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In visual studio as soon as you click "Create New Project", a window appears contains the templates given by Visual Studio and this very window also contains the fields "name" and "solution name";


I have an Office Addin and is trying to update the title of the document on desktop. i have tried 2 diffrent ways and none of them works on desktop. It works fine on word online but not on desktop.


cout<<"arr="<<(int)arr<<"&arr="<<(int)&arr<<"&arr[0]="<<(int)&arr[0]<<endl; Like this code snippet prints all three to be the same value. So

I have test the two commands and I didn't see any difference between the output of them. the output The below question from front-end developer course Using what you know about an order git log, do


I'm trying to launch a BITS service download in a GPO Startup Script. Startup Scripts are started as the local SYSTEM account, which works well for background downloads as per Microsoft's


What will be the regex for searching (123) 456-7890 in java.I have tried various but I am not good at regular expressions.


I would like to know if anyone has any idea how I can make a website (a web application actually) where it is possible for several people to add information (to an access database for example) but (


i am trying to make a jersey jax-rs rest project with spring-boot 1.5.14. i have used spring jersey starter in dependency. but not working. Please see my pom beolow. <parent> <

如何在Android Studio中创建拖放功能?

anyone please , how to create drag and drop function using android studio.. as in the below images. image 1 image 2 image 3


This is my ajax code $.ajax({ method: 'post', url: "<?php echo base_url(); ?>"+"ci_ajax/test", data: {run : "1"}, success:


I am unable to set css attribute {left: $numberEquivalentToPercent} in Jquery var targets = $('.parallax__layer__cell'); var i = 1; for(i = 1; i <= targets.length; i++) { if (targets.parents('.


Hello Guys I am trying to find number of Occurrence of each character on the given string. Expected Output: t=2 e=1 s=1 i=1 n=1 g=1 Current output T=0 e=0 s=0 t=0 i=0 n=0 g=0 package com.javaprograms.


I can't insert MSCOMM in Controls (VBA). I already register MSCOMM32.OCX in cmd and it was successful. But seems my VBA can't recognized it. I researched a lot. But I can't find any solution. Can


I want to visualize self.seq_embeddings and self.cap_mask that is defined in the init function.After running the model architecture in the train.py code I have tried to load the checkpoints and then


An unhandled exception occurred while processing the request. COMException: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80071BDA System.Fabric.Interop.NativeClient+IFabricApplicationManagementClient10.


I have set up a two node worker and a single node manager WSO2 SP cluster. But when i push my rule to manager , It seems to deploy it in worker node as it prints out log "Siddhi app siddhi-app-name-1

向Apple服务器V2迁移Express Gracql

I'm trying to switch out express-graphql to apollo-server v2 but I'm having difficult time migrating packages, especially with passportjs and session. My current set up with express-graphql: const


I have tried to find information about adding extra information into browser address bar. for example language path. But no luck for me. I hope you guys could help me out. So what type of code


I have created a simple events drag and drop using react-big-calender. Mostly just a copy paste of the code form the example provided in the docs. below is the code for the events dnd that i created:


I am very new to puppet programing i have this class which configure the resolv.conf suvcessfully along with the template class dnsclient ( $nameservers = [ 'ns1


I've used angular Dialog with 6.2.1 materials version, it was OK. I just updated to 6.3.0. Now All of my Dialogs are right align, not center ! What's wrong !


Hello i have a site on my own computer hosting. I setup wordpress and apache on it. Got a domain name and registered it on cloudflare. They also offer a free certificate which i got and put into


I use LinqDataSource with a Repeater control to retrieve and show data depends on DropDownList SelectedValue. my Code follows - protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {


I am working on web whatsapp automation for practice using selenium-maven-cucumber-testng . I have below issue. Expected: I have many feature files and I want to run all the feature files one after

在VisualStudio 2015重命名项目时缺少引用

I have renamed a VS Solution and Project as per the steps in Proper way to rename solution (and directories) in Visual Studio However, when I delete the Bin and OBJ folders all my references are gone.

YouTube数据API V3 NoDEJS请求模块错误:错误:0906D06C

I'm trying to make a http get request using an api key for youtube data api v3 via Nodejs using the Request Module however I am getting an error. Here's my code below const express = require('express'


So, I am trying to read and write into a file. While writing into the file, I need to check if a particular index exist in file then I don't write and throw error. The data in file will look like


I am using InAppBrowser plugin to open a specific website URL which uses current geo-location to give results. On normal mobile browser like chrome or FireFox, website asks to enable location but on


I wrote an object from my class into a binary file now all I want is to read back into the object array. But I got an error instead. My problem is I can't read the file into the object " aaa ". I


i am trying to understand how to use if statement or loops in prolog but i can't get it,cause there are a bunch of different situations.Example in java if you want to say something you could say


I was playing around the local functions and could not figure out how to call the host function if it contains the local function with the same name. class Program { static void Main(string[]


I have the usual router config with navigation bar. But now I want to add a Bootstrap badge to it to show a notification count. The below does just that, but if course it will show on all items,


I made API server with Django rest framework. It is quite simple board, But I have some question about delete article. When delete article, METHOD will be DELETE. In previous code, I receive


I have a test class that has several tests. At the moment I have this to start up the server, wipe the database etc: @ClassRule public static final DropwizardAppRule<ServiceConfig> RULE =


I've been creating some AutoComboBoxes, but I encountered the problem that it does not support the down and up arrowkeys to be used. It will automatically select the one that's at the top of the list


I am trying to execute number of Firebase Cloud Storage queries concurrently using Promise.all() : exports.onNewOrder = functions.database.ref('/orders/{orderId}').onCreate(event => { const


I need to change variation of $com_auditdetails_list->ShowMessage()methods to a global ShowMessage() function and my search RegEx pattern \b(\w*->ShowMessage())\b in Notepad++ finds


So I have a simple v-bind:class like this: <div v-bind:class="{ showBranding: brandingEnabled }">BRANDING</div> In my data, brandingEnabled is true and can be changed to false. Changing


I try to install SpotBugs but below error appeared. Unable to read repository at https://spotbugs.github.io/eclipse/content.xml. java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected error: java.security.


Below error is thrown while trying to run ng generate @angular/material-nav --name=main-nav command in angular 6. Can anyone please help me to sort out this> Error: Schematic "@angular/material-nav"


I am trying to create a chatbot using dialogflow and PHP client library (v2). I have searched on the internet but nothing related to this subject is written. Please tell me what is the basic idea


I tried to produce math equation similar to "1 x 2" using this latex: $1\times2$ That latex I stored in $msg variable in php page. Then I displayed that $msg using this code: <?php $msg = $


I'm trying to setup a custom Stripe checkout button with WebTask as backend, but can not seem to get the data through with the fetch(url,data) call to the webtask server. I print everything to the


In my app i need to call a function, but only after i make 3 API GET calls and i get their response. I tried calling it in the render() {} method and put a boolean check infront of it so that it wont


The above is working code snippet. The code runs fine but it does not write what inside else if(line.contains("{NEW_LIMIT}")) statement. And another problem is after write into new text file it

Im trying to use document.write in order to create a html element that will link to a function. However I am getting: SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list" The document.write is also inside a


I am trying to to write crypt->public_key->data into a binary file. If I use size of sizeof(unsigned int) as the second argument in fwrite(), it works. However, it is declared as unsigned short *


I write the code below to excel file but It have error "C:\Users\InsiskyLee\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\python.exe: can't open file 'Test': [Errno 2] No such file or directory" How to fix


I already replicated the django tutorial for the poll app but i want to make further functionality , I want users to be able to create polls through a form in the template , Any help or documentation


I'm struggling to get the Visual Studio Code debugger working in with Jest tests. Here is my launch.json: { "version": "0.2.0", "configurations": [ { "type": "node", "request": "