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用Selenium WebDriver滚动到元素

I want to create a function that takes the class name as a parameter. This method tries to click on the element. If it fails, it scrolls to the element and tries to click again. That’s it! I want


all, I run tcpdump continuously with -z option (makes tcpdump run " command file " where file is the savefile being closed after each rotation) this way: tcpdump -G 1 -w /tmp/%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S.pcap


I am trying to add text to a clip generated by concatenate_videoclips, but I keep getting an error. I have tried to add the text to each clip individually and then concatenate, but I got the same


I'm using ratchet websocket for my real time project. Its running without any problem. Recently I found that when multiple concurrent users connect to the websocket port to establish connections, it


I'm having issues interacting with a 3D object on a mobile app using ARCore and AWS Sumerian. Even when tapping the object on the mobile app, the 3D object does not respond. My phone is on the


I have three table (student's_info,subject and marks): this is table student's_info: ---------------- |s_id | s_name | ---------------- | 1 | Ali | | 2 | Jon | --------------- This is


I am reading all files in a directory. Following is my code: DIR* FD; struct dirent* in_file; FILE *common_file; char *c; FILE *entry_file; char buffer[1024]; if (NULL == (FD =


I use "sudo pip3 install pyhs2", but it’s not working. It show this error like as picture. In this situation how can i install "pyhs2" library in my linux environment enter image description here


I finished couple of tutoials about django framework. Where can I find good place for tutoruals the teach me how to build cms using django from scratch.


Good day what is the best data type and length to use for numbers the data format is like this 2018/06/03,15:06:59,1,25.01,0.879,2.75,2.49,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,27.94,2.2.2,-250.00,key,0,0,0 ,


I am using Android Studio for Flutter App Development. Everything seems to be working fine just that the Android Studio does not show the "logs" in Logcat. In the Logcat section it says "Please


can we increase the Apache solr performance for importing data from mysql with dataimport ? currently i am using : 4 core processor RAM 16 GB HDD 50 GB mysql record 1,2 Millions for now i get 20


I'm using ratchet websocket for my real time project. Its running without any problem. Recently I found that when multiple concurrent users connect to the websocket port to establish connections, it


i have added a new unbound field to display image of Inventory Item in Transaction Details tab, then to set the fixed height of the image I have added some javascript, but after adding javascript the


I'm trying to use \w{2}\d/\d{1,2}(/\d{1,2})? to match below two interfaces on a Cisco switch: Gi1/0/1 Fa0/1 When I use re.search(), it returns me the expected output I want. import re port = "Gi1/

如何在Redux Saga中传递API调用的参数

I am currently trying to learn how to use Redux-Saga by making simply API calls to the Pokemon API, however; I want to be able to search by a certain Pokemon. I am using React to search for a Pokemon


I have a code like this: Process X: getLocationObservable() // ---> async operation that fetches the location. // Once location is found(or failed to find) it sends it to this filter :


When connection get back I want to run this task, I want to call NewortchangeReceiver() constructor. I wrote "android.net.conn.CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE" in Mainactivity IntentFilter because "android.net.


I am actually not getting what logic should I put in to get what I desire. I actually want to halv the third column and also find the mid of class interval in my second colmn and print subsequently.


In most languages I can have a conditional like a switch block in a constructor to decide on what arguments to pass to the super constructor. How to do that in Dart? My use case is passing a map to my


I Want to Find Id Use Find Async And Includes together Instead of Code below With Generic Repository? Old Code public async Task<IActionResult> Delete(int? id) { if (id == null)

将文本定为圆形div [复制]

I've a problem with vertical centering my H2 and H4 elements into div which has 50% border radius. It looks like: Of course I would like to center this text even on small devices. I had a problem


E:\Maven\S_Work\target>java -jar S_Work-1.0-SNA Error: Unable to access jarfile S_Work-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar so what problem here ? pls help


I achieved success to add new block in Shopify using schema and Shopify liquid. I have added schema which is expected to adjust the width of an image one on left side and one for right side.I am


I try to add publish/draft button in Wordpress Admin Post Lists but it doesn’t work well in a certain situation. Does Not Work New post -> Save as Draft -> Publish using new button in Adomin Post


I am trying to import demo content for my theme (Portal from my themeshop), and I am getting the following error. It successfully imports a lot of the content but it doesnt want to import the


I need to upload a file (using AJAX) in two separate actions: First - file selection Second - uploading file by separate button After some research I decided to go with FormData. Simple example


I am working on a android app using NativeScript+Angular. It is a video streaming app for that I am using two approaches Using NativeScript-Exo Player to play videos hosted on my server. Embedding


I'v got a Message handler service that registered in the manifest file, this handler listening for incoming push messages. I want to call a method in the MainActivity, therefore i need the


I'm about to publish my first app to the Play Store and the app is written in Java. At some point after publishing, I'd like to make changes to the app, whether changing source code of classes,


Using PostgreSQL version 9.4.18, PostGIS Version 2.2 I'm using this function, and I'm using WW because don't want ISO week numbersjust the week number starting from 1 January: CREATE FUNCTION


here is my main function. Im not quite sure why this is happening (my first GUI application ever, Ive always done CLI before this). This does not happen when making Debug build, only with Release


How to set up custom CUDA directory for enable_language(CUDA)? From cmake version 3.8~ ,I can use enable_language(CUDA) command. In my custom cmake file, I set CUDA_TOOLKIT_ROOT_DIR same as cuda

从Django TGGIT获得相似类型的类似对象

I am using django-taggit tags in two models, lets say Model1 and Model2. I am using below code to get similar objects from my one of the model. obj1 = Model1.objects.get(pk=1) similar = obj1.tags.


i have the following request i would like to write as a post request in nodejs: POST /rest-api/hashDb/createAndUpload HTTP/1.1 Host: Connection: keep-alive Content-Length: 428


I'm currently working on a script for installation. Part of this process involves creating the service account users in AD and I would like to set the security to allow Read/Write Public Information


I am trying to dynamic to update data from Vue.compnent on Webpack project. I wrote a simple HTML and java script file. <template> <div id="container"> <slot>show


I am using a third-party React library I added with yarn add and I am having not a function issues with the library's use of the this keyword internally. Anyone could share a fix? Thank you.


I currently have this code, to try and find the right tracker I need (among 8-12 trackers): ga.getAll().forEach(function(tracker) { if(tracker.get('trackingId') === "UA-62921111-4") { Instead of


I want to display the list of all the crypto coins available in market with the help of ionic. I have used coinmarketcap api for this. https://coinmarketcap.com/api/ I have referred this tutorial ->


count = 0 s += " " for n in range(len(s)): if s[n] == 'b'and s[n+1] == 'o' and s[n+2] == 'b': count += 1 print(count) This was the code I made for problem 2 in problems set 1 from edx. I

为什么在PuthS壳中管到%{ 0 }?

PowerShell scripts sometimes pipe to %{0}: [byte[]]$bytes = 0..65535 | %{0}; I know % is an alias for ForEach-Object and $_ represents the current pipeline object. Is this solely to avoid output?


Following is an excerpt from here: The foundation for a reactive system is message-passing, which creates a temporal boundary between components that allows them to be decoupled in time—this allows


Older versions of node did not support chacha20-poly1305, but as of version 10.0.0, node supported openssl 1.1.0, which includes chacha. require('tls').getCiphers() includes chacha. $ openssl ciphers


Ok so the basis is that I want to be able to have comments on each of my post. The comments will have a reply button for each. It’s not multi threaded so one comment will have many replies. Those


I have a dataframe where i need to subset it for my further usage in the program. After subsetting it , i found that the class of the column is changing to "unknown" class . when i use this column for

C平衡二叉树与C STD:映射性能

Having a discussion with some experienced developers about containers in C++, they told me that for better performance, instead of using std::map, they just use a classic C binary tree. Since an std::

在Visual Studio中什么原因引起错误C2692?

I am trying to use socket.io C++ library in my C++ app it has some dependence rapidjson and websocketpp which i have downloaded and linked but i am getting a C2694 error in VS but not sure what this


him.getGameResult = function(callback) { setImmediate(function(){ callback({success : true, series : getSeriesHim()}); }) } am trying to understand the meaning of this code but can't figure it


I have a spinner and I used this solution for creating a hint for my spinner! my problem is, when I have no data and the array for data adapter is empty, my hint doesn't show!and after my array of