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Developer Community. I am creating a build definition for the web application which is based on MVC and Angular2. I am confused about what tasks I added on my build definition which are shown in the

How do I make a <form> element inline? I have spent some time searching around for solution, but all of results I have found simply ask to apply form-inline class to the form element, which

I have faced issue where fortify scan report generate JSON Injection vulnerability due to use of parse method of JsonParse. Report generate JSON Injection vulnerability due to use of parse method

I am trying to concatenate a feature that counts the number of zeros in each rows of a given dataset using the Sklearn's FeatureUnion function and FunctionTransformer. I have tried the following:

I have this issue when i run my multiple projects on visual studio it opens multiple google chrome windows, it used to be opening in one window by separated it tabs (before newest update, but i assume

I'm trying to align a picker where the user selects a phone country code with a text input where the user enters the phone number. I'm using the NativeBase component but I assume this is similar with

I'm trying to plot a bar chart with categorical variables and their respective numerical values using matplotlib.pyplot.bar. I want to be able to selectively color the bars based on the categorical

I have problem with sending information from one component child to parent and from parent to other component. There is 3 components main (App.js), and two child (MoviePoster.js and MovieDescription.

I'm porting a Wheel of Fortune demo into React, and I have a letters component and a board component that are siblings, with a game parent that controls state between them. When a letter in the

** Please help me. I want to send an automatic email when a specific cell name is added in Column G For example when you type the name of an (order) in any cell of the G - column cells it is sent

I'm trying to find a way to send keys to multiple text boxes in a webpage at the same time using multithreading, is it possible?

I am trying to execute a python file (remote) using java Process builder with the following code. List<String> commands = new ArrayList<String>(); commands.add("/bin/sh"); commands.

I have integrate Stripe payment in application develop in laravel. I have successfully connect my customer to my platform account and get customer id in response after successfully connect. Now if i

I was written a code previous week and it deploys without any error on firebase server. but now I cannot deploy it again on another account in orders to I don't change my code! one of my friends

I am trying to display customer orders that are stored in various tables in the database. I come to an issue when there are more than 1 type of items purchased in the order. Each item in the order is

I have one table Pet. And other table is POST. In POST, I have a relationship with Pet and User table. A user can mark a Pet as fav and an entry with come in POST table. Now I want to retrieve all

I am trying to create a class to represent a Fruit Store, and want to output the available fruit sorted by price, from least to most expensive. However, even though I add prices to my FruitPricesMap

I'm trying to understand passport callbacks , const fbOpts = { clientID : Facebook_App_Id, clientSecret : Facebook_App_Secret, callbackURL : 'http://localhost:3000/auth/facebook/callback',

Trying to write Mock JUnit for the class, but facing the issue Actually, there were zero interactions with this mock. Wanted but not invoked: Tried to create a Test class Mock data in Setup method

public void copy(T[] dest, T[] src) { for(T t : src) { } }strong text

I have ajax based form submission and on success I want to show a success message. The elements are being generated dynamically by mysql results. Currently the success message for one shows up for all

Traceback: File "/home/sitharthan/Documents/lucy/lyca/lib/python3.6/site-packages/django/template/utils.py" in getitem 66. return self._engines[alias] During handling of the above

i want to integate django with aiohttp/asyncio for asynchronous programming and for websockets handling, i know django has celery & django-channels to do asynchronous task and websocket server

I have created a 3d object using blender and exported it as .obj file. I am trying to load that .obj file using OBJloader in threejs. That is a single object with multiple material in it. It is

I opened a PNG file in a Hex Editor software to see the underlying bytes on it and I saw that there are a lot of unused spaces that take up so much of the file size. I plan to delete them all and

I have a following pojo class import 'dart:convert'; class StudentModel { int status; String msg; StudentModelData studentModelData; StudentModel({this.status, this.msg, this.

In Go programming language a package member can be: Exported - if it starts with a capital letter Package private - if it does not start with a capital letter This is not only convention but part of

In my Flutter app, I am trying to implement a listview which gets the data from a firestore collection and everything works as expected - I can push the firestore document to the next page (detail

In my local machine my executable is stored at .stack-work/install/x86_64-osx/lts-13.0/8.6.3/bin/nonosolver-exe In my cloud instance it is stored at ./.stack-work/install/x86_64-linux-tinfo6/lts-13.

Here what I'm doing is - currently, I have an empty array in authProcessCurrentData in reducer. initially I'm setting array in it which is like.. [{label:'sign in', id:uuid, type:button}] //

PermissionError caused when execute simple-websocket-server. PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/SimpleWebSocketServer/__init__.py' This error does

Which is the best way to use datatable with vue.js and laravel ? When I am using vuejs-datatable, I got the error Window.Vue is undefined My project has a router file. The same datable works

I have got an object to do with python: We want make a package of goal kilos of chocolate. We have small bars (1 kilo each) and big bars (5 kilos each). Return the number of small bars to use,

I plotted air temperature in Kelvins with the code below. Now I want to add a second legend showing the equivalent values in degrees Celcius. Is it possible? library(ggplot2) library(cptcity) nc <

I am using Jupiter X with a child theme, the latest version of Wordpress. I have built a template with Elementor and I want to use this template in a category-{slug}.php (where 'slug' is a subcategory)

here is my scenario CSV2 (mentioned below) needs to updated for UUID and Asset ID by matching with product code from CSV1. Unique UUID and asset ID must be updated for matched product code only

I want to pass my json request (GET https://api.twitter.com/1.1/favorites/list.json?count=2&screen_name=episod) using python. please tell me how to do that.

wants to implement start date and end date (fiscal year in accounting system) for whole solutions. How we override the date time for whole project

I am using webview in a fragment to view online PDF using http://docs.google.com/viewerng/viewer?embedded=true&url. The PDF file has many pictures and chart. It load the pdf perfectly. But some

help me how to make custom search using ignited datatables because I didn't find a way. I want search by database, not by column. $.fn.dataTable.ext.errMode = 'throw'; $('#

I'm having this issue while running app on iPhone XR. Tested on simulator and it's good. Have no idea why to solve it. iPhone XR Real device iPhone 5 simulator

I am trying to enable SoapClient on my Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS VirtualBox server. After seeing that my Soap application is failing with 500 HTTP error, I referred to my php error log and found the below

I am trying to build a chat bot using DialogFlow to give latest news using rich responses . I have the news content on a website in rss feed format . How do I write the code for this in the

i have this google map url I tried to embed using iframe to my website but it's not working <iframe id="iframeid" width="450" height="250" style="border:0" src="https://www.google.com/maps/

I have a table with below column & row values and want a resultset as given below. I tried many queries but could not getthe resultset which I want. Is there any simplest way to achieve this.

I have to detect currently loaded window/ tab is loading from duplication using jquery

I need to request camera and location permission in some activity that show the camera preview in surfaceview. Where do I need to put the request permission function? onCreate, onResume, or

I am using angular formarray to to iterate through the data. Table has 4 columns I want when i select a drop down in 3rd column data respective to that should get populate in 4th column. This is

I have two models, one is just the base User model and the other is Profile model that is used to extend the User model and keep more details. Here's what the UserSerializer looks like: from django.

I was coding my AI project in java while I ran into this problem. I first generate the environment of some game using class "Pasture". Then the intelligent agent which is written in class "Shepherd"