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I have just noticed (by accident) that with bash, if I use a local array inside a function to hold an array passed as a parameter and give that local array the same name as the global parameter passed

For Huffman coding i want to store the tree which is dictionary and data in binary file but with the lowest size.

I'm using LSTM to train a multivariate time-series model to forecast value. after I train/test split and reshape the data, I train the model and the "Loss on the Train and Test" having very big gap

I am not able to find the 'sidebar'-class in the bootstrap documentation although it is used in the examples: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.1/examples/dashboard/ Where can I find a description for

There is a database with categories, each category has a list of values ​​inside. How can I make it so that when a category is selected, a list of items that fall into the selected category is

I'm having issues configuring this shell correctly and I think I'm not setting up path correctly and I don't know how to fix this. Any ninjas out there willing to help please? !oh-my-zsh installation

I am trying to get my child div section to all the way to the top and bottom of the parent div section. Go to the bottom of this Example URL (where the Canadian Flag Stand Up Paddle Boarders are):

I was trying to make color switch game using opengl. i am stuck in using glReadPixels(); method where i want to compare color of sphere to above rotating disk just before sphere touches disk. plz

I code unmanaged COM with C++ So all effective statements are to put in a try { statement } catch (_com_error& e) {fprintf(stderr,"%s %s\n", "Reason", e.ErrorMessage()} A statement for example

I'm working with UFO Sightings data set and my goal is to verify if the Shape of UFO ("circle", "cone") depends on the Duration of Sight (in seconds). To do that, I decided to perform a Chi-Square

I'm making an app with plotly-dash to view *.mdf files (Python Library asammdf for loading the files). I made an Upload component (https://dash.plot.ly/dash-core-components/upload) to load the files.

I have this function: public static IList<T> Reverse<T>(MyList<T> list) { list.Reverse = true; return list; } This function works well, but the list will remain reverse. I

i try change this algotitm to iterative https://github.com/hellogcc/circuit-finding-algorithm I have a recursive function which I try convert to an iterative function but I am quite stuck. Can anyone

Recently I was learning about the topic of memory alignment and related issues and it led me to a following program: #include <cstdio> #include <cstdint> struct XX { uint8_t a;

I am researching how video uploads work through http requests. Consider the case where we are trying to upload a video with a single http request (it's a small video file) by passing it as the body of

Trying to workout how I should be storing files each users uploaded files. The files need to be private so only the person who uploaded it can read/write. My question is, should I be creating one

I want to send two seperate strings to a server. Each string contains "/n" at the end by the definition of the protocol. I use OutputStream to send the strings. Once sending those 2 strings, I have to

I'm using cuda for first time and I think I'm doing something wrong calling cudaMemcpy function ,I'm trying to pass a bidimensional matrix to the gpu memory I'm not sure if a have to pass a float

My code is used to find Standard deviation and average but when it gets to the second for loop it returns an error.I'm sorry if it may be obvious but I'm fairly new to programming Scanner input =

I created a servlet, thanks to which I can add a note using one input and clicking the add button. How to add button / link to delete all added notes in Java servlet I added tag in the form and text

i am trying to write my streamed data(json format) to s3 bucket. i am using below code but not able to write class TweetsListener( StreamListener): def __init__(self,path): self.path =

I'm currently trying to build a tank game in Unreal Engine 4.20. I'm trying to aim my tank turret and barrel onto the player's pointer, by using method LineTraceSingleByChannel(). However, when I log

I want to replicate observations based on the inverse probability of treatment weights (iptw) to create pseudo-populations for further analysis. For example, if iptw=4.5, then weight=5 should be

for my computer science class I have an assignment due monday and I dont know where to start, I know I need to use loops but im not sure what condition This is the assignment: A program called

I need to get the data from a curl in php and have it display all data in that array. I can't seem to get it to work at all. I am trying a while statement but that does not seem to work. It's like it'

I’m testing pyspark on eclipse but I have a little problem. When I create a dataframe and call this dataframe in the next line, the eclipse don’t proposal the templates (.map,filter,flatmap,) how

What am I doing Using the javascript API of the Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 scripting engine: app.preferences.rulerUnits = Units.MM; app.preferences.typeUnits = TypeUnits.MM; app.activeDocument.

I am trying to follow syntax of the pyparticleio.ParticleCloud package. Using the following command, my code works correctly "particle_cloud.boron1.led('on')" (hardcoded values) I want to pass

Ultimately my goal is to be able to load my PMS admin interface via Organizr. I had already tried simply using the URL https://app.plex.tv/desktop through Organizr, but that URL disallows loading the

Due to the complexity of the company I work for, we have a number of departments and a number of roles within each department. Therefore using the typical roles of admin, staff and user simply won't

I'm hoping someone can help me, as I've been fighting with this for days, and am stumped. I've set up the standard git client (from git-scm.com) on a brand new laptop running Windows 10, and am

This is kind of a long explanation of an issue that I'm having on a personal project. Basically, I want to set a data property before my page loads when I read in data from a CSV file using D3.JS. I

I want to use Jigsaw to create a static site. I am using laravel valet for my other projects There is a Valet Driver for Jigsaw. https://github.com/laravel/valet/blob/master/cli/drivers/

I get an error I don't understand when trying to save a dataframe I've been working on to a documentDB collection. Others similar issues on stack pointed to incorrect or case sensitive names

In my script I wanted to clear the array elements to free memory from no longer used data. I found myself in strange situation where using unset() causes: ( ! ) Fatal error: Allowed memory size of

Using Wordpress and the plugin Contact Form 7 I would like to use jQuery to scroll to the sucess message above the contact form. here is my form <form action="///#wpcf7-f1581-p853-o1"

After reading a lot of articles in how to syntax an awk and how to use in a bash script I've come up with a piece of code I'm fine with it. "case ${par[@]} in "-f "$2" -id $4" ) awk -F\| '

OK so I have a database project targeting SQL Azure Database V12 When running the sql into the exact azure database I want to target it runs in fine but via my database project I'm getting an error

I need some help figuring out how I can render the ListView. I have been following along a Flutter tutorial and I have had to stop because I can't get around this issue. From what I can understand

I'm using a custom TInputDirWizardPage to input 3 different target folders for my installation. When the first folder is changed, I'd like to automatically change the 3rd folder's path. Is it

I'm trying to generate a token as a user creates an account,but I seem to get an empty set? What could be wrong? Is anything wrong with the syntax? This is the controller file: import moment from '

I'm trying to compile the Elm compiler from source and have run into a strange problem. I've managed to make it build via stack build successfully. However, when I try stack ghci it fails at a number

PHP - Fetch correct XML values if elements have similar tags per record I'm fetching the below xml file: XML file: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <abc:ABCData xmlns:abc="http://

I have been trying to get vue-analytics working on a site hosted on s3 Below is the code from main.js: import VueAnalytics from 'vue-analytics' Vue.use(VueAnalytics, { id: 'UA-xxxxxxxx-y',

Employee Task Data I have the table that has some data related to employee start date and end date for specific task How to calculate "Total Working days" using the above data show in the picture

I have a Django application and in my testing I run this code: def test_search_keywords_logic(self): response = self.client.get(reverse('search-results'), { 'q': 'test11' }) nt.assert_equal(

I try install tensorflow-gpu(Installing Ubuntu 18.04, CUDA, CDNN, Pytorch and TensorFlow): https://gist.github.com/mari-linhares/cef4cb3440408e44963d1447a7db5ae0 nvidia-driver-410 GPU: GTX 1050 OS:

I need to get the zipCode and the city in multiple viewControllers. Here is how I'm currently doing it import CoreLocation let locationManager = CLLocationManager() class MyViewController:

I would like to find an elegant way to sort an array of strings containing numbers such as ["a1", "a2", "a11"], so that the numbers are correctly displayed in the right order (as I did), and not as ["

So I'm writing a program in c#, but i'm quite new to the language so I reuse a python script that I created long ago. It works fine in both command line, idle, vs code and on linux, but in the c# app