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Windows 10中的Android Studio3.1.3安装错误

I installed Android Studio. But when I run it, it just gives me different different errors. When I try Googling one error, it gives me another one after that. I'm so confused what to do. I tried


So its just a simple question but from one moment to the other There were these signs. Has anyone an answer for this?


I wrote a litte script to make a internet radio with a Raspberry pi zero. I first wrote this code on an PI 3. When I try to compile it on my zero I get this error Traceback (most recent call last):

SSIS -行采样并更新表中现有的行

Anyone has tried to use row sampling method to get one random row with specific column and update the existing row in specific columns in the database table? I wanna use SSIS to load big volume of


Iv got a simple "publications" table and "Languages" table as seen below. All I want to do is output "available languages" associated with the publication. iv tried relationships this way and that and

The Error type has been occurred in vmware9 workstation THe MSI C:\users\engineer\Appdata\Local\Temp\vmware_1529841591\vmwareplayer_x86.msi failed Service 'VMware Authorization Service' (

I am working on Xcode 9 in my local mac to make changes in my GitHub. When I commit it shows succesful message but I cannot "push" my changes/commit to GitHub. It shows the error: unexpected


Please teach me How to convert csv file to HTML table. Since there are , in sentences. I seem to have to use TextFieldParser or Csvhelper. const char tab = ','; string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines(


Background: Customer has changed the name of the application. The application has stored files under AppData folder and now that folder needs to be copied to new name (and delete the old). I have MSI


I have a piece of code that returns a URL with the search; if (message.content.startsWith(prefix + "google")) { var lookup = message.content.replace(";google ", ''); var

在SphfOne 3和Ganguljs侧从PHP端获取用户ID

I need to send User Id from my application to Google Tag Manager by DataLayer. But I stuck and I dont know how can I get User Id in my header section or from angular Js controller in my index HTML. As


Given a model defined like this: class Foo < ActiveRecord::Base validates_uniqueness_of :bar end And a service that performs a certain operation on them: class FooService class << self

i have code like this to fetch data from json respon in ajax: $(function QRData () { $.ajax({ url: "QR", dataType: "json", method: "GET",

XAMARIN Studio无法引用DLL文件

I'm trying to use gpgme-sharp in Xamarin Studio with GTK#(.NET). Everything is ok, but i get the following error: Unable to load DLL 'libgpgme-11.dll': The specified module could not be found. (


I tested this package : https://preview.npmjs.com/package/resize-base64 it require a front-end part to make Canvas element .. and so on , I only need to make this process without fron-end I use


I am really newbie in PS, but I read through myself many StackOverFlow articles and official MS documentation - I didn't become more clever though. I want to check whether a folder exists based on


I want to calculate the subtotal for each category grouped data. This is what i had done. rowGroup: { startRender:function(rows,group){ return group +' ( '+


Here's the snippet from my Build.xml file. I'm getting this error for "run-arJob-incorrect-card-tests" target, but not for run-arJob-happy-tests. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong. I have 4 more

无法在Java WebService中发送AJAX数据的HTML格式

I am trying to send my html form data in webservice with the help of ajax call. I need to save them in variables and put them in template for emailing purpose. Please help. I am new to Java coding.


I would like to use Assembly Scanner Pattern and register class with Attribute from another assembly Project: AssemblyScanner using System; namespace AssemblyScanner { public class


I am building a small automated deployment pipeline for an application. I am very new to batch files, created a few ones so far with success, but this particular one is driving me nuts. What I want:


I am looking for whole day about solution for this problem. So, my intention is to make something like a bingo numbers poping out. One after another. Now, problem I am experiencing is that always


I have been attempting to construct a simple display for a couple of charts made with plotly. Using the useful embedding tools plotly provides, I have been able to get all plots on the webpage. (


I have 109 csv files that I want to import using a function or a for-loop. So far I have imported the files manually using the following function: import numpy as np plain_table1 = np.genfromtxt('


I have a column in a Google Spreadsheet where each cell contains a single word. I need to find the top five occurrences of each unique word. Does anybody know how I can achieve this?

在En烬中导入OrthalIsIsCSS JavaScript

I would like to use materializecss framework in my ember app, but without using external ember-cli addons since many times I've tried them and always got problems; It has been easy to add materialize'


I am trying to run a python script multiple times through my Ansible playbook using with_items to take different command line arguments with each iteration, but it doesn't seem to work after 1. It

AvdioStudio设置类别SWIFT 4.2 iOS 12 -播放沉默的声音

To play sound even on Silent mode I use to use below method. But how its not working. // Works on Swift 3 do { try AVAudioSession.sharedInstance().setCategory(


I am getting negative value in coef column in output. It is good if anyone can explain me that why I am getting negative value.


I'm making 3D game like the Sokoban (pushing crate puzzle game) and my Player can move any direction X or Z, but Y and he can pushing crates. I want crates move (by pushing my player) only 4 linear


I am running the following query on AdventureWorks2014 database first time after rebooting the sql server machine. SET STATISTICS IO ON SELECT c.CustomerID FROM Sales.SalesOrderDetail od JOIN Sales.


Room version used:- 1.1.1-rc1 I had an existing database which is implemented by ormlite. I am trying to migrate to Room with the existing sqlite file generated by ormlite. When we used long


Assume a following example: I got table of cars, their owners and a table of their types. table cars: id, owner_id, type_id table types: name, description I want to get all types, whose id is NOT


How do I get the latest time every time I print a string: I used the below code: t1 = str(datetime.datetime.now()) s1 = "%s is a programming %s since" +" "+ t1 s2 = s1%(Einstein, genius) When I


It's really strange and weird. I've tried every option but I still get nil when I try to get NSImage by the absolute or relative path of the file. I've tried next: let desctopImagePath = NSWorkspace.


How Do i Copy DynamoDB table to another AWS account ? The table size is 20 GB. I couldn't make the data pipe to work - I get WAITING_ON_DEPENDENCIES forever, so I prefer a different approach


I'm trying to use a PROLOG script file with Rules in Batch mode, (not interactive mode). Using swi-prolog in Ubuntu Linux, it works well in Prolog's interactive mode. But how to run prolog in Batch


I have a color: hex(#aeeb12) or rgb(174, 235, 18). I need to find 2 analogous colors for this color. Is there any math formulas to do it programmatically? Here is the picture:


I'm trying to install the executables, but simply it downloads and at the time of run it passes as if you were ignoring, can you help me? Exec not working, sorry my English [Code] function

Excel VBA用户窗体文本框的PaseWordCar属性

.PasswordChar Property used to mask the textbox texts with whatever the symbol user chooses. Now, it's completely working under Windows OS of MS Office but not working under MAC OS of MS Office. I

Some time ago decided to start running the unit tests using fastlane (v2.92.1) instead of from Xcode, and noticed is not even compiling due to several Use of undeclared type 'X' where X are different


I need to extract integer values from the following text start: 123456 end: start: 654321 end: Here is what I have, but I need it to exclude the unknown number of


I'm using webpack with css modules for my project and I've tried to install popular package react-slick to create slider. It works perfectly in sandbox, but in original project I have some


I have a basic question about using Conda as an environment manager. I understand that it is considered good practice to create an environment using "conda create -n myenv" and install there new


So I have a huge file of Unix Timestamps and I would like to convert these into a date. This is how my .txt file looks. 1529837880,xx.xx,xx. 1529837940,xx.xx,xx. 1529838000,xx.xx,xx. 1529838060,xx.


Lets suppose there is object with properties names: let obj = { "id": 1, "name": "O", "age": 10 } Also we have custom type or intereface: type UserCustom = { name: string, id: number}


What is the best way to copy build artifacts from a VSTS agent ($(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)\ArtifactName\) to a node ? Using powershell DSC if possible Configuration Test { Import-

MySQL宝石更新到MySQL 8安装后的故障

I recently updated mysql through brew upgrade to the newest version: $ mysql -V mysql Ver 8.0.11 for osx10.13 on x86_64 (Homebrew) Now my Ruby on Rails mysql connection stopped working. For


The codelab Android Room with a View uses the following code to insert a new object: public class NewWordActivity extends AppCompatActivity { public static final String EXTRA_REPLY = "com.


I have a label that is used for showing some message. I have created an image that I'd like to set it as my label background. Following is the way I have done it: challengeCell.message.text = "