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I am building my own accessibility service for android and I'm using the explore by touch feature. Is it, by any means, possible to use this feature only for the hovering and double click to open part?

I'm new in writing webpack plugin. I want to add a new feature in an existing webpack plugin repo. The feature is to resolve sub packages structure in a .json file, then the dependencies below the

Please read the question properly before downvoting I came across a method whilst trying to learn asyncio and aiohttp. for example def test(session: aiohttp.ClientSession): # do something I've

I can't change the function name color in VS2017 when i write code in javascript. For example: function someName(_param){ alert(); } Cant't change the "alert()" and "someName()" color. Not even

I am building an application for IOS using the IONIC framework. It was working fine, that is, until I added this plugin cordova-plugin-firebase-analyticsHowever. Now, I keep getting the following

I'm currently trying to delete documents that got created in a certain path of my firestore project 10 mins after creation. I'd like to do this with Typescript and I currently got this code working:

http://www.mediafire.com/file/yvo819biv4hf51n/app.zip/file This is my project. I'm having trouble with CoreData if anyone is good at using CoreData please help me finish my project! I also have an

I am getting above error while setting the data in state in reactjs, Scenario: passing data from child component to parent component, in child component I am calling parent function and changing the

Book.java package pl.spring.guru.spring5webapp.model; import javax.persistence.*; import java.util.HashSet; import java.util.Objects; import java.util.Set; @Entity public class Book { @Id @

I have a situation where I need to run a bunch of operations in parallel. All operations have the same return value (say a Seq[String]). Its possible that some of the operations may fail, and others

I am developing Hyperledger composer application.I used a query to obtain historian for a particular stakeholder.That means when I enter specific stakeholder as a input and it gives all the

Helo guys I'm Anil. I'm from India. I want to make indian map app to impress my girlfriend Jyoti 😍. Please teach me how to programmar.

Now I'm engaged in the translation of video through ffmpeg tell me how to connect the library ndi in ffmpeg? now ffmpeg answers me "ndilib_initialize failrd". this is the answer to the command:

Can anyone help me solve this error. I'm trying to store pdf in database and i got this exception. Type Exception Report Message Servlet execution threw an exception Description The server

I have a large signed network. The signed network is a weighted graph whose edges can be +1 or _1. I need to partition this graph so that most positive edges are placed inside the clusters and the

I'm using PHPJasperXML to generate and display reports First I design the report using jaspersoft Studio Secondly I use the generated jrxml file from jasper in php to display the report. When I

All the tutorial I have seen to dual boot ubuntu alongside windows 10 they have only drive(C) recovery drive(D) and and but I already have seperated drives in form of C and F and one recovery drive(

how can i tell which method is better to use for my situation or faster?. for example:- public boolean isSquareNumber(){ double nd = Math.sqrt(num); // num is a class member variable.

based on the capture of the results of the asterisk status, what is my mistake when configuring it from the exit status. thanks you enter image description here

Could you please help me to get download link for product in woocommerce, I can get the link by below code, but its provide simple download link output while i am looking to get woocommerce generated

I am trying to access kubernetes by using the command 'kubectl get pods' on the google cloud platform console and it is throwing the following error, Unable to connect to the server: dial tcp 35.224.

I am trying to realize my idea in matlab. I consider two column A and B. A=data(:,1) B=data(:,5) the data look like: A B 1 1 2 1 3 1 100 20

I am facing below error while creating a new model class. the error pop up only at this line "user = models.OneToOneField(User)" "E1120:No value for argument 'on_delete' in constructor call" section/

If I ssh into host3.example.com, where host2.example.com also resolves to, is there any way for the remote machine to tell which hostname was used for the connection? i.e.

Please help me with this. Here is the code Xpressions Total ={{response.total}} clear </div>

My project is built on Yii2 and uses google/apiclient for the purposes of login to the web interface. There's also an android app which connects to the API and uses bearer authentication against

I'm using Flex/Bison to parse command line input to a program and I've written the following wrapper function in my scanner file: void parse(char const *str) { YY_BUFFER_STATE buffer =

I'm trying to distribute a data stream under clients of a multithreaded server instance, the client threads do only need to read. That means I have a thread from which the data comes and all other

I have able to see my login page but when logged in with proper username/password it shows below error message. [2018-09-22 09:04:12] production.ERROR: PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access

Everyone knows to connect webcam in opencv we can connect as cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0) But can we connect Sony Handycam in the same way or we need to do something else i am new in cv2 searched a lot

I have some code which produces a dataframe output, of columns date, and x (a given value). df= index date colx 2018-08-09 NaN NaN 2018-08-10

I'm using SFML for C#. I want to create a BackgroundImage Sprite and then start drawing it with an Agent, represented as a Circle, on top of it like that: static void Main(string[] args) {

I have registry mirror enabled to talk to private docker hub through Artifactory. I can able to download images from root with and without providing registry mirror in docker pull command. I am unable

I have configured Google Analytics on my Website. I want to fetch customer information like session duration by hitting the Google Reporting API but only way I can find to do that is to poll this API

I'm trying to explore Ethereum and creating a app which let user sign message and validate the message. I'm using web3swift framework for this and what I have tried so far is as follows - let

I've tried to adapt a python ogr script which displaces points too near to each other (originally from http://wiki.gis-lab.info/w/Displacement_of_points_with_same_coordinates,_ShiftPoints/OGR for

I have a sidebar wrapped by div toolbox and outer parent bodyI have tried using the https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mousewheel plugin and using the following js that can prevent outer parent

In bootstrap tutorials i come across both of the following is being added in the example <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/icon?family=Material+Icons"> <link rel="

To create a class like string that we have to assign a value with "=" operator. eg: public final MyStringClass { // do something } MyStringClass str1 = "abc";

I want to select few columns from DF. and in between the columns i need to add some space as end user want fixed width file but not sure about the few columns in future, so some fixedwdith space needs

there problem was described in the title. Database was created with latin1 encoding. To emulate the problem I create example: import java.nio.charset.Charset; import java.sql.*; public class App {

I have large array with random number stored in it. I want to create a function which returns the sum of numbers from given starting and end position in O(1) time. Is there another method of storing

The following equations are in different number system other than base 10 find value is x in decimal (base 10). 50-41=6 and 55-36=X

Hey guys I'm having some trouble with the schedule module. Let's say I tag certain schedules schedule.every().day.at('16:00').do(print, 'x').tag('work') and then I have another function def clear1(

I created a stored procedure that will have two queries, those two queries will update records in two tables. So I will mention what it shows My procedure is like below ALTER PROC

I have the following simple project structure: test (task: test) comp1 (task: test, depends on suite1:runtest) suite1 (task: runtest) settings.gradle of the test project: rootProject.

I want to open the browser index.html for the application that runs under nginx and then open the application for anguar-cli (angular 6). Wherever I read it everywhere it says create the angular

Link to schema I am trying to find event_dim records according to new schema.Could not find it.

Migration afterMigrate.sql failed Message : The procedure 'sp_addsubscription' cannot be executed within a transaction. Trying to perform steps relating to replication in my afterMigrate

In my script, have a possible version number: 15.03.2 set to variable $STRING. These numbers always change. I want to strip it down to: 15.03 (or whatever it will be next time). How do I remove