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Can I make an API call with two or more of these parameters? Such as full name AND location. The Twitter Get Users/Search API: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/accounts-and-users/follow-search-

I have the following code: import numpy as np import time n = 10

I need to create a table/s that recognize the subcategories in the data below. For example I need excel to recognize that the Fixed Income position is divided between US Fixed Income and International

We have to read a flat file and query the related rows in DB(SQL server) which returns results more than the chunk size(2K) which is being set. so we cannot query in the ItemProcessor so moved the

I need to send a data from the server side to the client, and on the client's side a show screen, like in calling . I did this with notifications (fcm), but it does not work when app in background and

Image with comments Hi all, i'm learning to code in swift and using Xcode 10 the comments in the code you can see in the picture are my assignments, but the below is stressing me out, not quite sure

When I run devtools::check() I can see that errors and warnings and notes are appearing but devtools::check() stores these results in /tmp so they're deleted almost instantly. I want to be able to see

Consider a critical application and I have to make two external calls to do a transaction, the second call depends on the status of the first call. If I have to make this method atomic, ie, I want to

Can I execute some expressions before calling super-constructor in c++. Particularly, prepare the input for the super-constructor. For example: class Figure { Point vertex[MAX]; Figure(Point[

So when a user logs in I use Sessions to display values across pages. // GET REQUIRED DATA AND USE IT AS A SESSION $query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username='$username' "; $result =

Good Day! I am writing this message because I have a dilemma. I am trying to think of a method that can help me realise something. I basically want to create a function that would display a frame in

An HTMLCollection in the HTML DOM is live; it is automatically updated when the underlying document is changed. im trying to write a simple script, for a website that often adds elements, that

So I have been trying to figure out a way to pull from a rest api an image and then present to the user inside a jinja template. A couple things to note about the problem. The solve needs to be able

I am trying to make a operator+ to add days to a date. I have a "Fecha" class: #include <iostream> class Fecha { private: int m_dia; int m_mes; int m_anyo; public: Fecha();

I have seen a c# tutorial where the instructor generates the proxy using "Add reference " (but he was using windows pc ) I am using a mac and I am struggling generate the proxy of a web-service

I wanted to add each element from array to x.conf file from my bash script. Can anyone please help me how to do this? I tried the below method but this doesn't seem to work . File = "x.conf" . /bin/

hello i am using wordpress in a woocommerce project i wanna to active oauth2 for sending requests via rest api for mobile i follow much tuts but no one helped i setuped plugin called oauth server but

I am trying to update average value in column and grouping by multiples columns, but I get the same value in each row. If I just do a select (whitout update) its displays the good values !! this is

When i create a sceneview in a variables didset in my GameViewController class, it causes my screen to go black: I'm not even using the object, just creating it. If I remove this line of code then

It is not possible Add a script to the container which automatically restarts container Add restart policy to dockerfile Set restart policy when running the container Adding restart policy when

i am trying to crypt some generated string using DCPCRYPT i have tried the following encrypt procedure TForm1.Button3Click(Sender: TObject); var S2: String; c: TDCP_rijndael; begin c :=

when I am reading input say "$$$$$abcd$$$$$" by running below code import java.util.*; public class MyClass { public static void main(String args[]) { Scanner in = new Scanner(System.in);

I do not know english. Sorry. I am writing with Google translation. I have a table about classes and breaks. I want to show the red line in the table according to the current time. Sample: Now at

There are some nice practical advantages of pipenv over conda: Conda has no way of removing orphans Pipfile and Pipfile.lock files can be checked into git, conda has no real equivalent Dependency

I know I can open browser using Desktop api. Something like java.awt.Desktop.getDesktop().browse(new URI("http://stackoverflow.com")); But can I implement scripts on different sites. And also, can

Anyone know how I could change the lua comment style to // && /* */ instead of -- && --[[ ]] I would assume something such as // = -- /* = --[[ and */ = ]] would cause problems

I want to be able to trim a string where values match an array like this $image_formats = array('.png','.jpg', '.jpeg', '.gif'); $file = 'image1.png'; $file_stripped = trim($file, $image_formats);

*I've been fiddling about trying different YouTube videos trying to get this setup and running but have run into a problem that I just can't figure out. So the code I have run so far is, after

I am trying to make a simple call to a soundcloud rss feed in my code, but I am getting the CORS error: Failed to load http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:47838114/sounds.rss: No '

In Vuetify, I have a checkbox: <v-container fluid> <v-checkbox label="Disable me" v-model="checkbox1"></v-checkbox> </v-container> If I want do disable unchecking: &

This should be simple related to scope, but I still don't understand what's going on the variable. I made three methods in class containing a main method for the purpose of practice. Inside the main

I'm trying to show a list of items to another list by clicking it. The selected items are showing but only in a single line. I tried to add a break line but failed to do it. $(".list-select li").

I am developing a python package. Every commit is tested on Travis CI on python 3.5 and 3.6. At one point, the tests started failing on 3.5 only. Diffs only show minor README changes. I rerun the

I have a CSV file such as this one (example.csv). STRING_COL,INT_1,INT_2,FLOAT,INT_3 Hello,9,65151651,3234.54848,7832 This is a string,2,5484651,34.234,-999 Another,2,62189548,51.51658,-999 Test,2,

who cant tell me how to make an addition of time in gnuplot. I am trying to do this : StartTime="09:23:20" EndTime="12:45:34" Delay="00:03:23" Action=StartTime + Delay or set xrange [("10:23:45"

I have a list containing data frames that I want to merge into one big data frame without row names. I tried: ls <- list(df1 = data.frame(col1 = c(1, 2)), df2 = data.frame(col1 = c(3, 4))) do.call(

When I want to distribute my .ipa file, I'm getting "code signing failed" error. After I updated my Xcode version to 10.0, this problem occured. Is there anyone that had this problem before ? The

There are lambda-local and AWS Sam CLI. I don't understand what the difference. Both can test functions on the local machine. The only advantage of AWS SAM I can see that it can make use of SAM

How can I easily check the password strength for the text of a TextField? It should have at least 6 characters, at least 1 letter and at least one number.

I need to join column 'rating' from dataframe df_original - by keys, 'userId' and 'movieId' - with dataframe df_workspace. > Dataframe df_workspace userId movieId cluster 0 1 2

Hey I'm trying to build this program for First Fit memory allocation and everything is working without showing me any error but for some reason it is not going into the void first_fit(), and just

So I'm trying to write this program that if the user wants to transpose up /transpose down, the chord should change accordingly, for example if a chord is [G], if the user transposes up, it should

I have a data set with some 300 columns, each of them depth-dependent. The simplified version of the Pandas DataFrame would look something like this: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as

I need Active-HDL Student Edition but I am using IOS laptop is there any solution to work it on or is there any other program have the same specificity but for the IOS user?

Need to check the time it takes to create the threads and free them. This code currently reads in a 16x16 matrix and counts number of occurrences of each integer element. Need to divide matrix into

I want to build my graphql server app, when i build by webpack 4, i've got this error on a decorator of typeorm : ERROR in ./src/models/user.ts 15:0 Module parse failed: Unexpected character '@' (15:

I'm trying to write a web application that consumes AWS SQS using spring cloud AWS annotation-driven queue listener, here is how my code looks like: XML AWS Beans: <beans xmlns:xsi="http://

this is my blade <a href="{{action('ProduitController@edit', $value->id)}}" class=" btn btn-warning btn-xs"> <i class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></i>

I'm trying to create a RESTful service using Jersey. I have the following method: @POST @Path("import-users") @Produces({MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON, MediaType.APPLICATION_XML}) public Response

I'm building a small application that takes the user's device's lat/long position as well as the heading (true north) and tells you what sort of points of interests are in front of the user. I am