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Validation errors are not showing instead it gives a collective message as shown below { error: { Error date: "2018-08-20 10:06:36", message: "The given data was invalid.", statusCode: 0, line: 117,


I have three different test scenarios which needs to be connected to three different punchout catalogs and add items into the test site cart. After then it follows same checkout process by clicking on


I have Satellite image(GeoTIFF) which contains 9 Bands and masking(GeoTIFF) containing values: 0,1,5. I want to clip Satellite image which my mask (Landuse.TIF) value is 1 or 5 [area which is not


We have multiple projects contained in 2 different solutions in Visual Studio. My API project in Solution A will do HTTP request to another API project in Solution B but the problem is that I can't


I am trying to change the directory by a python program. This is what i have tried. Its not giving me an error but not changing the directory as well. from subprocess import call call(["cd", "


I am trying to replicate what ViewModelFactory does for my presenter classes, Here is my Dagger2 Code public class App extends DaggerApplication { //Support import @Override protected


i get this error when i try to route my My code 'use strict'; const express = require('express'); const app = express (); const chatCat = require ('./app'); app.set('port', process.env.PORT ||


I need to automate the snapshot and restore from one cluster to a backup cluster , but when I try to restore the snapshot it complains about the indices already exist. Then I either need to delete


I have the following data: Group Hormone Damage Score Greater 1 B control damaged 4 1 2 B control undamaged 4 1 3 B JA damaged 2

在REST API中,如何下载文件和UI的另一个响应对象

I have an existing Rest API in spring that returns a response. I want to add a file download to this. This is what I've done: @CrossOrigin @ResponseStatus(HttpStatus.OK) @PostMapping(value = "/


We have an app on this platform for both iOS and android. We are able to successfully build and run the iOS app but it gives us below error for both debug and release environment: Error - Your

SCAPLE SQL在卡桑德拉表之间传输数据

please find the cassandra table below, i am trying to copy data from 1 cassandra table to another cassandra table with same format.please help me . CREATE TABLE data2 ( d_no text,


We have an enterprise mobile application , it a hybrid application and built using cordova hooks and supports iOS and Android with MDM (MobileIron) and non-MDM options. The problem is non MDM version


I need some help to schedule correctly background services in all Android versions. At first i used common services, but it didn´t work on Android 6+, i change it to JobScheduller, but the problem


We are using Qt-Installer to distribute our products for In-House deployment. Now, one of our products requires, that the created shortcut links to a program, that needs to be called with several

解析DATETEM64和DATEMEM.Python 3.65

I have two columns, one has type datetime64 and datetime.time. The first column has the day and the second one the hour and minutes. I am having trouble parsing them: Leistung_0011['Start_datetime']


I am using VS 2015 with angular 5 and Web API. There is a Master details screen. I want to add/modify details portion using modal popup and showing the details record in the table at same time which


I have some security certificates setup on multiple domain variants for my website. I have been following this guide on Bitnami: https://docs.bitnami.com/aws/how-to/generate-install-lets-encrypt-ssl/#

图像上的滑动窗口滤波器(OpenCV Python)

I want to apply a threshold filter on image with different thresholds on different regions using a fixed size mask or filter. cv.threshold(image, lower_threshold, upper_threshold, cv.THRESH_BINARY)


We are using pear to send SMTP Mail Via PHP on an UBUNTU Apache Server, someone changed the password 32 days ago of the account we used to send it. Is there a way to see what mails failed? And


I have a database and an app on asp.net core, when I moved the database and application to another computer when I added the migration, I faced the following problem: Add-Migration InitialCreate -


I am using the fetch library and I am trying this: fetchtest() { fetch('someurl').then((data) => { if (data.status === 200) { return true; } }); } then to


In tensorflow, if you use the function tf.sparse_to_dense, you can set the validate_indices to False, which causes the function to accept repeated indices. However, there is no information on what


I have some code that loads up IE, scrapes a webpage and then closes IE. I imagine (correct me if I'm wrong) that the code will take slightly longer to run as you can physically see IE open, and then


How to fix browser window to specific size and disable resize? I want to fix the browser window to say, 750x750 pixels, without the opportunity for the user to adjust the browser window? How can I


what do you think for this Mini-PC as machine for web development (full-stack PHP/Node.js - no bigger than CMS like sites and CMS). I'll be using Visual Studio Code as editor and the tabs usually I


<xsl:variable name="asteriskSpaceSpaceAsterisk" select="'* *'"/> Question 1) The above line stores only 1 space instead of 2. How do i store 2 spaces Question 2) <xsl:when test="starts-

通过Azure资源管理器(ARM)模板创建SQL Server

I am trying to create a new Azure instance of SQL Server in which I would like to then create a few new databases. I know from the Azure Portal that some sort of admin users could be: an SA user (I


I am trying to get the current date and time, by passing the city, all I could find was to find it by time zone or latitude and langitude.


This is image please see <agm-map (mapClick)="mapClicked($event)" [latitude]="latitude" [longitude]="longitude" [scrollwheel]="false" [zoom]="zoom"> <agm-marker (markerClick)="


how to remove double quotes from nested array my data ["[a,b,c],[b,c,d],[e,f,g]"] to array this [[a,b,c],[b,c,d],[e,f,g]] using javascript


I have mainTabs Page in which there are 5 pages 1)Home )search 3)add 4)notify 5)profile In search, it is also a tabpage having 2 tabs 1)search video 2)search people in search video there is a list

如何通过调用KekHTTP NIFI发送多部分/表单数据

I have a 3rd party REST, which I am successfully able to call like this using CURL (shell). THis API return JSON. I tried calling same API, by changing content type to => application/x-www-form-

为什么在JRAP 5.1中保存TPG文件作为TMP?

OK i'm new in Laravel and i need any help in my code. I'm trying to upload image in admin panel. but this image is uploading as tmp. Need i add something other code in my code? public function store(


I have these classes: public class UserModel { //Array of SoaModel public SoaModel[] SoasEsiti { get; set; } } public class SoaModel { //Array of integer public int[]


For example: pthread_mutex_lock(); //Do something sleep(1); //cause coverity issues waiting while holding lock pthread_mutex_unlock(); what is the solution if we don't want to use

谷歌驱动器PHP API:删除显示权限不足

I've been working on deleting a file in my Google Drive but I can't make it work. I have changed my scope from $client->setScopes(Google_Service_Drive::DRIVE_METADATA_READONLY); to $client->


I use the https://github.com/shimat/opencvsharp wrapper to use opencv with C#. Actually i would like to get the maximum bounding box of my countours. Tilt is irrelevant. I would like to get a


i made an UserControl and wanted to add the MainForm Reference public partial class ConsolePage : UserControl { public synForm mainForm = new synForm(); public ConsolePage(synForm


I would like to make a Server - Multiple Client application which can work on Offline mode (Disconnected Ethernet issue). The server can be Web API + Database (refer on SQL Server). Client can be

I'm trying to extract informations about comments from Facebook page post (I'm Admin) via Http request using Facebook Graph API graph.facebook.com/2288441345503360_2289495187064649?fields=


How to send Attachments and view attachments in chat using mvc? I tried in asp.net chat applciation but i want in mvc with chat process

用户如何使用GITLab4J API从受保护的分支获得LeestEnter?

I am trying to connect a java program through githab, and I am using gitlab4j-api open source API, I am able to login ang get the project details from basic program. But which method can help me to do


I am currently working in accounting module. As I logged as a User in a company, I run this 'model': 'account.aged.payable' through the 'url': '/account_reports/output_format/aged_payable/1'. I am


I am trying to navigate between social media and company , but when I hit company it's component is loading but when i am hitting social media I am getting error error I am getting - ERROR Error:


I have a table view in which each row is having a button. Am storing the data as the button's title. What I need : I want to pass the selected button's title to the destination view controller. Code


I am having issues when trying to add group to a team folder using the Dropbox API v2. I am trying to add group to team folder using the 2/sharing/add_folder_member route I am sending the request

LARAVLE 5.6中没有发现雄辩的模型类

I keep getting the following error: Use of undefined constant App - assumed 'App' when I do: Route::get('/tasks', function () { $tasks = App / Task::all(); return view('tasks.


I have installed latest RestSharp NuGet package version (106.3.1) on my C# solution and when I make a request that takes much longer than usual (most of my requests take little time), then the request


I am handing HttpRequestException when I use PostAsync and it works fine, but when I am trying to handle same exception on GetAsync it throws TaskCanceledException a task was cancelled with a long