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I am trying to disable TF/IDF using constant_score for a multi_match query. GET cities/_search { "query": { "bool": { "must": [ { "constant_score": { "query":


Im using AngularJS for a simple web. Im traing to cofigurate a form validation, but im having problem storing de values of the inputs in the model. the code is this <div class="login-form">

I'm trying to read the route data of an HKWorkout, but I can't because I get an error in my editor saying 'Argument passed to call that takes no arguments' when I try to instantiate an

Python PIP被搞乱了

I'm trying to run a flask app, in my ubuntu terminal, and it gave me this error: Error: The file/path provided (routes) does not appear to exist. Please verify the path is correct. If app is not on


When I do the following code in my configuration bean for the templateEngine, only one is added (first one) see 15 Chaining Template Resolvers: https://www.thymeleaf.org/doc/tutorials/3.0/

VBA Web报废:从应用程序中选择文件上载.GETOpenFLAMEN名称提示符

I don't know if it is possible but, the objetive would be to choose automatically the file to upload setting the path and clicking on the open buttom from the window prompt. After I click the search


So, when scaling component to less than 0.35 ( canvas.scale(.35) ), my scaled component has very wrong colors (it should be black text and gray component borders)! There's nothing I've found online. I'


i want to parse driver's log of my Spark streaming application (started in cluster mode) at runtime. Is possibile to force driver to log on the edge node which i used to submit the application?


The following code summarizes numeric data using two different approaches. The first approach uses the Dataframe().describe() and passes some specific extra percentiles. The second approach


The following code should print multiple lines of 1 2 3 mixed with lines of 0 However, what it actually prints is multiple lines of 1 1 1 1 3 mixed with lines of 0 Code: boxes = [] for y in


I've hit a snag after a few hours -- wondered if a fresh minded developer can just review the below, the code is simplied to show the problem. I am filtering a property value on an array of objects,


I am attempting to break a circle into 3 sections given an angle, this angle determines where the sections will be, for more details on what the sections are search online for aircraft holding


I create customer edit page. I can edit everything on input text. But I only cant upload any photo to directory and database. How can I do for this? I try more things. This code's upload photo works


I'm writing a program to create a list of books, and I have written a few methods for that purpose. I want to display a list of options for which method to call, then once they choose an option, keep


I have an Android app, and a .NET Core 2.0 Web API. I would like to upload a picture, together with some data pertaining to the picture (UserID, PIN, etc). Quick googling points me to Microsoft docs


I have a column in MySQL where date is a string (d/m/Y). when I try to get this table ordered by date I get an internal server error and nothing happens: $pdo->prepare('SELECT IdOrder,Name,Lname,


I am going to make a simple HTML page with a text area and a button. When a user clicks on the button, paste texts from the clipboard. Is it possible? <html lang="en"> <head> <meta


Hi I'm trying to learn JavaScript from this calendar example code by the author xMark. But his example uses Sunday as the first day of the week. I want it to show Monday as the first day of the week.


For example, for accessing data, I have tried using Repository and Query Builder, I know that's different code but same results, right? As far as I know, DQL means a different way to write SQL. But


I'm upgrading to bootstrap 4 and have some issues. I have a navbar, that looks like this: As you can see, the right navbar-collapse element takes more space then it needs: How can I set the element

In the document of PostgreSQL The ORDER BY clause specifies the sort order: SELECT select_list FROM table_expression ORDER BY sort_expression1 [ASC | DESC] [NULLS { FIRST | LAST }]


I have an application made in Java that connects to an MS Access database. I need to connect an application developed in android studio to the same Access database using UcanAccess. How can I make

ViewControllers using PageViewController之间传递数据

I'm trying to pass the data from the source ViewController to the destination ViewController, in my case the Navigation is using the PageViewController, there is no segue, both ViewControllers are


I am new to WordPress and trying woocommerce to create an affiliate store. Generally, when we click on a product in woocommerce it leads to the product page. I want it to go to custom URL that is the


I maintain a Web page that has buttons which are supposed to remain fixed relative to the window when you scroll around and/or jump to links within the page (one of the buttons takes you to a random


I have link in index.html: <a href="script.php?file.html">file</a> Script.php: <?php $html = file_get_contents($_GET['file']); something add echo $html; ?> If script

码头工人Juyter 500:内部服务器错误/未知出口商

I am running jupyter/datascience-notebook:5811dcb711ba (the lastest one on 24 June). Notebooks work. It is possible to enter commands and see the results. However, File > Download as > Notebook (.


I have a page with series of oversize images that go over the left, right and even bottom of the screen. One of these images might look like so: I would like: (a) The image to appear centered a top

Python 3中的进度条

I am reading a csv file using pandas in python3.5.2 and then printing the first row. The csv file is very large so it takes some time to read. So in the meantime, I want to show a progress bar. I want


I am using a tabPan of antd react, this is the code rendered: <TabPane tab={<span className="tabBtn"><Icon type="bar-chart" />Par Mois</span>} key="1"> <Bar

XCODE IOS缩小文本放大镜头

2 questions: 1) When I hold my finger over text in my app, the magnifying lens displays zoomed in too much. See the word "arranged" in the image below. How do I zoom out so I can see the entire word


I'm trying to make my code more efficient. I'm not super familiar with maps. I can do simple ones but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this one def mate(self, parent1, parent2): length =


I am trying to get a Creative Live! Motion webcam working on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. fswebcam and motion both give an error, "Unable to find a compatible palette format". ffmpeg, on the other hand, is


i am using a plugin for table reservation,I need a status example 1.Confirmed and 2.On Hold screenshot Here is the code table-reservation.php, it is a plugin and i want to add extra options


I am new to node and ionic and i would like to know how to create routes for a tab index menu. i am using ionic v3.2 and node v8.11. I creating an ionic app with the ionic tab template. I was able to


Using the nebula.release and nebula.nebula-bintray-publishing plugins results in the version being set properly in the file name, but not in the file path. The error message is as below. Could not


Hi I am using the following to group objects and calculate their totals: calcEquipmentTotals(){ var groups = this.inspection.equipments.reduce(function(obj,item){ obj[item.equipment_type_id]


I'm trying to use the libchan library to send messages between machines using a go channel-like transport. From what I've gathered, the rough idea is this: You have a SPDY client that sends a


I'm currently writing the fractal flames algorithm from FLAM3. However the paper does not describe how animations are created. In section 9, Motion Blur: states something like blur can be achieved by


I have two large data frames. I want to compare whether the order of rows are the same between the two data frames. IS there a way of doing this in R?


I have an object which gets two parameters through a json POST request to create a new entry in the database and I get this error: "Type definition error: [simple type, class ffuentese.


As an engineer, it amazes me that leads/managers think that metrics like "95% code coverage" mean much at all. If your unit test have 95% code coverage, all that means is that your tests traverse 95%


I am having trouble generating an HTML table from a json file using jQuery. The table has columns for Surgery_Date, Name, Insurance, Total, and CPT Payments. I want the last column to list the CPT


Can someone help me making a module for whmcs that injects on a specific database the email, username and password that a person put when are ordering a product. And I want to when that is suspended


I'm using the HITS algorithm for Social Network Analysis. The use of this algorithm produces two different measures: hub-score and authority-score. A list is produced containing two dictionaries based


I'm developing a project based on Microsoft's EF Core with Razor Pages Contoso University tutorial, and I'm trying to add an additional search parameter - it would be similar to searching from the


I want to show some info about the last 2 registrations in a conference in a table like below. This tables shows, for example, that the last registration was did by John and is a registration with 2


Using swift 4.2 with xcode10 beta I'm trying to create a swift class that stores as a field, a closure that will point to a member function of the class. The idea is a variation to the Strategy


On this website, I have a navbar at the top. Now, using jQuery, I make the navbar smaller by adding a CSS-class called .shrink when scrollTop is more than 100px. The functionality itself works fine.


I need this to sort this number '21705254' but for some reason the program never stops running when I execute the tests my teacher created, the test simply gives the program that number and it needs