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I'm embedding firebase in a plain Java app, so I believe my only option is to use Firebase Admin, which means I auth with a local json as a common user, which means every device running the app is the


I have a dataframe with 20 columns(variable). I want to calculate the WOE for all the columns in the dataframe(excluding the dependent variable). Please help


I am trying to upload files to Django using an input tag, not with form. The Djang side is all checked with form (common coding for file uploading, so not included here) so it works fine but I am not


I want to get all of function,method that contains native code and already defineds in javascript engien(v8,chakra..). Example, alert,print,eval(defined global function), (defined method like Array,


We have installed SSL certificate and now website is working on HTTPS://. website seems to be working fine only problem is with YouTube Videos as i am using nivo-lightbox to play YouTube video as


I have 1 table. 4 fields. How do I find the records that have duplicate values in field 1 AND they have duplicate values in field2 and field 3 is compared to field 4 in other records? (I'm looking for


Do function expressions have to be assigned to a variable (when used in a regular context)? I'm aware that function expressions don't have to be assigned to a variable when they're callbacks (passed


I am trying to build a simple news website with multimedia and text content. I want display text along with one image. I do all the processing of the image on the server. Here is the jQuery Code. When


I have table material : id_lh : int usr: varchar pas: varchar pefil: varchar date_operation : datetime And i have this data : id_lh | usr | pas | pevil | wkt 1


I am using spring boot 2.0.1.RELEASE and TestNG for testing. But unable to load spring context and autowire repository. Kindly guide me. @RunWith(SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.class) @SpringBootTest


To add one postgresql connector to presto in aws ERM, can be achieved with the config file below. [ { "Classification": "presto-connector-postgresql", "Properties": { "


I am making an API GET request to spotify's auth servers in order to obtain an access token. The token is returned within the callback url. Reference (Implicit Auth Flow): https://developer.spotify.


A piece of code snippet: std::unique_ptr<SDL_Renderer, decltype(&SDL_DestroyRenderer)> cGraphics::Create_Renderer() { SDL_Renderer* temprenderer = SDL_CreateRenderer(m_Window.get(), -1,


I am making a website and have stumbled upon a problem. When i had saved the following code as a HTML file then it was viewing the background image and the other image. But as soon as I saved as .php


I am observing the following when i write cucumber java steps for feature file: feature file: Then I get result one <result1> and result two <result2> from microservice java step (


I'm using VSCode to parse my JS for types using Declaration file + JSDoc. This shouldn't matter, but maybe? In my declaration I have declare interface World { getEntities: function():Entity[], }


before creating this topic I researched the entire community, but I did not find anything close to what I'm trying to do. I am developing a small social network which is a PHP project for academic


I have a simple Angular 5 app that consists of several components and services that are coupled together using a 'broker' which is just an object with several RXJS Subject fields that can be used to


I am using InlineKeyboardButton to create buttons in telegram bot, like the following. keyboard = [[InlineKeyboardButton("Option 1", callback_data='1'), InlineKeyboardButton("Option 2.


I'm still kind of new to python, so please excuse my ignorance. I have a CSV file, and it already containers the headers in the first row: column_1,column_2, and column_3. I have a dictionary that


I am new to Ansible Roles. I am trying to create roles/action/module. My ntp roles in IOS changes the ntp server ips config of ios device, syslog server role changes the syslog server ips config of

iOS TabLVIEW有2个数据源/代表

Is it possible to have a tableview on a view controller be controlled by 2 different data sources? I want the table on the view to show different table data depending on the segment control button


I want to print tf model's params number each layer like keras.summary(),so I need to know tf model's layers and each layer's params info.I know tensorlayer has a count_params() function,so I just

使用Java SDK描述AbdioPieleLeCiNeNe.EnguleStudio()

I have the list of pipeline ID's in string format List<String> idList = new ArrayList<string>(); List<PipelineIdName> dpList=dpc.listPipelines().getPipelineIdList(); for(


My site has search functionality that's accessible via a query parameter q like this: https://example.com?q=shoes I have many adwords registered for which I'd like to direct users to the my site's


I want to be able to update the values in a multi-indexed dataframe, using the output of a separate function that performs calculations on another existing dataframe. Let's say for example, I have


I am working on spring application with angularjs. I want to pass the JSON object as a @PathVariable to the spring controller, but with my below code, when passing the JSON object as a PathVariable it


Is it Possible to change my object name which was given in my java file during an runtime progress?? if there is any possibility pls give a clear description over on your answerss


I want to ask about javascript coding, I initially do not make global variables in javascript it aman2 aja, but why well fit when I make into global variables instead of data to grab the last data


complete the crossword Across 3.The process of placing elements from a collection in some kind of order 5. The measure of the degree of interdependence between modules 6. The software


Is there a correct way (with good performance) to determine the total number of samples of a given data type in the HealthKit store? I've tried the naive approach: let healthStore = HKHealthStore()


I use mpandroidchart-combinedchart for Stock chart.enter image description here the bottom chart did not start from 0,who can help me? I try chart.getAxisLeft().setAxisMinimum(0); but it didn't work.


I am looking to populate empty buckets when grouping on two columns. Here is the setup and resultant dataframe: bins = [-np.inf,0,10000,20000,40000,60000,80000,100000,np.inf] # include infinity


I have created a simple date hierarchy in SSAS Tabular model (2017). The hierarchy contains Year and Month. When I view the plot by year in PowerBI, the years are ordered in Ascending order from


In GDB you could continue/step/etc. the debugging process in the background by attaching an & after the command (ex: continue&), allowing you access to the CLI while the process/thread runs. I

如何在反应项目中扩展'CSsProvices '

I am from javascript world and new to typescript. I have a react project written in typescript. I declare an inline style but got below warning when use it in a react component: Type '{ color: string;

在Chrome Windows 10上画布模糊和扭曲

The Problem So I've been developing a bar chart for my website using an array of samples between the values of 0 and 140. The graph itself looks fine running on my MacBook in Chrome (MacOS High


i'm trying to pass data from one view controller to another, here i'm using the button to perform segue @IBAction func entered(_ sender: UIButton) { performSegue(withIdentifier: "segue1",


I am pretty new to React. Here is my question. I have a dialog as the child component, there is a save button, when I clicked on save, write data into database. then I need to rerender the parent


Hey if you see any errors tell me I would be happy to fix it soon! Database name: freeload_retain profile information: fullname:Christopher Maennche username:freeboard_retain password: {r,*$udJ%4EY


During a P2P video call i play an mp3 url using AVPlayer , the mp3 plays but the voice of remote and local audio is gone. so i need to disconnect headphone and reconnect again. What should i do? i


Spring Tool Suite & Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.6.1 problem on macOS High Sierra. I have download the tool, but when i tried to install. it's gave error. Please suggest me how we can fix this.


I'm trying to use RtAudio to generate streaming audio. However, when I try to include "RtAudio.h" file, the program always complain something weird. My project structure looks like: Project rtaudio


I am trying to do a simple boundary regular expressions substitution on strings with dashes, but they do not replace, why is that, do the dashes mean anything in regex? Here is my actual attempt


After parsing a Grass GIS modules inside Python, I am trying to use this dictionary on my next step of raster calculation. But everything from the parsed dictionary is passed as strings. # original


I am new in xamarin forms, I want to develop a page with image sliding and page indicator , how can I do this. The page looks like the above image, I have no idea.. Please help me


I am trying to make a c++ client for mysql that utilizing multithread. What I'm using are the thread group from boost library and lmysqlcppconn. The code logic is pretty simple. I first create a


Here is a gif of what is currently happening: https://gyazo.com/d375066428cfc2c254beb533f092d47e I would like the elements to slide along each other instead of jumping to a new spot. So, whenever a


I have this subclass of PFObject, and when I don't have the init() that just calls super.init(), then it crashes. I don't understand why. import Parse class FareParse: SuperParseObject,


I've been trying to include a file that had been included in my version of the software previously. File has been excluded from a visual studio project connected to the TFS version control system.