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I'm trying to display every prediction from an image upload. Currently, it only displays the one prediction. If I set score_threshhold to 0, it just displays the least likely prediction rather than

I've read all the similar topics but i can't find the issue. I write a python game and i want my player moving by directional arrows and rotate by mouse. When i write the code about rotation, i

So I'm looking to figure out the daily rate for active subscriptions. For each day of the month, identify which users were active that day Then multiply the number of active users for the day by the

com.sun.jersey.api.client.ClientHandlerException: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect at com.sun.jersey.client.apache4.ApacheHttpClient4Handler.handle(ApacheHttpClient4Handler.

I have a text in my activity that when it changes the application checks if that text has been marked favorite by the user. There's a heart icon on the action bar, that it the text was previously set

I made a website that was done using JQuery but I am now trying to learn react but not sure how I would use axios to connect with my backend API. Does anyone know the equivalent of this to axios.

Have a Pandas dataframe like that: We have timestamps (time column) and 4 different parts of machines in type column: part_1, part_2, part_3, part_4 and the column of activation which only have value

I'm using the profiler to view a network request but it shows me strange characters, Note that the same response is working fine in postman and even I have no problem viewing in the android app or in

What is the shortest way to subset a dataframe with multiple columns and find the number of rows that matches a query. Is there an easier way to re-write the following piece of code. The goal is to

I am having some trouble drawing images with gtk2. I have tried this code: #include <gtk/gtk.h> static gboolean button_press_callback (GtkWidget *event_box, GdkEventButton *event, gpointer

So i am developing a program to simulate a collection system and the main system takes in items but there are different types of items such as those that require an id check etc I am using a

error image Whenever I try to request a post method with some JSON parameter. I got this CORS issue. I am using Laravel 5 for API. It works fine with GET method.

the eventListener is calling a class which is in the buttons YES AND NO basically the indexOf checks if the value in the variable foto is in the yes Meetup array or in the no Meetup array I tried to

I've some C# code that allows the user to control a LabVIEW VI from a C# windows form application. As of right now, when the user clicks on the "open dialogue" button, it opens the VI in another

I'm not sure how XORing is supposed to be "properly" done between chars in Java. I've seen others do this, but when I have something as simple as: char a = 'a'; char b = 'b'; char c = (char) a ^ b;

I have written a simple code to enter email in facebook login page. But while entering the email value through sendKeys i am getting validation like "The method sendKeys(String) is undefined for the

Let's say i have an app that opens long poll request to a web API with full expectation that it won't return for a long time. In this case, the task that called the API is in blocking state. Is the

i am solving a vehicle routing problem by mixed integer programming model using simulated annealing for heuristic part of my code and using CPLEX for getting an exact solution. my SA out put for long

I am taking the udacity data analysis course and i am having trouble understanding an answer. Have been asked to "create color array for red dataframe". the answer is color_red = np.repeat('red',

Most of you are probably familiar about the Balloon Lab in java. I have recently been working on it and got stuck at the FancyBalloon part. In the FancyBalloon class, the code is supposed to create a

Here's my code but I can't get my menu to go over my overlay and video, where did I go wrong? https://hastebin.com/raw/taqevoyigo

the past two days I have been working on a specific data fit (orange line of picture 1 ). Thing is, I want it to be accurate on the bigger θ[0.1,1]. As a matter of fact, I wanted to start at the

I wanted to add 1 hour to a date time. So I tried this - date -u -d "2019-02-22 05:21:22 + 1 hour" +"%F %T" And I got this as output - 2019-02-22 05:21:22 There was no addition to hours. So I

I wish to create a custom node in Node-red by joining together multiple built-in nodes (or custom ones, created by me). Is this possible? I could not find, natively, this functionality and also

I have sentences stored in text file which looks like this. radiologicalreport =1. MDCT OF THE CHEST History: A 58-year-old male, known case lung s/p LUL segmentectomy. Technique: Plain and

I do not understand this JS syntax: const { PI } = Math; Or: let foo = "Hello"; let bar = { foo }; What do this mean?

I made a graphic engine with SDL2, and when I add a texture, it displays an error. Screenshot of the error: Screenshot However, if i dont include textures, everything works fine. I also have reasons

I thought that adding [Singleton] to a web job would force it to run one after another. This does not seem to be the case. This is my very basic test code (against a queue with about 149 messages)

"w" "n" "1" 2 1 "2" 3 1 "3" 4 1 "4" 2 1 "5" 5 1 "6" 6 1 "7" 3 2 "8" 7 2 I tried the following command,but didnt show any change as I expect. w2 <-

I'm in 32-bit protected mode running at current privilege level (CPL=0). I'm trying to enter v8086 mode by setting EFLAGS.VM (Bit 17) flag to 1 (and IOPL to 0) and doing a FAR JMP to my 16-bit real

I am using python program where i am sending a GET request in response i am getting a xml body from that xml body i have to change few attribute values and again send a post request. my code part is

I currently have a Tampermonkey-based JS userscript that automatically clicks certain buttons if they are associated with a specified string of text, but right now it only senses capital OR lowercase

Hey so I know Go technically does not have optional parameters, but I've seen this pattern utilized in some repositories. func myFunc(param1 string, optInts int){/*function body*/} and then this

I tried compile simple c++ program in gcc: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(){ cout<<"Hello"<<endl; return 0; } my result: v/tmp/ccSeRn14.o: In function `main':

I have password protected multi-function printer (Panasonic DP8035) I can not get printer output from Ubuntu. Panasonic does not give a hand for this device because of it's older device. I want to use

I wanted the fix class to be removed after the complete class was thrown. I tried to use this code but it did not work $(window).on('load',function(){ $('.preloader').addClass('complete') $('body'

I was wondering if anyone knew how the underlying functionality of hoisting in Javascript works. If you had a relatively large program in which your variable declaration was scattered throughout the

I am trying to create a RetainAll method and all after scouring the forums I have found nothing that helps in my specific case. The issue I am having is that when running my program instead of

Creating a tournament bracket that will act as a form. User will choose winners from round one and I want each prior round to populate the dropdowns for the next round. I have tried a few solutions

I have developed a web application using .net mvc and WebAPI as follows: SOLUTION |—— WEB.API Project |—— Web Application Project wanting to deploy to my web server. It is possible to deploy

I'm trying to get the index of a list and substract 1 to get te previous value. thursday = LastThursdayOfTheMonth(j, i); if(LStock.Any(element => element.date == thursday.ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy",

I am investigating the use of RxJava in my current Android Application I have the following use case and cannot see how to implement it within RxJava. 1). Read a set of database records as a Single&

I am trying to scrape the table content from a specific class through XPath query but the node always returns null. HtmlWeb web = new HtmlWeb(); HtmlDocument doc = web.Load("http://downloads.dell.

import os def rename_files(): file_list = os.listdir("/Users/Faiz/Desktop/prank") print(file_list) saved_path = os.gwd () print("Current Working Directory") os.chdir ("/Users/

I tried to compile and obfuscate 2 projects where the one depends on the other one and both are built with the Spring boot maven plugin. Let's call them for the sake of simplicity main and util

I have a large data set with duplicate reference numbers (reference duplications range from 0 to 37 times). I want to count the number of references only where all instances are null in two columns.

#include<stdio.h> int main() { int a=300; char *b=(char *)&a; b++;*b=2; printf("%d",a); return 0; } C Programming Problem Internal Memory Working

code: <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#register").click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); name = $("#name_up").val(); $.ajax({

I need help. A client has WordPress Multisite. I am set up to work on it locally in development. Event Calendar Pro is installed, and there are hundreds of event listings, all added via the main

How to get all unread mails from a particular view(eg $Inbox) of lotus notes database using vbscript?