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This simple WebView doesn't work no matter what I did. In below code I also added my if condition if it matters. String URL = "www.google.com.tr"; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle


Currently, I am working on a project to integrate MOLPay payment gateway where Angular is using as front-end and falcon framework(python) as back-end. I would be wonder if someone can help me by


I have a situation in which I have a JavaFX application that allows the primary stage to be iconified by a set of REST endpoints. Here's the application code: public class server extends Application


im Trying to update my database with the input from the table from that the users gets, the only problem im having is that with all codes that i have tried the values for all the rows are always equal


I have a route group, as I want to place a bunch of routes under a dynamic subdomain. The problem is that when I go to a URL that has a second parameter (the first being the sub domain name), it's


I build a scrolling textfield like proposed in https://github.com/flutter/flutter/issues/9365. Now I want the maxHeight of the ConstrainedBox change dynamically, according to the shown or not shown


I have a base class public abstract class MyBaseClass() { // } and I want to ensure that derived classes implement their own custom GetHashCode method. Is public abstract class MyBaseClass()


I am working on some software that reads/writes information in localStorage using a handler. You can find a working example here: http://jsbin.com/wifucugoko/edit?js,console My problem is with the


I have file "file1.txt" which has 1st line content is abcd and I want to add ;efgh to end of this so that output will be abcd;efgh


Before starting, sorry for my English ! I’ll do my best ! I wanted to build my app for iOS, so, I used “exp build:ios” but that’s makes me an IPA too big ( > 200mb) So I tried to detach my app to

使用Kinect V2的PCL应该使用哪些C库?

I have Kinect v2. And I want to use PCL(Point Cloud Library) with Kinect v2. Which c++ libraries should I use.I found some libraries like openni, libfreenect2, ofxKinect.But i didn't decide. My target

RDD Python/Skp/ PyS点火的数据帧

i'm using a somewhat old pyspark script. and i'm trying to convert a dataframe df to rdd. #Importing the required libraries import pandas as pd from pyspark.sql.types import * from pyspark.ml.


In my Jira plugin, I need to communicate with another server and I need to add jks file. What I was trying was: File trustStore = new File(getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("my_truststore.


I'm trying to implement JOIN function for a list of objects. I have a list of objects like that: class Item(object): def __init__(self): self.RegionId self.ItemId self.


I'm having some difficulty aligning two divs in the center of a page. Instead, it remains left. I've combed through this site, and others, and have tried several of the suggestions. I am thinking


I have a parent table "DROP" with a compound key that is unique the child table "DROP_MATERIAL" can have 0-many records with the same compound key as a foreign key with a primary key that is


I've put together an Ajax Request and some PHP to show some services my company offers. I use an Ajaxrequest to request the data. function onclickNavbar(id) { const carousel = jQuery('#


I'm developing an app that takes data from a website with JSoup. I was able to get the normal data. But now I need to implement a pagination on it. I was told it would have to be with Web Driver,


I have been stuck at this pattern. Can anyone help me to code this. if input is n=5, then the pattern is 1 2 3 4 5 16 17 18 19 6 15 24 25 20 7 14 23 22 21 8 13 12 11 10 9 if input is n=4, then


I have a jquery context menu script in my code. At the top of this list I have declared as list of items called MyListofItems. I am having trouble figuring out a way to iterate through this list and


I've just started on regex. I'm trying to search through a short list of 'phrases' to find UK mobile numbers (starting with +44 or 07, sometimes with the number broken up by one space). I'm having


I want to display the text "1/min" in a label with reversed FlowDirection, i.e. RightToLeft. However, the text remains the same with either "1/min" or "min/1". Test code: <Grid> <


Firstly, yes, I'm aware of what is causing this issue. But I can't figure out how to solve it. I'm using Satis to run a private composer repository. On a project, I've added the repository like so: "

D3.JS V4缩放

I'm trying to zoom my timeline by x axis, but it doesn't show any reaction on zooming, I've looked through many tutorials, tried separate zoom functions, eventually here what I've got (with this


I have written a code which applies the "Builder" design pattern but some errors appeared: The code: class Builder { public: int m_suger; int m_cup; string m_flavour; Builder* sugar(


I started a create-react-app that has a main App component that filters routes using BrowserRouter. App.jsx import Routes from './Routes.jsx'; const App = () => ( <Router history={history}&

连接HTTP与TyrORM控制器/ NESTJS -这些API安全吗?

I'm nervous about designing security into my code. I have this code working properly but is it the optimum for security or are there better ways of doing CRUD and queries? I'm including full CRUD


Might be a stupid question, but why does map mutates array if it's inside object? var obj = { items: [{ value: 1, selected: true }, { value: 2, selected: false }] };


What is the use of: use AuthorizesRequests, DispatchesJobs, ValidatesRequests; in default laravel controller. Also, why we do it inside class when we already have: use Illuminate\Foundation\Bus\


Suppose i have data. mydata= structure(list(y = c(13.7, -0.8, 9.6, 40, 8.4, 3.5, 3, 7.1, 13, 10.7, -16.2, 6.6, 21.9, 17.8, -11.8, 7.5, 3.7, 1.6, 8.4, 2.7, 5.6, 12.7, -4.8, 16.5, 15.2, 11.6, 4.9, 1.

GRAILS -斯波克单元测试CAN

My Spock Test in Grails errors out saying "No tests found". I'm following the a guide here: http://guides.grails.org/creating-your-first-grails-app/guide/index.html 9 Testing your App


I'm trying to bulk insert in postgresql from an array. What I'm currently doing is the following inside of a loop. INSERT INTO table_name ( first, second, third, forth ) VALUES ( $1, $2, $3, $4 )


First, let me start off with what I want to achieve. I am writing a PowerShell Script Module (let's call it Get-FdkUser) that's internally calling Get-AdUser and should retry a couple of times in


I'm trying to run the following query db, err := sqlx.Open("postgres", url) q2 := ` SELECT * FROM dots WHERE '($1, $2), ($3, $4)'::box @> point(dots.lat, dots.lon); ` db.Exec(q, 12, 12,


I'm working on a project in Android Studio with Kotlin language. I want the app name to be on the right side of the actionbar. How is it possible? Thanks.

用sEdGrand C语言实现电子邮件正文中的SVG

I have to place is simple image along with hyperlink inside email body. To send email I am using SendGrid API. My C# code to send email is : public async Task SendEmailAsync(EmailDeliveryModel model)


This should be a relatively easy thing to do, but please forgive me since I'm new with VBA. I'm trying to automate looping through copying columns from one sheet to pasting onto another. The columns


I setted up a chrome profile with extension and some authorization cookies. It works good from my computer if I run it from the code. But if I copy this profile to another computer and than run it


I have pretty big dataset of 7027 observables and 65 variables with many NAs, and i want to scale the columns. First i took minimal values and maximal values: maxs <- apply(year, 2, max,na.rm=


I am trying to position the elements next to each other. but the third field keeps appearing in a separate row. <div class="row"> <label> <input name="select_source" id="select-


hey guys ive been playing around with the wordpress theme "hestia" and ive come to a problem that I haven't been able to solve on my own: the frontpage consists of a couple of sections, which you can


I was curious if there was a way in SQLPLUS to run the column format option as well as the select query in one line? instead of having to run each format column line individually. for example: ((


Here is my question: I included webrtc project to my project and use camera feature. And i noticed if i set Camera1Enumerator(ture) which means enable captureToTexture feature. That i got I420 frame


I have a problem with my code, the size of my list increases after for iteration : @FindBy(xpath = "//b[@ng-click='column.visible=!column.visible;']") List<WebElement> columnsNotChecked; int


The value selected does not seem to get stored in the variable theme. the methode updatCandidateSelect gives me a nullexception error <p:orderList value="#{badgeController.listCandidat}" var="


Following the logic from this question, the following code should work: #include <stdio.h> int main(){ printf("%c", '\0101'); return 0; } However, it gives the following error: main.


I can no longer access the Apps section of Fabric's Settings page. The Apps page is where we can upload missing dSYMs, for example. Has the Apps functionality moved, or is there something we need to


I am working with AutoMapper, which I am relatively new with, and I stumbled upon a small mapping problem I was hoping the community could assist with. So I have two data transfer objects: public


I am using react-google-maps to display markers on the map. It needs to pass the current state of a variable to filter which markers to show. The problem is that the variables do not show up within


I'm using atom for 2 months to run Julia files and it works. I would like to run some python files too To do that, I installed the IDE-python package When Atom is started, there is the following