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I am facing an issue in this since a long. Problem: I need to get value as per the index of following array in my tableView. indexArray = [3, 6, 4, 5, 8, 30, 31, 7, 18, 29, 1] paramNameArray = ["

是否可以在Python DOX中垂直和水平对齐段落?

I know you can align a paragraph horizontally with WD_ALIGN_PARAGRAPH, I just wanted to know if it is possible to do something like in Word: "Layout > Align > Align Middle" to vertically center text

使用LDAP3 Python在ActiveDirectory中获得用户状态(禁用或活动)

I am getting a list of all users in Active Directory and I need to check their status — if the user is active or disabled. I expect that userAccountControl should return user status, but I get only


I've protected ASP NET Core WEB API 2.1 through IS4 (implicit flow). And now I need to document my API. I've decided to use swashbuckle and configured security here. Thus, I have swashbuckle UI that


In my mapper xml file, I defined an update tag using foreach, xml syntax is: <foreach collection="list" item="item" index="index" open="" close="" separator=";"> UPDATE


I am trying to create a dataframe out of json data using pyspark module ,but not able to do,tried doing it with sqlContext.read.json but not getting proper result. sample json data: { "userId":"


I am currently working on a web scheduler using APScheduler. One of the feature I would like to have is to create groups of tasks to be able to configure all of them at the same time on my UI. To do

I was trying to install macbuntu in my pc. So I entered the following command: "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:docky-core/stable && apt-get update" ,then purged,installed then again purged docky.

我的Python脚本(用Haarcascades和OpenCV从一张脸上剪下嘴巴)在Ubuntu 16.04 LTS终端运行时引发以下错误

This here is the code: import cv2 import numpy as np mouth_cascade = cv2.CascadeClassifier('./haarcascade_mcs_mouth.xml') face_cascade = cv2.CascadeClassifier('./haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml')

TypeScript v2.7.2 I have the following code snippet: import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core'; import { Ingredient } from "../shared/ingredient.model"; @Component({ selector: 'app-


In xaringan how to create table having some cells being formatted as code. In markdown I would declare such table in a following way: header1 | header2 | header3 --------------------------- `fun1` |


Is there any method to pause a running game and resume back (using a button) in Phaser-3 framework?The one given for Phaser-2 is not working

静音自动播放不工作在iPhone Safari 11.3上

I set all the required attributes in video tag but nothing works for me. If I play video with no sound, it works on all the browsers except iphone safari. Low Power Mode is also disabled on the


I used this guide(https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=288534) to setting up a permanent mount to my synology box. The synology box uses the domain for credentials I edited /etc/ftab //


I'm trying to integrate Thumbelina slider to Cloudzoom plugin, the image is zooming but the next and previous buttons are not working. I don't really know what seems to be the error, when I run


When I pass JSON data from AngularJS to MVC; I am getting below error. Http request configuration url must be a string or a $sce trusted object. Received: {"method":"POST","url":"Home/


I have Windows shared folder mounted on Ubuntu Server with cifs in /etc/fstab. // /mnt/share/ cifs credentials=/home/srv/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,gid=1000,uid=1000,file_mode=

Apache POI(3.15版)中的SUMPRODE函数,如果IF条件不工作

I'm using below formula to calculate sumproduct with if condition using Apache poi 3.15 version, but its not evaluating with if condition (--(A1:A6="A")). The same formula is working in excel and if i


My input looks like: 22/05/2016TAKEMEAWAY nsorte dat TAKEMEAWAYd0 "https://bears.com" 22/05/2016TAKEMEAWAY nsorte dat TAKEMEAWAYd241 "https://bears.com" 22/05/2017TAKEMEAWAY nsorte her the


Hi I'm really stumped on this one, then again it's one of my first html helpers (that I haven't pinched). Basically I have an object and a few options which I then want to display a a tag with a few


I am playing with openCV and doing simple below task. 1) Read Image 2) thresholding 3) Finding contours. 4) Drawing all contours in the blank image. 5) Drawing individual contour. Drawing all


Can't understand I always get the "invalid property value" error in browser on grid-template-areas. If I try to get rid of it, the grid display works well. The template I want to use seems quite


I created a library in order to share some components between two different projects, using ng-packagr module. The structure of the lib is In my library The src/package.json : { "name": "my-ng-


I have a beforeEach function that creates a booking so that my test can approve it. It works fine but I want to have a test for each different kind of booking, let's say for example a booking from US


I'm getting the data from API using requests library doing like this: import requests url = "Some String" headers = { 'Authorization':"Some Token"} response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=


My goal is to create Auto rotate textView.Here is my xml code <RelativeLayout android:layout_width="wrap_content" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:


Can any body tell me what is meta data in angular and where is the meta data as i given in below code. Please clarify the @Component({ selector: 'app-hero-list', templateUrl: './hero-

SQL Server:死锁问题

Deadlock Issue in Production environment. Not able to simulate in DEV.Below the log from PROD. Any suggestion to aviod the deadlock will be helpful.Thanks in advance. Unknown,Error: 50000<c/>


How do you pick a random user from a server that a bot is in? For example, GiveawayBot randomly picks a user in a giveaway. How can I implement that but without having to click on a reaction for the


I have a huge lyrics table on MySQL database and I want to find lyrics written without any line breaks. (Data does not include any HTML code like <br>) How can I do achieve this?


I have developed the app using ionic 3 and now while generating android apk file it 's size getting way too big. before the API integration The File Size Was 4.8MB once I Started API Interation I


I've read a lot of on this, and haven't found an easy way to do. I'm using Spring JdbcTemplate, have two datasources and templates, and would like to commit changes to them as follows in pseudo code:


Primary Index in DB2 Vs Clustered index in SQL. While migrating db2 to SQL i came to know that primary key in db2 is creating primary index not clustered index. I found primary index is different

从Hason关系LaaVele 5.6获得2条记录

this is my model where i set my relation public function user() { return $this->hasOne('App\Client','id','client_id'); } and here the controller i have two relations here my invoice product


I basically want to put an int inside of a string, when I do so I get the following error: QuestionModel (String, java.lang.String) in QuestionModel cannot be applied to (String, int) Random rand =


I have a left panel that expands from and a panel on the right of my page. What I want is to have the right panel fill whatever is left of the page after the left box has expanded/collapsed. I know I


Have a production with rails, ubuntu 14, nginx Cause Security Metrics advice me, I did a nginx upgrade in production server. Followed the steps like they say in this post : update-nginx-in-ubuntu-14-


Try to check if GPS is enabled on SDK 25. Do this: LocationManager manager = (LocationManager) view.getContext().getSystemService(Context.LOCATION_SERVICE); boolean isGpsEnabled = manager.


I have obtained a string from an API in form of 2017-04-23T19:47:39+00:00 How do i convert it into date of format "2017-04-23T19:47:39-0000"? I tried the following but it gave ParseException String

在单元格中使用递归CONTAT方法的Type Script泛型级联

I have implemented a Result monad which almost works :) class Result<T> { private readonly value: T; private readonly error: Error; constructor(value?: T, error?: Error) { if (value)


I want to apply magnifying glass and lightbox both on an image so when a user hover on an image the glass effect will appear and when he clicks the lightbox will appear. But in my case the lightbox

显示按钮如果滚动200 PX,当向下滚动50px时删除

i have a problem in understanding the "scroll" eventhandler and need to implement a button that has following properties: exists only, if page is longer than 4000px appears if current position is

SLIM API问题在更新例程PHP文件之后没有响应

I am very new to Slim framework and getting very strange issue. I have to restart my apache after updating routes.php for seeing the effects of my changes because it stop responding but works


[I couldn't able to connect to MySQL database and this error is showing which is in the image. Some please help why this error is coming and how to solve this error. I checked everything network


I have a DNN portal (dnn 7x) and i need to be able to call an aspx page from the portal directly from an outside source i.e http://www.example.com/mypage.aspx I have created the page and put it at


I'm using spring-restdocs to generate docs. I'm wondering if any property to fail the asciidoctor task while getting similar warnings when building the doc. Snippet http-response not found at ../../.


I am currently working as devops . What I am looking for is How to pass as an argument the remote server address when running the Jar from the command line. For example: Below mentioned example is


NET Framework 4.6 I got a weird and difficult bug inside my code. When i upload a ZIP file; 150MB (slow internet, takes 15 minuten to upload) sometimes the task doesn't 100% complete. It will never


I have created a spinner and it takes it's values from some database. The spinner also has a setOnItemSelectedListener which executes a method. Whenever I click on an item on the spinner i doesn't


import pandas as pd index = pd.to_datetime(['2016-05-01', '2016-11-01', '2017-05-02']) data = pd.DataFrame({'a': [1, 2, 3], 'b': [4, 5, 6]}, index=index) ax = data.plot() print(