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I have created simple insert code using Android + JAVA where my data save in my MySQL Database successfully. But before that I have taken too many test to save the record in my local mySql database

I'm trying to add a Group using the Google Admin Directory API, from a Java app that's running on Google App Engine. I've looked at numerous other related questions on SO and tried the suggestions

When I use mysqli_query to include the WHERE identifier - it fails. Thoughts? $uid = $_GET['uid'] ?? '1'; $sql = "SELECT * FROM customers "; $sql .= "WHERE uid='" . $uid . "'"; $result_set =

I am facing an issue where I have a number like 5,000.00 and this is multiplied by 1,025^3 = 5384,451 (in calculator) I want to obtain this format 5.384,45 I am using this: var interestValue

I am using the framework Codeigniter. Trying to update values in my database in required field using html, but there is something preventing it from doing so, as it is instead inserting new values in

I try to filter to show img depend on dropdown id, but it isn't work as desired. Where did i go wrong? Both filter worked. Here what i try so far <html> <script src="https://ajax.

I want to look for two strings if they exists in my output and then pipe to pass them as arguments in next command. ex: for X = 1 to 100 cat logX.fxt | grep -e string1 -e string2 | rm logX.txt but

I am using following configuration for my project : react : 16.6.3 react-native : 0.57.4 react-native-router-flux: 4.0.6 So I am trying to integrate redux with my scenes. My Scene Component

I want to branch logic depending on number of emissions from upstream. To be precise, I want: Nothing to happen when upstream is empty One branch to trigger when the upstream emits just one value

I have a JHipster (Springboot) java server in which I am modifying some images and need to store them as a PNG file in Firebase Storage. I'm aware that Firebase Storage is actually Google Cloud

I have been trying to simplificate a code, in a past ask some user give me a possible solution but I can't use a list of list, so this is the part of the code which I have to simplificate: option =

I am working in MVC4 webapplication using simplemembership provider where db first approach is used to create mapping i.e. generating edmx by using Ado.Net but I got one problem that association

The query below selects a single row using a compound key. Ordinarily, I'd use the WHERE IN syntax but since I have a compound key, I'm not sure how to do it. Using MsSQL, what are some ways

I was using processing and I was learning by a tutorial, but I ran into a problem while scripting Code Perceptron Perceptron p; void setup(){ size(200,200); p = new Perceptron(); float[] inputs =

I have an api which returns this JSON (GET@localhost:8000/<number>): [ { "trip": 5, "time_logged": "17/12/2018 07:23:11", "day_logged": 17, "month_logged": 12, "

I'm trying to write a function in python and I'm a novice in python. Please explain me the logic where I'm going wrong and is it the best way to write in terms of time complexity and space complexity

I am using MySQL with a Java application , the purpose is to activate my application online by sending some info from Client to my server. At my server I am using time stamp to get client time then I

How can I add a few lines directly at the end of generated d.ts automatically after each compile such as: Generated typing .. // Custom declaration // Remark Remark export {Something} //

This is for Python/PySpark using Spark 2.3.2. I am looking for best practice approach for copying columns of one data frame to another data frame using Python/PySpark for a very large data set of 10+

i am trying to get the questions to keep coming after submitting the first one. i also need to have the score calculated. just hung up and looking for any help i can get let questions = [ {

This Xpath and selector info copied from chrome elements inspector: <button class="btn btn-white btn--no-margin btn--full-width _1XvaFLD3_IpAQNG-OJU2-H _1xNlj_ScH8hEMWzrkRt1A">Sign up</

Recently when I'm using vscode, everytime I launches the built-in terminal, it automatically uses "source activate base" to launch a anaconda python virtual environment. You can see the screenshot I

In my current project, I am having the following repetitive pattern in some classes: class MyClass def method1(pars1, ) preamble # implementation method1 rescue StandardError =>

I want to scrape video URL using Beautifulsoup4. But until i click the play button in browser, i can't get the URL. so.. i must click the play button first to get the URL. like the example bellow, &

I have a SQL query that looks something like this: SELECT * FROM ((SELECT * FROM schema.table1) AS a FULL OUTER JOIN (SELECT * FROM schema.table2) AS b ON a.id1 = b.id2 FULL OUTER JOIN

import webbrowser import time import sys import urllib.request def con(): cont = input("Do you want to continue? ") if (cont.lower() == "yes" or cont.lower() == "y"): main() elif (

From the command line I can communicate with stockfish (a chess program) like this: ./stockfish.exe Stockfish 9 64 by T. Romstad, M. Costalba, J. Kiiski, G. Linscott position startpos go depth 10

I'm new to PHP so I am in need of your help. My table in web is in a loop so it gets values in my mySQL phpMyAdmin database until it reaches the end of the database table. I have a problem getting

For the following code Structure class Student{ String name; List<Subject> subjects; } class Subjects{ String name; Integer marks; boolean optional; } List <Student&

Working code to add a new column to Pandas DataFrame using iterrows(). But it is extremely slow df1['Kite_Token'] =0 for row,col in df.iterrows(): df1.loc[row, 'Kite_Token'] = df_instrument[(

POST's discount field is the following JSON: { "discount0":{ "percentage":"0", "price":"0", "gift":"false" }, "discount1":{ "percentage":"0", "price":"0",

In a React project, I want to pass the property name dynamically. I am able to pass a value as string, however when I try to either concatenate or add it to the object it doesn't work. Here's an

I'm trying to create a 3 div layout like this: So that I could then place an image inside the left div, then place 1 paragraph inside the top right div and 1 paragraph in the bottom right div. I'm

I am a bit new to Colab and Keras. I want to work on images that are of very large size (each image of 5 gb), available on google drive. Can I read those images directly from google drive, process

Hey sorry for being a rookie with python, just need a point in the right direction. Here is the data i am working with: 2018-12-14 14:36:00 2018-12-15 02:00:00 2018-12-15 04:48:00 2018-12-16 06:

I am using the code below at a wordpress theme called islemag to show results of a wp_query for posts. Results show up all good so far. Total results 16. 4 results per row. 3 rows total. 12 so far

I have looked everywhere and can not find an answer to my problem so I am here as a last resort as I'm pulling my hair out. I'm fairly new to Arduino and have made it this far on my own but now I

So I was helped in getting the data to populate properly but when trying to get it to create a table and I cant seem to get it to work properly. I looked online and cant seem to find a solution maybe

I want to create app to download image from API. The URL is dynamic, from sqlite this is my code: private URL[] URLS; ArrayList<String> urlList = new ArrayList<String>(); String

Trying to install paRdot package in R version 3.5.0 . I have tried creating a new library as well.I get the error as below devtools::install_github("demgenman/paRdot") Downloading GitHub repo

I am trying to write to a local file using Log4Net. I have a very custom message that is in Json format. When this code is written to a file it appears with escape characters and as a string with

I have a form set up to connect its responses to a Google spreadsheet, but it is of late getting some spam, all of a very similar type. I cannot pin down the IP addresses like I usually do, to exclude

player1 and player2 are both supposed to receive 3 random cards from the array. After the cards are drawn the cards should be discarded. I am not able to get 3 random cards into the players cards[]

In Javascript, I want to extract array from a string. The string is var str = "abc (24 314 83 383)(-256)sa 0 (24 314) 1" I want priority to be the text in parentheses then other text separated by

I am facing a problem which in my code the error div loads earlier before it shows the error . could someone please help me to fix that this is my view file <div class="alert alert-danger mg-b-0"

I need some help understanding the differences between the following. In the first example, I want the loop to break when the user inputs False: true = True while true: print("Not broken")

Say I have a PuLP model defined as thus: model = pulp.LpProblem('',pulp.LpMaximize) And I have added an objective function (it does not matter) Now I have a list of LpAffineExpression objects: lps =

Ive got a static site generator which creates root relative URLS eg. / /testpage1/ /testpage1/coolcat.jpg original site gen file hierarchy example and these work great when at the root of the

The server pings the clients normally and vice versa, but the clients cannot ping each others, ping ends in a timeout. server [Interface] PrivateKey = <server private key> ListenPort = 56000 #