my solrcloud 7.4: Data fill with master data UserPref (Data + User Activitiy) UserCount (User Activity Count) Model data something looks like this Data: { "id":"album-1",


I was performing testing on corda observer node. On IOU issue, put call of flow for observer. same thing on IOU lender transfer flow (Flow for changing lender property to the new Party). I issue IOU

从POWER SUBLE模块移除Tebug用户命令

The following command throws an error while removing an owner from microsoft teams. Remove-TeamUser -GroupId 7ad89f19-1c20-4f51-a520-1228002ac93d -User Megan.ryn.admin@xxx.onmicrosoft.com ERROR:


I am new to Logstash and just exploring it. I have a huge csv file with a million rows and bit more. It has around 40 columns. Few of them are strings and few are numbers. Now, before I index this


I'm using Zeep to handle my Soap requests. It works perfectly. But now I need to add a header to the request: saml1 = """ <wsse:Security xmlns:wsse="http://docs.oasis-open.org/wss/2004/01/


I recently read a document as I can generate only 50 refresh tokens per user per Client. is there any limit for no of users accounts can be accessed for a client_id.


Could you please give any solution on this below issue. " If the resource is not tagged like "Owner" as "User Name", then it will get terminated automatically ". For the IAM user, how to restrict


I have added some custom steps to some of my SSRS jobs however they are being removed after a couple of days every time. I know that if you add custom jobs and then change the report or the

Android SDK实例错误

I am not able to open android device manager in visual studio 2017. Android SDK Instance Error Android SDK Tools version 25.2.5 is not supported. Update your Android SDK Tools to version 26.0.0 or


I would like to add the content of a vector to a data frame. For example, I have a vector like: 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4 And a data frame like: Name1 Name2 Name3 Name4 Name5 Name6 3 2 2 0


When developing Azure Function thru Class Library approach (local development) I came across issue when using Even Hub compatible endpoint of IoTHub for triggering my function. This is set thru

I'm trying to do Winerama Recommender Tutorial . I met a error which I can't solve. When I try to go to the tab 'recommendation list' the browser returned the following error. Error Environment: