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I am trying to build a store locator using this tutorial: https://developers.google.com/maps/solutions/store-locator/clothing-store-locator?csw=1 However it isnt working - I have set up a database

In the last releases of iccube reporting, in the discussion new module, "Chat" is written by default. Is there a way to change this text ? In my case, I just want to make it more "french".

使用Java RX实现并行API调用

I have a Set<Object> and for each entry in the list I have to make an API call passing that as a param. And I have to process each of those responses & populate another Map with some own

角度6 HTTP拦截器,请求报头未修改

I created an interceptor to add an authorization header to each request sent by the client, here is the code : import { HttpInterceptor, HttpRequest, HttpHandler, HttpHeaderResponse, HttpSentEvent,


A co-worker of mine shared an autohotkey script (it's actually an exe file that runs on the background). Anyways, when I click the hotkeys it opens up a company webiste and creates a shared query for


I wanted to find out how many types of subqueries a SQL select statement can include. Though the example shown below runs in Oracle 12c, I would prefer to keep this question database agnostic. In


Suppose you have a 10x10x3 colour image input and you want to stack two convolutional layers with kernel size 3x3 with 10 and 20 filters respectively. How many parameters do you have to train for


Using java, I need to read a warc archive file, filter it depending on the content of the html page, and write a new archive file. the following code reads the archive. how to reconstruct an org.


If I have an array like outerArray = [ middleArray1 = [ innerArray1 = ['data'], innerArray2 = ['more data] ], middleArray2 = [ more stuff ] ] How


I have a question.I am using 2 factor authentication in chrome driver for my automation tests.My first test tests a login screen through 2 factor authentication.When the test is run in chromeDriver,it


I've noticed that in the Azure portal the order in which query parameters are in the url changes the results, so $orderby=Created desc &$filter=CreatedDate lt 2018-06-21 &$top10 returns a


I have a problem normalizing data in pandas. In [37]: import pandas as pd # data processing from IPython.display import display This is my dataset I have In [37]: d = {'FTR': ['W', 'D', 'L', 'W'


I am writing a winform to convert written text into Unicode numbers and UTF8 numbers. This bit is working well //------------------------------------------------------------------------ //

Algolia aroundLatLonViaIP没有更进一步的回报

I have a large databases of objects where I'd like to show objects that are nearer to the user searching first so I'm using aroundLatLngViaIP. This works well for objects that are near by, however,

JS CSVtoJSONS-返回函数外的结果

I am relatively new to this and haven't quite got my head round how this all works Basically I am using the csvtojson function to convert a csv file into json. This works fine and outputs the json


I've managed to create a function that checks whether arrays 'a' and 'b' can 'swap' corresponding values to 'increase' - e.g.: var a = [1,2,3,4,5] // is increasing var a = [1,4,6,7,36] // is


Here is my Data.frame New = (data.frame(ID=c(1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,3,3,4,4), DC=c("Qualx","lmx", "lmx","lmx","lmx", "Qualx","Qualx","Qualx", "lmx","lmx"


I'm trying to create an onclick div. I have a simple problem, but I don't know how to solve it, because I'm still new to javascript. My div is showing when I load the page. I wan't it to not show


I am building an application which is an exam. All the questions are shown on different screens, all with a progressbar showing how much time the user has left. When the progressbar is full, the


Hi I am trying to execute specific tests only if application is up and running (I am using docker), I am trying to achieve this with the help of bash script. What I am expecting is I need to run a


Given a score column, e.g., scores = pd.DataFrame({"score":np.random.randn(10)}) and thresholds thresholds = pd.DataFrame({"threshold":[0.2,0.5,0.8]},index=[7,13,33]) I would like to find the

Windows 10不会让我下载Git

I tried to download GIT from here: https://git-scm.com/download/win But windows 10 wont let me to download here is what it says: So how to download Git.

Java(Android Studio):检测声音并说出它是什么音符

Is is possible to detect sound from any source (e.g. from an instrument) and then tell what note it is? Would there be a way to get the frequency of the sound so that i can "convert" it to the


I want to use an input variable and display it inside my component HTML but I can't get it to work. I'm pretty sure I miss something important here but can't say what. Here is my component


As far as I understand. I can use the MapColorFrameToCameraSpace() function in Kinect SDk to transform all of Colorspacepoint (X,Y) into CameraSpacePoints (X,Y,Z). The function somehow, map the point


Is it possible to push down comments to the source database query? Given example Teiid query: select /* 'request_id' */ columnA, sum(columnB) from tableA I'd like to see the comment pushed down to


I'm trying to move a window programmatically on my desktop. For this I've tried: let options = CGWindowListOption(arrayLiteral: .excludeDesktopElements, .optionOnScreenOnly) let windowsListInfo =


How to implement this algorithm?: Counting the intersection points (lines) of two sets of sequences (accepted answer) as a divide and conquer algorithm. I know how the algorithm in his answer works


I've done some tests in Common Lisp : (defvar *a* 0) (defvar *b* *a*) (setf *b* 5) *b* ; returns 5 of course *a* ; returns 0. Is there a way to set it to 5 without setting *a* directly, via *b* ? Is

JavaScript API响应-检查是否存在变量

In an API response, I want to check if a variable exists. If it doesn't, I want to assign it a blank value: if(!data3.fields[i+2].values.value[0]) { data3.fields[i+2].values.


My professor gave this exercise to us in class and asked to exactly mimic the recursive calls with stacks. This is the recursive algorithm: def algo(T, h): ret = -1 s = 0 d = 0 if T !


I find the addControlInput function in Tensorflow's Java API: /** Ensure that the operation does not execute before the control operation does.*/ OperationBuilder addControlInput(Operation control)

使用DPLYR R筛选列,而不是行

Is there a way to filter out columns based on some condition using dplyr? This is a bit confusing because it is the opposite of normal filtering. I can't find anything directly applicable on SO.


Lets say I have a row where's there's a % increase based on the value in the previous Column so A1 = 1 B1 = A1*1.1 C1 = B1*1.1 . G1 = F1*1.1 Can ARRAYFORMULA in Google Sheets do this? If so what

Topple窗口OpenPV Python

I'm working with open-CV in python 2.7 . Once i try to open video in vlc in my code it opens the player as the top level window. I also have an open-CV window who is open at the same time and stream


My script was working fine a couple of days ago, but is now not accepting my second colored text option, which is supposed to be able to handle backslashes and the likes. Here is a screenshot of my

从现代待机唤醒Windows 10设备

I have a Microsoft Surface device running Windows 10, which is a combination that supports only the Standby S0 sleep state, which is Microsoft's "Modern Standby." This has drastically limited the


After years now, the impossible happened, I could not find the solution to my problem :D Unfortunately this also means I cannot summarize my problem in one sentence, but I will try to keep it in a

安装新的Windows SSH不添加路径,它在哪里?

https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/powershell/2017/12/15/using-the-openssh-beta-in-windows-10-fall-creators-update-and-windows-server-1709/ Ran: Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name OpenSSH.Client~~~~0.


I'm trying to find the most effective way of redirecting all POST data to /dev/null. The goal is to have a way of sending huge amounts of data to the internet, to monitor network performance, but all


DatabaseContext db = new DatabaseContext(); public class Doc { public int Id { get; set; } class DatabaseContext : DbContext { public DbSet<Doc> Docs{ get; set; } How can I select the


my professor gave us a challenge: to edit this page http://teste.ads.cnecsan.edu.br. It is located on the server on /var/www/teste/index.html BUT I can't sudo and the file is locked. My groups are


The project was not built since its build path is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for java.lang.Object. Fix the build path then try building this project


I am trying to write a script, which will take an input from the lambda array, and have 100 distinct runs (evaluations) for each lambda. This is what I've got so far. #!/bin/bash -l #SBATCH --qos=


I am trying to export some components of my Angular 6 application into a library. Unfortunately, I need to use a WebToolkit to connect to a proprietary service build by other people, which is only


I have a question abount highcharts, i am trying to change the timezone. Can somebody tell me how to do this. Do i have to do this in the highcharts.js? I think it has to do white following lines of


In Matlab, I have an array that has labels, for example Events = [10; 11; 41; 42; 31; 32; 41; 42]; I want to edit this array so that after each 41 I insert 8 411s such that I end up with:


I have got a huge csv file which contains data about a bicycle being driven. So I got a time column in seconds and a Speed column. I would like to check for specific pattern in the data, in order to


I'm using python 3.6 in my Win10 system. I used following code from sklearn.feature_extraction.tests import TfidfVectorizer It's giving me error message ImportError: cannot import name '


Having my first go with VueJS which is great. Just got a couple of issues with data binding. I need the customer to enter an image, so no image should show until a url is entered in the input field.