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I need to shorten a very long list of manufactures for my website. The code looks like this currently: <div class="container"> <section id="manufacturerIndex" class="page-layout no-

I have an @IBDesignable UIView subclass. Interface Builder fails to render it. It reports the folloing error: IB Designables: Failed to render and update auto layout status for UIViewController (vVO-

I need to check in there is some elemtnes in the input tag while I put Backspace. I have such a code: handleSearchParam(e) { if (e.key == 'Backspace') { this.props.onSearchItemDelete();

I have a user-specific value in my firebase database. To simplify it either a or b. I'm using a TabBarController in my app: If the value is a, the ViewController(which is embedded in a navigation

I'm new to asp.net MVC. I want to send the contents of a login form to a restful web service with header authentication. But I do not know how to do it. I had previously called this web service and

Is it possible to retrieve everything as lowercase when calling spring's resttemplate.exchange?

I am trying to find a solution with my task for several hours straight without real improvements, so I will try to seek help from you. Let's say, we have an array with values. let values = [1000,

Hi I'm not sure why no such file or directory keeps coming up. At the moment I'm trying to use cout and it won't let me but this has happened before when I've tried to use a vector. My whole code is

I have passed the value from db to radio button, it contains both source and destination in form "source,destination" i need to split those and call separately from different text box.But i get both

SolidColorBrush bgColor; public ModernBTN() { InitializeComponent(); this.Loaded += delegate (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { bgColor = (SolidColorBrush)

Hi guys right now I am trying to get a bezier line to move in specific paremeters on the canvas with mouseX and mouseY in processing. I'm using the bezier as a mouth, and I want it to be controlled

I have two tables: profile and hobbie Each profile is abled to choose up to hobbie, what will be safed in profile.p_hobbies as array of id's (e.g.: [1,5,7,8,9]) Now i want to get the names of a

Hi as i'm new to spring and spring security and following some youtube tutorial i coded exactly same and getting above error. Please help me out Error org.springframework.beans.factory.

I have tried bidding on a c5.xlarge instance with a max unit per hour of $0.03 given the pricing on the webpage says: $0.0663 per Hour, so that would be just under half. And yet, it says on the

I have the following mouse code (C# with Unity) to rotate the camera with the mouse (x, y and z). But when I rotate the camera with the mouse, the camera moves with a offset. void Update() {

I am looking for xsteam for python(spyder) to download it, I found it for MATLAB but want for python. Anybody any idea where can download ? Thanks

I am new here and I am trying to automate a small process. I am trying to make a tool that checks for a domain using whois lookup and nikto, I am using multiprocessing but both of these are printing

I have an ionic project. There, I want the app can periodically send a set of data to the server. This period can be set by user. The code for this feature is as below, where timer can be any no sign

I have a dataframe similar to this: df = pd.DataFrame({'Name':['Alice','Bob','Joe','Alice','Bob'], 'Food':['hotdog','bread','candy','bread','bread']}) I want to convert this to the following

I am trying to reply to messaging apps like whatsApp and messenger from my application like pushbullet and airdroid do. There is way mention here but it is not working anymore :- Link but pushbullet

I would like to separate some numbers in thousands, but number_format doesn't work in this foreach loop inside input's value: {foreach $uab_list as $uab} <label for="uab_{$uab.level}">UAB

When I sync my project with Gradle Files in Android Studio I have this error: Could not find method minSdkersion() for arguments [16] on DefaultConfig_Decorated{name=main, dimension=null,

I have two modules; book and club. I have a mongoose schema used in the book module which contains some info. I would like to export it and use it as a filed in the club schema. The is to access the

why should I use close method in FlatFileItemWriter in springbatch? or else file date won't be persisted?

The method mover works fine till the elements of the list are organized in a different order than before. At this time in the method mover, the z variable gets 4 and then the for loop (line 39) counts

I am a learner in IOS. I need to build Video calling application in IOS. What is the best video calling framework or library? What do you suggest about vidyo.io framework. My application should be

Heres my constructor: constructor(key) { this.key = !key ? String.fromCharCode( Array.from({ length: 100 }, () => Math.floor(Math.random() * 26 + 97)), )

I have a dataframe min Intercept 3 Radio 2 TV 4 and I want to multiply (subtract) each element of another dataframe by matching the row name to the column name of the

Ive already posted this question, but it did not get any usefull answers. I'm trying to create two textures in OpenGL. Initially i did it like this: unsigned int texture1, texture2; glGenTextures(1, &

Recently I've got a lot of DDoS attacks. I am wondering what iptables rules should I use to counter the most common DDoS attacks, and generally secure my game servers. Games in use SAMP, Minecraft,

Goal: Retrieve the selectedId of the checked radio button in alertdialog. Problem: You cannot retrieve the value by using findViewByid in method SpinnerDialogItemSelected because I get a error

What will be the regex pattern for finding duplicates characters e.g dresser swagger er is matching in both words

I'm using DeckTransition (https://github.com/HarshilShah/DeckTransition) to set the behavior of modal view. Is there a way to change isSwipeToDismissEnabled property after initialization of

I am having a simple dataflow job to write a CSV file to bigquery. I am using BigQUeryIO.write with one parDo to create tablerow. The job ran for 40min and than eventually failed with error message.

1- I have one server with server 2012 r2 2- plesk was preinstalled on this server with BIND DNS 3- i installed MSPControl on same server side by side with plesk 4- everything in mspcontrol is working

While attempting 'help/install new software' using a local URL for a downloaded copy of RTC, I'm getting this error: No repository found containing: osgi.bundle,com.ibm.team.repository.common,1.4.

So I'm using a canvas and.. Whenever I press the screen after my code changes the canvas size to fit the screen the style that is (width & height) it zooms in so I can't see some of the canvas

I want to create professional Curriculum Vitae or resumes templates in XML, I don't want photoshop files etc. If there is anything other on which I can create these please do mention them. Thank you

How can I execute a pre-command in a new tcsh interactive shell? Ex: For mimicking bash -O globstar in tcsh we can do set globstar However, I need to start a new tcsh shell with set globstar without

In .Net Core MVC project: I'm trying to set a simple cookie in the easiest way in my controller-action but can not get it to be persistent and show up in the browser. My code: public IActionResult

I have the question, whether it is possible in R to implement an excel function "search of the decision"? Is there function in R or it is necessary to create a script in R. It is necessary to solve

Why is there no "Picture" class in the API documentation? I'm looking from this link https://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/index.html and I can't find the Picture class. Why? It should be between

I am confused about how virtual Python environments work (Python 3.6, using venv). I set up my venv, and activated it in the command line. I would expect that everything I do from then on out uses the

I am new to knockout js, I create a table of data display with knockout framework and ajax call. I have Problem with the observable array should not get the values and display in table. My code is :

I'm trying to use async and task to load and process data from storage. I usually do this task with two threads with join but i want try this language functionality. The code is very simple Foreach(

We are using spring boot, SQL server and Azure cloud. The goal is to update the 2000 records batch by batch in a table which has 52 million rows without using a native query. The table has one

I have a problem in android linphone I used TCP transport in linphone but when I recieve SIP 302, TCP changes to UDP. What should I do to handle this problem(preventing automatic change of SIP

My small custom number input works fine using a transparent wrapper. But when I change the step value to 0.01 it will only update for whole integer values. https://codepen.io/luaiodu/pen/BOVLbM?

I'm trying to create a python script to create a html file that will show my tweets from my homeline on a daily basis. So for example, my html file should have all tweets from Sept 12 in one html file