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I have a control in a page that's pushed on the navigation stack. After the page is popped, the element's renderer's OnElementChanged is fired. Why is it doing this whilst the element is being


I have a form in Angular 2 with fields that are dynamically added by the user. The Added object looks like this: [ { "equipment_type_id": 1, "action": "added", "quantity": 3}] The equipment type can


Does gmatch iterator finds all occurences immediately after it was called or does it try to find new occurence each iteration? for elem in string.gmatch(s, pattern) do end It's important


In the continual quest for knowledge and the enlightenment of others, I note that the below rdd3 statement works without collect but it does not with collect. I am wondering why as if you may get


<html> <title></title> <head></head> <body> <script> class shoe { constructer(name,size,price){ this._name=name; this._price=price;


I have a grid, that has been design with fixed width and height. See image below. This grid, must work on all screen sizes, while keeping the items in the grid in the same positions. My code

SQL Server和/或访问控制台应用程序中的动态连接字符串

I am trying to work out if it possible to create a dynamic connection string from app.config for use in a console application. The connection string created by the Settings is along these lines:- &


I have an issue with using PDFSharp and Migradoc with Xamarin.ios. The reason this is, is because System.Drawing isnt available in xamarin.Ios so not actually sure how I can edit the sample code from


i know this question will be easy for a lot of people, but for me is not, especially i'm not front-end developer and i have a project for my university that depends fully on back-end and have a simple

驱动程序/ DUT/监视器之间的系统同步

I have a project which is a Verification of Synchronous FIFO, I have built the driver, and it was successful. Afterwards, I built the Monitor and Scoreboard. The problems arise when running the


Foreword A guy made a website that is used by many people. The site has a private messaging function and no audio alert when a new message comes in, by design (the guy thinks a similar function can

当重新启动容器时,DOCKER WebApp会被卡住

I've installed docker on Arch Linux. Trying to run docker images of web apps, however I can run them only for the very first time. If I stopped the container and run it again, the browser keeps on


I am trying to use ajax on add to cart form. but it seems that html form not sending any ajax request. When I click on the Add to cart button. it show a black page, because i use that ajax check


I am trying to make a basic multithreaded server-based chat room. For some reason I have repeated issues with the defining the ObjectInputStream in the client class with the setupStreams() method.


Is there any way to rearrange YouTube playlist videos order? I've downloaded a 83 videos youtube playlist (via YouTube app) And name of every video starts with number (001,002,,083) But the


Whenever I build my app that I am making, I get the same error every time "None of the input catalogs contained a matching stickers icon set or app icon set named "AppIcon". In info.plist it is


enter image description here this is my code. I am getting the variable db output as undefined.


I need help with creating xml file with all places for one location? Im creating a site like yellow page for my city, listing hotels, airports and more Thanks Uzzy

Java.q.L.SqExExc:没有合适的驱动程序找到,COM.MySQL L.jj.Cdvor或COM.MySQL .jdc.Debug

I have a running mysql database with an established user. I have a tomcat webapp trying to connect to the the data base in the following way: Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:

Python -创建具有变量的DIAMIC数组[复制]

I have this array in bash and I'm can not be able to make it in Python. Example in bash: VAR1 = 1 VAR2 = 2 VAR3 = 3 VAR4 = 4 ALLVARS=($VAR{1..4}) for a in ${ALLVARS[@]} do print $a done 1 2 3 4


I have a query string (stored in $QUERY_DISCREPANCIES) such as: SELECT (field_a * 100) / 2 FROM I am attempting to add the executed query into an email that I send out. The email template

CoreUI supports a navbar as documented here: https://coreui.io/docs/components/navbar/ Starter template: https://coreui.io/docs/getting-started/introduction/#starter-template Demo: https://coreui.io/


I am creating a program for an assignment that takes a directory name and uses nftw to check if a cycle exits. It goes through the tree and if it finds a directory that we have already visited, it

CasDANRA崩溃与错误java. io.utfDATaFalm异常:字节0周围的畸形输入

Cassandra Version 3.7, Java 1.8.0_111 One of my cassandra nodes crashed with below mentioned error. I don't find much help on this error, Can someone please help. Error: INFO [main] 2018-06-21 07:


how to I change Font size of a material button is there a better way to do this? new MaterialButton( height: 140.0, minWidth: double.infinity,


I am trying to make image as button , due to the style settings my button is not getting clicked. I have added this coded into scrollView. if I make it relative the position of button will be on at


In the code below after the CancelAll and Stop, the request that added afterwards in the queue, will be immediately execute after the start command. How can i remove the last request/requests that


with respect to this question, i am trying to adjust the suggested script to changed needs but am failing. Here is the context: The script below parses through a set of files with names like


I am trying to create a layout where the main view scales its width automatically up to 450 on the iPad at which point it stops and just remains centred horizontally. The view should also shrink down


I read quite a few articles and post saying that HTML image sprites are faster than separate images since the browser has to download only one file. However, when I run a page speed test and analyze

FLutter Dart构造函数

In the flutter Examples page, there is a project entitled "Sending Data to a new screen". I have question reguarding the constructor on line 65. Sending Data to a new screen // In the


How i can get full screenshot desktop like php function imagegrabscreen on javascript or other languages programming. <?php $im = imagegrabscreen(); imagepng($im, "myscreenshot.png"); imagedestroy(


Reading the php doc about anonymous function here: http://php.net/manual/ro/functions.anonymous.php and about closure: https://www.culttt.com/2013/03/25/what-are-php-lambdas-and-closures/ and other


I have a small API build by Angulars Framework Express. For most of my router I use an auth middleware. But for login or signup the middleware couldn´t work. From my point of knowledge I can do that


I'm making a simple app with Facebook login. It works perfectly fine in localhost. However, after deploying to Heroku, the Login button just refreshes the page and the browser stays on https://voting-


I am trying to push data to a history array that will be updated inside a dom-repeat template. Template <paper-button on-tap="_addToHistory">Add to History</paper-button> <template


Let's say I have data structured as follows: house: { id: Int, address: String, neighborhood (Nullable): { id: Int (Nonnull), name: String, } } and I am constructing


I'm trying to validate a sign-up form through PHP, with prepared statements and bind parameters, like this: $email = $_POST['email']; $password = $_POST['password']; $selectStatement = "SELECT id


I ran into a situation which requires me to popup a window for user to make a choice, after it's closed, based on the user input and make another http request. I don't know how to do a await after the


I need to clean, sort and organize the attached data. What I have been trying to do is to pack the data in groups of seven, organized as list = [['42051336600000', 'Clayton Williams Energy Inc.', '


func processSampleData(_ data: Data) -> Void { audioData.append(data) // We recommend sending samples in 100ms chunks let chunkSize : Int /* bytes/chunk */ = Int(0.1 /* seconds/chunk */ *


I have created android app using ViewPager into GridView for images like gallery or small book which have 20 images. GridView and ViewPager working successfully and i am able to launch the

Kali Linux装订

On Kali Linux, in the terminal, i could move the cursor with the arrows, and highlight text with shift + arrows, to highlight. I edited the keybindings of the terminal, and now i can use control + c


I have 2 enums enum class Enum1{ X1, X2, X3, X4; companion object { val default = X2 } } enum class Enum2{ Y1, Y2, Y3; companion object { val default = Y3 } }


Using your concepts about object oriented. (Create a aplication in JAVA presenting this menu:) Create account (simple) create savings account Criar bonus account Deposit Withdraw check account


I am trying to send a message from app to myself on facebook messenger and I get the error from: facebook send api getting : {"error":{"message":"(#100) No matching user found","type":"OAuthException",


Newbie here - I need to get a table output that has one column with say, all the fruit names and another with say small fruits. There's no primary key in the table. I was trying something like this

For plotting graphs in R, I usually use basic plot plot(), barplot(), boxplot() functions from the package graphics. But ggplot is used more often I think. When/Why is it better to use ggplot


Every time i make a request i create a new Volley Request Queue: public void initializeQueue(Context context){ File cacheDir = new File(context.getCacheDir(), "Volley"); this.queue = new

使用AMQP/MRTT、消息代理和节点Red在Live Web页面上呈现数据

So basically I need to create a project where some sensors send out data through either MRTT or AMQP to some message broker, through Node-RED it needs to be written to a DB. Then i need to use the