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I have following data and need to be displayed with multiple line chart in Crystal report 2013 +------------+--------+----------+--------+ | Date | Opened | Finished | Closed | +------------+---

I am developing a bot using sdk v4 for node js and i want to end the current conversation and start new convesation when user click on a button. I tried await this.conversationState.clear(turnContext)

Basic Bank App print('------------------------------------------------') print("Welcome to Anthony's Bank App! ") print('------------------------------------------------') Names=[] Accounts=[]

I have an app that is using 'timezone' =>'UTC' in the database settings. This is working for all the created_at fields, however the updated_at fields are still in the wrong timezone How do I

I created one hashmap array.I used foreach loop to print output.Here it prints dog@ant dogant antdog <?php $rule = [ "c" => "d", "a" => "o", "t" => "g", "h" => "a", "1" => "@", "e"

I am working on the report page that I want to use StimulsoftReport as a reporting software. In the backend code, all things are correct but in last line (reportView.Report = report;) when I assign

how to get multiple input in single variable from user in python 3? lines = [] for i in range(n): line = input("Enter keyword:") if line: lines.append(line) else: break


I have this issue where this piece of code never builds the model ModelRenderable.builder() .setSource(this, Uri.parse("ArcticFox_Posed.sfb")) .build() .thenAccept(

I am plotting correlation of data in python using matplotlib. The highly correlated data should be colored dark red but it is colored as yellow in my case. How to solve it? My correlation data is

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Geolocation</title> <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no"> <meta charset="

__defineGetter__(0x1000, () => 1) what does mean? first argument of defineGetter a property, the second argument a function. 0x1000 can be property? or any other meaning?

We have a site that is built on ASP.NET using jquery, ckeditor and a bunch of javascript. We have an odd issue that is causing the page to scroll to the bottom but only when a user is logged in via

I am trying get text of a dynamically created ID of a html tag. I there any way I get it. Code is: <p class="old-price"> <span class="price-label">Regular Price:</span> <

as we know from sympy import * x = sin(pi/4) y = sin(pi/5) A = Matrix([x, y]) print(x) print(A.evalf()) displays sqrt(2)/2 Matrix([[0.707106781186548], [0.587785252292473]]) so print(round(x.

I'm using the code import matplotlib.pyplot as plt plt.figure(1) plt.axis(xmin=0, xmax=60, ymin=0, ymax=0.25) plt.arrow(30, 0.01, 10, 0.1, head_width=0.05, head_length=1, length_includes_head=True)

I need to integrate mainhost api in my application , I refered below link http://web-api.mh1.meinhotspot.com/documentation/index.md, Where I get the real api to get real datas ? Anyhelp appreciated

I am trying to read data from kafka consumer using spark2-shell. Please find my code below. I start my spark2-shell in below way: spark2-shell --conf "spark.driver.extraJavaOptions=-Djava.security.

What i'm trying to do is when the file is successfully downloaded it should be automatically opened from the file path but now here the problem is that i need to fire the path from my recycler view

I am currently running a program that uses CPLEX concert technology in release mode using Visual Studio (ctrl + F5), and then I've run the executable via the command line as well. I am getting

I have the \x02\n as a line terminator in a csv file I'm trying to parse. However, I cannot use two characters in pandas, it only allows one, for example: >>> data = pd.read_csv(file, sep="\

I'm using WebServicesClientProtocol to communicate with web service written on java. I've added RequireMTOM. [System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapDocumentMethodAttribute("urn:GetRequest",

Say I have something like this: std::unordered_map<std::string, std::string> *map; as a field. I want to write a function like this: void myFunc(std::string& s, std::string& s2){

I'm designing an Access database that contains many variable parameters, which are been used later in equations. For example, the parameter table contains: fuel cost, working Hours per day(8 or 10),

I am using google maps sdk for android in my application. I have enabled the api from developers.console but the map doesn't show says authorization failed. I have tried all the ways. The key works in

Below see attached image for reference , some sessions are running for 429219 hrs for user SYS and sql id null , and some with sql ids.

These are the coordinates. Legend:(x,y,colour) 1) (7,0,#9BAEBA), (9,11,#998F7A), (0,4,#514E53), (10,13, #6B7258). These are the pixels that form the 2nd photo, 16x16 pixel size. 2) (2,12,#454A5B),(

I'm trying to use a interface approach with my SpringMvc REST app. Here is an example: Interface public interface Vehicle { String getModelNumber(); // other getters } Model public

I was finding ways to get data from first level of nested paragraph into second level of paragraph and noticed that element['#object'].field_name.value can be used to fetch the field element from the

I just upgraded to Angular-cli 7.1.3, angular/fire 5.1.1 and firebase 5.7.0 I am getting this error: ERROR in ../node_modules/@firebase/database/dist/esm/src/api/Database.d.ts(4,33): error TS2307:

Am trying to create dynamic tabs with close button. So if a active-tab is closed, the previously-active-tab becomes active. Below is my code., closeCurrentTab = (toBeClosedTab) => { let

I am trying to train custom translator for English-Spanish language pair. I am able to do that from Azure portal but I want to integrate training in my Python code in which I can provide training,

I know the concatenation can merge the feature maps and fuse the information. Why dose FPN use addition to do it? I cannot understand. Can anyone tell me? Thanks.

I like to search in a part of my document and state the last heading. My document has following structure: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 2.1 sub chapter 1 Table with data 2.2 sub chapter 2 Table with

I try to use SitemapSpider to parse sitemap. Please see the following code, How can I get additional information in the parse function from the sitemap. For example, the sitemap already contain news:

Looking for some help fitting a binomial model with a fixed intercept. I've seen this question covered successfully with linear models by subtracting the explicit intercept from the regression and and

I have an app with a "Snapchat-style Camera" (i.e. you take a picture and then overlay text and emojis). I am currently reducing the resolution to 1080 x 2040 and then converting to jpegRepresentation

I'm trying to post a json to the server. but the json got something wrong. The JSON is including "id" and "record_id", But I didn't set the 2 value. How can I remove it from my json?? final Record

I Wants to create DLL for DOS, using Visual C++ on Visual Studio 2015  and I need pthread for them. so Please suggest to me How Can I do..??

Hello i am facing the problem in Facebook page for instant article in which Facebook is saying "You've Lost Access to Monetization" and it also says "Your site doesn't follow Instant Articles policies.

what is the critical bug in etl testing and How did you find it.Please explain me,I feel it is very Important question in every interview.

I'm fairly new in coding, and I'm currently stuck on a project. I'm trying to make an "Emergence" simulation using Java, where in this project, dots of two different colors on a grid will change

A tag (instead of buttons) is in one component (i.e. pages/comp/HTML) the respective function (click) should be called from another component (i.e shared/comp/ts)

In order to collect user's keystroke features on our App, I have to collect the touchevent(or just the click timestamp) on the input method view(soft keyboard). 1)As far as I know, the window of the

Trying to add uBlock to a browser session but it's not working. import selenium from selenium.webdriver.firefox.firefox_binary import FirefoxBinary from selenium.webdriver.firefox.options import

Good day to you guys, I'm making a binary tree using php and mysql as my database. When fetching data from my database what I want is to put them inside ul and li's properly, indented properly.. as

Can I get file type by content. I have a file with .txt extension but actual content in java of that file (it means it should have .java extension), So how can get correct extension of file by reading

I have the same problem as How can I load and use a PyTorch (.pth.tar) model which does not have an accepted answer or one I can figure out how to follow the advice given. I'm new to PyTorch. I am

In a symfony 4 form, I need to use something like a query_builder option that is available on EntityType but from a CollectionType. There is a similar question here with no good answers. In my

I have to use dependency injection in my project. Before using any one of them, I want to gather some information regarding macwire and google guice. I read many articles but didn't get the proper