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Wondering how to adjust the screen color like in the Flux app. I have seen how to adjust the screen brightness, but wondering if the same thing is possible for the color.


Hello Every on I have implemented SharpRtsp in c# https://github.com/ngraziano/SharpRTSP I am receiving rtsp Packets and it has h264 format It has following method in H264Payload Class private List&


I want to ask which approach is better - to have N different versions of a single key that points to a json value with size M or to have N different keys with values of size M / N? I`m using CouchDB

Python生成的MySQL INSERT语句转换为句柄

I have the python code below that generically inserts values in to a mysql db. It checks the length of my list 'field_split' and builds a variable string 'var_string.' Where I am stuck is that I


I have an input element with an ID which I'm trying to extract its value from. However my code is returning as 0 in jsbin and undefined on my server. The user chooses the social media link they want


I want to create a docker image, which contains PostgresQL with Flyway migrations already run. How can I do this? Actually I need 1) to run a container with postgres running and run in it flyway


Suppose i have a social networking site were users register their information And their information is stored is there respective table with their name as table name , How to access the username


I'm facing a difficult request that i can't resolve. So for example this is our xml database: <A> <B> </B> <C> </C> <B> &


I am a newbie to android. I am stuck at saving data in android. I have some editTexts and a spinner. I want the user to enter details into these. These information needs to be saved on the click of a


I am using a OneToOne relationship to create a custom user like this: class Patient(models.Model): user = models.OneToOneField(Django_User, on_delete=models.CASCADE) models.PositiveSmallIntegerField(


I m using below ffmpeg command to generate video(slideshow) from list of images,but the issue is that its only displaying first image. ffmpeg -loop 1 -t 3 -i image1.jpg -i image2.jpg -i image3.jpg -


i am unable to get coach into athlete names in one row SELECT dev_test_team.team_id, dev_test_team.team_name, dev_test_team.user_id, `dev_user`.`user_id` as `athlete_id`, `dev_user`.`user_type` FROM

Django REST框架用Ajax分页,如何在模板中切换数据?

How can I fill in the table data when switching to the next page using ajax pagination. views.py class PositionPageNumberPagination(PageNumberPagination): page_size = 1 max_page_size = 5


I am trying to implement Linked List. In this sample program, user inputs an integer value (the number of strings to store in the list) and then strings one by one But after several inputs (may be

Apache ReaveServer NeSuther-Gateway中止请求,因为设置cookie中的字符无效

I have an apache, which works as reverse proxy for a Netscale Gateway. Sometimes it works, but in many cases the request ends with a 500. The log always give the same error type: [Mon Aug 20 12:51:24.


There is a Meterialized-view: create materialized view mat_report refresh fast on commit as select o.rowid as post_rowid, o.id, vp.rowid as valid_post_rowid, ivp.rowid as


my js file now in this i have made a form in which we can enter the details of employee and it displays in a table now i want to display it also as a hirarchy and the hirarchy should be made from the


I want to search my code for specific lines and delete them. I'm using regex and find the lines I want to find. By using the Search/Replace function in eclipse, I want to completely delete these lines

We have an ".asmx" web service which is referred into a VSTO add-in project. After installing the add-in Some clients getting error as "The request failed with an empty response". Its is working fine


I'm working on an application to manage some Cvs. All my resource functions work perfectly (creating and editing new Cvs etc.) But in my Vue.js part, it's about showing details for every Cv in a


I have a long content and i make i can be scroll-y. You can try here <div class="debug"></div> <div class="out"> <div class="in"> long content </div> </div>


I at my wits end trying to get debugging working. Version: 1.26.1 Commit: 493869ee8e8a846b0855873886fc79d480d342de Date: 2018-08-16T18:38:57.434Z Electron: 2.0.5 Chrome: 61.0.3163.100 Node.js: 8.9.3


I am running a JMeter script for 50 users and for 5 minutes. And I have configured the InfluxDB and Backend listener as shown below: But when I am checking for data in the influxDB in the table -


i need the store locator function in my wordpress website for ur ref check the website : http://viveks.com/StoreFinder.aspx


So I have a setInterval(get_fields, 30000) - this should send AJAX and get current custom fields in database, which can be chosen using select box in the inspector. When it runs cell.model.attr('


I am new to Python so only just getting to grips with it and would really appreciate some help as I can't figure out how to write the values from file A into file B. I would like to: filter the


I have two arrays with the same number of elements which maps 1:1 const array1 = [1, 3, 2] const array2 = [U2, U1, U3] How can I generate a new array (or map) from array1 & array2 and have

ReaTjs E不是一个函数

This typeError: e is not a function; has ruin my whole, I'm using video.js and videojs-ima to run ads over my video-player. It's running absolutely fine when I build in 'Debug' but instead of debug

编写一个程序来声明双变量双变量并用2 ^ 16的值初始化它。并转换为短

public class Main{ public static void main(String[] args){ Double doubleVal = Math.pow(2,16); Short shortVal = (Short) doubleVal; System.out.println(shortVal); } } whats wrong in


I'm getting TCP/IP structured bytes-streaming continuously from another local application in same PC timing as in some nano seconds, The Client python program has to receive and unpack the bytes and

为什么不能将ANDROID.WIDGET.TooBar转换为ANDROID.Sput.V7.WIDGET.TooBar [复制]

How to solve error android.widget.Toolbar cannot be cast to android.support.v7.widget.Toolbar its not working in this one other layouts are working same code what does this error means and how to


I'm using react-router for routing . I've used NavLink and Route components like this: <NavLink className={classes.navLink} activeClassName={classes.activeNavLink} to={`/


I am trying to position a semi circle donut chart inside tooltip of a time series area chart as in the below JSFiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/bru187cj/74/ tooltip: { shape:'circle',


Firstly - apologies but I am unable to reproduce this error using code. I will try and describe it as best as possible using screenshots of the data and errors. I've got a large dataframe indexed by


Hi I would like to know why RSA can be performed (encrypt/decrypt) with only one public key in phpseclib? $rsa is an instance of phpseclib/Crypt/RSA.php (link: https://github.com/phpseclib/phpseclib/

I have an existing XML that is something like this : <para> <list type="unordered"> <listitem><content> <para>First thing on the list</para> </


Reading a classpath resource as, static{ try { final ClassPathResource classPathResource = new ClassPathResource("location\\GeoLite2-City.mmdb"); final File database =


I want to use Angular Material table to display records from a database table. The issue is that there are a lot of fields on each record and my requirements is to show each record on 3 different


I have a table that lists the bugs along with the info regarding to who it was assigned and who resolved it. Bugs | Assigned to | Resolved by -------------------------------- 1 Dev1 2


in GCP i came across creating of disks and attaching them to a vm there are two terms 1.root persistent disks 2.non root persistent disks according to my understanding root persistent disks


how to generate cookie using node js , I am using express-session node plugin to generate the cookie .please tell me where I am doing wrong install express-session plugin app.js const session =


In my function i have -createElement -appendChild How to avoid it?


I'm learning python and working on exercises. One of them is to code a K-Means cluster analysis in order to segment a dataset of companies. I'm using Python3 cluster.describe() NR.employees


i know that you use a port to adress an process and that you have to use sockets for handeling multiple requests on web server. But how does it work? is the process creating multiple socket threads


I am using Android Studio version 3.1.4. Android Studio Emulator gives "Guest isn't online after. Dismiss" and then after a few seconds , the emulator is start working well. If I run my


I have succesfully retrieved two columns from my table and displayed the result as options in a select tag, in my form. The problem is I cannot display the data from a third column into an input


On our site, we're using custom stock statuses for our products. We use the below code to achieve that, and it works, but there are some issues on variable products, where it changes back to the


I'm starting project on webflux framework, which has microservice architecture. I need to make internal connectivity between microservices in asynchronous way, as i understand I could do it using


I have the problem with implement mat-sort in mat-table, when source was created from observers stream. Simply implementation it via documentation by: ngAfterViewInit() { this.dataSource.


I am building a sample appium framework using maven and testNG and Appium Desktop. I wanted to build and run a 'simple test'; just just to make sure I had the right 'testNG perimeters' in place