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In visual studio I have three lines with a lot of whitepace. Is there ashortcut to select the lines and combine them to one line?

Here is my demo.php <div class="form-message"></div> <div class="input-group date" data-provide="datepicker"> <input class="form-control" id="datepicker" name="ownerBdate"

I'm making chank system for my game. i serialized my data of chank in PC, and i want to load this data in Android. I put this file in, "resources/MapData", when i using PC, i can load this file with

I was writing a simple code of cuda fortran. The compiler is PGI community edition 18.4, and the cuda version is cuda 9.0. When compiling , it returns "PGF90-F-0155-Compiler failed to translate

I have a java code developed in jdk 1.7version which supports TLS1.1. Recently my company has implemented TLS1.2 in the server. Any suggestion or inputs on how to enable/implement TLS1.2 in my

I am trying to implement payment module in my website using stripe gateway.But , I did not use the build-in checkout form [With Elements (Stripe.js v3) ]that stripe provides where stripe does all

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I have taken one card view .applied black color to its background and i have taken text view and applied background image and passed opacity to textview for getting blackish image in output.but i dont

Now that Microsoft has many choices What is the best bet? if I have around 40 people who need to access the code. I don't want to have Visual Studio as I use IntellliJ as the IDE. Option 1: Should

I have a list of 50 URL links in Excel column. I extract my data but there is a case that a URL do a timeout, I think because the webpage has high definition photos. How can I go to next URL if the

I have 2 EditText(s) in my activity. One for a mobile no, and the other for a pin no. The mobile no editText has an inputType of phone: Mobile No EditText <android.support.design.widget.

The issue goes like this I have all my configuration for the project in Consul KV store The configuration includes application.yml, logback.xml and few other configurations needed by my project.

There are two ways of having object methods reference object properties: let i = {a: 'apple', b: function(){return i.a}} let j = {a: 'apple', b: function(){return this.a}} console.log(i.b())

So I want to run OptaPlanner's benchmarking and I have been able to succesfully implement this for various problems (tsp, vrp). Now I am running it for a more complicated vrp, but I am being faced

Very new to survival analysis here. I am now trying to correlate the gene expression level with survival and prognosis for patients with lung cancer, and I want to run a cox regression analysis on it.

"adb shell input touchscreen swipe 500 500 1000 1000" draw only straight line Is there any way to draw line such as 'L' or 'N' at once ? Thanks

I have several instances of DataTables on a page and most of them have a nested child table per row (more detailed information about that row). The child tables do not have exactly the same columns.

guys! I am using rbac of yii1.1, when I called the actiondelete, I got a warning such as “You are not authorized to perform this action.” My accessRule is: public function accessRules() {

I have an application where I have multiple divs which represent the renderings of the days of the year in React and I need to integrate a way of selecting multiple of them and making some pop up

My Code: import tensorflow as tf import numpy as np x_input=np.linspace(0,10,100) y_input=5*x_input+2.5 #model parameters W = tf.Variable(tf.random_normal([1]), name='weight') #bias b = tf.Variable(

I am controlling a smart light bulbs and publishing their status in UI dashboard, as a status I am getting a string data of "ON" and "OFF", but instead of this string data I want to get an integer

Below is my security.yml file. In which 2 methods works perfectly as an unsecured methods. But api_slots doesn't work as unsecured method.i don't know how i need to define method object name in

I'm newbie with Golang. I want to create a list of dictionaries with resizable capability with append some dict to the list but I confused. I want something like that: [ {"port": 161, "timeout": 1,

class VideoCellNode: ASCellNode { var videoNode: ASVideoNode! init(video: Videos?) { super.init() backgroundColor = .white videoNode = ASVideoNode() if let video = video { if

I've a ItemsControl element in which I've binded a Dictionary<string, int> property Values in my DataContext: <ItemsControl Margin="0 10" ItemsSource="{Binding Values}"> <

Does Angular 2+ (Angular 1.7 to be exact) have a code diff component or plugin that can be used for comparing 2 separate text files. Our current AngularJS app, which we're upgrading, uses Ace-Diff

I'm building an online csv converter that allows a user to upload a csv file and download the processed csv output file. Everything works fine, except the dowloaded file has a name that looks like "

I am looking to try and ensure that video files are being served in full rather than streamed from my hosting server. A bit of background as to why. I am using Cloudflare as my CDN however I am

The protocol buffer compiler produces Python output when invoked with the --python_out= command-line flag. The parameter to the --python_out= option is the directory where you want the compiler to

I'm trying to insert data to my database. I have all data kept in an array. This is my entity: <?php declare(strict_types = 1); namespace App\Entity; use Doctrine\Common\Collections\

1) can any one tell that how to write array of structure (where every stucture have bitfield members) into file in c++? without looping and in efficient way. 2) How can I remove last member from

If I use newly introduced InProcess hosting model in ASP.NET Core 2.2 as follows: <PropertyGroup> <TargetFramework>netcoreapp2.2</TargetFramework> <AspNetCoreHostingModel>

I was working with Hacker Rank tool. Over there, all the input given by user is a string So the input given by the user will be 1,2,3,4,5 which could be taken as "1"."2","3","4" Now, I want to

I want to print the variable based on the index number based on the following dataset: Here I used the following code: import pandas as pd airline = pd.read_csv("AIR-LINE.csv") pnr = input("Enter

I want to create a table using with clause: For example : CREATE column TABLE t AS WITH some_data AS ( SELECT 1 as some_value FROM dummy UNION ALL SELECT 2

I have a progressBar in my React component.The progressBar is as shown below in the image: So, when I am in the second page, the style be as shown below: And the next image is for the third page:

i need to serialize certificate object into json format below code is for binaryconversion. static void Main() { string fileName = "Certificate.json"; IFormatter formatter =

I have created a recursive category tree in PHP, below is the code function categoryTree($parent_id= 0, $sub_mark = ''){ $stmt = $this->db->prepare("SELECT * FROM category WHERE

i am export LOG_INTERVAL value as 5,how can i add this env value in python as time.sleep? import os import time print("Goodbye, World!") time.sleep(os.environ.get('LOG_INTERVAL')) error:- Goodbye,

I am running the Expresso test and i have the requirement to mock the method with context as the parameter. This code is in onStart() of the fragment launch. Since i am running the testcase in

Hi i am facing problem in setting values in organigram primeFaces. I want to show reporting to employees, all things are working perfect but the issue only i am facing is that parent nodes are

The statement is like SELECT * FROM db.table group by id desc; Would raise an error like 15:02:24 SELECT * FROM db.table group by id desc LIMIT 0, 10 Error Code: 1064. You have an error in

i am not sure my understanding to errorHandler and returnExceptions is right or not. but here is my goal: i sent a message from App_A, use @RabbitListener to receive message in App_B. according to

I just found a way to change the height of AppBar with PreferredSize(). But I still not found a way modify the height of BottomNavigationBar and TabBar. Such widgets all hard coded, is there a way

<?php function wp_path() { *emphasized text*if (strstr($_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"], "/wp-content/")) { return preg_replace("/\/wp-content\/.*/", "", $_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"]

Look at the below snippet:- $('input[list]').on('input', function(e) { var $input = $(e.target), $options = $('#' + $input.attr('list') + ' option'), $hiddenInput = $('#' + $input.

I want to add/set unread flag as red dot top right corner on UIbarButtonItem, See attached image for this What should i do to add/set red dot on Bar Button item? Once user tap on item then i want to

I used a function kdtree to build a kdtree from a sequence of Double values. My output is of the type Option[kdtree.KDNode[T]]. For instance, given the following sequence: val pointsArray=Seq((0.

I am trying to install Newman through NPM. But Github is blocked in my corporate environment. How do I proceed with Newman installation? This is the error I get when I try to install Newman.

Is there any chance to call the algorithm directly that determines whether a point lays inside depending on whether FillMode.Alternate or FillMode.Winding is set on a given GraphicsPath? I'm trying