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#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(void) { int sizestr, sizecol, **arr; printf("Sizestr is "); scanf_s("%d", &sizestr); printf("

From last couple of hours, I'm trying to set simple array but somehow its not happening. messages : [{message: string, nickname: string, user_id: string, profile_url: string, created_at: string, type:

I'm trying to calculate the impulse response of a signal. Here is the code: def impulse_response(self): # Inverse filter: T = self.recorded_data.shape[0] / self.samplerate t = np.arange(0,

I have a XAML UserControl, a combination of a Label, a TextBox and a ComboBox. In the textbox I type a double value, which must be adjusted with a factor determined by my choice in the ComboBox.

I like to build a Administration Tool to manage Products. Every Product is composed of other Components. These components has a Product Family, which defines the Attributes of the component. Therefor

I have an application that has the i18n feature enabled. So I have multiple files messages.properties messages_en.properties messages_fr.properties But for my frontend application I need to read

i have a mac book pro 2015 with 125 ssd drive. bellow is my partition table my question is how can i merge partition "BackUp" into my "2: Apple_APFS Container disk1 71.8 GB

I get "out of memory error". I have declared the following attributes in manifest: android:largeHeap="true" android:hardwareAccelerated="false" I have used tab layout in my fragment. There are no

I am using the beanplot function using the following code: library(beanplot)beanplot(Grainyield~Year*Tmnt,las = 2, data = maize, xlab = "Factors Year.Water Treatment ", ylab = "

Here is my code fellows. I reached data from external api and want to display first 21 entries but where is my mistake ? componentDidMount() { this.setState({ items : this.props })

My intention is to match the value of every line in a textfile. If the value matches a string, the corresponding OP-Code should be pushed to a vector. Otherwise, I want to add the value itself to the

I am trying to create a new column which will contain for each row the count of a specific value in the whole dataset. I have the following dataframe: import pandas as pd df = pd.DataFrame({'a': [1,

I have a Class like this: class Hand { constructor() { this.cards = [10] } get value() { let value = 10; return value; } } Now if I save new instance of this Class (including

I have a runbook name "RB_ConnectSQL" workflow RB_ConnectSQL { [OutputType([string])] param ( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string] $SqlServer, [Parameter(Mandatory=$

I have a problem I could not find any solution for this moment, I have a mobile j7 I made an application using an android studio and inside the application use the item cardView and when I run the

The c++ program which I'm writing is rotating a string. It works fine until I add the "quoted" function which gets red underlined and don't work (message "namespace std has no member quoted"). Any

I am trying to make hexagon 3D so it will look like 3D football. Here i attached sample code in which i have used D3 library to draw orthographic. In Above pic i had draw hexagon over orthographic

I have an embedded project for ARM platform, specifically aarch64. Up until now I was using Make. I recently set up CMake with no particular issues. I moved to CMake because I was under the

I am creating a layer on an UIImageView inside UIScrollView. Here is my code let circlePath = UIBezierPath(arcCenter: CGPoint(x: touchPoint.x,y: touchPoint.y), radius: CGFloat(20) + zoomValue,

Hi a have one expendable table view , I made this with tho tableview , first tableview is contain second tableview , when I select first table view row(for example row 1 of first table) , height of

Here's my code: string newtext; cout << "Enter Name/Surname/Birthdate/Insurance Type: " << endl; getline(cin, newtext); string words[5]; int

I need to initiate download of some content over HTTP and then read the data as a reactive stream. So, even though the downloaded data are big, I can almost immediately read the first few bytes of

Are there any Python software projects out there (e.g. on github), that are complete in the sense that they employ all the best practices regarding tests, documentation (and license notification),

Note: Please don't mark this question as a duplicate as I have already gone through similar questions and their answers. Error : java.lang.RuntimeException: No properties to serialize found on

I want open main window, and, after it, in moment, when it opened, open dialouge window (in which I choice some parameters), whithout clicking or typing anything. Dialouge window must open as such.

I am able to import only one JSON file on the basis of following code, i want to import multiple JSON at a same time, can you suggest me a code??? enter code here Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()

I am new to Python. I came across a document providing info about how object re-usability in Python works. I understand that object re-usability is applicable for int between 0 and 256, but not

I'm new with PS and doing my first steps.. I have a file named "C:\temp\used_groups.csv". The file has email address of AD Groups populated by Powershell script to check which distributions group are

I have a problem regarding loading CSS to a web view. My CSS came from the https://dokaan.com.np/specification.css this url and i want to attach this url to my webview. Here's how i did.

I was trying to make an window with two block with vertical box layout, with upper widget larger than lower one. But rather than that, the widgets are stacking on top of other at the bottom left

I have a very simple app, that mainly collects data from the native ‘os’ nodejs module and then write to the DOM. I don’t really care which function updates the page first or last, and where my

I am trying to build parent-child dimension in SSAS, and for that I created a table: create table ParentChild ( id int primary key , parentid int , [Name] varchar (10) ) ALTER TABLE dbo.

My app gets data from Bluetooth module and I get losses only on Android 8.0. On 7.0 and 8.1.2, things are fine. Someone told me it could be the compatibility issue between Broadcom BT chip and

I need to add a new property called "dataTestValue" to an existing component. This is a simple component that acts like a tab: export class TabComponent implements OnInit { @Input('active') active

https://www.goodreads.com/api/index contains an example how to call json api by js <script type="text/javascript"> function myCallback(result) { alert('nb

According to third party API spec, I need to send null value in JSON using ObjectMapper if no value exists, Expected results : "optional": null If optional value exists, then send "optional": "

In react native docs(https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/touchableopacity), there is no style props. But I already know using style props on TouchableOpacity component is okay. How is it

I am trying to add a data to dataframe which was created with some headers. Code: OutputTable <- data.frame(matrix(ncol = 7, nrow = 0)) x <- c("Desk","Date", "Symbol","Required Time Mtd", "

I am trying using Google chrome API, example here -> "Web Bluetooth / Device Info Sample". but unfortunately the "BluetoothDevice" object contain only {id, name, gatt}. I need to get the MAC Address

Dear community, I am using maps autocomplete on my website to allow users to filter for a specific city (see screenshot below) Showcase of my Autocomplete UI A lot of users are asking us to define

I've been trying to fill a google spreadsheet column with 7000 static satellite maps giving the coords from latitude and longitude columns. Something like this: =IMAGE("https://api.mapbox.com/styles/

I do not know if I used the correct terms in the title but there's something I've come across recently in TypeScript and I can't figure out what is the difference between the two: class Test {

I as using the following code to swipe next/previous with pages that has a href "next" and "prev"": jQuery(function( $ ) { var keymap = {}; // LEFT keymap[ 37 ] = "#prev"; // RIGHT keymap[ 39 ] = "#

I've a simple post form. Records are saved to database with updateOrCreate function. I've following records to be stored, user_id product_id review rating After submitting form, user_id and

I want to log in with bootstrap_modal_forms via ajax, everything works, but I can not define in the navbar so that if the user is logged in, he added the field and changed it to others, I will add

hi friends I just want to pass a variable from js to modal. I have searched on google for related problems but avariable passed to the modal changes the whole content of targeted id but I just want to

I am trying to use the array functionality in angular 7 but I am facing the error saying, cannot find name 'Array'. Similarly, I am not able to use the simple array methods like push and pop.

I used the botbuilder-js to write a custom bot. At some point it requires the user to sign in, so the bot sends out the OAuthPrompt dialog, which makes user sign in (with google, which I have

How could I calculate the number of exported patches giving the following numbers: 1) Image size: 1024 x 768 2) Patch size: 32 3) Stride: 4 Thank you

I have a multicolumn pandas dataframe, with rows for each day. Now I would like to replace each weekend with it's mean values in one row. I.e. (Fr,Sa,Su).resample().mean() --> (Weekend) Not sure