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I understand how Polymorphism and Generics interact in other programming languages (Java, C#, Typescript, ect.). In C++ however it feels like a pattern I would like to utilize fails. In this example

Using am HTML Form with the Post method, $VAR_DUMP shows the Post data within the array and correct name but $_Post returns an "Undfined Index" error no matter what I do. Iv spent a few days now

I am trying to have a li element and a div be inline, but right now the div text keeps being put right below the li element. I'm using display inline block and jquery as below $('#list').append( '

I want to create a command-line tool in ruby, but I can't find any good tutorials. Does anyone have any good tutorials or libraries I can use?

Can I send 3d array content three channels as input for keras.activations.sigmoid(x)?

I am trying to produce a heatmap (using heatmap.2) with vertical lines on it. The problem is that I want to pass the x coordinates of the lines as a parameter. A simplified example: heatmp <-

Let's say I have some generic dataset for which an OLS regression is the best choice. So, I generate a model with some first-order terms and decide to use Caret in R for my regression coefficient

org.gradle.api.tasks.TaskExecutionException: Execution failed for task ':feature:mergeDebugFeatureResources'. at org.gradle.api.internal.tasks.execution.ExecuteActionsTaskExecuter.executeActions(

articleModel_i.findOne({title: args.title}) Im using this to find a document in my mongoDB by a title passed into the server. This returns a query document, but does anyone know if there are any

Hello guys I try to create a website which scans the bar-code from user and display the corresponding details from data base.The auto-enter is enabled with barcode scanner(almost similar effect when

I want to return an array of indices of an array which has positive elements using pure functions in JS. EX: pos([1,-4,0,5,2]) >>[0,2,3,4] So, I tried: arr.map(function (ele){ return

I'm trying to access the neighbouring elements (above, below, left and right) in a square 2D list. When the element I'm looking at is on an 'edge' of the 2D list, however, it will try to access a list

How can we configure custom smtp settings from the database values given by user?

I've created a random 10x10 matrix and fixed it. Now, I want to create, say, 1 million different combinations of this matrix (not all of them). I've emphasized the word "different" because the

I have a Django server that communicates with a NodeJS server on another address (REMOTE_SOCKET_ADDRESS). In Django, I have a line of code that goes like this: requests.post(settings.

I'm building small portfolio site. For local development I use live-server. I want to have SPA, so I created my basic router and it works fine on localhost, but on hosting server I get 404 when I

I've tried to add JRE10 in Eclipse 4.8 Photon (Windows -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs -> Add). Unfortunately I've received the following error message: target is not a jdk root. system

I can perform file uploads and sync commands locally with stuff like this: "deploy": "npm run build && gsutil cp src/app.yaml gs://quantumjs-site && gsutil -m cp -r dist gs://

I want to rotate the player when moving (WASD). private void Update() { movementInput.x = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal"); movementInput.y = rigid.velocity.y;

I'm trying to get JODConverter to work on Window 10 with Jdk 1.8.0_144. As you can see from the code I thought it might be a timing issue hence the delay. As you can see JODConverter thinks the

I have classes: public interface A { default void hello() { System.out.println("A"); } } public class B { private void hello() { System.out.println("B"); } } public class C

I have a IJobParallelFor where each job creates an array of data I have tried using NativeArray<float[]> but that doesn't work because it is a reference type and I have tried NativeArray<

Using the django rest framework, if I have, say, a view to sign a user in that requires the requestor to send the following JSON: { "username": "johnyappleseed", "password": "md783bfaHVfa" }

I am trying to change the cordinates of my when I click on a so that it centers on the . This way it can show the properly. I am trying to use animateToCoordinate, but nothing happens and the

I have a DataFrame that contains an name, a year, a tag and a bunch of other variables. So it might look like this df = pd.DataFrame({ "name": 4*["A"] + 5*["B"], "year": [1999,2000,2001,2002,

I have a problem, when I run this I get an error saying: IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 1, Size: 1 And my console output is: i 0 1 the 1 i 0 1 j 0 1

I'm trying to save something in database using Hibernate. Here is how I'm trying do this: MyEvent event = new MyEvent(); event.setId(1L); event.setEventName("Sample event!!!");

I'll let the code speak for itself, as I've been heaving a headache over this for a while now. Below is a test I've put together to simplify the investigation. # This is a python file containing a

I'm trying to implement the equivalent of Paint, and for this I need to make a filling. Can anyone tell how to use PyQt5 to find out the color of a pixel, and use the width search to find similar

I have searched quite a bit and have yet to gain any clarity on my particular issue. I have a process using node.js that encrypts some data elements and stores the hex string output. So as to not go

I would like to block users who are using proxy or vpn from my application, I made a method that works, however it has limits of requests by email, I thought to use the email of the clients that are

I am trying to scrape data from DnDbeyond. I am using Beautifulsoup and python and have been able to get some of the information that I need by using the "Div" tag and "Find_all" classes but I can't

Two Arraylist in app.First Arraylist is ArrayList<Thumbnail> videoList = new ArrayList<>() and Second ArrayList is ArrayList<Giphy> giphylist = new ArrayList(). giphylist arraylist

I'm trying to write code that times the time it takes to send and receive an int between two processes. I'm using MPI_Barrier in front of my timer inside the for loop, but my time always ends up

I'm a beginner in django middleware. I used to write a visitor system via middleware and still did't get a problem which can be solved with a middleware. Could you describe any typical tasks with

function getRandLineFromFile($fileName) { $hendel = fopen($fileName, 'r+'); if (!$hendel) return ''; $cLineCount = 0; $sLineOut = ''; while (!feof($hendel)) { $

I am dealing with arff file and I am getting a strange error since according to the documentation data should be a list. See the code: data, meta = arff.loadarff('/home//RTG50C2.arff') u =[] v = []

Exporting a Data Factory project to Visual Studio forces a few things on developers that adds about an hour or so to one's development time per project. The project IS going to be forced to the Users

I know that the following JavaScript code instructs the browser to insert the specified URL string into the address bar AND go there: document.location.href = 'http://www.john-doe.com/'; However,

I am working on a Netty based http web server, which is handling heavy concurrent traffic. This http serve is behind ELB. Because of too many concurrent connections we have increased max file

I've tried to install some package on my galaxy j530f (2017). After rebooting it keeps telling "Custom binary is locked by OEM lock ". Is there a way to fix this problem without installing custom

How can I get an output of the indices per each column where the first negative value appears? import pandas as pd df1 = pd.DataFrame({'depth': [1.65, 2.15, 2.65, 3.15, 3.65, 4.15, 4.65, 5.15, 5.65,

I'm using the Intersection Observer API on a site. For every instance of using it, I'm using the same config (main viewport). My issue is that I need to have different things happen when the callback

Generally I tried uploading CSV file using NodeJs and displaying it in JSON format. I have been wondering how can i upload a CSV file using jQuery or Javacript and convert the CSV file into nested

Lets consider some Java code. Why I cannot have 'void' returning fucntions that I want to call in chain. new Sample().foo1().foo2().foo3().foo4(); Why all the above functions can't be void type?

Intro I am working on converting a Java library to .Net. The library is an implementation of polymorphic pseudonym decryption and will be used in The Netherlands to decrypt "BSNk"s in the area of

Firstly, I'll be honest with you. I'm really new to scripting and java coding. I think I'm brilliant enough to understand what I'm doing, still. I'm a freelance and I manage all my invoices with

I know that Chapel Dataframes are a new, relatively undocumented feature, but is there a basic example some place? The test suite here is a bit hard to follow.

I would like to implement this horizontal scroll script on my page : https://github.com/Corentinfardeau/horizontal-scroll My js code looks like this : var blocks = document.getElementsByClassName('

size_t bufsize=LINELIMIT; size_t numsize=NUMLIMIT; I am currently just learning C and would like to understand this further as to what its doing here.