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I am using Android Studio version 3.1.4. Android Studio Emulator gives "Guest isn't online after. Dismiss" and then after a few seconds , the emulator is start working well. If I run my


I have succesfully retrieved two columns from my table and displayed the result as options in a select tag, in my form. The problem is I cannot display the data from a third column into an input


On our site, we're using custom stock statuses for our products. We use the below code to achieve that, and it works, but there are some issues on variable products, where it changes back to the


I'm starting project on webflux framework, which has microservice architecture. I need to make internal connectivity between microservices in asynchronous way, as i understand I could do it using


I have the problem with implement mat-sort in mat-table, when source was created from observers stream. Simply implementation it via documentation by: ngAfterViewInit() { this.dataSource.

Apple TestNG测试:无法从辅助菜单列表中选择

I am building a sample appium framework using maven and testNG and Appium Desktop. I wanted to build and run a 'simple test'; just just to make sure I had the right 'testNG perimeters' in place


after the user loggin in the site A, when him acces the site B, the allow page is showed up to the user allow the site B acces his profile, so after allow the site B access his profile, the site A


I have been trying to install MTPuTTY.exe file on Windows 10 using CHEF. Based on other references I got from stackoverflow, I was able to understand the type of installer and the command line


I'm trying to work out the best way to create a horizontal slide transition using react navigation. I'm using the stackNavigator and the default IOS transition appears like it is "stacking over the


I'm about an hour removed from starting to learn VueJS. I've made a get request using Axios which returns some data as expected, but I cannot access the app's data properties in the mounted function


Could you help me find an answer as I could not find it here. I would like to have my landing page with a title "best tour guides August" and I would like to have some solution for my landing page to


I want to create cards with ngFor but I also want to use ngIf. So if array is empty a card must shown which says "No title!" and if array contains some values then cards must show the values of array.


Not able to install themes and plugins in WordPress. This show error has given below: Error: Installation failed, Couldn't create a directory.


I have my express app ready but I need to run it as an electron app. My app.js file is something like this: var express = require('express'); var app = express(); var path = require('path'); var


Here is my code: Render_FlatList_Sticky_header = () => { var Sticky_header_View = ( <View style={styles.header}> <Text style={styles.headerWord}>Typ</Text&


I have two ASP.NET Core 2.0 web application projects, let us call them A and B. The role of A is to act as an OpenID Connect provider (it uses IdentityServer4 to do this); users of B login via A using


I read many things on StackOverflow, but it still doesn't work in my case. Maybe could you help me to fix that ? In my package : "file-loader": "^1.1.11", "url-loader": "^1.1.1", My webpack :


I am trying to build a simple chatbot with DialogFlow. My aim is to give information from user question, like : where can I slackline above water in croatia ? I have two parameters (croatia,

iOS PDFKIT文本域表单输入

I am currently developing a iOS app which can download PDF(Have form on it) from server to iPad, then user can fill in the form on the iPad. The problem is we need to support chinese on the field


I'm trying to create a little batch to generate passwords from different variable. Each variable got 4 characters. The user will be asked ho many characters does his password need : 4/8/12/16/20/24


I am using Spark 2.3.1 with Java I have an object that encapsulate a Dataset. I want to be able to serialize and deserialize this object. My code is as follow : public class MyClass implements

NIX和GCC -不能找到CRT1。

I'm running Nix on WSL with Ubuntu 18.x. I installed GCC with $ nix-env -i gcc which installed gcc-7.3.0. I'm trying to use GCC to compile a simple CPP file (generated by Ferret). But GCC is coming


In my Android app I'm using MVVM architecture and using View model architectural component together with android data binding library and this sample is written in Kotlin. My issue is when I add the


Auth0-lock documentation provides an example of attaching a listener to the authentication status change event: https://auth0.com/docs/libraries/lock/v11#2-authenticating-and-getting-user-info //


I have a script file in which i am defining some date variable and in the same file i am invoking Scala code using spark-shell command. The variables defined in the shell file is being used as a


I'm sitting on a mac trying to add a host ip to the known hosts file before ssh'ing into the machine. Not very used to a mac so I don't know what's wrong, I get the following: km@Karls-MacBook-Pro ~ $


I am working on Server Sent Events. I took help from http://sinhamohit.com/writing/spring-boot-reactive-sse https://github.com/mohitsinha/spring-boot-reactive-sse The issue with the above example


I'm using a HTA where I load an encoded vbs file via <script language="VBScript.Encode" src="some\path\file.vbe"></script> That works as long as I don't use <meta http-equiv="x-ua-


The people here are old, and they don't pay attention when using software application. That is why I was asked to set my text boxes with default language or locale, or however is called. This means,


I am trying to make a dropdown box with submenus appearing horizontally, which can also scroll vertically. I have gotten everything working except for the scroll. .dropdown-container {


I have method that make request to some 3rd party API and return response from it. As this API allows only 50 calls per 1 minute, I want to throttle my requests to this API. Currently I'm thinking of

Django 2:从搜索动态获取查询

I am new to django framework and as a practice project I am trying to build an ecommerce website using django. I have a class based view for my search page. I wrote the view to get the query for a


I'm trying to delete messages using Google App Script, i've already done a search and send script but i've read over other forums which say it is impossible to remove it. My question is, anybody did


Show calendar picker in slack. I want to give calendar picker in slack chatbot so that user can choose the date from picker.

JGraphT SimpleGraph与无向图

I want make Graph using JGraphT Library. My code is below: private UndirectedGraph<State, DefaultEdge> graph; private HashMap<String, State> vertixList; public MapGraph(HashMap<


Am trying to integrate twitter login in my webapge. Am using react-twitter-auth for this. am not understanding what i have to pass in palce of loginurl and request token url. can you please letme know


My webhost does not allow mail accounts to be created. However they have provided me with their SMTP gateway and said no credentials are needed when the mails are being sent from their datacenter. $


I am attempting to integrate native SMS text capabilities from within React Native. The reason for the native integration is none of the React Native solutions such as react-native-sms or react-


I understand that when I create the dreaded diamond struct Base { void foo() { } }; struct A: Base { }; struct B: Base { }; struct AB: A, B { }; The memory representation is Base Base | | A B


I'm using JQuery validation plugin to validate my forms. Now I would like to prevent multiple submissions in the submit handler. Note that this is a multi page form, and I only want to prevent double


I have a question regarding the choice of the training and the test set for a Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) and a Hopfield network. For example, assume that we got 100 patterns of the digits 0-9 given


I have been struggling with this for a looooong time. Running my spark job with python3 works fine > export PYSPARK_DRIVER_PYTHON=python3 > spark-submit myscript.py --help usage: myscript.py [


I am working on a old application with n-tier architecture. I have a domain service like this: public Class DomainServiceA{ //inject private ObjectADao adao; private ParamDao pdao;


Have researched extensively eloquent relationships and laravel all afternoon and can't seem to find a solution. I have a transaction table displaying User IDs in the From and To columns. I want to


i have a question for use pretty faces. i make a url rewriting by pretty face to the link "contact.xhtml" before the modification my form has been sended perfectly, now i have a error message in my

I have the following data.table: Dates variable value 1: 1985/01/02 SLB UN Equity 4.5192 2: 1985/01/03 SLB UN Equity 4.3111 3: 1985/01/04 SLB UN Equity 4.2963 4: 1985/


I have a file with some data, which is also memory-mapped. So that I have both file descriptor and the pointer to the mapped pages. Mostly the data is only read from the mapping, but eventually it's


In redux, if i fetch data and let s say if i get back the same data, will it trigger componentDidUpdate? Can I assume previous props and current props are not the same even fetch data is same as


I am trying trying run one of my twisted based application (Not developed by me). Application works without any issues on regular system, but it fails when I try to run same on docker environment,


I have installed tensorflow 1.10.0 for CPU on Windows 7. Python version : 3.6 Tensorflow version : 1.10.0 Installed using anaconda. When I try to load the library it gives error runfile('C:/Users/