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Almost all datasets in the UCR archive contain only time series sequences that are segmented and scaled to the same length, which is unrealistic. Are there any time series datasets that are not

I am a beginner in SimpleITK and registration using SimpleElastix. I have a set of patients' MRI with their corresponding label volumes. I did the groupwise registration by following the instruction

I am Trying that but, i am getting error again again Error Show Below [Composer\Downloader\TransportException] The "https://packagist.org/packages.json" file could not be downloaded: failed to

I am trying to add one more aws profile into this code! export TF_DATA_DIR="${TERRAFORM_PATH}/.terraform" export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=eu-west-1 if [ "${TARGET_ENV}" = "dev" ] || [ "${TARGET_ENV}

I forked a project , can I create a my own branch and pull request to the owner.It's like tell the owner "hi,I did something,if you like it,merge to one of your branch or create a new one , if you don'

I have a problem statement which looks something like this: I have an app which deals with calendar events and i want to get all the events from the backend and sync them to the local phone,

I have a question in setting tomcat. I want to show common error page when error occurs. this is my client security needs. But, if I access www.mydomain.com/..%5c, my common error page not works.

I am using Fabric-1.3 and java sdk. Everything goes fine, but a tiny question. For now, I have two peers. I use registerTxEvent to listen to event when transaction is written to peer's ledger. So my

I am using material-ui v3.1.2 with react js v16.5.2. In my page, there are many places where i am using <TextField> with select attribute. So, whenever i click on that TextField and when the

class Theme { public function getNameAttribute() { return 'prefix-' . $this->id; } } $theme = Theme::find(1); dump($theme->name); // "prefix-1" $array = $theme->toArray(

I've created two Angular libraries, one has the other as a dependency. the dependency needs to be configured using the forRoot method. how can i pass the configuration data from the parent library to

I have successfully integrated FCM in my Android app. The issue is when the app is in background notification coming but on clicking it is not opening the app ( Not opening any activity)

I am not good at English, so I hope your understanding. This is my code. import html2text f = html2text.HTML2Text() a=f.handle(" w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

I have a dynamic page www.mysite.com/report and it's generating about 1000 dynamic URLs like this www.mysite.com/report/dynamic_params now what I want to do is add all those URLs in my sitemap.html

i am new to regex and i have a list of some papers' DOIs. some of the DOIs include some extra characters or strings. I want to remove all those extras. Here is the sample data: 10.1038/ncomms3230 10.

I have to configure an AWS IoT Button for my company. The only probleme is that to have access to the Company's WiFi, i have to give the mac adress of the button. Do you have any idea where I can find

I want to get RAM advice. Currently 2 + 2 4 GB RAM is available on my computer. in You With a budget of 80€ one piece can recommend 8 GB DDR3 and Mhz si high RAM. If you think that this budget will

i've been created a loop code like this : <% if (data_project) { %> <% data_project.forEach(function(project){ %> <div class="col-md-4 ">

I'm trying to get the open transactions from a sql server 2014 server, but I don't have the administrator right. I have some queries that failed to return a result (The user does not have permission

I am currently using a contentProvider to work with my SQLite database in Android. At the same time, I am using an online Postgresql database. I was wondering if there is a similar approach that I

I have a server on Debian 8 where docker is installed. The approach is needed in containers. The container is installed postgres 9.6. I want to set up data collection of the pg_stat_statements table

I have a PowerShell script, where I want to make sure certain variables have value before proceeding. So I have the following: $dataRow = $sheet.Cells.Find($country).Row $serverCol = $sheet.Cells.

How to detect that rectangle is going out of circle or crossing it?

I'm writing a web that allow user upload excel file, the convert the content into MYSQL statement. The code: public void convertToSQL(ActionRequest actionRequest,ActionResponse actionResponse)

I will try to explain what the app does first. I hope it will make it easier to understand. There are associations and there are plumbers. An association employs plumbers. A plumber gets into our

A question about ndk compile,Can anybody help me? Please.

I am new to Angular JS that wise I ask a silly questions regarding debugging tools for Angular JS 1.5

I've just started a new Web API 2 project, Which files and folders can I remove if I'm making a RESTful API? I already got rid of the Javascript and Bootstrap stuff that came with the project. Visual

I'm trying to access nested arrays in JavaScript from JSON returned from a weather app. However, I can't seem to access any of the data without the console returning cannot return property of 'x' of

I have a csv file with a initial data for my app. { "id": 1, "topic": "Архитектура", "question": "Как называется буддийское архитектурное культовое сооружение?", "rightanswer": "

I am trying to retrieve user information through api in CS-cart. But it returns only limited information. How can we modify the code to get all the user info for ex- user profiles, address, gst and

My project main folder used to have the file index.html inside, together with other folders such as frameworks, images, etc. Now I moved it to a folder called public (inside the main project folder),

I have created a web service using Restbed, which is running on a Debian server. I can make a connection and send requests to it when it is running on HTTP. However, when I add SSL settings to run the

I am developing an application with Kony Platform. I need to use a Calendar widget wherein I need to restrict selection of future dates. Is it possible? If yes, then how?

I am very much enjoying some better results achieved with UIMotionEffect subclass than listening to CMMotionManager. Using CoreMotion usually gives inaccuracies as also saw many people complain about

I need help fixing a small problem with my php script to work on php72, the code below works on php70 but doesn't work on php71 or 72 :( Error showing on debug: ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments

I am trying to develop the simple web application by using HTML, NodeJS, and Postgres. is it possible to develop the web application without using ExpressJS. Please let me know how to do the basic

This code inserts white space on the last of a group of tspan elements, causing the last line of text to fall out of alignment (on the x-axis). If you add/remove tspan elements from the group, the

I have a collection of documents in Firestore which schema goes as below. Documents: Name : Shirt Price : 200 Name : Pants Price : 20 Name : Coat Price : 30 Suppose I have a dropdown box with a

so basically the code needs to prompt the user for their income and deductible amount, Check that the deductible is not more than $6,300. If so, just use $6,300, subtract the deductible amount from

I am running my code with AssynTask, when I click button I am downloading data with using AssynTask as my bellow code, when I am downloading data if I kill my app while downloading means the data will

This is my code :- for(EstimateInfo* est in estimatenArr) { NSLog(@"%@",est); NSLog(@"%@",[est.estimateToItemLine allObjects]); NSLog(@"%@",[[est.estimateToItemLine

Using Pebble version 3.0.6. I need to check if value 'v' has a specific variable (translated to Java: if Object v has a specific property). Looking for something like {% if v instanceof test.MyClass

I am working with api built by another company. They created insert endpoint expecting POST payload like this: { name: 'a', surname: 'b', relatedBoards: [ { id: '123'

I am trying to create a mongodb cluster based on this resource. The service host name is not available inside the container. I followed the following steps: Creating virtual machines: docker-

I am working on a USB crash related issue on my board which has a USB 2.0 based HCI . The issue is smthng like below ########################################################33 1.691533] irq 36:

There are many plugins for gradle for compile the sass. How I select best one among them. Sass plugins

I create login form with reactjs app and also i create api. For backend i want to create function that only role admin can logged in inside coz for now every user can login to backend. i have function

would anyone suggest any articles/tutorials how to use this. I would like to be able to "read/decode" data that are sent over the cable into the device. I am aware of the fact, that the device must be

Here's a sample dataframe: import pandas as pd df = pd.DataFrame({'ID':[1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3], 'value':[42, 89, 250, 31, 130, 108, 107, 93]}) ID value 0 1 42 1 1 89