WeChat QR Code

I currently try to use the Fabulous Filter library (Link) for Android to make a Floating Button to open up a Fragment Dialog with animation. I wanted to use it as a Filter Fragment Dialog that allow

I have implemented Parallel coordinate chart with Highcharts link but not able to hover on each and every line. Instead, it hover on other point.

I have a Flutter app where users fill a form and add images (upto 5). I want to send this complete data to my node.js server via API. Here is my flutter code: List<File> _imageFileList = new

My application needs to be provided with a passphrase so it would be able to decrypt some sensitive data for it to be running. I use supervisord in order to keep it live once the password is entered.

My app contains a lot of assets that i am using with AssetManager. Currently my app is taking too long to start up. How can i solve this? or is there any way to show a Splash Screen till the assets

I am trying to generate an available time slot function. for each day I am capturing start time and time. for eg: start time is 08:00 AM and end time is 03:00 PM. I have another table that captures

I'm preparing eye sight test for desktop and mobile devices, and need to make certain objects appear physically same size on every device. Is that possible? I've been trying to use CM/MM css font

Im a begginer and still learning I have a probleam in finding perfect square of 100 and 1000(both inclusive) using asp.net the output should comma seperated please help me guys.

Continuing on this thread : Real-time auto incrementing ggplot in R When i generate timestamps with dates and time. It doesn't work anymore. timestamp <- seq(ISOdate(2016, 12, 01), ISOdate(2016,

I am trying to come back to Drupal 8 from Laravel because it is much easier to do a lot of work without any coding. I have used drupal 5,6,and 7 in the past and every time the frustration was not

I have a VARCHAR(100) column called SerialNumber on my Devices table with values like this: SN10001 SN10002 SN10003 SN10004 etc How do select all records between SN15000 AND SN20000 in MySQL?

Can I exit from msgbox vbYesNo by pressing ESC key? how do i do undo(ctr+z) by vba. any help will be appriciated.

I am getting a password verification failed error when I want to publish an update with my old key. I get this error even though I did not make any changes to the.Error bottom Password verification

I have implemented the spin-weighted spherical harmonics (SWSH) in Sympy, which give the correct expressions but in an un-simplified form. For example, the SWSH with spin=0 l=1 m=0 has in it the

I am using Microsoft vision api for reading the texts from image. It is working fine with my Samsung phone(OS: Android M), Lenovo K4 Note(OS: Android M). I have one other phone of Sharp AQUOS(OS:

I'm trying to add BCC to every mail that is sent by woocommerce / wp. I tried using different solution found on the web and at Stackoverflow and added the snippets to the functions.php of the theme I'

function chBody() { var color = prompt("Enter colour"); document.body.style.background = color; } For learning purposes I'm trying to add an !important property after color to overwrite my css.

Currently, I'm working through the Retrosheet data frame for RStudio and do not like the date format and would like to change it. devtools::install_github("rmscriven/retrosheet") Then I imported

I am trying to implement flavors in my android app. I have got the following build.gradle file: plugins { id "com.company.versioning" version "1.0.9" } apply plugin: 'com.android.application'

In the iframe src when i put image url , the image renders in the iframe but with default margin. how can we eliminate that margin.

routes.js router.get('/all', require('./all')); all.js work module.exports = function(req, res, next) { res.send('this one work'); }; all.js not work. const test = function(req, res, next) {

I am new to springboot and spring data. I am using spring boot and spring data to perform CRUD operations on oracle database and have a requirement where in I need to call an custom encrypt oracle

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kathykato/12columns/master/12columns.scss"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.0.12/css/all.

I need the PRISM EventAggregator in a MarkupExtension. Because InjectionConstructor doesn't help anything I tried to use InjectionProperty. The EventAggregator is however never constructed either. I

I have an application which will call the stored procedure in MySQL. Can I log the incoming stored procedures calls with the parameter passed in. That can let me check whether the stored procedure

Hi Can anyone help me on How to Implement VoiceSearch Button On Tool Bar In Xamarin Android.im checking on this link but stil not able to figure out for xamarin android

We developed a windows application, the application used like as regular application works; gathering huge information, processing on it, and generating reportsAnd to store Data we used SQL Server.

I've got the problem that I get the error: Cannot find module 'source-map' from 'source-map-support.js' If I try to run a test with Jest. My .babelrc looks like this: { "presets": ["env", "react"

i have a like button and a log in button on the same page. the when i have click on facebook like page then how i get facebook like button status with facebook button html

I have a WKInterfaceLabel in an Apple Watch app running watchOS 5. I have set its attributed string to one that contains a bold font attribute applied to a substring. The boldface shows correctly when

My watcher works well and succesfully alerting but now I'm having a trouble. In order to achieve some more complexed trigger conditions,I changed my watcher condtion from compare to painless script,

I have Vanilla Js app that is deployed on github with Heroku (BackEnd). The app was already deployed and I just updated some CSS. And The app is locally updated on Development mode and Production mode

I am working in a c# visual studio project. My Visual studio version is Visual studio MS Visual Studio Ultimate 2013. I have connected my source code with SVN. My TortoiseSVN version is 1.9.5, Build

I'm running a process like this: java -Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,address=8001,suspend=y -cp classpath ClassName and trying to connect to it using Intellij Run -> Attach to

We have ancestor class with some properties (example with React). export interface AncestorProps<T> { } export class Ancestor<T> extends React.Component<AncestorProps<T&

I want to save my json data in models field how can this possible i try using url but could not given proper result.. please suggest any method to resolve this.If i use get method then this will get

We are using ibm-watson java sdk and trying to build the conversation using the sdk i.e from creating workspace to building a dialog node. But we are unable to create slot in the dialog node. Can

Below is my code in trying to read an image by using Tersseract.js router.post('/scanIC', function(req, res, next) { var request = require('request') var fs = require('fs') var url = '

I'm trying to create a comboBox with checkboxes dynamically inside an existing usercontrol and i followed Looking for a WPF ComboBox with checkboxes and i was able to create that but the issue with

I'm working with the lua C api to run scripts that interface with native clases. I'm taking advantage of Qt's MOC for the run time type information. So far, I've implemented the creation, deletion,

I am setting Meteor with react + antd I am getting a warning. I tried to use this plugin babel-plugin-import but working properly. enter image description here

Good morning, Sorry if this has already been asked but i'm stuck on a java project that I'm building. It is a program that allows the user to insert a bet (for example the predicted result of a

I have a self referencing table and I am using entity framework to define it. public class Table { public int Id { get; set; } public Table Parent { get; set; } [ForeignKey(nameof(

Newbie here, My friend and I are programming Blackjack, the game itself works fine and everything. But we wanted to make it a little more interesting by adding the playing cards one after another into

Is there a way to annotate events and event handlers for a typical EventEmitter in TypeScript?

I needed to construct an image out of a numpy array. Each pixel should get an r,g,b,alpha value based on the integer in the array. To this end I wrote the following piece of code: let r be an array

I have a code for drawer-menu: @SuppressWarnings("StatementWithEmptyBody") @Override public boolean onNavigationItemSelected(@NonNull MenuItem item) { final Handler handler = new

While running SymmetricDS for database syncrhonization for Azure SQL Database for two Azure SQL databases namely, Staging_Prod & DBSYNC_STAGING_PROD, I am facing the following error. 2018-10-22

I have an extension in TYPO3 7.6 where one frontend user can be selected in backend (single select). In backend I can select user and in database user-id is correct set. But if I debug datas in

public void request(){ data_models = new ArrayList<>(); stringRequest = new StringRequest(Request.Method.GET, "localhost", new Response.Listener() { @Override