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My question is specific to Flutter, not just Dart. How to get a class's static function as Function just like other global functions, so then I can call Function.apply() or anything like that? What

I have this dataframe and I would like to remove all values containing NaN. However, it's a string, so the function dropna doesn't work. How can I remove all rows containing NaN? nas = pd.DataFrame({"

using System; class MainClass { public static void Main (string[] args) { Console.Write("password: "); string password = null; while (true){ var key = Console.ReadKey(true);

I have a parent with the following field @OneToOne(fetch = FetchType.LAZY, cascade = CascadeType.ALL, optional = true, orphanRemoval = true) @JoinColumn(name = "rcp_pf_id_photodata") private

i'm trying to get data from table by parent id with child relation but the parent display the same data in all months . this is my model: public function get_months() { $this->db->select('*

How can I pass in an argument into Styled Components? What I tried was to create an interface and a styled component: export interface StyledContainerProps { topValue?: number; } export const

I'm using libevent on both sides of HTTP transaction. I set "Connection: keep-alive" header on both request and response. I see the client-side initiates the TCP connection termination 3 seconds after

I meet this question when i use Callback of Model.fit() in keras enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here please answer my question ,thanks !

I'm starting a refactoring of my Rails app and everytime I open a link in my admin menu I have this error: No renderer defined for format: amp Looking at log files I have Started GET "/admin/videos"

I know that there are three types of indicators viz. Error indicator, End-Of-File indicator and Position indicator. I am unclear on what exactly is an indicator.

I am using APIView and I would like to provide the authenticated user as logged_in_user in my model. My post method: def post(self, request, format=None): serializer = ContactUsSerializer(

I have a Post schema with the virtual field children that I currently am populating by running a second query after first getting my Post. Initial query to get the Post: post = Post |> Repo.get(

I'm using below xml code to display textviews automatically to next line when there is no space in a row, but nothing is getting displayed in output. Can anyone help in this. <com.google.android.

I have these two arrays: xs = np.linspace(0,10,10) path = np.array(10*(0,0,0)) Shape of xs is (10,1) and shape of path is (10,3). I want to assign the values from xs only into the first column of

I would like to add a view on an ARKit scene like this one here ("15 cm"): How would I go about adding it to a scene? This is what I came up with: import UIKit class ARView: UIView { let label:

I start with docker, and I want to connect to my database using the PDO driver. But unfortunately, I have an error that appears on my page and I do not know how to solve it. Can you help me please ?

Im running docker-compose up -d mysql caddy workspace inside ~/project_folder/laradock with composer, npm installed in project folder and created database with user playmatec_db but when I go to

I have a string like below: R#4039,4040,3508,3512,1006,4506,4514,4011,4035,4513,4518,2009,4012,1998,4037;FF#3007,2018,1005,4515,4020,4027,4029,1503,4516,1999,2003,4026,2002,4007,2011,1004,3006,

I am using Email/Password Auth From Firebase. And I handle The exception message. and I First Registered and After That Go To Login Activity But When I Write The Email I am Registered With It .. I can

I have obtained a node through document.getSelection().anchorNode and I would like to view it as an element as though it were fetched by a query selector. Say my node is a p element containing the

I am trying to build ruby 2.4.5 from source on Solaris 10 machine. When I run the ./configure command, it gives the below error: checking for off_t yes checking char bit 8 checking size of int.

I am trying to perform LDA on a German text file. However, at the beginning I set the Englsih stopwords by mistake, stopwords.setStopWords(StopWordsRemover.loadDefaultStopWords("english")) and the

I have got series of data that contains some objects in one array(json file) and it will be shown by react. class App extends React.Component { constructor(props){ super(props); this.state = { data: [

I am using neovim v0.3.2-953 for python development with the following plugins. Plug 'Shougo/deoplete.nvim', Plug 'zchee/deoplete-jedi', Plug 'davidhalter/jedi-vim' The deoplete auto completion is

I have an application A, A is a normal spring application (not springboot), and uses externalized redis for session management(using jedis). When I login using A, a key with JSESSIONID's value is

I'm working on a simple application, but I got stuck with the Android design architecture. In my main Activity, I have a RecyclerView which shows a list of items. When I click the floating action

I have table contains two columns when i tried to create index for NVARCHAR(2000) column,it is showing warning message like(Warning! The maximum key length is 900 bytes),but index was created for this

I'm trying to create a trait that has a generic function that returns a slick Query and has a value of that function compiled, like this: trait fn1[A1, E, U, C[_]] { protected def asc(a1: A1):

I have been using value object in asp.net core 2.0 project, which was running properly on that project. I updated the project to 2.1 and it is giving me an error as Invalid object name '

I just started using heroku today. I was testing a web application, and got different results on using django app from local development server and heroku. From my local django webserver, the

I am just trying to create a Xamarin.Forms Mac Application. I followed this guide which seems a bit outdated but I can stil follow the steps with Visual Studio Mac 2017: https://blog.xamarin.com/

After starting my spring-boot app a warning- WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred WARNING: Illegal reflective access by org.hibernate.internal.util.ReflectHelper (file:/C:/

I am using JSView on my demo application. on the webpage when i re-link the template to the HTML div to get the latest values. I want to maintain the x and Y index on the HTML. When it does the re-

I am trying to send an iCalendar to webpage but when I send it there is no line separation and it is not considered as correct iCalendar format. If I send iCalendar format its just JSON format. And if

#include <stdio.h> #include "glut.h" #include <math.h> float squareX = 0.0f; float squareY = -0.3f; float squareZ = 0.0f; static int flag = 1; // The background void drawBackground() {

Good morning people, I am aware of someone creating multiple accounts and using my application from rep.it to ask questions about it. Please note, this is one of my peers from my class who does not

I use Vue.js and Moment.js library to work with time and I need to compare the hours and minutes, not date. For example, I need to compare '12:00' and '13:45' and I use .isBefore function (docs). I

I am comparing two lists in Python. List1 is a superset and list2 is a subset. I want the index of list1 when the elements are present in list2. Following example should give an idea: list1=['a','b'

I have a class dt_psrv.The Postgres db contains a field of array type dt_psrv. I want to store the array of type dt_psrv to db using jdbc. public class dt_psrv { public Int64 msg_id; public

I having problems with spacing between horizontal listview items of the orange section (top header) as you can see in the images below: I can't set the spacing to zero, so the items are one next the

I have a question on how to create a sublist in python. I want to input 3 values and add them in a sublist with a function and call them 3 times. But for a reason i cannot create the sublist. I

I had a website in AWS and I tried to increase instance type and I lost connection how can I get the server back again?

I'm currently working in a compagny (two products, four developpers) : Data viz. Data prediction. Primary goals : "Cloud-ready" and scalable (for public customer). Local deployment should be

$this->set(compact('cmleLanguages')); What is the function of set as well as the compact? Why cmleLanguages is used here?

I'm trying to learn my way through Cloud Dataflow. For the purpose of learning, I've broken down their basic Word Count example to a simple strip function. I want to create a PCollection of file names

When trying to map/set double value as 0.0, ObjectMapper is treating it as equivalent to null and thereby excluding when comparing for equality. I have below test case: import com.fasterxml.jackson.

I am trying to load information from the phone.txt file into the database, so that later it was possible to search for number value in the code field: import sqlite3 import pandas as pd con =

I have got a CXF client in Camel calling a back end web service on HTTPS. I can configure the CXF client in a "http-conduit", specify where the trust store is and it works. Now we are migrating the

Write a complete program that reads all the integers from a file called ‘file.txt’ and stores them in an array (number of elements is not known). Your program should then remove the duplicated numbers,

I'm playing around with Reactor, building a multi-threaded web scraper, using Spring's WebClient. Is there any way to throttle between all requests, like one request per minute? Delay isn't the