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I am new to arch Please tell me how to install grub in arch linux I have installed arch on sda9 but not booting https://i.stack.imgur.com/Wn9Hj.jpg

While setting up my new system, I am trying to run my notebook file on VS Code but as soon as I open VS Code it give me this error in the output: Unable to determine version of Jupyter, Traceback (

I'm trying to connect to a dBase (.dbf) database by VB.Net, I installed vfpoledb provider and use connection string like bellow : Dim cn As New OleDb.OleDbConnection With {.ConnectionString = "

So, I was building a really simple game. I was going to make a circle jump. Until that all worked fine. But when I tried adding jumping to the game, an error messege appeared, telling me, "TypeError:

Given a price comparison website, companies are listed in ascending order of price. I want to extract the following: Where is my company in the list The exact price of our product The price

recent security changes have made my csv upload not work saying that the type is invalid. I need to bypass this change but have failed to do by adding the mime type to the relevant filters. function

My application exposes some of the APIS through REST using CXF implementation. Earlier we were using CXF 2.x and I could see the list of rest resources inside the WADL file. After upgrading to cxf 3.0,

In my code n represents the number of blocks or no. of pyramids. This code prints only one pyramid , but I want to write a recursive function which would print the n number of pyramids by adding two

I am having trouble with the below code. "Backend" is the Source Sheet and "Availability" is the Target sheet. Any help is appreciated. Sub CopyA() Dim lr As Long, lr2 As Long, r As Long lr = Sheets(

I want to get the content of https://translate.google.cn, however, Cro::HTTP::Client and HTTP::UserAgent just stucks, and WWW get the content, I don't know why. If I change the $url to https://perl6.

I want you help please to complete this function to display all j2.nom : if $nom_entrepot_client is null then not doing condition j2.nom and if is not null execute the condition . public static

My question: Is the identifer Environment a Class or module? How I can understand all about the identifer Environment? some code like below: import os import multiprocessing import platform

I am trying to automate adidas checkout but I can't seem to select state cause it's under a class. I tried using selenium using xpath but all I am getting is errors. Does anyone know a workaround?

Can some one tell me how the threading model of the C# implementation of gRPC-server works? Is there one thread per service? One thread per call? One thread per client? Only one thread for all? I'm

I am creating an assessment test using Android Studio and Firebase. I am pushing the entries in the first activity and update the scores after the second activity. What I want to do next is that after

After using go vet **/*.go occurs named files must all be in one directory; What i need to do to fix it?My project structure looks like.

I am unable to implement two views for the same presenter, while compile only one permutation is done. I am using GWTP, I have a gin ClientModule which installs LoginModule (here I am binding

I'm looking how to access database with something like phpmyadmin using Ubuntu and Symfony 3.4 (I will have to work with this kind of symfony version soon). php bin/console server:start [OK] Server

I am using the following Java sample code to connect to an imap server: void emailtest(String user, String pass, String server, String port, String folder, String timeout) { Properties props =

i am using the latest beta(19) of ionic4 and i am trying to create my <ion-header> in the app.component.ts in root. <ion-app> <ion-header> <ion-toolbar color="primary"&

I'm trying to use the ES update API from my custom made Beat. Here is what I'm trying to reproduce in my Beat implementation: POST test/_doc/1/_update { "doc" : { "name" : "new_name"

Error reading the xml files they are like textfiles, how to fix this. Thanks before

def myMethod(myType: String) :Future[Future[Either[List[MyError], MyClass]]] { } for { myStuff <- myMethod("something") } yield { myStuff.collect { case(Left(errors), rowNumber) =>

org.eclipse.egit.github.core.client.RequestException: Invalid request. "base", "head" weren't supplied. (422) Source code pullRequestService = new PullRequestService(gitHubClient); PullRequest

have this formula: =COUNTIF([IDS],$T5&"?*"&"<"&$T5)+COUNTIFS([IDS],$T5,[IDT],"<"&$U5)+COUNTIFS([IDT],$U5,[Start],">"&$E5)+1 Trying to assign unique numerical ID but

This code works well with Pycharm CE but Kodi have some imports issues that I have tried to solved but I cannot see what is wrong. The Dropbox library comes from this commands : pip install -t lib

So, i'm developing client, which can update firmware on android phones. This called OTA updates, but i found one example from Google, which provides only A\B updates here example But i'm wondering

I dont know why and when it happens. anything is ok in my site exept when Submit forms error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'text' (T_STRING), expecting ',' or ')' will be shown. see error in

I have created a plugin to allow users to upload images into WordPress media from front end. However as the number of images increases, It is hard to locate other media files from Wordpress. I am

I am saving an array into a button via Jquery .data(). If the array is empty, I'd like that button to be red. How can I match the empty-array button via CSS? var values1 = []; var values2 = ['

I have the following mapping for colleges in elasticsearch: { "properties": { "name": { "type": "text" }, "city": { "type": "keyword" }, "programs": { "type": "

This scraper code does everything I need and brings back the keywords I want however if at least one keywords match the keywords in the array then it should return allow however the only thing it ever

Assume, you have a PAT: protocol PAT { associatedtype T func provide() -> T } And another protocol, that uses that protocol as a type constraint: protocol RegularProtocol { func

i have a problem with fragments! in my xml file i have a fragment already set there, i want with the click of a button replace it with another fragment! so with my code i can replace the fragment with

In my calculator, I would like the notions of operation priorities with parentheses. I did a unit test to try to solve the problem but I can not make it functional. UNIT TEST [Test] public void

I want to start my program, meassure the time when the program starts and then wait some seconds, push a button (K_RIGHT) and meassure the time when I push the button. I am using Pygame to registrate

I have come across unexpected behaviour on pages which contain ads from Google Adsense. On mobiles (iOS and Android / Safari / Google Chrome) if user scroll over the ad (iframe), the browser blocks

I have been having problems with a web page and the way the content has been displaying on mobile. To get around this issue I thought it might be better if I direct to another page using javascript.

I have a file structure like this: bots -| |- test1 -| |- index.js |- activate.bat |- token.txt |- test2 -| |- index.js

My question is stupid but I can not understand the difference between Test stub and Test Driver, can you help me to understand better? The Reference Text gives the following definition A test is

I'm trying to create a simple http service with the endpoint to download file to the local system in Go. The link comes in ?uri tag, but when I want to get it I receive an empty string. I tried to

I changed CentOS timezone to Asia/Jakarta /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Jakarta. When I ran tomcat, I got error message on Tomcat : com.mysql.cj.exceptions.WrongArgumentException: No timezone mapping

I was implementing bottom app bar in: implementation 'com.android.support:design:28.0.0' and it all went fine until I put the coordinator layout in a constraint layout with match_constraint property

In the following code, I am converting an image file into a string depending on the choices of radio buttons: def convert_now(self): self.img_data = "" self.img_data_encoded = ""

I'm looking for a way, and a simple example, of running Active MQ in memory, (under .Net Core) in order to perform encapsulated integration tests (using Unit Tests framework, in my case: xUnit).

As I am new to html and dart. As I am going to connect html button with dart file but I couldn't connect it so please help how to do it. Folowing is my html and dart codes. <div> <button

My json passed from angular { address: "sample address", gst_no: "asdfas2342asfsdf", vendor_code: "12312as", vendor_name: "asdfsdf3", } In Laravel api.php Route::post('createVendor' , '

How Parent object will create in Django Restframework nested serializers? I want to show all children associated to the parent but the problem is that when I try to create Parent it asks children list

I want to build a modularized system with modules communicating over ZeroMQ. To improve usability, I want to Dockerize (some) of these modules, so that users don't have to setup an environment.

<?php $sql_query = "SELECT id_card_no, voter_name, gender,age, voting_booth_detail, ac_no,part_no,sr_no,email FROM a318 WHERE email IS NOT NULL"; mysqli_set_charset($db,'utf8'); $