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Jmeter,我在STATIC QRCODE中查询JSON调用:“我需要修改FELDL来移动这个

Jmeter I have query for the Json call in the staticQrCode": I need to modified to fields to move this forward there two 1) TID1 : to be changed in every request for Create Merchant(8 digit ). "tid": "


I have the following directory structure in Python v3.6: project | package1 | __init__.py | module1.py | package2 | __init__.py | __module2.py test | test.py In module1


I have a JSON as shown below [ { "name": "Mike", "incentives": "23.45", "id": "1" }, { "name": "Larsen", "incentives": "34.78", "id": "2" }, { "name": "Steve",


I have a header with a border block in it but it doesnt take the full width and it is not responsive if i open my website in a bigger screen the size everything changes how can i change this? This is

当在包管理器控制台中运行VS 2017中的更新数据库时出错

I get this error when i run Update-database command on VS 2017 package manger console . I have Windows server 2016 and install SQL 2016 on that , open all necessary port as 1433 on fire wall, also


I have situation where I should select data from different tables with on query like below it's done using each step row by row. Tables like tab1 and tab2 has relationsbut can someone give a example


I have nested recylerview which contains rows as radiogroup and edittext inside the main recyclerview. I want to get all radiogroups to be checked and also I want edittext values from each row inside


We are exploring the worlds of RESTful web services, and I have used Express.js to create a simple and light-weight RESTful API, it is well documented and easy to setup the project in a short time,


This is my overridan login_required def my_login_required(function=None, redirect_field_name=REDIRECT_FIELD_NAME, login_url=None): """ Decorator for views that checks that the user is logged


i have this array Array ( [thumbnail] => Array ( [width] => 150 [height] => 150 [crop] => 1 ) [medium] => Array (


How should i configure my URL based load test in VSTS such that i can repeat the load test with different parameter values. Can I load the parameters and values from Parameter sets ? If yes, How to do


There are long and false path that works in my website, like domain.com/contact/img/img/img/img/img/img/img/file.php Is it possible to make a htaccess wich detects those random multiple '/img/'


This Is MainActivity Code Star Word Are Cannot Resolve package com.earningdude; import android.support.v7.app.AppCompatActivity; import android.os.Bundle; public class MainActivity extends


I am getting only these 3 options every time while my whole code is working any help will be appreciated let selections = pdfView.currentSelection?.selectionsByLine() guard (selections?.

Python API导入错误

I am using Imatest IT (v5.0.1) and need to use Imatest IT tests with my Python code, however, my Python code also interfaces with MATLAB’s (2017b) Python API and there seems to be a conflict. You can

如何选择PHP MySqLi中列名的最后一行细节?

hello this is what I am trying $ret=mysqli_query($db,"select Last * from commission WHERE admin_phone='$userphone'"); $row=mysqli_fetch_array($ret); I am trying to fetch last details of a


I have the following list L1 $`A` [1] 101 201 $B [1] 90 91 I would like to generate a list (with a general number of elements) that has a row for each element of L1 containing a sequence of one


I have an app that works with CNContactStore so it needs some permission to access the contacts. The permission dialog is displayed automatically when first time launching the app, but problem is that


I'm trying to zip a bunch of json files and download them, but getting the below error. import Zip from 'jszip'; const zip = new jsZip(); zip.file('test.json', { a: 4 }); zip.generateAsync({ type: '


The warning on point 5 of downloads page is a plugin error. I did log a support ticket about this but it has not had a response - https://wordpress.org/support/topic/email-before-download-error-php/


here is the problem. I am using a custom component from someone else called a "Fancy showcase view". It focuses on buttons in my activity on highlights them with a text as a tutorial through the app.


I usually set unk'value as random distribution vector or 0-vector. It performed not bad,but most situation it's also not best for many task,i think. But i'm curious about the best method to process '

是否有可能使用Android导航架构组件(Android JETPACK)有条件地设置StestOut目的?

I am using Navigation(Android Jetpack to navigate app screens. Now I want to set startDestination dynamically. I have on Activity MainActivity And two Fragments, FragmentA & FragmentB. var


Team, My biztalk send port instance gets hung and stays in the active state for longer periods of time. I would like to monitor that send port active instance with the help of C#. I intend to run a


Can someone please point to a location, where we can find if the jboss compatibility matrix with Java 10? I am using wildfly 9.0.2 Final version. Is this compatible with Java 10? Regards, Vivek


I am trying to write a script in shiny, which has two inputs and stores the inputs in two different variables and runs a code using these input variables.But i am getting an error which says :Error in


I'm uploading images in s3 via node.js, I didn't get any error while uploading but when I try to access file it is not properly builded. I saw all images as square only. here my code let contentType


I want to work locally and I've set in the hosts file dev.domain.com the dev.domain.com subdomain is not set in the nginx config on the live server, only in my local hosts file I've

如何通过目标IP和端口NO将套接字测试与AWS EC2连接

I am trying to send the data I receive to my computer into AWS, I use socket test for communication. how can I configure the EC2 and make the data receive in AWS

Python -DATAFRAME使列代表向量

I have dataframe of genres df = pd.DataFrame({'genres': [['Drama'], ['Music', 'Drama', 'Romance'], ['Action', 'Adventure', 'Comedy'], ['


I'm trying to Run tests using RoboElectric @RunWith(RobolectricTestRunner.class) @Config(constants = BuildConfig.class) public class AdminActivityTest { private AdminActivity activity;


I'm having a single redis server serve multiple clients. Sometimes server needs to run a lua script that takes around a minute to complete. However during that time other clients get response error:

Spring JPA加入无关系表和数学运算

I have 2 tables Project_Products(id, product_id, version, name) and Cos_Product(cos_id, version, description) Now I need to join the tables on Project_Products.product_id = Cos_Product.cos_id and


Validation errors are not showing instead it gives a collective message as shown below { error: { Error date: "2018-08-20 10:06:36", message: "The given data was invalid.", statusCode: 0, line: 117,


I have three different test scenarios which needs to be connected to three different punchout catalogs and add items into the test site cart. After then it follows same checkout process by clicking on


I have Satellite image(GeoTIFF) which contains 9 Bands and masking(GeoTIFF) containing values: 0,1,5. I want to clip Satellite image which my mask (Landuse.TIF) value is 1 or 5 [area which is not


We have multiple projects contained in 2 different solutions in Visual Studio. My API project in Solution A will do HTTP request to another API project in Solution B but the problem is that I can't


I am trying to change the directory by a python program. This is what i have tried. Its not giving me an error but not changing the directory as well. from subprocess import call call(["cd", "


I am trying to replicate what ViewModelFactory does for my presenter classes, Here is my Dagger2 Code public class App extends DaggerApplication { //Support import @Override protected


i get this error when i try to route my My code 'use strict'; const express = require('express'); const app = express (); const chatCat = require ('./app'); app.set('port', process.env.PORT ||


I need to automate the snapshot and restore from one cluster to a backup cluster , but when I try to restore the snapshot it complains about the indices already exist. Then I either need to delete


I have the following data: Group Hormone Damage Score Greater 1 B control damaged 4 1 2 B control undamaged 4 1 3 B JA damaged 2

在REST API中,如何下载文件和UI的另一个响应对象

I have an existing Rest API in spring that returns a response. I want to add a file download to this. This is what I've done: @CrossOrigin @ResponseStatus(HttpStatus.OK) @PostMapping(value = "/


We have an app on this platform for both iOS and android. We are able to successfully build and run the iOS app but it gives us below error for both debug and release environment: Error - Your

SCAPLE SQL在卡桑德拉表之间传输数据

please find the cassandra table below, i am trying to copy data from 1 cassandra table to another cassandra table with same format.please help me . CREATE TABLE data2 ( d_no text,


We have an enterprise mobile application , it a hybrid application and built using cordova hooks and supports iOS and Android with MDM (MobileIron) and non-MDM options. The problem is non MDM version


I need some help to schedule correctly background services in all Android versions. At first i used common services, but it didn´t work on Android 6+, i change it to JobScheduller, but the problem


We are using Qt-Installer to distribute our products for In-House deployment. Now, one of our products requires, that the created shortcut links to a program, that needs to be called with several

解析DATETEM64和DATEMEM.Python 3.65

I have two columns, one has type datetime64 and datetime.time. The first column has the day and the second one the hour and minutes. I am having trouble parsing them: Leistung_0011['Start_datetime']


I am using VS 2015 with angular 5 and Web API. There is a Master details screen. I want to add/modify details portion using modal popup and showing the details record in the table at same time which