WeChat QR Code

I am working on Selenium with Python and got a scenario where I need to click on a button and wait until a new email arrives in Outlook. I am stuck with the 'Wait until new email arrives in outlook'

I have a requirement to compare a document with all others in the dataset and get the similarity score. I am using spacy's similarity function to do this. As the no.of documents in the dataset are 10^

I set corner with this line segmentedControl1.layer.cornerRadius = 0.7; segmentedControl1.layer.borderColor = [UIColor whiteColor].CGColor; segmentedControl1.layer.borderWidth = 1.0f;

Im making a message thread inside the modal in my blade view. My scenario is this upon cliking the button of message (which is my modal) I wanted to pass the referenceNumber to the controller and use

I am trying to get the views/view holder for the items of RecyclerView which are currently not visible in the list(I have scrolled down), like I scrolled to bottom and want the first child/item/row

I am currently using Angular7. I have Java encryption, decryption code implemented with me given by client, same I need to in Angular. Below is code for Java. import java.security.SecureRandom;

every other library is imported easily except beautifulsoup4 , I have already reinstall it several times. python 3 i am using.

each time I try to run install_github() from RStudio I get something like this: devtools::install_github("r-lib/devtools") Downloading GitHub repo r-lib/devtools@master Error in utils::download.file(

i have a fixed width text file(sample) with data 2107abc2018abn2019gfh where all the rows data are combined as single row i need to read the textfile and split data according fixed row length=7 and

I am trying to create an expression in expression builder to update the timestamp field. @[User::FinalSQLPolicy] = "UPDATE ZDBA.ACE_POLICY_XREF SET APX_ACE_POLICY_NBR= '"+ @[User::CNTRCTID] +"',

I have found other answers to this question on this site, but they seem to be either outdated or not especially descriptive. I am rather unexperienced in website access using swift so code would be

I want to get RTC and show on my Ui by label or other Qt object. When I click RTC_Get_Time_Button it will send command then firmware will send back list like: 0x20 Year[15:8] Year[7:0] Month[7:0]

http://www.fusionart.world/world.html This page displays fine in Chrome but not in Safari. Css doesn't read for section. Only messes up when I upload to server. Please help.

Here My class name is User, When I print my class properties I'm getting my objective name properly. After that, I encoded the data with json_encode(). and then I decoding with json_decode(). I'm

I am trying to apply a pandas_udf, with two parameters. But I've got this error. First I try with one parameter and it's ok: from pyspark.sql.functions import pandas_udf, PandasUDFType from pyspark.

PHP -> CODEIGNITER Tables - users [customers information] - sms gateway [sms gateway configuration apiKey, sender code] - sms template [ pre-approved dynamic templates eg, visitor to office] Form -

I want to change red marker's BG color

I have a spmd program as shown below: function [output,frequency] = spmdfunc(music) fid = fopen( 'music.mp3', 'r', 'b'); x = uint8( fread(fid, 'ubit1')'); while ( a+31 <= numel(x) ) if( x(

Hi i have added dependencies and ojdbc in path but still getting UnsatisfiesDependencyexception. Dependencies <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId>

So i have a file inside a memory dump, using volatility and truecryptsummary i found the name of the .tc file, and it was in the windows cached files inside memory as well (using filescan i found it)

So I have no problem in my IDE with the project, but when I run mvn clean install on command line, I get the following: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.

I've been working on this thing for a few days and I'm totally stumped. I always get "INVALID" for my test runs, whether it's using the IPN Simulator or actually running a CC on my personal PP account.

I just install Debian 9 on my laptop, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 4th Generation. iBus does not work well. It cannot be added to the panel, the same as Fcitx and Scim. I try to install a gnome-shell

The question seems a bit confusing, I will give an example : Table : id | begintimestamp | endtimestamp 1 | 10000 | 11000 2 | 20000 | 41000 Now what I want to do id

Hi I am currently working on an iphone project and the mysql DB was hosted in AWS. The previous developer had wrote many php scripts hosted in AWS that do post and get to the mysql server in AWS. I

My apps run perfectly when i try to run it using Android studio. but after i uploading the app to the playstore.. i got an error 12-19 13:42:14.971 18767-18767/? E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION:

i want to activate a '.next-img' click event out of the ' main-img' function area. How can I achieve that? How can I achieve that? How can I achieve that? How can I achieve that? How can I achieve

I wanna get image (image name) from File Hash column. So URL not show directly image name. This is my Controller: public function viewImageD($filehash){ $filename = DB::table('

I'm writing a function where I'd like to be able to pass in variables from a data frame as atomic vectors, like df$var (e.g., mtcars$mpg). To keep the example very simple, say the function just

This highlight color in PS ISE is really annoying, I can only use the light theme to avoid it. The built-in theme editor seems lack of option pointing to this problem.

I've set an openid configuration on my webserver that will use keycloak for authentication. But when I enter http:///webapp, I've been redirected to Keycloak Login Page with an error saying "Missing

Please tell me why i am not getting email from this php mail function please reply it's urgent i have wased my lot of time in it. i got this mail function in website template i need it for my college

Hello I'm developing a Virtual Reality App in Unity and I'm using Steam Virtual Reality, VRTK and HTC VIVE. Like in PC we Use "Void OnMouseDown" to detect clicks on a game object, how we can achieve

Looking for a solution to detect a different voice from the same person https://github.com/worldveil/dejavu This link takes the voice into fingerprint value. but the problem is not detecting the

SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet [jsp] in context with path [] threw exception [javax.servlet.ServletException: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException:

I have three tables that are in ManyToMany relationship. 1.playlist 2.tracks 3.playlist_tracks I want to retrieve 10 playlist with limit of 5 songs. how can i do it? I have tried with this way..

I have single web application with one .config file and I want to use that single web application for multiple user with different connection string and different domain name which I stored in table.

Hi all i have a python file in which a start method start a service, so i want to run that file from command promt like: python C:\Users\DES256\PycharmProjects\Testing\myfile.py start and it will

I have requirement at hand in unix where I need to build a shell script. The requirement is below: 1) I need to sftp a file( lets say csv file) from my dev server to uat server. 2)After ther sftp

Thank you for opening this question. I am building a scraper, py script scraps things, py put results in json, php read it and display them in view. when i try to choose some record to save in my

I am making a maven project which contains a dependency with runtime scope. I want to call this jar class directly from command line. I don't have the option to make fat jar. My Jar structure is:-

i was having my project on local server which is apache server and i had some rewrite rule in my .htaccess file to modify the url and everything works just fine, but i just move my project to a

In Hartshorne chapter 2, proposition 5.9. I get stuck with “Hence, J_Y, being the kernel of of a morphism of quasi-coherent sheaves, is also quasi-coherent.” in the proof. My question is why the sheaf

I am Connection Timed Out error when I try to Start Drill on Windows 10. I am using JAVA 1.8.0_191. I tried it with JAVA 1.8.0_65 too but the results were same. I have set required paths and

I have a c# FlowLayoutPanel container to which I am adding a number of labels with Label.Text set to different values ie Label.Text = "ABCDEF". What is the best way to search all the labels in

s_tk=['6acffba0', '13817200', 'af9bfe10', 'a74031c0', 'af9a50d0'] content = ['{2048,2048,1,1,DXGI_FORMAT_R16G16B16A16_FLOAT,{1,0},D3D11_USAGE_DEFAULT,D3D11_BIND_SHADER_RESOURCE|

Good day. I want to configure webdav on ubuntu 16.04. For this, I am trying to configure Apache with authorization through the mssql (windows) database. For example, Google gives a lot of information

I'm looking for a way to add an attribute to a Channel before creating it. The reason is that I need to associate the Channel to some arbitrary object so that I have the ability to get the object

SQL> select to_date(' ','YYYYMMDD') from dual; ERROR at line 1: ORA-01841: (full) year must be between -4713 and +9999, not be 0 SQL> select * from dual where to_date(' ','YYYYMMDD') = '

i have tried this, getting click on the checkbox and store the results in Arr. selectpermission(e, permission,modulename){ let Arr:any = []; if (e.target.checked) { let name = modulename;