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I have a JSON file in non-standard format, like this: { "color": "black", "category": "hue", "type": "primary" } { "color": "white", "category": "value", "type": "idk" } {


$array looks like this. Array ( [CategoryID] => 4352 [CategoryLevel] => 3 [CategoryName] => Tags ) Array ( [CategoryID] => 3243 [CategoryLevel] => 2 [

The problem is to create a data structure, similar to a binary search tree that can list all possible moves a knight (in chess) can make. I came up with a single node class with the current location,


From an example in PostgreSQL document: EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM tenk1 WHERE unique1 < 100 AND stringu1 = 'xxx'; QUERY PLAN ------------------------------------------


I know they can only correctly execute after instructions before them in Re-Order Buffer are committed. My doubt is, do modern processors hold them till they are last in ROB or do any prediction


I seem to have a problem where the tiles won't show up after I added the function flip2Back. It was fine before, the tiles would show up but it had no function ` <script> var


i have this code that's not working since the page i want to scrape used a 10-seconds warning before showing complete html code. Found out with cookiemanager on chrome, if i remove the cookie in the


I want to invalidate session and redirect to login page once click on browser refresh button. I have tried using the @HostListener and the page is redirecting to login but again coming to the same


I want to get the content written by Editer5 and submit it to save,but only text information can be obtained, and the content of the picture can not be obtained. this is my code this is my editor


I'm trying to upload a file to an Amazon S3 bucket using Django. I've created an html form and am passing the POST data to a function based view. I've looked around and tried numerous things but I can'


I am converting an HTML page with wkhtmltopdf to PDF. My page uses tables with headers (thead) which are repeated for each page. I want to hide the headers on the first page, but don't succeed doing


Good day, I am new in making a code developing DTR. I am using UareU and i have studied the sample code. Here is the sample code the OnCapture event: Dim ffs1 As String = "" Dim


I need to use a static height for the slider container. I need the height to be 300px, and the thumbnail height to be 80px. The layout is working for me except for one issue. The computed height of


I have a query to Update table with select from other table, This is my query: MERGE INTO tb1 USING tb2 ON ( tb1.id = tb2.id AND tb2.name IS NOT NULL AND tb2.val = (


I am trying to get splits from decision tree created based on a single variable. Is the following the right and safe way how to get the splits? from sklearn.tree import DecisionTreeClassifier import


I have a device generating DNCP discover packets, that are ignored by the DHCP servers I have. It seems to be context problem, not a syntax problem. The discovery packets come from 198.254.xxx.xxx,


Before I begin, I've tried Selenium Htmlunit org.openqa.selenium.ElementNotVisibleException: You may only interact with visible elements Error:org.openqa.selenium.ElementNotVisibleException: You

将SQL Serie3与数据库连接,但在获取数据时抛出错误

I'm using sequelize with sqlite3 inside nodejs. The connection to database file runs fine with no error, but when trying to access it for the first time I'm getting the following error (no matter


How do I create a 3D contour plot/heat map in matlab from data points? And is it possible to have it find the largest rectangle in two of the axis, that has the smallest standard deviation of values


I know all the basic sequelize operations, but how to convert a complex query with lot of when cases, and, or etc. Here i'm giving my mysql query, select * from `timer` where email = 'abcd@gmail.com'


How do i get the script option here? I'm trying to add it so i can debug VBScript files. Any help? im completely new to visual studios so i may be doing it all wrong. It's not there for me


JSP <c:if test="${not empty errorList}"> <ul> <c:forEach items="${errorList}" var="value"> <li><c:out value="${value}"/></li> </c:forEach&


I first posted about this issue in this question: Indexed branch overhead on X86 64 bit mode I've since noticed this in a few other assembly code programs, where align 16 has little effect, or in


I'm trying to understand where the RecyclerView.Adapter receives the result from getItemCount() and determines wether or not there are any items to show. The documentation says "this method returns

如何使用MS Word设置段落列计数

I just want to set the last para columns in below code: wordDoc.Paragraphs.Last.Range.PageSetup.TextColumns.SetCount(3); But it sets the page 3 columns; So,what code can set the last para columns?


I am having trouble with the following pig code. The previus var I need to read via FOREACH has the following DESCRIBE: UnionD1D2_Distinct: {UnionD1D2_Foreach1::null::display_site: chararray,


I have a HTML code and a controller for it, I know data can be passed/shared from the factory to multiple controllers. I understand the can be done through the $http get service in the factory. My


How can I use reCaptcha with clojurescript? Please give me an example.


I'm running an executable and trying to save terminal output to a file: # ll total 132 -rw-r--r--. 1 root root 496 Jun 14 11:41 mpx-debug.h -rw-r--r--. 1 root root 12775 Jun 14 11:41 mpx-dig.


I have a sql background and know that deletes are a pain in the ass but in mongo they dont seem too bad. Does mongo handle deletes efficiently or should I mark the doc as disabled instead?


what i wanted to achieve is to create a task where will send notification if any-one of the task under the dag is failed. I am applying trigger rule to the task where: batch11 = BashOperator(

如何使用Spring OAuth2实现非对称认证

I am trying to implement asymmetric authentication using spring oauth2. But, I cannot able to find the proper solution, please help and thanks in advance.


I am trying to make a color wheel in android studio based off an HSV color space and have the basic idea of how to do decide the colors (hue is the degree of the touch point within the circle and the


When I use @valid to customize the validation rules, when the validation fails, i can get the error messages,but why the exception thrown by the console is: javax.validation.

I have a use case where some process puts a file every 6 hours to an S3 bucket. This bucket has already thousands of files in it and I wanted to generate an sns alert or something if no new file is


Suppose I have a Windows event object, e.g. from calling CreateEvent. Thread A is blocked in WaitForSingleObject(event_handle). Thread B calls CloseHandle(event_handle). Question 1: What happens to


when I am change from php5 to php7 i get the error: Notice: Undefined index: validity in C:\xampp\htdocs\account\classes\class.dealer.php on line 157 Notice: Undefined index: options in C:\


For a competition, we have to take a photo of any one of these three pictographs using a webcam and our microcontroller has to process the image and results in any one of this Image one should result


I recently followed this tutorial to train my own image classifier https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/tensorflow-for-poets/?utm_campaign=chrome_series_machinelearning_063016&


TL;DR: Is a javascript generator.next() and the associated yield a blocking process? Or does the yield actually queue the result? Details: function* nextIntegerGenerator(index) { while (true) {


I'm a high highschool student taking an online course for python, and one of the assignments is to create a function similar to fizz buzz, except instead of "fizz" and "buzz", they simply use "three"


In Linqpad 5, there is a "PanelManager.StackWpfElement()" function that allows controls to be placed stacked vertically. I'm wondering if there would be a WPF solution to house multiple buttons/


im working with realm in android and im getting this error message: error: Field "items" of type "java.util.List" is not supported. it's at this line: private List<Item> items; here is


Say I have a long list: >>> import string >>> my_list = list(string.ascii_lowercase) >>> my_list ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f', 'g', 'h', 'i', 'j', 'k', 'l', 'm', 'n', 'o',


I have created module in Angular 4. Also i created service using @Injectable, added to module. Now my requirement is , service should not load during module loading. once i perform action or event


I have 2 controllers which both display the same view, the first shows a specific SSO provider and the other shows all SSO providers. When posting the login form and something goes wrong, the [


We are getting an automated email from us-west-2.amazonses.com, about summery of orders. Could anyone please tell where it is triggering? We are using MEAN Stack.


When I try to use document.getElementById to get the value of a text area, it returns [object HTMLTextAreaElement]. How can I fix this? This is my code: <html> <textarea id = "inputbox">


I try to execute test using selenium and extent report but each method i run log twice in extent report. For instance, login() get logged twice at extent html report. When run in debug mode, it record


I came across to a problem where in I have to use data from XML file, and these XML files are quite big. i need only limited information from this file. Can you please suggest me the ways to pull data,