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I have a list of file names of the form: Filename (region).gba And I would like to rename them all without the (region) tag. How can I do this using standard command line tools?

I'm trying to create a situation where I have an unordered list (created using Wordpress plugin Advanced Custom Fields) and within it, all list items that have a date older that 30 days have a

I am trying to use Facebook login using Firebase authentication. I have followed whole documentation. Lastly whenever I click the login button it gives an error saying: Cannot pass a read permission (

A bit of a challenge. I am creating a rota that is skills based. In sheet 1, I have a list of people in column A and then checkboxes from column B to H for the various skills. Each tick box is linked

I need your help, I need to send an array of chars which are in structure using socket. Here is my client side code: struct myStruct { char str[100]; long int data; }; int sock = 0; char buffer[

Here is some code In F# that I tried following the book Programming F# byChris Smith: (* Mega Hello World: Take two command line parameters and then print them along with the current time to the

I know English badly, but i'm trying to describe my problem. I'm new in Spring. And I have some problems with adding data to my database.I have to table Pc and Pc characteristics. They are related by

I have some code which compacts and repairs a number of MS Access databases: library(RDCOMClient) library(stringr) accfolders <- list.dirs('C:\\users\\username\\accessdb\\',recursive = FALSE,full.

In Flutter app i want fetch data list I want to save bookmark any article from article list in Fire store data base but when bookmark button tapped article save in data base only for first time

I have a following function to make Promises cancellable. As you can see, I have defined a CancellablePromise interface that extends the original Promise and I have some type-checking functions marked

I have two fields in my django model: class Staff(models.Model): photo = models.FileField(blank=True, null = True) encodings = JSONField() I get the photo from form and after that using

I have the following route defined in app-routes.ts as a separate module import {NgModule} from '@angular/core'; import {RouterModule, Routes} from "@angular/router"; import {AppComponent} from "./

I’m currently configuring an environment for a web site. As I’m using azure, I’d like to use deployment slots in order to ensure that users won’t get any downtime. While I understand the goal of

I have Flask website in which I want to add download button which downloads .csv file with scraped data. In my html file I have this code: <a href="cms_scrape.csv" ><button>Download!</

I am triying to send a mail from my spring app what was generate with jhipster 1.1.0. and my spring-boot version is 1.5.2 I have this code: Application-dev.yml: mail: host: smtp.gmail.com

I have a UITableView in my current project. Each cell is an object of custom class DecisionItem, which implements UITableViewCell. Inside each of these DecisionItems should be a UITextField named "

So, I have my code set out so it imports other python files and they act like modules. I created a Login one that uses tkinter interfaces etc and asks if you want to use the login system on first

I don't understand why I'm getting this error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'title' of undefined Header.render C:/CodingProjects/FirstReactProject/biochemicals/src/components/header/Header.js:28

I have a UIImage of a star. I need to fill half of it with blue color programmatically. I try this: extension UIImage { public func maskWithColor(color: UIColor, factor: CGFloat) -> UIImage {

I'm trying to retrain the Spanish spacy model to recognize a new entity type (PAIN). I'm training the model with a handmade corpus of 70 phrases (I know that is not enough but my purpose is only

thanks to everyone for reading. here's an application that has a boot-receiver so it launches upon starting android device: public class BootReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver { @Override public

Here's an example how to plot the chart with json data Is there a way to chart this from public data (meaning any listed company)? For example from bloomberg data? https://www.bloomberg.com/markets/

I have two tables flight and ticket and to classes Flight and Ticket. One Flight can has lots of Tickets, so have a foreign key flight_id. I want to write down in my database in table Ticket flight_id

How to get a response with a simple code with ajax btw i'm new in ajax Here :

I created a google cloud instance for a client and handed over the details to them but now, they don't know the google console email address. They know the IP because the app deployed there is still

how can i draw a route with npm google-map-react ? this is what i have this.map = (zoom, lat, lng) => { let DirectionsService = new window.google.maps.DirectionsService(); DirectionsService.

i'm coding a BOT, but the page sometimes send me an CAPTHCA for Antibot, any idea from how to bypass it? I'm using NETBEANS - Java

Is there a way to tell which sites my Google Analytics tracking code is implemented on? I am suspecting it may have been used with different micro landing pages with different domains and sub-domains.

I'm trying to use Kotlin BeanDefinitionDSL and RouterFunction DSL with Spring Boot to initialize routes, but getting '404 Not found' result. Tried to use traditional Spring MVC approach (@

i have no idea why the loop did not end, it just stuck there. i am not so experienced with python, this is my second small programming project ever. #Sieve of Eratosthenes def li(num): for i in

I'm trying to scrape weather data from the met office website, but I keep getting errors. Here is what I have tried so far stats = ['Tmax', 'Tmin', 'Rainfall'] regions = ['England', 'Wales', '

I am running an express/socket.io server in node.js. I have my development environment setup in grunt so that it asynchronously runs the node process with the server and grunt watch. If grunt watch

Hello I am working on shiny dashboard and I am relatively new to the shiny package. I am trying to populate a value box on the shiny dashboard body however somehow it is not getting populated. The

I have a postinstall script for CentOS, RedHat, Debian, and Ubuntu. How do distinquish if the device is a VSI or a Bare Metal.

I started to work with mathjs and tried to rewrite some Python code using sympy for algebraic calculations. I implemented a fit function I got from a research article (see link in code snippet if

I use these lines of code for getting notification with image loaded from a url with Picasso library // Default stuff; making and showing notification final Context

Assume a neural network layer of the form where alpha and beta are learnable scalar parameters which are multiplied pointwise with the respective segment of an input vector x, which is partitioned

Iam trying to pass a value my Cartadaptor to CartActivity. My code is as follows: CartActivity.java: cartTotalChanged((cartAdapter.getTotal())); CartAdaptor.java: public Double getTotal()

I get that one instance of a class is not equal to another instance of the same class, even if both instances contain the properties & fields of the instances contain the same values. For example,

I have a few hundred vector drawables (converted from SVG) that I would like to load in my app, and I would like to not clutter up my Resources with them. I have tried to put them into the assets,

So I'm learning AngularJS and I have this aboutme page with lots of text in it, Since I'm using AngularJS I didn't want to hardcode heaps of paragraphs in my main html file. So I thought of creating

I am trying to change numpy-array values based on their column and row location and currently am achieving it this way: for r in range(ResultArr2.shape[0]): for c in range(ResultArr2.shape[1]):

I encountered an issue when I was trying to get data from mysql with php and sending them to angular get request, here's my php file: $todo = []; $query = 'SELECT id, name, emails, date FROM

im trying to setup an API using node.js and in my app.js class im handling request errors where i return a 404 in case something goes wrong, now thats my problem, i can't see how am i requesting

Learning how to code in this. Been taking strategies from books and trying to get them coded and back tested. One strategy is: if a day closes below previous days low (green column), open a long

I was trying to code a function able to concatenate two words and multiply two floats, but I'm having issues with the try-error module. I want the function to also check whether the str are just

Hello I am having an issue with Nuxts ssr. I a trying to add 'vue-slick' to my web app and no matter what I do it continues to show "window is not defined". As you can see I have tried multiple ways

I am trying to write an If statement in VBA for excel to look at the value of a cell and determine if it is "0" (cell is formatted as text), if it's an error, or if it's anything besides those two.

I'm currently developing a PHP script to catch and explain; 4XX client side errors 5XX server side errors I'm using .htaccess to forward users to a single .shtml file with a query string on the end

I need to transfer images over network what datatype of column i need? Varbinary(max) Varchar(max) I read that both of them have some benefits. If you can help me with explanation of what is fit