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The following code compiles: fn consume(_: Box<u64>) {} let tuple = (Some(Box::new(1)), Some(Box::new(2))); match tuple { (Some(x), Some(y)) => { consume(x); consume(y);


What I am looking to create is a dataframe which looks like: amount months category 0 6460 2018-01-31 budgeted 1 7905 2018-01-31 actual 2 11509 2018-02-28


I have a class with two properties: weigh and Id. I want to trigger an event when weigh is set. The event to be triggered is a messageBox showing the Id property. The Messagebox is shown, but it doesn'


I want to create a structured grid of points that semi resembles the normal distribution. Locally, the distances between the points near the center should be small but further away those distances


An object can be constructed with following line: let ex = new ccxt.kraken(); But I would like to construct the same object in that fashion: let exchange = 'kraken'; let ex = new ccxt.{{


I have a MySQL table named Travel like this: +----+----------------+--------------+-------------------+ | id | Departure_city | Arrival city |Date_of_departure | +----+----------------+--------------


I'm using Jinja2 and Python to generate html and I'm also using bootstrap for the css and js. I'm trying to create Bootstrap pill tabs by using Jinja2 for loops and some other logic. Here is what my


Background: I am trying to change the ArrayLists to primitive arrays (double) in a large model. The model is currently incredibly slow, and so this is an attempt to speed it up (with limited Java


This is my first time posting any kind of code. Does anyone else have a problem bringing functionality to their projects? I wrote this code. It was only for fun. Can someone look at this code and tell

在ECS中的节点/ Express项目的根目录中是否应该有.Env文件?

Goal I'm trying to deploy my NodeJS ExpressJS API in a Docker container running in my EC2. Should I have a physically .env in the container, or just simply created via task definition is good


this is my ajax code $(window).on('load', function() { $.post("http://localhost/test", {run : "1"}, function(data,status){ $("#show").html(data);


i need to replace the values of one column(livre_doença_meses) only when there are some conditions(recidiva == 0 and vivo == 0) with the values of another column(sobrevid_meses) in pandas, but keeping

无法将一个div附加(位置)给jQuery UI Slider Handler

Can you please take a look at this snippet and let me know why I am not ble to attach the .box` to ui handler $("#slider").slider({ min: 100, max: 500, step: 1, value: 200,


Ok so I posted a question about this topic before and I was told to go more in-depth about my problem. I recently ran into an issue in Spritekit where a node would fly through another node in less

VSCode W/MSYS2中的包含路径

Try as I might, I simply cannot get VSCode to find ANY headers I've specified in includePath and browse->path. Here is my c_cpp_properties.json file. Surely VSCode should be able to find curses.h


var str = '<input style="background-image: url(&quot;

在C 14中有没有写短文的方法?

This might seem like code golf, but that's not what I'm after. I'm looking for a way that's both more succinct, and clearer. I want to be able to write code that computes the square of the distance


I'm working on an Angular 6 project where I'm loading data in from an AWS DynamoDB table via Observable into a Material Table component. I used the angular-cli to generate the initial structure of the


I know there is a huge number of questions on this topics, but not even one worked for me, not here, not on github. I have installed anaconda2 for macOS a few days before. I know pandas come with


PHPMyAdmin is displaying Japanese characters perfectly with COLLATION =: utf8mb4_unicode_ci but it just displays ???? in the browser. I am using the correct UTF code in the HTML headers like: <


I'm getting this error, but it's pretty unclear why it's happening or what I should do about it: 5.1.0 - [Firebase/Analytics][I-ACS006009] Audience definition is invalid. Audience will not be saved.


I am trying to assign a new user a key whenever they create an account. The issue I have found is that in my login.js file, I create a key and then it will register and update into the user

异步对象不是可迭代的。Django 2.0.3,OpenCV和芹菜的问题

My problem statement is as follows: I need to capture live video feed and detect faces out of it. I am using dlib library currently to do it. I have written a view in Django which when called


I aggregated a table of regions, by the highest price per region. So, region is only listed once, by the highest price achieved per region. MaxPriceByRegion<- data.frame(aggregate(Price ~ Region,

Oracle SQL DealPerf:如何拥有一个只有分钟和秒的表

Sorry of my bad english Hello everybody, I have a database project that I have to insert some music information in it. on one of my table, I have a column in wich I have to insert the track time of


I have a login with a register process function like this: if($result) { echo '<script type="text/javascript"> window.location.href = "index.php"; </script>'; include ("alert.php"); $


This is the code I am using: public static void log(String directory, String name, String input) throws IOException { File path = new File(directory); if (!path.exists()) { path.


I'm struggling to find a rule which will match a date pattern (and only that pattern) in between two sets of optional strings - birthday/birth/bday/born. Here's an example: I was born on 01/01/2001


I have a postgresql table of records Where every every record has a record in that table that matches it on at least one of three possible fields. id | name | email | phone | product -


Is it possible / advisable to evaluate the tensor within the mapping function of tf.data.Dataset.map? I would like to first create a dataset of filenames, then apply shuffle and repeat to them. Then,


I created a regular expression that would match 2 numbers in any order from a four digit number. I am trying to create a regular expression that can math 3 numbers out of a four digit number in any


I run the following command: "C:\Program Files\dotnet\dotnet.exe" new console I get the following errors: C:\Temp\myapp\myapp\myapp.csproj : warning NU1603: myapp depends on Microsoft.NETCore.App


A simple df: freq = c(1,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,4,5,5,5,5) And a simple hisotogram: ggplot(data=as.data.frame(freq), aes(x=freq)) + geom_histogram() How do I "group" all observations, for example, >4 and


i had tried this: Timer timer = new Timer(); timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(new TimerTask() { @Override public void run() { videoview.getCurrentPosition; } },0,1000); but it does not


I have basic knowledge on how to parse JSON in Swift 4. However, I was wondering if anybody knew what the best way to parse this JSON is? { "status":1, "services":[ { "id":1,

NGNIX不在端口443 Ubuntu监听

I installed Certbot on Google cloud ubuntu server with nginx webserver but nginx does not listen on port 443. When I type this command netstat -lpn |grep :80 I get that tcp listening, but when I


I'm using typed.js for a project, i've put my sentences in a div like this: <div id="typed-strings"> <p>Typed.js is a <strong>JavaScript</strong> library.</p>

Delayed Jobs不执行队列

Rails app running on v5.2. using puma server and postgres DB. Delayed Jobs not running Jobs Queues. On DJ service starts got below error message and DJ terminates but rake jobs:work command is running


I am trying to attach a png file. Currently when I sent the email, the attachment is 2x bigger than the file should be and an invalid png file. Here is the code I currently have: Attachments


I have unknown html that may be changes each time page load , actually it is being retrieved from an API How can i remove all events from it html : <div id="content"> <h2


I want to download scripts in php like Wordpress Plugins , and try to find vulnerabilities on it , so from where do i start ? because I'm newbie in hacking . and all sites learn us about black box

我需要添加我的DEF GAMES():输入到我的输入循环。但它显示出不同的功能[暂时搁置]

I have my code and i cant seem to get it to work. Im trying to make a program that hosts all of my game like code. i have a Guessing game and age guesser. import Guess_the_numbers import ageguesser


While editing environment variable, there are move up/down buttons. What are the purposes (effects) of these button to the variables?


fminimax is a function in Matlab which solves minimax constraint problems.Is there a function equivalent to fminimax in python?


I am making an engine in c++. Its nothing special yet and I am a beginner in c++ but I thought it would be a fun project to work on learn the skills I need later when I start working. I am making a

System Verilog转换“定义连接字符串被评估为int定义”

I have a long list defines defining with numerous properties for these registers. I'd like to have a function that takes the string of the register name and concatenates the bigdefine name and


I am new to decorators but ideally I wan to use them to simply define a bunch of class functions within class OptionClass, each representing some particular option with a name and description and if


I have created a div which is normal as a rectangular shape but I need a code to work such that lower edge of div is slanted and likewise other div's below it(which could have slanted edges again).Any


I'm getting a null pointer exception from code that I copied from my prof's files. I'm thinking the error is due to tab not having any values, but I fail to see why he put it there in the first place.


i am new to jenkins and i am running into a problem. I have some Post-Build Action configured that run some .sh scripts after jenkins got my git changes and build everything. I would like to put the