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如何防止粘连N 1

Given class User < ApplicationRecord has_one_attached :avatar def avatar_path Rails.application.routes.url_helpers.rails_blob_path avatar,

带参数的Delphi PPL TTASK程序

I do not know how to Create a TTask where I have a Procedure with parameters, without parameters it works but with parameters it does not . Example procedure TMain.SYNC(AProgressBar: TProgressBar;


I have a user case where I need to load modules from external sources in my angular6 container application. These modules are again angular6 applications written by separate teams which generate


I have a training application in which I need a union of two tables as a view in SQL Server. My company has a list of skills that are coded. Drilling is code 10, sanding is code 30, and so on.


I am trying to set up a python 3 build path for sublime text 3 on a windows 10 pc. The system says that it cannot find the specified file, but I have already added the path and set the build system


I hope you are fine guys. It might be a duplicate, but I was not able to find a samiliar question. Basically I do display numerous files/documents on my page (tiff, jpg, png, xps, doc, docx, rtf, pdf

在Android ExoPope中添加字幕到视频序列的一部分

I have a SimpleExoPLayer which is set to play a sequence of videos/MediaSource using ConcatenatingMediaSource as mentioned in Playing a Sequence of videos. How can I add subtitle to one of the video(

错误:在微软公司.Obj.Exop.Exel.Apple应用程序实例化对象时为800 7000 C1。

I am getting the below error when instantiating the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application() for generating Excel from the winforms app. This was working before and suddently it stopped working


I have a hash/object in typescript. The keys into the hash are dynamic and normally a number. the values in the typescript are the always the same Interface type. So it would look something like


I, am trying to handle the http error using the below class in angular 6. I got a 401 unAuthorized status from server. But however I, don't see the console error message. HttpErrorsHandler.ts file


I have an excel spreadsheet and I am trying to do conditional formatting based on multiple conditions. I have to highlight the rows where (Column A value matches column C) AND (Column B matches column


We have Webpack setup to let us have ES6 style code for a project that needs to transpile down to ES5 so IE11 can run it (project requirement for IE - now ours.) Even though this is using Vue.js,


I don't think this is possible but I'm hopeful there's a way to do it of which I'm not aware. I have this query currently: SELECT month(app.created) AS Month, year(app.created) AS Year, count(*) AS


I want to wait until String.equals("something"). I m implementing it in service class.


I am trying to read in a binary file in a known format. I want to find the most efficient way to extract values from it. My ideas are: Method 1: Read each value into a new char array then get it into


I have 5 XML files in a Directory out of that 4 have the same namespace while one has a different namespace.I'm parsing them using xml.etree.cElementTree from my python script. The problem I'm facing


I have a function with a single name, taking different parameters in c++ class Bar { void foo(int a, int b) {} void foo(int a) {} } I am trying to wrap this using boost python giving something like


i spent several hours and can't solved my problem. I have install the Framework Perfect-LDP with PackageManager and its work fine, when i import PerfectLDAP on my console (main.swift) file. My


I am not sure how to get the reference of the ViewPager located in a Fragment. I know that if the VP is in an activity I would be able to call : vp = getActivity().findViewById(R.id.vpObserve); How

H.264 RTP带内参数集变化

I have an RFC 6184 stream that transmits SPS/PPS in its first packets. After around 5 seconds there is another SPS/PPS that changes the resolution of the stream. My decoder handles this as expected

Django REST框架中添加到购物车的序列化程序

I am struggling on creating the serializer for add to cart. When adding cart, there should be product and the quantity. With the model I have, I am confused on which model to choose for adding the


I am trying to execute the below query using Open JPA on DB2 database, it is executing fine for the 1st time after the server start up but it is failing from second time. Query: Select * from


Hello guys I am not currently working on an IOS app. So I want to delete the user account during the registration when app get killed such as crash, or users force to close. So I create NSNotification


I added compile 'com.google.android.material:material:1.0.0-alpha1' for my project for recent material support getting ClassCastException. My target and compile sdk version is 28. All the activity


We use the following code to print to a card. byte[] image; ZXPPRINTERLib.Job job = new ZXPPRINTERLib.Job(); job.JobControl.Destination = DestinationTypeEnum.Eject; using (ZMotifGraphics graphics =


E:\GIT\xxxx-ui\node_modules\redux-thunk\index.d.ts (14,84): error TS2315: Type 'Middleware' is not generic.


I'm completely new for django and I'd want to list the apps of a django project, for example: FeinCMS I know that startapp creates the directory structure for an app. I wonder if there is either a


I've a custom dialog with several UI elements. Some TextFields are for numeric input. This dialog does not close when the escape key is hit and the focus is on any of the numeric text fields. The

仅针对移动的媒体查询而不是iPad(包括iPhone X的肖像和风景)

Want to write very specific media query only for mobile phone. It will be for both landscape and portrait modes. Especially for iPhone X (375 x 812). I don't want to apply it for iPad (768 x 1024) I

在Read中强制Read OxDelm处理多个“和”作为列字符串的一部分

Given a ; delimited file of structure: colA; colB; colC 1;A; 10 2;B; 11 3;C"; 12 4;D""; 15 5;"F";20 6;K"""; 21 7;""M";22 8; \""O;23 I would like to ensure that colB is always imported verbatim


I am trying to automate a scenario where I need to click on disabled area to validate the next steps.. Could someone help me whether is it possible to click on disabled page? Regards, Supriya


I am creating a new Android Chat application for Only small companys workers. For this purpose I created new Admin Part in PHP that controls the database of users. Purpose of Admin Part is to create


I have a field in our CRM system with order numbers listed in the following way: 544,543,53 *This is an example, the amount and size of these numbers can vary. How do I change these numbers to:


I want to create a view involving quite a few UNIONs and a fair number of columns. For brevity I want to define the column list once and then re-use it multiple times in the T-SQL for the view. It


How to overwrite default width 180px in mat-form-field-infix without custom css <mat-form-field fxFlex> <mat-select> <mat-option>{{


Right now, I have a complex object in settings. To save the object within the standard .NET settings, I convert it to XML and then return that XML's code as string. .NET code then escapes that string,

为Windows程序存储数据和配置文件[Win 10, 8 ]而不需要配置管理器

Years ago there was an amazing post by Pat Altimore on where program data and configurations files should be stored in multiple use cases including local, user, and domain joined scenarios. I'm


I got an app from github, that downloads the course, because my internet connection is instable, and having the videos downloaded I don`t stop studying. The app works properly, but now I am trying to

Access VBA从不同文件夹打开Word文件

I am trying to use access VBA code in a form button to open a word file. I use this code and everything works as intended `Private Sub btn_FAQ_Click() filePath = CurrentProject.Path & "\


I have two tables, not the actual ones, I am trying to replicate the situation here: tblMstPost with a large number of columns(say 20). I am adding just two here. PostId Title 1 First


I would like to use some private/external packages in Scala but when I generated the JAR file (sbt package) I don't have these packages. In others words I received the next error: Exception in


I am trying to access the Text document data and Excel sheet cell values from S3 objects(Text document and Excel sheet stored as objects in S3)with the help of Node JS. Please anyone can give me

Android -后退按钮恢复修改的文本视图

I will simplify my code to address the problem specifically: I have an activity A with some TextViews, which text is set to certain key values stored in SharedPreferences, in the activity's OnCreate


This is my @Repository interface with the native query: @Repository public interface RecentPersonRepository extends JpaRepository<RecentPerson, Long>{ @Query(value = "select id, person_id,


Ok so I have an issue where I've been following along with a Udacity course. The problem is the entire course app has been contained in one file and has steadily become harder and harder to pore


I have the table posts, where id_post is primary key & autoincrement id_post | post 1 hi1 3 hi3 27 hi27 45 hi45 67 hi67 69 hi69 I want to


Processes not cleaned for reuse Hi there, I stumbled upon a problem with ProcessPoolExecutor, where processes access data, they should not be able to. Let me explain: I have a situation similar to


I was trying to build a function that automates the changing in some ggplot layers. Specifically i wrote a function that should modify axis.text and axis.title. axis_view_presentation<-function(

显示对话框,要求用户在与Firebase Crashlytics发生碰撞后报告崩溃

I am using Crashlytics from Firebase, the crash reports are been uploaded fine to the Crashlytics console. Now my intention is upload a crash report only if the user consent to do so. For that I want

如何解决通过.NETCype 2 .x消费时的WCF反序列化异常?

I have a new .NET Core 2.0 API project where I have successfully added a reference to connected to WCF 3.5 service and made a call to method with signature like myMethod(string something, object