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Can anyone advise me on a better Header text animation in a react javascript app ? I want to add a cool Header text for my app . My header text 'Top 100 songs' overlapping with the search field . How

I have the next issue. That's my code(activity_main.xml): <Button style="@style/ButtonsNumber_light" android:onClick="onDelAll" android:

I'm currently experimenting with tensorflow distribution and I was wondering if it is necessary to include the parameter server. The method that I am using is tf.estimator.train_and_evaluate. My

I have a database of events and I want to make a daily schedule of it. It looks something as following: +-----+-----+---+--------+ |Event|Start|End|Duration| +-----+-----+---+--------+

I have a custom package I want to install automatically in my docker using expect. The first thing the package asks me to do is press Enter to continue, then it prints another 2 empty lines then it

I am trying to strip a substring from the linux file(1) command in the following way: for f in test_files/*.input do echo ">>> Testing ${f}.." file "${f}" | sed 's/

I have been trying to change the background color of my webpage if the screen size is lesser than 400px. However, the media queries do not seem to work at all. I have this meta tag in place; <meta

I have an URL of a token based api, can anyone help me to loop through the json data API URL: https://hrms.innovationuae.com/api/hr/openjobs?API_USER=api&API_TOKEN=L900zjyteh6gPWbIA I am at

I have list of orders orderList. If that isEmpty, FloatingActionButton is hide. In case orderList have products - FAB will be shown. My code: bool statusFAB = false; _getFABState(){

We have 2 Hive tables (Hive version - 0.14) Table 1 Table 2 Both are joined by column X Table 1 is skewed on the joining column X on one particular value ('ABC'). Table 2 has just one record for

Is it possible to disable the 'current user' icon in chrome driver? using add_experimental_option or add_argument. screen: https://i.imgur.com/1DOW8JV.jpg I have tried --disable-infobars --

Using several thousands of viz::Widget3D in OpenCV is very slow. I tried v3.4.3 and v4.0.0 on Windows with Visual Studio 2017. This code snippet takes over 5s to execute the timed part (t0 to t1) and

Here's my C/C++ code(client). struct sockaddr_in addr; addr.sin_family = AF_INET; addr.sin_port = htons(3425); addr.sin_addr.s_addr = htonl(INADDR_LOOPBACK); printf("port=%i\

How to load javasript from CDN using "define" https://github.com/amdjs/amdjs-api/wiki/AMD? I need this for Importing javascript from CDN in nbextension?

How could i use 'itemIndex' in handlebars as the index for items.. res.render('item',{ items : item, itemIndex : 3 }) {{#each items.[itemIndex].links}} {{this}} {{/each}}

I tried to write an application where the user can create objects from templates. In my dreams the code looks like this: struct DataTemplate { tmp: u32 } struct Data<'a> { name: &'a str,

hi I know how to make a program to compile csharp code but can anyone give me the code for doing c++ code please in csharp or c++ please

so here I got an open-source Android app which I must analyze and identify the structure of, things like its libraries, high-level architecture, configuration management, and testing facilities. Now

I am trying to get total hours and total overtime for a given period of time, for all users. I have managed to build a query that will give the desired result, but for a specific user decided by id

I have a string of letters as input. input: my_str = 'soumendra_in_stackoverflow' I want output like below. Where all the vowels should be printed along with their corresponding count in a

when i guess it in first try everything is ok, but if I get it from 2d,3d try sometime it prints You guessed it guess is low try one time more seems like my input right and wrong in the same

Syntax to pass multiple commands (consisting of bash and python ) to the command parameter in DockerOperator For example if I have mix of command like -> python test.py , mkdir -p /test to be

I'm using MS-Access 2016. I had created a table1 with few fields. Then I created Table2. where my Field2 of table2 is having the source from Field3 of table1. then in field3 of a table2, I want to

I stuck in install weblogic on my vm solaris. i try that java -d64 -jar fmw_12. and i got an error Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors. DISPLAY

I'm trying to create a chrome extension, so I'm doing tutorials to learn and reading a bunch, but I'm struggling. I'm doing this tutorial. But long-term, from the extension I need users to be able

Since Hyperledger Fabric v1.2 there is the possibility to use "Private Data", see https://hyperledger-fabric.readthedocs.io/en/release-1.2/whatsnew.html Is there a way to implement "Private Data

I am attempting to get the key of a document using the Firestore resource property id derived from using get(), like so: get(/databases/$(database)/documents/the/$(path)/is/$(request.resource.data.

Suppose my react component should be called like this <comp propA='a' /> and i want to check using proptypes if someone says <comp propA='a' propB='a' /> i should get a warning saying

Here is the piece of code that I'm trying to run - $(document).ready(function(){ var socket = io({ transports: ['websocket'], upgrade: false });

My code displays the name of the PC but it is in the format of PCNAME.Domain.Local Is there away that I can remove the .Domain.local and just keep the PCNAME Been trying this string str2 =

I have created New React Native App, while I run the app via react-native run-android its shows the following error: 8 errors :app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac FAILED What went wrong: Execution failed

Please help me come up with an algorithm to solve this problem. Alice and Bob decide to toss a coin in private(I'm not there), assume via an unsecured channel. : Alice proves to me that Bob knows

I have been playing around with Pytorch on Linux for some time now and recently decided to try get more scripts to run with my GPU on my Windows desktop. Since trying this I have noticed a massive

I am new to react. I am using react-route-dom and . I would like to change the colour of my NavBar functional component when the route changes. In my NavBar component I am using the HOC (connect)

I have recently grown interest in learning how to use virtual environments with Python. As you probably already know, they are useful when in need of multiple versions of the same package. As far as I

In my app I had been able to post the username and password to the php website but I need the page to be loaded in the webview after successful login I had posted the data using httpUrl

I'm developing a new theme for a WordPress site. This theme uses AdvancedCustomFields combined with custom post types. The new theme also has other pages and paths than the current one. The new theme

I built simple pop-up that can open inline content and it is based on add and remove class. I want use this pop-up two times on same page, one as classic onclick pup-up and second should be triggered

What code do I need to add to my website in order to get a rich link when someone sends a link of my website via iMessage and not just the standard icon, title, hyperlink?

I am trying to get these 2 lists to show within the header-top-bar div but cannot see what I am doing wrong. Right now the social media one is showing under the first one. The css should be putting

I am working on top of existing project, I am not allowed to make migrations to the current model. Suppose I have a model like this: class Things(models.Model): name = models.CharField(

So i am new to c sharp and been playing around with my code but could not figure it out. Let say i have the following: Code : 2 1 1 1 1 2 Guess: 2 2 1 2 2 1 Firstly, ignore the spots where the guess

I want to setup cron job on cpanel admin with php7 version. My php script for cron requires php 7.0 or above to run. The problem is that the path to php7 cannot be found. I have already selected php

I have this code: // these are in the same function as line 11441 std::vector<peer_connection*> peers; std::vector<peer_connection*> ignore_peers; // line 11441 in torrent.cpp (mentioned

My current hierarchy is: Tab bar controller Navigation controller A UIViewController Another UIViewController It shows tab bars at the second UIViewController (so number 4 in the list). I want to

Why i'm getting this error even while i'm running just a hello program(in separate java project). actually this error coming from hibernate, but can any one explain me what is the issue and where it

I am trying to parse some nested JSON retrieved through an API but am having trouble isolating specific key-value pairs. In fact, I have some confusion over the difference between the JSON data and

I'm trying to implement a custom caching service that works transparently over ASP.NET Core MVC actions by applying an attribute to the action method. If the cache already contains a value for this

I have problems with Serenity/WebDriver. Suddenly one day, my code doesn't work and I got the error "Unknown host localhost". I can reproduced with the code from http://thucydides.info/docs/serenity-

Taked from this tutorial: class User(Base): __tablename__ = 'users' id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True) class Page(Base): __tablename__ = 'pages' id = Column(Integer, primary_key=