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I'm new to Ansible, and I'm about to install Docker in my existing EC2 with Ansible. Here is full Ansible scenario is Docker will be installed in my EC2 instance first, if Docker is not

I am trying to assign a column based on strings that may be contained in other columns. For example var1 = 67 columns = {'col1': ['string1', 'thang2', 'code3', 'string2'], 'col2': [1, 2,

handler.js import {login} from 'userLogin'; module.exports.hello = async (event, context) => { return { statusCode: 200, body: JSON.stringify({ message:

Trying to get 3 images to be responsive using bootstrap columns. They seem to be responsive but the problem is the images overlap except for the last column which remains normal. <div class="row"&

I am trying to Create side bar navigation in android but there is one problem I am facing.I went through so many post on stackoverflow but it didn't solved my problem I am following the tutorial

My application has a Stack holding a CustomScrollView and a Container. The CustomScrollView has a SliverAppBar with an expanding header (FlexibleSpaceBar). The Container has properties which depend on

I seem to have a very strange problem. I am trying to play a video being streamed live using a web browser. For this, I am looking at the MediaSource object. I have got is so that the video is gotten

I recently came into usage of the code below: Dim sht1, sht2 As Worksheet Set sht1 = Worksheets("Sheet1") Set sht2 = Worksheets("Table") sht1.Range("K10").Copy sht2.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).

Does Unity 3d support voice recognition/voice command? Because im doing a game could tower defense, just like other tower defense game you need to plant, upgrade, sell tower using touch control, and i

These two error messages come up. I do not know why it wont work. I don't really know where I am going but I have got somewhere by looking online (mainly this site). Basically, I have been given two

I implemented some animate css code for my intro text however when I scroll down so does the text. I already got the animation done and it works fine but I want it so that when I scroll down it doesn'

I am trying to optimize some code, so I can dynamicly make it get HTML content from the Website. So I got the following code, and would like to sometimes use .innerHTML sometimes .href as replacement,

I want to run X number of MR jobs in a loop with each one getting submitted to a random queue which created on the fly. Example: -D mapred.queuename=root.random name. I want to loop through this as

one of my Job tasks are distributing Crystal Reports to users by daily, weekly, and monthly. However, I am sick of this manually routine task, I want to create a web page/application or form to allow

My exact problem statement is: I have: sim_ques(a Text) & 2. options(list) and I want to do this: Open web browser like chrome and search with string search_query press ctrl + F

I have an XML document that has the following: <tag>content<tag /> How do I replace all <tag /> occurrences with </tag> so that it looks like: <tag>content</tag&

My SPSS works fine with GUI, but I want to start using syntax (*.sps) files and run SPSS from windows CMD without the GUI. The documentation here says it should be easy and specifies the following

i just changed the developerKey and clientId. upon testing, a popup showed to choose which google account should i use. after that, it showed a popup again for me to allow my application to access the

I see PingCAP FAQ said that "The character sets of TiDB use UTF-8 by default and currently only support UTF-8" if mysql table charecter set is latin1, can Syncer run correctly or can I get the same

I use Jsoup get all data from website and save element if match some content when i get. I want when we get element. If it match some thing character , I save element from database(MYSQL,Postgress)

When I use the filter of filter(user=user, product=product) it shows the error of unsupported operand type(s) for /: 'NoneType' and 'int' However, when I only use filter(product=product) it does not

I need to separate the jars into different folders. Inside my project, I have several modules, i.e: module1, module2, and assembly. By using maven assembly plugin, I would like to put generated jar

R = { A, B, C} F = { AC -> B, B -> C} candidate key : {A, C}, {B, C} In this case B->C, C - B = C and C is candidate key. So is it in 3NF in dbms??

I use NetBeans for my desktop Java project. But I can't found my 'nhan.main' in Projects tree and also import a class to others although it exists in Finder.

I have a need to find out when a warning (not error) message is sent to the browser's console.log . From research, I know that I can detect error messages with JavaScript code similar to this: window.

How I use Windows raw socket to define an ICMP request? I don't know how to deal with the struct ICMP, please give me an example.Thanks

I have a bit of experience with C#, a bit more with VBA. I'm making a project that is supposed to become: Visual: Fly-out side bar, with 20+ (button-like) items arranged like cells in a column. Each

I do not talk about datatypes or typecasting. Just pure mathematics. I can write 10/4 to get 2.5 or 10/3 to get 3.3333 For example i want to get the result 0.1415 to add it to another number. Whats

I have two PCs in same LAN. PC "A" connected to remote SMB server "smb.server.com" but the PC "B" only have a connection to PC A. Now I want that PC "B" also can access "smb.server.com". Network

Question : I would like to ask how do I able to create a right click context menu for Add Person, Delete Person and CopyPerson Clipboard for a tableviewer (View)? I would really appreciate any

I'm wanting to move my labels wherever I want on my external display. (eg. displayRunsLabel at the top and centered or perhaps 40px from right and top) I have my labels showing on the screen. I'm

I am new in iOS development world. I am working in a iOS app development. I am using Cocoapods to integrate third party libraries like Alamofire and KeychainSwift. When I am export my Archive to

I have a recursive function, so i need to know how much the fn() finishing process there's some way to use console.time since it's base of javascript console? I've tried below code: {import class}

I want to pass value from props and using it in mapState, then it show error: 'Error while initializing app TypeError: Cannot read property 'store' of undefined' Here my code: ParentComponent: <

I have this array this.complementaryFields = [ { fieldName: 'complementaryLaser', label: 'Laser Hair Removal' }, { fieldName: '

I am currently working on a project where we have to connect to a database and through Java insert values into our database. Our professor gave us code in order to help us see how to carry that out. I

I have the need to convert a POJO instance into a com.typesafe.config.Config instance: public class MyAppConfig { private Integer fizz; private String buzz; // ctor, getter & setter }

How does the head and next attribute hold address without even explicitly declaring them as pointers in the singly linked list program python

I'm trying to make a program using MASM32 that will encrypt and decrypt files. I just want to know a way to encrypt - decrypt these following files: .dat, .png, .jpg, .txt, .log, .mp4, .doc, .ppt, .

I am learning to build apps in Flutter. Now I have come to alert dialogs. I have done them before in Android and iOS, but how do I make an alert in Flutter? Here are some related SO questions: How

Total sheet Test Number | Value | Total Time Test1 | Hello | =(Test1!B6 - Test1!B2) Test2 | Hello | =(Test2!B2000 - Test2!B3) Test3 | Hello | =(Test3!B3000 - Test3!B4) Test1 sheet

I have a scenario to create fault tolerant MQ listener/consumer using java spring. We plan to deploy as a sprint boot MQ listener across multiple servers but only 1 should be able to consume it. So

I compiled and installed a new kernel, 4.19.10 following this guide. https://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/compiling-linux-kernel-26.html i had done the same in the past without any issues but this time

I am trying to use facebook login in my react-native project. From the facebook developers website, I added a new app and followed the instructions. But for some reason I can't complete the process.

I have a form that syncs with a Firestore database. Now when somebody changes the value of the 'Nationality' field I want to trigger some further actions like so: this.profileFormStageOne.get('

I have web api endpoint [HttpPut] public async Task<IHttpActionResult> Rights( [FromBody] IEnumerable<Rights> rights, [FromBody] IEnumerable<Permissions> permissions)

I have built a basic crud spring mvc rest api and would like to add basic authentication for validating the user and adding login and logout. I have found a tutorial which covers spring mvc. I have

when I used or write a 3rd party library of python, I want import it in my code file. In linux set environment variable $PYTHONPATH and works well. But in Windows, After setting environment variable

I wanted the list of users to always be in sync with the MongoDB database, I created an action that dispatches a refresh call to refresh the list of users. What I have right now is an interval that

enter image description here the if() statement in this for creating a room for clients and join them to the room . What does that if statement do exactly ??