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Is it possible to do that? I know that we can sign transactions offline before send to network, this process make user's keys totally private even for admin. But can I do the same with register? And

I have the following code that puts a basic hidden form on my woocommerce product page with a button (it is part of a plugin that I am trying to write that adds some custom options entered in the

function ban(id, S) {S.match(/[a-z]/i) && id !== MPP.client.getOwnParticipant()._id && MPP.client.sendArray([{m: "kickban", _id: id, ms: 3e4}])} var R = pp => {ban(pp._id, pp.

I'm running a few threads that basically are all returning the same object as a result. Then I wait for all of them to complete, and basically read the results. To avoid needing synchronization, I

I have a table which is a loan data containing the following columns: Row, loanId, clientId, DisbDate, applicationDate, approvalDate, loanNumber, loanAmount, interestRate How do I

I have five columns: Agent, Result, Gift1, Gift2, Amount. They populate with agent names, a code like Credit Card, Check, Other (and other options too that would need to be ignored) for Result, Yes

I have a dataframe: df <- structure(list(Id = c(0, 1, 3, 4), Support = c(17, 15, 10, 18 ), Genes = structure(c(3L, 1L, 4L, 2L), .Label = c("BMP2,TGFB1,BMP3,MAPK12,GDF11,MAPK13,CITED1", "CBLC,TGFA,

I want to ask why during the compilation of vue components it will result an error below? I tried to debug where the problem is and i found it but it seems there was no syntax error in my code. Here

I think it would be really nice to use Facebook's newer button SDK within my Flutter project. Is there anyway to implement this in Flutter? (I think this would be a nice feature to add to

I have a get method like this [HttpGet] public async Task<ActionResult<IEnumerable<Customer>>> GetCustomers() { var queryString = HttpContext.Request.Query;

There are two databases A and B. Each has the same tables T, even the same records ID. But table A has been updated with new data. How pass only new data from A to B by id (skip existing id). Using

Here's code: fun main(args: Array<String>){ val items = listOf(1, 2, 3, 4) items.first() items.last() items.filter { it % 2 == 0 } } I have some extension methods like

This is a code-free question as obviously my project is quite big, and there's no specific problem to show you. I have a UX design question. I'm looking for those who know at least what a functor is

My VS Code editor is having issues with JSX. One time it will format the code below like this and generate errors. If I restart VS Code, it will correct the format issues for a little while until I

How to disable proguard for espresso test. I enabled proguard for debug build type. But i want to disable proguard for espresso debug tests. debug { minifyEnabled true

I'm trying to setup socket.io with hapi. I've setup a barebones repo here: https://github.com/imcodingideas/socketio-hapi-example but this is the gist of it. On the server.js I am listening for a

I have a have a few if statements in a performance critical loop that looks something like this for(i = 0;;i = (i + 1) % n) { if (i == 3) { // } } This opens up the possibility of

Im trying to implement this solution using Google Jetpack Navigation component and still struggle with back stack issue. The problem I'm facing is custom implementation of navigate method in

In an Activity, I get the following error which is completely unexplainable to me: "Cannot resolve symbole 'fileUri'" The aim is to pass a Camera Intent to an Image Stream. What is the problem with

Hello I'm trying to implement a birthday selection input for a site I'm building and I need some advice- should I include the element inside of an element or nah? I want the option to post the users

I have a server when it runs it starts as bat file and display to me the logs and i can write some commands in it. i wanna restart it daily the problem is to restart i need to type "server.restart"

so I'm trying to display salary with annual % increase for certain amount of years print('Enter the strting salary: ', end ='') SALARY = float(input()) print('Enter the annual % increase: ', end =''

Running Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V, SQL Server 2012 Active/Passive failover cluster w/two 8-processor, 60GB nodes, single instance, 300 databases. This query produces inconsistent results, running

I have a R script which looks like this (abc.R) #!/usr/bin/env Rscript print("HELLO") I have a batch script containing the R script(example.sh) #!/bin/bash module load Rstats module load

My web app's footer won't stay at the bottom when there is less content on the page. I'm stuck and not sure where to go from here. Can someone help me with a footer that will stay at the bottom of

I configured vnc on ubuntu headless, using tutorial: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-configure-vnc-on-ubuntu-18-04 My question is that I don't have any

I want to know if there is away I can access any of the variables num and char from the cog file without having to import them into the main file Thank for you the help in advance!. Main file: bot=

I'm not understanding why the footer is not filling the entire bottom of the screen. Note: if I try to extend aside into that corner instead of footer it will also leave that are blank. Just refuses

I am trying to read in the HTML code for a website into R but I keep encountering an error > data=readLines("www.google.com") Error in file(con, "r") : cannot open the connection In addition:

Write pseudo-code for the algorithm used to determine the largest number and the smallest number. The algorithm will use a counter-controlled WHILE loop to prompt for and read in 10 integers from the

I'm looking for Windows video software that can: Act as a DVR and shift back in time on a livestream (like youtube offer), Access a USB webcam, Access a 4K ip camera (same ethernet network) Access a

As the user is typing in a new user name on the registration screen, the text in userNameTextField is checked against Firebase Realtime Database to make sure that the username isn't already taken.

List 'a' can be printed as follows (CODE1): a = [[4, 5], [2, 6]] print(*a, sep='\n') The output (OP1) is: [4, 5] [2, 6] I want the sublists to be printed in tab separated form. This can be done

I want the following <hibernate-configuration xmlns="urn:nhibernate-configuration-2.2"> <session-factory> <property name="connection.driver_class">NHibernate.Driver.

I have this data in a dataframe. I need to consolidate it. You can see there are events that overlap, but some can't be run together in a groupby because the names of the events are slightly

I am writing a PHP script to get email piped to the script and save it to the database.. I have succeeded in get coming emails.. But i am still struggling with how to get rid of raw contents that

I've been trying to send xls (or any other) file from my angular application to .NET core controller. I tried so many ways and none of them worked this is my component where on button click I cal

I am trying to do a code which would return the number of neighboring pairs in arrays recursively between two indexes; e.g.: {1,1,2,3,5,4,5,4,4} between 0 and 3 should return 1, because of 1,1.

I have just setup an AWS ELB Node/Express server to be the backend API of an single page application. I am trying to set some secure httponly cookies, but I am running into trouble with CORS and the

Writing a script which automates installing the Web Assembly git repo. It downloads the repo, invokes commands to set it up. I'm working off of this site's instructions: https://webassembly.org/

I know it's easily possible to do if thisisfalse == False, just wondering if there's something like Java's if !thisisfalse, for cleanliness of code.

I'm building some kind of game for programming class and I need to have a history of the people who played, you can play multiple times when you run the game, so I'm not trying to store it permanently

I'm developing a cross-platform data importer and I'm currently trying to optimize the overall import performance on both JRE and Android runtimes. Having JDBC in use, I managed to optimize the

Below exception handler that is common for all my controllers, is working fine except that I need to disable the WARN log from AbstractHandlerExceptionResolver class after processing the exception.

Player Table has Name Catches Year Brady 500 2017 Tom 400 2017 Gyt 350 2017 Brady 600 2018 Tom 660 2018 Gyt 750 2018 I want it to return 2017

I am working on adding add-on subscription to my Desktop Bridge app published in Windows store using Windows.Services.Store APIs. I created a test add-on of subscription for 3 month period with 1

I have scoured I think every post pertaining to my problem and can't seem to get an answer. Currently I'm trying to start a project using google maps with places and direction. My problem is that

I using HttpClient object make an http call to retrieve audio content of file. Somehow same request works for first time but when i seek the content and make the new request with same set of headers i

Im trying to style the element with the className "progress", I can't for the life of me figure it out even after trying numerous possibilities. Any help or hints I can get will be greatly

I need to extract data from similarly formatted tables from this file. There are some OCR errors but I have an automated method to correct them. I have tried: ABBYY Finereader table detection.