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I am new to fluent Migrations. I want to simply delete a row from the database can you please guide me how this can be done. or point me out in the right direction if this questions is already


My customer needs to send files with private information to his customers (like medical records) and he wants to do this in a way which is secure and hack proof. Meaning that the files should be

YUM安装失败I68 6X8664

my version is 6.10 oracle linux it is trying to istall both x86_64 and i686 packages i am trying to install glibc package manually as it fails during my puppet run with exact same error as below:

iOS -丰富的推后处理复制

After the rich push is handle in the background (click on an UNNotificationAction without opening the app (no .foreground)), Then when you enter the app, there is a duplicate push event resulting in "

Android HTSTPROSPSE状态代码410

In my Android App, I retrieve data from SQL Server through WebApi. API is working when I check it in the browser. SQL Server remote access is working and I have checked the connection through IP.


I am trying to use JPA Criteria Builder to generate the equivalent to the following query: SELECT p.* FROM public.products p INNER JOIN public.category c ON p.category_id = c.category_id INNER JOIN


I am in an Android project which uses Bluetooth sockets. The app is the client socket. But the app crashes when working. Can anyone help me in solving the issue. here is the code public class READ


I have a code segment like following which throws an invalid syntax error: lst = [0, 0, 0] new_lst = [lst[-1] = i + 1 for i in range(3)] Basically, I want new_lst to be list of lists, where every


I am playing a bit of text to speech every x amount of seconds e.g. every 20 seconds, and want this to keep going in the background when the app is closed. How do I do this?


I am currently trying to implement disabling the Add button based on setting the property in the component in my angular 4 application. I am possibly having issue with change detection. It works some


I am creating a function to count the number of times each word is in a long text. When I use the below function for a short text, it runs fine without problem. However, when running it with a super


When I send this request using soap envelope over http UA asks for credentials. When I send it over https UA doesn't ask for credentials but returns 401 error. I need user to enter credentials this


The essence of this program is that when you enter any value into an input, you get 2 random numbers and 2 random strings. Since the onChange event is worthwhile during the input of the number, it


I've recently started learning about selenium webdriver, and i've learned a lot of stuff from different sources but i don't have a good idea of how should a clean/professional grade script should look


I get Integrity with the below defined model.It occurs when I make changes and save the data again from the django admin. The error is triggered by obj.save() . The error is as follows: Exception

VBA -在Internet Explorer中填充输入框不工作

I'm having the following problem which is once I populate some inputbox on IE with information from Excel using VBA, these are populated correctly but when i change onto the second line with input

PHP Excel阅读器无法读取受保护视图文件的Excel文件

I have an excel .xls file downloaded from attendance system device. When I open it in Ms. Office 2016, it said the file is PROTECTED VIEW. I created system using PHP to upload and read the xls file.


I am reading in multiple files into R from Excel using lapply. I have just noticed that some of my files are having the data column being read in as a logical and not numeric. I would like to use


I've installed Nix into an Ubuntu WSL installation. I now want to uninstall it. The manual states to simply "rm -rf /nix". Nix adds itself to $PATH and the manual makes mention of a Nix daemon.


I'm integrating a CRM with Facebook lead Ads using Zapier, and I can create a lead in Facebook and create it in the CRM without any issues. After a successful post (i.e. successfully creating the


I am new to Linux and sorry if this question is not a complicated one! I am going to use CentOS 6 only because the software I need, is needed to be installed there. I don't know even how to install a

如何构建Windows 8的FLITE TTS?

I tried the C example in the documentation, but I can't make it work. I am not sure what files do I need in the include and lib directories and how to set the FLITEDIR variable because I am using


When I tried the transaction feature with Mongo 4 and the latest Spring Data Mongo Reactive, I got the failure like this. 18:57:22.823 [main] ERROR org.mongodb.driver.client - Callback onResult call

当使用Mac OS 103.6时,QtWebEngress应用程序崩溃

my environment: PyQt5.9, pyinstaller 3.3.1 I write a demo of dialog, use QtWebEngine to show a web page, then use pyinstaller to make *.exe and *.dmg. It works, but when I upgraded my mac os to 10.13.


I am working on an e-commerce site in Wordpress. I want the shipping in a way that when customer purchase for $100 shipping would be free otherwise I would charge $10 as shipping charge. To have this


I'm a newbie in coding. Sorry if i'm bothering with a trivial question but currently i am stuck at finding out why the function validate2 in my code does not work. I have put my code here on codepen:


I'm trying to measure four similarities(cosine_similarity, jaccard, Sequence Matcher similarity, jaccard_variants similarity) over 800K pairs of documents. Every document file is txt format and about


I need an option like image picker for picking contact and to display phone number i have managed to get contact names using below code //MARK:- contact picker func onClickPickContack(){ let


Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.Application app = null; Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook._NameSpace ns = null; app = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.Application(); ns = app.GetNamespace("MAPI");


I've a folder structure that looks like this -'2018' --'01-Jan' --'02-Feb' --etc -2017 --'01-Jan' --'02-Feb' --etc Is there a way to delete all directories that are over 7 years old (according to


I've create this email by using html: <html> <head> <style> .button { background-color: #8d312f; } div.title { text-align:


I'm building songs website with laravel framework and telegram api and when I want to download mp3 file with telegram api it downloads without file extension // this has no extension https://api.


Can i Convert an spss(.sav) file to a .csv file by using C#. Here i want to browse 1 .sav file and i need to generate .csv file of the same.Can anyone provide any link or code for the conversion.


I want to write the code that will add the numbers from 2 seperate rows across the columns. On the row 4 and row 6 I store an array of the input numbers and I want to return the sum result between

使用VUEJS 2向VueTiFyjs列表添加搜索和排序功能

I need to add a simple search and sort functionality to a VuetifyJS list. Here is a CodePen example of the list: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/bxGGgv What is the standard way to do this in VueJS 2?


I have a bean class where i use annotation based configuration using ApplicationContext context = new AnnotationConfigApplicationContext(Demo.class); in my controller. My demo class contains a


My question is why every browser send me notice that my downloaded files are malicious and download is blocked. Only while running my app on Chrome i get notice from McAfee WebAdvisor that inside that


Using pathos to pickle complex and heavy py 3 objects. Using pipe to fork these processes I do not need to return results as these are serialized independently. What I need is try except framework

Mac容器上的DOCKER只使用DOCKER Excel查看主机变量

Docker on MAC machine - latest 18.06.0-ce-mac70 (26399) Channel: stable If I call docker exec [container ID] echo $HOME I get returned $HOME from the host. Anything in the container that is using su -


In my application I have included a library which is using a third party queue and this queue is mentioned in my context.xml file. Resource is as: Now I am migrating my application on spring boot so


Here is the fiddle for a stacked bar chart. This chart filters another line chart. To remove empty bins, I tried dc.js FAQ, this example and this. I saw this and this for a stacked bar chart


After importing a csv file with two columns [Date, Value] and transforming it using Home > Edit Queries > Transform > Run Python Script, the Date column shows Microsoft.OleDb.Date instead of


I want to inject x-b3-traceid and x-b3-spanid in logs with pattern as shown- property name="PATTERN" value="%h %l %u [%date{dd/MMM/yyyy:HH:mm:ss.SSS}] "%r" %s %b "%i{Referer}" &

角材质动画- Mat波纹:div元素的逃逸边界

I've just added matRipple property to my div like: <div matRipple class='icon-wrapper'> </div> Red border is actual size of the div element. As you can see, ripple animation


Background Hi all, I have a function called checkEmailAvailability that sends HTTP request when the focus is out of EmailEditText (basically I wanted to checkEmailAvailability when the user is done


I'm trying to pass variable in filter object to search relevant field but when I put object without passing variable like underneath it works fine:- stock.controller.js var vm = this; vm.stocks = [{

XSSF Apache POI API中的HSSF丰富字符串等价物

Im currently working on excel report generation and came across setting a font color on specific text in a set of string.I found some solutions like the one mentioned in the title using Hssf


Im very New to KGDB, Im getting problem when im connecting the target from Host, Getting The following Error. (gdb) target remote /dev/ttyUSB0 Remote debugging using /dev/ttyUSB0 Ignoring packet error,

当点击背景时防止模态关闭[ Vuejs ]

I am using vue-js-modal library and following the same steps in the documentation, but I need to implement that when the modal opened the user cannot close the modal when he clicks on the background


Hi I'm working with Chart JS library and I need to group yLabel like this image. but I don't find any things in the library docs to do this need. So How Can I do It?