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i am developing a trick taking online multiplayer card game and i want to implement user's skill level logic in my game may be based on wining-losing ratio so when user connect to server room then i

Is it possible to somehow limit the memory usage of a python program (maybe using pycharm) so the system would also be responsive while the code is running?

I am noob to python. Trying to find why i am unable to match the values in the code below player_one='' player_two='' validAnswers=['Rock','Paper','Scissor'] while True: player_one=input("Player

Is there a callback function in HandlebarJS? I tried looking for many solutions but I couldn't find any. I have an each loop which adds items dynamically to a ul element. I need to call a function

I want to convert my array to JSON format how can I do that. Below is my code $arr['more_images'][] = $datas; echo '<pre>'; print_r($arr['more_images']); echo '</pre>';

I am trying to open a web site which uses Java. At first, I got the message: "Click to install Java" for which when clicking on it sent me to download Java. Although I already had a Java

I'm new to the OPENTEXT Rest API and while I'm able to authenticate/create folders using it, I can't get the document upload to work. The following is the code I've been using: import java.io.

I am using StorageVolume API to retrieve URI for both SDCard and USBStorage by following StorageManager storageManager = (StorageManager) getSystemService(STORAGE_SERVICE); for (StorageVolume

I want to be able to use Int2ObjectMap, i think it is nit a built in type of Maps how could I add and use "it.unimi.dsi.fastutil.ints.Int2ObjectMap" in java?

I have to collect the timestamps of all the touch event on the soft keyboard adove my Activity. I have tried onTouchEvent, dispatchTouchEvent, onKeyEvent, onKeyDown and sh -c getevent but failed,

What is a subword? Details: We all know that a substring for a string will be all the permutations that are consecutive in the given string. In addition, we have subsequence, where the permutaion

I am working on a simple login application. I did code for the header or navigation section, whenever a user registers themselves on that page login get successful and his/her profile pic will show

I am using react-native-mapbox-gl in my react-native app. I want to send a feature request to WMS server. In openlayer I found a solution MyLayer.getSource() .getGetFeatureInfoUrl(

A. I have a dataframe whereby order is important. import pandas as pd inp = [{'c1':1,'c2':111123}, {'c1':2, 'c2':1001}, {'c1':3,'c2':11032}, {'c1':4,'c2':11044}, {'c1':5,'c2':11012}, {'c1':6, 'c2':

I am developing E-Commerce application in angular 6.I want to update the shopping cart count in header component,when the product is add /remove from cart.Both are different component if i refresh the

We are facing following issue when we switched from OracleJDK to OpenJDK: [Host Controller] 09:25:41,568 INFO [org.jboss.as] (MSC service thread 1-6) JBAS015899: WildFly 8.2.1.Final "Tweek"

Picture Sample on my sheet I am doing a macro that will input the NAME into PPT textbox then save as pdf. So how do I loop, or do until my code. Code: Dim fpath As String Dim ppApp As PowerPoint.

I have a simple function where I want to take an array of strings with mixed lower and upper cases and ouput each value in the array with the first letter upper case. When I call my function, with

I except get "status 124", but I got "status 0" by use this code timeout -sKILL 10 sleep 20 | tee -a LOG_FILE LOG_FILE2 RET=$? echo $RET I got "status 0" by use this code. I except get "status 124".

I have a <script type="text/javascript"> tag in the HTML that I'm trying to scrape using Python. It contains several variables. The variable that I need is: var product Inside of this variable

I have a requirement to get directions of a store from app Using reverseGeocodeLocation method, i can get the location name from the coordinates How can I pass location name to google maps so that

How can I convert pixels into coordinates? I want convert the translation from the viewPortHandler into the coordinate system of the data. I'm using https://github.com/danielgindi/Charts

I have seen code for individual enrollment but I can't find any for group enrollment. I need to bulk enroll a thousand devices to Azure IOT Hub and was thinking of group enrollment.Any sample code

I am looping the below shortened Code for more than 1000 Employees. Process gets very slow due to the Last line in below Code. It is taking more time to generate a single PDF for each Employee.

I want to find a specific product type (E.x simple product type or variable product type or downloadable product type) orders from wooCommerce orders in admin. How can I do this?

I have a view inside which i am saving records to the database and showing that records with Viewbag variable on same page i have a delete button in front of each record to delete records, i want

I am trying to toggle between two heights on a class and have them animate, I have tried the following: $('.architectural-films').bind('click', function(){ $(".section1").toggle(function()

I am trying to run a test that fills out a form and clicks the button to submit: it('adds biological sample with maximal input', function(){ cy.on('uncaught:exception', (err, runnable) => {

I have a excel file whose sample looks like the img attached. The highlighted numbers are the duplicate ids which I have. Now column E basically counts the number of days by (C-B) However, I want just

I am using the ruby Ocktokit to fetch deployments (list_deployments). At present it only lists the latest 30. I need to filter this on the basis of payload and need to access all deployments till date.

I want to make a tool which is related to search box suggestion like google. Whenever we type any thing google suggestion all possiblities. As same I an tring to do, I have tried below code by using

I am getting this error D/OkHttp: <-- HTTP FAILED: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: java.security.cert.CertPathValidatorException: Trust anchor for certification path not found. I,am using

I am using getBoundingClientRect to get offset of my component but it is throwing error during test cases. I came across this post which tells how to mock the getBoundingClientRect but since I am

I am new to angular . I am trying to display the bar chart with the constant data. I am using d3 module here to display the chart. This is my app.component.ts import { Component, ElementRef,

I am working export the searched result in a .csv file Everything working good Issue is How can i display list options as an dropdown in csv file like below. here i am trying Groups as an dropdown

I want to upload an image from my local system. I have to click on '+' to upload the image to the web page. Let me know how to upload the image after clicking the highlighted '+' sign.

I'm trying to upload a pdf /doc file using vue and laravel but after subinting, The file shows no value . I have a vue component with this form and this script: <script>

I have a generator function that returns batches of x and y data. Now I want to write a function that exhausts the generator and stacks it, so that I have my whole input and output of my database in 2

I am trying to use pykafka with rdkafka to consume messages but I am getting the following error while trying to initialize the consumer. Configuration property "queued.max.messages.kbytes" value

I'd like to prepare multiple yaml files customizing arguments of flannel (DaemonSet) and run the flannel pod of the node with yaml matching the condition expressed by the label. Can I label a worker

I have written code with the intention of doing a forward search to select the best features from a dataset and build an SVM model with high AUC measures. The code is as follows: library("e1071")

image for my DataFrame This is my dataframe. I need to print the "adarsh college of engineering" based on "college"(sub string) in that dataframe.

1 As I known, CTE is more used for Query readability, not for performance. Without talking about indexing, should we just use the temp table in all cases instead of CTE because there is no performance

I am working on a multi-users Wordpress site and i am finding a way to allow each user to create their own taxonomy system to let them rearrange the posts and what appear to them in their own "style".

Output [{ "customer_name": "ABI2", "location_name": "Cherai2", "employee_name": "ASU2", "Sales_Plan_Details": "[

I have a requirement to integrate sharepoint to servicenow. I wanted to register servicenow url in sharepoint app only from the blog here: https://medium.com/@anoopt/accessing-sharepoint-data-using-

Am using In App Purchase in my app. It is working fine but client posted a requirement that, while purchasing it prompts a popup to enter a password of the account. But client says that it must not be

I am trying to migrate from JDK 1.8 to Open JDK 11 and when i try to make webservice calls, i am getting below error - org.w3c.dom.DOMException: WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR: A node is used in a different

I'm trying to build a dynamic Angular Reactive Form with an array. What I want, is to display a table with the static data (not editable) and have an edit / delete icon on each row. When the user

I am using .net code for save excel file, its working well for one user, but when we use multiple users, how we can handle appedning of excel data <ej-spreadsheet id="spreadsheet" (loadComplete)="