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I am working on an app in which I want to start a foreground service after boot complete. I know that I cannot start service in the broadcast that's why I am asking this question. I didn't found any

在Bootstrap 4中定义固定宽度输入组附加DIV

I am using the bootstrap 4 input group function to place an icon next to an input field. I want to have a fixed width of 40px for input-group-append div (that includes the icon). The bootstrap docs

I can't get my system to compile python codes in command prompt. I've set my path variables and all. Python is still reported as an unrecognized command. enter image description here


I am using Gearman plugin with Jenkins to provide higher availability. According to the Gearman plugin document to configure Multiple Jenkins Masters I need to 1.Install the gearman plugin on each


I'm trying to get the "ended" event of the FlashPlayer fallback version of the JPlayer. I can see that the generated swf has flashvars: <param name="flashvars" value="jQuery=jQuery&amp;id=


While looking for some deterministic (multiple-runs, multiple-machines) hasher for integers, I stumbled upon boost::hash_combine(size_t & seed, T const& v). Unfortunately, in the documentation


Basically, I am looking for a way I could optimize the following. Not really a PHP programmer, and in the Ruby world this would be easy, but at the moment I have this: if(count($methods) == 1) { $


I am totally newbie with AWS, my first project with it. I was trying to deploy my Django app with Elastic Beanstalk, using CodeCommit, following a tutorial. I was getting an error while trying to


In the following HTML, how can i insert a red asterisk(*) before the input element, like here below Insured Name: *(in red) the input element( <html> <body> <form name="login">


I have tried searching but have not found anything, anyone can guide or any solution is appreciated


Currently I am drawing shapes on a layer backed NSView with the code shown below. Assume the shape is a simple filled rect - as I have not included the shapes drawing code. I can animate the shape


The .htaccess file ignores the first rule The url should be http://example.com/public_html/folder/file.php # Rewrite all to public_html RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !php/ RewriteRule (.*) /public_html/


I've been struggling for hours with following code without success. In my html I have several inputs (type=text, type=date and selects), and a button calling a js function: onclick=SendNewData(). The


I have created a project to download multiple documents in my solution. And It is working very fine on my local IIS, but I am stuck in a strange situation that I have published this application to

错误:java:java. Lang.UnFutelt操作异常

public CommandLineRunner commandLineRunner(final ApplicationContext ctx){ return args -> { System.out.println("Let's inspect the beans provided by spring boot"); String[]


I want to filter my content using checkboxes and I got some references from 'StackOverflow'. The following is the code $(document).ready(function() { $('.post').show(); $('.menu-item').find('


I am trying to wget a file from a https server using the command wget -d --no-check-certificate https://abcde.com/test.tar.gz This is the log i obtained Setting --check-certificate (checkcertificate)


Is there something equivalent to Clojure's get-in function in Python? It gets the data at the given path in some data structure. In Clojure it is used like: (def employee {:name "John" :details

AppEngine AppCF.PY抱怨错误版本

I have updated the orinal AppEngine SDK for Python on my Mac to version I need to update a Python 2.7 Standard Environment App via appcfg.py (which is called from a complex build script


I had a problem following including theming in ExtReact project. I did all of offered steps: npm install -g @extjs/reactor # adds ext-react cli to your path ext-react generate theme --name


So I wish to add images into my items. Right now, I am able to display words for each CardView in the RecyclerView. However, for pictures, I am unable to do so. I've tried adding listImage<> with


The page is working perfectly in Chrome, IE or Firefox, but in Safari I have a weird problem. The (click) events that are inside the radio buttons are not working, the event is not fired. I have


I have an error that VBA can't open the file in directory, when string is copied and pasted into explorer it opens the file immidiately. Path is added to the string. Sub generator() Dim fundusz,


I have a large JSON data around 20 MB (I create this data using JSON.stringify from JavaScript code). I 'm writing this JSON data to an internal storage file on Android Device and reading it later.


I am trying to send an email using git command as follows: $GIT send-email --smtp-pass=**** --smtp-server-port=25 --smtp-debug=1 --no-format-patch --confirm=never --to "$toline" --cc "opensaf-devel@


I'm using wordpress and AMP for my mobile things. But the amp page gives me errors like this "Author stylesheet specified in tag 'style amp-custom' exceeds limit of 50000 bytes", and i did check the

在GNU make中,如何让GRIP在shell函数中正确使用ReGEX?

In c, for include files specified with < > like , gcc (actually cpp) searches the -I specified include paths before the built-in ones. I want to have it search the built-in ones first, by having


I want regex to return this 10002A-3MonthsFree.html var test = "C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Test\10002A-3MonthsFree.html" heres the code im using var m = test.match(/Test\S+/g); m; this is what its

Android But刀Hava.Lang.NubBoFrimeExtExabor:输入字符串[复制品]

I am using butterknife to bind my view and get the Input data, but in the following case I get this error message: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "334456677889" @BindView(R.


I would like to fetch an audio from Firebase storage and play it on a HTML5 audio element like this: HTML5 audio element I am using: tangRef= storageRef.child(email_login + '/Vídeos/' +


I am getting my urls and titles from a post's content, but the titles no longer seem to be UTF-8 and include some funky characters such as "Â" when I echo the result. Any idea why the correct charset

将JSON从联机转换为本地文本.JSON SWIFT3

I have Model json but online in need convert to read from local text.json can any one help me to this process for me and tell me how can I do that Grab the produts from the website in JSON format


im currently trying to login to my account at ds-exchange (https://app.ds-exchange.co.uk/#/login/signin) via Python (Dont ask why, im just testing what i can do with Paython currently since im


If I have the following models: class Test(models.Model): name = models.CharField() class Case(models.Model): test = models.ForeignKey(Test) name = models.CharField() I want to create


I need to know that if i'm hitting get api using uber integeration its works fine as i hit on POST its send me this: { "message": "Only request header `Content-Type: application/json` is


My dataset is in the form of a tabular data. I'm trying to plot wind data measured along a specific path by an instrument whose values and coordinates are given in this tabular data. The data header

Python PANIDOVER:由于内容无效,升级失败

I am using pandevice python module to update palo alto firewalls. Script is failing because of traceback error (content invalid request) for few device. Below is the error. Note: I have tried with


I have a parent component having 4 child components, in that child component,i am populating a variable and showing that variable in its html how will I show whole parent component if all the child


Messaging is the only thing, that people do more than social networking. According to current market, Messenger app has a very user-friendly design and surely it is loaded to the core with some great


I am updating a post then when I click update I got this error TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined.. here's my reducers the payload is action.payload: {id: 1, title: "test", body: "


i am making stopwords removal api with using django.when i submit user text input fairly getting output but text area not visible after getting output.my requirement is below output is displaying


I'm looking for any existing library that can help me deal with dependencies between simulated entities. In design, such a library would have many similarities to a parallel task execution library,

在Python 3 .x中调用另一个类的类方法

So I came across this answer for calling class method from another class. Now my question why have they done things using so much complexity when this can be achieved simply by this code: class


Hello Stack Overflow Experts, I am breaking my brains over this but still can't get it working. First the background. I implemented an Exchanger in C++ similar to Java SE provided an interface that


AWS has secret manager which stores secrets. It has the API to get individual secret. I want to fetch all the secrets related to an account at once. Any way we can achieve this?


I'm trying to print multiple table (qtablewidget) objects in single pdf using qt. I can print one table, using the code provided in(https://forum.qt.io/topic/80501/qpainter-howto-draw-table/7)


I am trying to call a function after the button has been clicked, which is possible so far but I have problems in passing the argument. This is my first React App so bear with me. In the this part

I have opened a local html file in a Webview. The only thing in the webpage is a JavaScript timeout function which runs every 10 seconds (however I am not sure if this code works on webview but this


I have a pretty basic React App which the user can login and hit some MS Graph endpoint(s), this works great no problem once consent has been approved by the user. I also have another request firing


This error massage pops when the components download is finished. There are four components that it can't install. I have tried to retry the download but it keeps failing to download these components