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I want to convert a number in there equivalent word. I write down a code and using Java dictionary for this purpose. My code work well for a three digit number. But when the number is more than 3

I use ConnectivityPlugin (CrossConnectivity.Current.IsConnected field) to check the Internet connection. The problem is that it only checks if the internet connection button is pressed. That is, if I

given a data frame like: df<-data.frame(A.a=c("a","b","c"), A.b=c("a","b","c"), A.c=c("aa","bb","cc"), B.a=c("w","x","y")) I would like to loop the "identical" function over all columns of the

I have an Asp.net Core 2.1 restful web service I would like to deploy to AWS free tier. I created an ec2 instance using an Ubuntu 18.04 which claims to support .net core and powershell 6.0. I am

I'm trying to build a tictactoe game and I'm working on the game winning function. So far, the function can iterate through all individual numbers for the win patterns for each placed piece (x or o).

I have installed opencv 3.4.4 using cmake. before it I have installed cuda 9.0 with cudnn 6.0. When I run ./deviceQuery it gives me: deviceQuery, CUDA Driver = CUDART, CUDA Driver Version = 10.0,

I am doing a small web-based project using PHP. Each time I run it, I get weird message like "Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by", "Warning: session_start():

Trying to import moment.js as an es6 module. Latest Chrome version is being used. Based on the discussion here, I tried the src path (es6) import * as moment from './node_modules/moment/src/moment'

I set up a monthly salary workbook with a total of 6 linked sheets. There are 5 weekly sheets of Sat-Fri and one monthly summary sheet which is linked to all the weekly sheets. Where there are only

I have this right now: // people handler := routes.PersonHandler{} subRouter := router.PathPrefix("/person").Subrouter() subRouter.Use(authMiddleware) handler.Mount(subRouter,

Let's say I have the following code: //--get the value that was entered into a textbox by a user var userInput = $(".myTextbox").val(); //--append the value to the window.location as such: window.

import pandas as pd d = { 'resource': [1,2,3,4,5,6,7], 'branch': ['a', 'b', 'c', 'a', 'a', 'c', 'b'], 'utilization': [0.7, 0.76, 0.9, 0.3, 0.55, 0.87, 0.71] } df = pd.DataFrame(data=d) I

so basically what I'm trying to do is read a column from a csv file to an array then do calculations with that array. I have successfully gotten the array 'rawSunlightData' from the csv file but for

i want to use cnn to classify some picture ,but when i run the code ,it report error after it have run for some time i checked that my picture processed right ,but i don't know why it always came up

Let's say I have a dataframe that looks like this: R1 R2 R3 R99 R100 -1 -1 2 3 57 45 -1 -1 -1 37 I want to be create a new column which implements the following logic: If all of

I am getting the image from camera and gallery and putting it in the next line to the text but my image is always set to the left as setbound left is 0. I want to set my image at the horizontal center.

I'm trying to make a connect 4 game in python turtle graphics, and it was going well, but then this happened. xy simply won't change! Here is the code. anything helps. import turtle from turtle

I am using modified version below code for SSL client certificate authentication. It worked in JDK 8, recently I changed to JDK 11, now with same code authentication is failing. If I switch to JDK 8

Test Number | Total Tests Test1 | =SUM(COUNTIFS(Test1!A:A,"TestHelloWorld")) Test2 | =SUM(COUNTIFS(Test2!A:A,"TestHelloWorld")) Test3 | =SUM(COUNTIFS(Test3!A:A,"TestHelloWorld"))

There is a file that contains 5 sets of 8 numbers. Each set are the "scores" for contestants (5 contestants total). My task is to read the file to get each set, cut out the highest and lowest scores,

I am new to DJango and DRF and have been asked to manage some DJango/DRF related code. After a lot of search I am still unable to find a complete example on how filter_queryset works and how can it be

I just want to use my Discord.JS bot to get the first attachment in a message (MessageAttatchment object), simply put. I have already tried this, but it just seems to crash immediately. var

I am drawing in PyQt5 inside a QDialog box but need to add the ability to scroll as I add to the objects drawn. It seems like the best option maybe to add a QScrollArea widget and draw inside that but

Question Action A triggers function B and function C concurrently(?!). If B throws alert can I prevent C from executing, perhaps, by using some kind of general listener function? The solution I

I thought NoSQL database such as Cassandra or DynamoDB can handle 10,000 QPS or TPS. But when I recently looked at some DynamoDB configurations, i often saw less than 100 TPS. Is this 100 TPS for one

I am trying to place a PageView which pages are scrollable vertically into a CustomScrollView. The reason for this setup is that I want to make use of SliverAppBar. If one starts scrolling vertically,

What level of protection is offered by password protecting your access point on an ESP8266. When you call the wifi.SaftAP() function you can supply a password? A serious case study: Imagine Alice

I just downloaded a csv from sqlite with a column containing dates. The df looks like this: ROWID text is_from_me handle_id date 8 Esta muy 0 4 542735636047925696 9

I'd like to plot some measures that have been standardized to z-scores. I want the size of the point in geom_point() to increase from 0 to 3, and also to increase from 0 to -3. I also want the colour

In Asp.Net MVC, the Account controller's Login method, if successful, returns RedirectToLocal(returnUrl); I want to add a string to return. I thought ViewBag or TempData would do, but the View finds

So currently my table has a date, and a date index, I want to drop the date index, add a start_date and end_date, and initially set both the start and end date equal to whatever date was, and then add

I really confused about the CQLSSTableWriter in cassandra; I have a cassandra single node, and have a large amount of data to import. But when i try to add rows on the cassandra node, at the

enter image description here Who can give a comment to the code in the picture?thanks.

This is probably a very obvious error, but I've spent almost an hour trying to debug and figure it out, and can't identify why this is happening. My view: def list_animals(request, name=None):

url - http://www.saramin.co.kr/zf_user/jobs/relay/view?view_type=list&rec_idx=35289352 I tried to scrap data from web(above url) using R. When I execute codes below, it return "character(0)"

I am working on a project in which I have to get students enrolled courses and courses list. getting course this.courses = <Array<Course>>[]; this.coursesService.getCourses().subscribe((

Say you have these two types: struct alignas(8) Base { double a; double b; } struct alignas(16) Derived : public Base {} And these functions: void Foo(Base b) void Bar(Base* start, Base* end) Is

I'm working on a parallax sidescroller game in PixiJS for a school project, and I'm running into a bit of bother with getting things to work properly. Essentially, I have three backgrounds (using a

I have been trying to change the background-color of my pyqt QLineEdit widget using the setStyleSheet function part of the QWidget class but the background-color remains white no matter what I set it

Basically, i have a material searchview that works and have added autocomplete which uses a list from string array. I am able to search but i don't know how to set onclick to a new activity which

In Java, I would use Paths to compare two files paths, to make sure path1 could be a child of path2. Path path1 = Paths.get("/path/to/jenkins/workspace1").normalize(); Path path2 = Paths.get("/path/

I have a list with alphabets and numbers in python, all of which are IDs for assets with data. I need to achieve the following: 1. Separate the alphabets and numbers in two separate lists. 2. Use the

im learning how to setup a user sign up registration using node, but for some reason, whenever i send a POST request with email and password i receive a 404 error from Postman, saying that "Cannot

I don't know how to retrieve all Uid. This is my data: this is my snippet code to set the data: reference = db.getReference("Attendance"); reference.child(id).child(uid).child.("Status").setValue(

I am trying to work on a web scrape file, the webpage changes depending on the time of day you want to get info for. but for now I will just post how the code for 1 hour is set up. This does copy

I'm using react with react-redux and eslint. In my container, I import an action that will be bound to the component's props in mapDispatchToProps like so: // simplified for brevity import { getGames

I'm new to Appmaker & for the most part, advanced web development. In 2016 I created a very rudimentary AMP stack page to be used in my employers office to take leads by phone and email, then

I want to use the new Expo Print functionality with a local HTML document, but I can't figure out how to require it within the Expo build process so I can pass it to Print.printAsync. When I require

i am requesting data from a darksky api base on data got from heremaps api,specifically i am trying to get geo-coordinates of a place and get weather from darksky. const getWeather = (longi, latit) =

I am relatively new to Angular, but I have a lot going on. Let me explain. I have an array of objects and a successful service running as shown below. array of Objects I have a input created as a