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In my website, I want to show modal in full screen on mobile view. Please help me in the media query. I Not known about media query. so please help me. What should I have to add in css to look like

I have a json object which has multiple key and data inside, current code only takes first key object and draws it. I want each key to create a element, currently only takes first key and draws it.

I am relatively new to android development and is still learning thru. I need help on my fragments. I have a fragment page that looks ok on a portrait mode but messed up on landscape as seen on this

I am trying to create a google extension (open to other display/easy access methods) that displays the timezone of the friend's location that the user is chatting with on messenger. I am using the

I defined Article model at models.py. And I defined created by models.DateTimeField in Article class. I want to get articles by specified year value but I can not catch it by one of my case. But case

enter image description here I knew surface view exists under Window and View like above picture. Then I wonder what is right view hierarchy when situation is below. Activity   Fragment &

I am working on an Angular 7 project. I have started ng serve and it is serving on http://localhost:4200. tag is set as . I have configured nginx as reverse proxy as shown below: location / {

When opening certain IOS files such as the kernel (can apply to other situations, just specifying this) a list of hexadecimal values appear on the left on the program (usually Hopper Disassembler).

I am using apereo cas for SSO login. When user is created its token is generated as firstname@lastname and exipration time of token. With this a url is generated for reset/change the password. (url is

python constructor initializes when it it instantiated . I want to know instantiated runs on which time and constructor runs on which time.

I have first name, last name, mobile number, graduation and entry date are the fields of table. I'm unable to understand which one should be my primary key?

I want to select the 'Signal' column. For example, I want to get the mean value of Signal column. But I get the error as follow data.Signal.mean() And the strange thing is that the Data columns are

When i open image editor to upload image then how to stop or disable functionality to drag then image property window.

I'm working on a project, where I wanted to access a sound file from C:/Windows/media, but to keep it more general, I want to use some environment variable from the user's system. This code works At

Trying to use behave with python 3.7. There are 2 when tags . This is a simple code of calculator .All my given,when and then are matching with their respective steps, yet there is an error. Please

Please forgive my band HTML convention. I just have my tags like this for testing. I'm trying to have a that I function I can call on by my site, which will take a statically defined JSON variable,

I am trying to apply custom styling to my navbar that I have created using React Bootstrap. I found a question here that said bsClass='custom-class would work and it kind of does but throws a ReactDOM

I'm getting wrong answer error in question on hackerrank deque-stl. My implementation is to find the maximum element in the windows and stores its index, then use this index of the maximum element in

I have a php website which images files used to stored in /uploads/ folder before now I have made a new folder /files1/ and images being stored in new folder and previous images also has been moved to

i'm in the process of deciding how to decode received video frames, based on the following: platform is Windows. frames are encoded in H264 or H265. GPU should be used as much certainly we prefer

I've just installed mactex from http://www.tug.org/mactex/ And I've tried to preview some latex document and it rendered correctly, so I think I've installed latex properly. But when I type some math

So I'm building my portfolio website, and I'm integrating the GitHub API with it to display my projects and their ReadMe's as I decorate them and document them nicely and would like to show them off.

In android I have connectivity with Voip system. I want End-to-End encryption. When User speaks then its voice should be encrypt and send to the server then from other client it should decrypt. I am

I am using keycloak 4.4.0 Final, below is project structure Parent A pom Contains all the dependencyManagement below is the psedocode <dependencyManagement> <dependency> <

I'm using ESLint and I get this error: Each then() should return a value or throw promise/always-return Code: return somePromise.then(result => { console.log(result); }).catch(error => {

I have a problem in my forms. I have 2 entities : Anime and Episode. One Anime can have multiple Episode, but an episode can only have one anime.I use a OneToMany relation, and that my owning side

I'm using following code to create xml layout resource. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <androidx.constraintlayout.widget.ConstraintLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/

can u please elaborate the difference between PUT and POST request some where i read these both can do same work so why we cant use only one request instead of using both. thank you

Problem i created a model for my project after making it when i register it in admin.py file it throughs a name error.says 'post' not defined Error NameError: name 'Post' is not defined class Post(

in my router static ip is set for raspberry pi and mosquitto_sub -t he -u "hello" -p "world" Error: Invalid port given: 0 he --------topic name error is occering plz guide me and thanks advance.

I am writing junit for post using rest assure, and while executing , My Test Class: public class PolicyResourceTest { private static MockRESTServer server; @BeforeClass public static void

I have three fragments on the viewpager and all three have recycler view on them. But while swiping recycler view's scroll conflicts with it. Hence it is only after 3rd or 4th swipe the fragment is

I want to change arrow color as well as circle when click on it. I am using LESS and getting right place to add border-top-color: #0066ff; Can anyone suggest please? Here is code: LESS: .circle {

Its really strange, i am working on my real estate related website and having two tables users and user_metas where user table have all the basic details of user and user_metas having all the meta

I have a Pipeline and some Stages in it. I can access the stages inside the model. However I do not see them as (sub) Models but rather the Evaluators. For example, if I have a pipeline with say

I have initialized and declared a model. I am calling that model's element in map function. I have two fields and one array in that model. When I pass the model in map function. I can able to get

I'm trying to code a spellchecker using a hashtable of dictionary words. I'm currently trying to compare words from a text document to a value in the hash table to see if it's spelled correctly, but

First time posting here. Recently started a C++ class and I'm really enjoying it! I'm creating a tax computing program but ran into a bit of wall on this part. I don't know how its not initialized if

I am new to reactjs. I want to post the details of user by clicking on my signup button by connection to my webapi and dislaying data on browser console. How can i do this? I am getting the data

I am trying to sequence two ajax requests in redux-observables, and second request will be based on response of first, And i individually want to dispatch response or error of both requests. Using

I'm trying to create my own custom componets in JavaFx and use it in FXML file, but i can get, inside my custom component, all the childrens tag (nested components) writed in the fxml file. For

I have a bean named sampleBean scoped by viewScope . this bean load some data from database (MySQL) . my problem is some records shared between users . now maybe [USER A] delete that shared record and

I am using ASP.NET Core 2.2, EF Core and MOQ. As you can see in the following code, I have two tests, and running both together, with both database name "MovieListDatabase" I got an error in one of

I have an email verification page in angular and the sign up page in ionic app. When I create a user from angular, everything works well but when I sign up a user from ionic application

how to access data from sciflare cloud when ii have following information? Api key project id GET /api/v1/projects/{ProjectId}/messages?fields=id,time,source,topic,message

I want receive data from this URL "http://eai1.parsgps.ir:7777/online?user=ir-U-butaneco&pass=ir-Ue724679821pars6843560G1P1S" i want to write program in C# that receive data and store is SQL i

I have searched and searched and can't figure out why this code wont load an XML element into the . I'm trying to load the XML from a file, read for a specific element and put it's data into a

I'm studying byte stream and I just noticed that ByteArrayStream seems similar to BufferedStream, I can read/write data by using ByteArrayStream alone or wrap it in BufferedStream. I know that

Not able to get $post->ID, but able to get post_title and permalink. I am creating the new post and try to get post_id on publishing the new post. add_action( 'transition_post_status', '

I am new to python and I amusing python 2.7, the structure of my prject is as follow: My main.py fils is as follow: import logging import sys, os print('path to add to syspath is {}'.format(os.path.