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I am using Angular 7 and was wondering if I should always use getter and setter when dealing with my private variables inside my components ? Has there any guidelines about this practice ?

I want to use gdpicture in php. what is the best way ? ifram from a asp.net poject or is there any way to bridge between asp.net and php ?

I have an observable of an object. Additional properties, defined themselve as observable, have be added to the object, when I subscribe. const obj = { a: 'some text' }; const b$ = of('BBB').pipe(

I am trying to run this command in my Terminal in order to associate Visual Studio Code with Git, but I get the following error: username ~ $ git config --global core.editor "code --wait"

I have a database with a table which I use as master and which is being updated and extended on a daily basis by a table with the same layout. Before I update almost the whole master with daily data,

I have few react projects which have few component they share. So I wanted to create a library that contains the components they share. For example I have a ActionButton component which looks like

I'm writing a single API function (as I don't need rest in this case). Basically it's a URL with UUID4 as api-key. The function goes as follow: def jsonapi(request, apikey): try: test =

I am trying to run the following python script: https://github.com/Jumperr-labs/python-gatt-server (gatt-server-example.py) which is a Bluetooth low energy server. It works perefectly fine on my

Is there a way to combine multiple regressions in the mlr package analogously to the multilabel classification with the makeMultilabelBinaryRelevanceWrapper()? I have several dependent variables and

I am previewing the attachments in another tab but contents only appear when I use inspect element. my code is showAttachment(e, assetId) { var _this = this; axios.get(properties.baseUrl + "

The component.ts file is given below. Why it is throwing an error even after importing interval from rxjs/add/observable/interval. import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core'; import {

I need to filter my navbar upon a column in my users table which is user_type. user type column has student, Coordinator and admin. I am able to restrict the buttons of my navbar to only authenticated

Every time when I am taking permission from FBSDK on alert its show my app bundle identifier not the App name. Please suggest me what to do.enter image description here

For local query testing can we have an embedded redshift instance possibly in-memory one? I am using java and I don't want to use docker instance running locally. Even if it is mocked one, I would be

So, basicaly I have an input where the user can choose the employee, but I need to give a warning or an error message if the user inputs an employee that does not exist on the DB, I can simply check

In Oracle's documentation, for the estimator in optimizer, there is a schema like this: https://docs.oracle.com/database/121/TGSQL/img/GUID-22630970-B584-41C9-B104-200CEA2F4707-default.gif Normally,

I am working on a project for the university using Android. I have a layout -XML- with a simple button, I would like to rotate it so that it is always in the same position, independently if the phone

created_at is the value I Want to compare with the beginDate and the endDate. var newARRA = chain(this.props.transferts.transfertAccount) .filter({ 'officeSender': this.props.users.user.

I have a Springboot app which uses contains 2 Entities, User and Friend Request. The user Entity looks like this: public class User{ @Id private BigInteger id; private String

IDEA said Reports non-static inner classes. Compilation of such classes causes the creation of hidden, package-visible methods on the parent class, which may compromise security. So I want to

I have a map of values (populated from Consul), which I use to configure my resources, however if values for optional variables are missing, I would like Terraform to act as it the parameter was not

There's a nice module for Node.js called chalk that allows to apply coloring and text formatting to console.log() function. If I write something like this: console.log("test string substitution with

I have a set-up whereby I have a few Jupyter notebooks that are parameterised so I can run them from another notebook. I'm using the papermill module to do this which is quite convenient. The

/^[a-zA-Z0-9'!@#%$^&*()_+\-=\[\]{};:"\\|,.<>\/? ]*$/ This regex is not working correctly in IOS. It is not accepting ' character. Please help

I am using the below code to find the center of the polygon but it doesn't work for polygon that showed in the picture private LatLng getPolygonCenterPoint(ArrayList<LatLng> polygonPointsList){

Fully uninstall Cisco Anyconnect Mobility Client 4.6 from my Macbook according to this manual because of leaving company. Delete all certificates. Install Cisco Anyconnect again at new company.

I'm trying to test the Remote Run function with the Eclipse Plugin but it doesn't seem to work. I'm getting the following error: There are no build configurations that can be triggered with the

I'm confused to what degree partition assignment is a client side concern partition.assignment.strategy and what part is handled by Kafka. For example, say I have one kafka topic with 100 partitions.

I just started a job where i need to access to the methodes of a dotnet dll from a c++ project, the problem is all i have in hand is visual studio code, now i have read many solutions that works for

My code is like this: enum API { case login(phone:String, password:String, deviceID:String) } extension API:TargetType { var task: Task { switch self { case let .token(phone,

i want to draw recycleview like this image with different categories items number got them from web service. Problem: when use normal setLayoutManager method like: categoryRecyleView.

I have my class diagram with interfaces where every interface contains mainly attributes and I would like to write a template for generating getters and setters from these attributes. I'm trying to

Below is my code.I tried to run this code on visual studio 2017. The interface works fine. But it doesn't return me a .wav file. May I know if there's any problem with my code? public partial

I'm trying to use flink with AWS kinesis. I'd looked the document by Apache Flink and It says that I have to build the connector on my own. Therefore, I build the connector and added the jar file

I am trying to import CSV data into MySQL using the LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE syntax. This is normally a fairly simple task, but in this case the data includes a geometry field that is tripping me up.

I send broadcastreceiver from activity to fragment. my problem is the onReceive not working. public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, @Nullable ViewGroup container, Bundle

to iterate through array list one can use following code List<LatLng> latLngs = new ArrayList<>(); latLngs.add(new LatLng(5,5));

I'm trying to build an angular project to be deployed on Firebase, but I can't run my npm run build or even npm start commands due to the following error. ERROR in node_modules/@angular/fire/

I've got a boilerplate Wordpress plugin that i reuse. On each new Wordpress plugin project i create code I want to add to my boilerplate plugin. Currently i'm manually extracting libraries & fixes

I want to make a sticky header on my wordpress theme . But i could not make it using many tutorials ( i want to do it with css only ). this is the page http://sammoudi.info/index.php/dashboard/ login

I have been trying to make rounded corners in an AnimatedContainer. So I wrote this code : return Center ( child: Column ( mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.center, children: <

I am working with pandas and I am struggling to add random NaN in a specific column is it a way to do this. For a given variable I would like to add 10% of missing data. there is the function sample

it's very easy for cesium achieve this job like the code below: clippingPlanes = new Cesium.ClippingPlaneCollection({ planes : [ new Cesium.ClippingPlane(new Cesium.Cartesian3(0.0,

I have a bootbox : bootbox.prompt({ title: "Commentaire présentation", inputType: 'textarea', className: "mediumBootbox", value :suivi.commentaireEstimation, callback: function (

I have div with foreaches inside of it and my goal is to make an button to copy all the output in de div code: if(isset($_GET['bestellijst'])) { ?><div class="bestellijst"><?

I want to know how i can customize a javascript object so that i can control the output of a console.table(obj). From another question (adjust console.log behaviour of custom object) i know how to do

I created a library to be used in node and the browser. The package.json file has the "main" and "browser" fields for that, which works fine. But, the typings of the the node and browser version

I'm using JavaCompiler to compile .java code. It works for me while running the class compiled using URLClassLoader to load remote jars. But not work while compiling. Tried to use options like

I can create a command like this which checks for some property of my view model if it can execute: AddNewSectionCommand = ReactiveCommand .CreateFromTask(() => AddNewSectionAsync(