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I have following c++ program . it not compiling giving me erros or person data type and some other erros please sort out the erros #include <iostream> #include <string> class Queue{

I just want to train a classifier to categorized streetview images from NY and LA. Everything works fine for the image input or data processing. But it reports an error in the last function.

Design question: Suppose we have parent and child object. Sometimes child object says "Parent, you've got to update your state." So, is there any critical difference between Passing parent object

i want to call sidebar menu items from database, but when i put the items from database to the which is i put in $menu, it returns error <?php $a=0; foreach ($

One of the application that I am working on doesnot have a main() method but it runs without a main method throughout the application, just by starting the server. How is this possible? In what cases

Maybe my terminology is not accurate. I'm using AWS AppSync. My schema: type Book { title: String author: Author } type Author { name: String } type Query { getBook(title:String!): Book }

I want to display the date above the array of posts without the date repeating for posts which have the same date. i.e. 12/3/2018 post post post instead of : 12/3/2018 post 12/3/2018 post

I have a 2d list in java . The list if of string values. In the picture. I am wondering how to calculate the difference between 570-540 and so on. And storing it with the first variable which is the

I need to be able to write a SQL to match customerid where the # of characters differs between tables. As you will see below, table 1 has the CustomerId with no padding (# of characters may differ,

I have Products model, Stores model, and Products belongsTo Stores, in the stores model i have this: public function scopeWithDistance($query,$lat,$lng){ $q = $query; if($lat != 0 && $

I'm starting with dictionaries and while trying to print a dictionary with .item, I got in return this: dict_items object at 0x0000000000000293B182 here is the code I used: vital_info = {"

I have a depthsense DS325 camera and was wondering how to actually get the data from the camera using a mac. I have found answers but they only seem to work in windows.

I am evaluating a Tensorflow model on open cv video frames. I need to reshape the incoming PIL image into reshaped numpy array so that i can run inference on it. But i see that the conversion of the

I am very new to this and I keep getting an error message when I try to run FastQC. I have the latest JDK update for Mac OSx and I think I have installed FastQC. Here is the error message: [cdeiter@

First, this is only PHP and not Wordpress (to avoid confusion), but I want to do this like wordpress. So my question is, Is there a way to get the content of a PHP file based on the template name?

Need some advise. I have indexed documents in elasticsearch, now i want to search all results with one certain field value with all related document, like following if i search for reportId=12345, the

I want to add some code after a jQuery event has occurred on a form after a click event only. The event is also called when other events occur. If I use this code it detects the event being called:

Grouping by a single dimension works fine for xarray DataArrays: d = xr.DataArray([1, 2, 3], coords={'a': ['x', 'x', 'y']}, dims=['a']) d.groupby('a').mean()) # -> DataArray (a: 2) array([1.5, 3.

How can I detect if user refreshed the page with PHP? I tried $pageWasRefreshed = isset($_SERVER['HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL']) && $_SERVER['HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL'] === 'max-age=0'; But it didn't

Simply coding C file like bellow: int main() { int a = 999; return 0; } after compile and link using gcc, it will generate a executable file (e.g. .exe, .out) But when I open (NOT RUNNING)

I see documentation in https://docs.joomla.org/Creating_a_Custom_404_Error_Page but the custom 404 error page don't make change the Google Search Console requirements, because Joomla normaly redirect

After pulling the docker image from here I realised after attaching a shell that the tutorial files are not in the dag folder specified in airflow.cg (dags_folder = /usr/local/airflow/dags, the folder

I'm writing a document in sphinx with three main types of elements in it: headings, images and plain text. Occasionally, some elements need to be centered: Heading ======= .. rst-class:: center A

In hexo, you can execute hexo publish ${draft_name} to publish a draft. Yet, precisely entering exact file name on a terminal is rather cumbersome. Is there any way to interactively selecting and

In Module A ngOnInit() { this.emitter = this.emitterService.key$.subscribe( data => { if (data["Save"]) { this.storSevice.save(this.data);

I am trying to use the R library(GA) to find the most efficient selection of objects where each object comes from a specific universe and every object must be used. For example, buying a violin

Couldn’t understand the difference between object and plain object in JavaScript. I know how Object looks like but don’t understand plain object. I googled about this but couldn’t understand. As

I need to ask the user if they want to edit any of the employee information and display any edits. Here is my executing class: import java.util.Scanner; public class EmployeeTest { //main method

Understanding the Linux Kernel introduces two types of timers: dynamic timers and interval timers. See below. What is the definition of an interval timer? I am not sure if it has been defined in the

Im coding something to be used only on linux in a linux ENV, but i really think SAL annotations are good to help in my code for my own reasons. Are there any alternatives, ideas, tips to avoid the

I am trying to understand how to include a covariate that relates to random effect in lmer. In my model, I am predicting repayment likelihood of education loan borrowers (repayment). The main

What I Have: In A column i have id numbers and in B column i have date(mm-dd-yyyy). What I want: In c column I want is Id/yy. example: 1231/18 I did try using the =CONCATENATE(A1,"/",TEXT(YEAR(B1),

i want to minus 1 (-1) value from durasi_pre_u if durasi_pre_u have basic value bigger then 0 and update Premium to Member when durasi_pre_u have value = 0. here what i try UPDATE user SET

I am using bash and curl to operate the Kraken API. When I try to AddOrder, I get the response : {"error":["EGeneral:Invalid arguments"]} When I use the same code to find the Balance, I don't get

I am running into a very strange issue with passing strings from my flex file into my bison file. My .l file seems to be correctly identifying identifier tokens, however, when I try to retrieve the

Trying to modify Tutorial quiz app I lost in steps. In the beginning In MainActivity I had question and radio buttons, when time ran out or "Confirm/Next" button is pressed next question and choices


struct hash { size_t elem_cnt; /* Number of elements in table. */ size_t bucket_cnt; /* Number of buckets, a power of 2. */ struct list *buckets; /*

The formal way to run mplayer in background. mplayer some.mkv </dev/null >/dev/null 2>&1 & [3]9536 [3]9536 means pid of the mplayer command is 9536. If i replace &1 with 1 for

Consider the following problem: I have sequence with 2q elements {a[1], , a[2q]}, which has been sorted. Then I need to get two sub-sequences b[i] and c[i], which satisfy: Both b[i] and c[i] have

Having the following array $dataset = [ ['item1' => 'value1'], ['item2' => 'value2'], ['item3' => 'value3'], ]; I need to convert it to this stdClass object $dataset = [ '

I'm using promises to fetch some data based level, for higher level(L2) i need to fetch their records and the users who are working under their level as well. So this is what i could come up with.

I am new in sequelize, and I don't know how to get the records with createAt column less than 1 hours with current date and here is my code : models.Trip.findAll({ where: { createdAt: {

me gustaria saber como obtengo los valores de inicio de sesion en facebook con js para guardarlos, nombre foto, etc. <div id="fb-root"></div> <script>(function(d, s, id,name,

I am trying to access a function A from a function in a function in A eg: functionA () { functionB () { functionC () { #want to call functionA from here } } }

everything good ? I would like to know the best way and if it is possible to send a certain parameter to an express function in the NodeJS. i wanna pass the string ('admin') or other string that i

I'm wondering if it's possible to use a macro to insert blank cells in order to align dates? screen grab here I'm working with multiple sheets with essentially 4 columns, date, description, debit and

I want to add Focus Keyword in all my posts of a word press website?? I don't want to do it manually one by one, I want to add the focus keyword in bulk quantity.How to do that

I need to set up the API for a Meta Search search engine. I'm having trouble finding the APIs related to the YouTube Videos search engine. I also signed up for the Free Trial version of Google Cloud

app.config(['$controllerProvider','$compileProvider', '$filterProvider', '$provide',function($controllerProvider, $compileProvider, $filterProvider, $provide) { app.register = {