WeChat QR Code

I'm trying to extract informations about comments from Facebook page post (I'm Admin) via Http request using Facebook Graph API graph.facebook.com/2288441345503360_2289495187064649?fields=


How to send Attachments and view attachments in chat using mvc? I tried in asp.net chat applciation but i want in mvc with chat process

用户如何使用GITLab4J API从受保护的分支获得LeestEnter?

I am trying to connect a java program through githab, and I am using gitlab4j-api open source API, I am able to login ang get the project details from basic program. But which method can help me to do


I am currently working in accounting module,As I logged as a User in a company , I run this 'model': 'account.aged.payable' through the 'url': '/account_reports/output_format/aged_payable/1' I am


I am trying to navigate between social media and company , but when I hit company it's component is loading but when i am hitting social media I am getting error error I am getting - ERROR Error:


I have a table view in which each row is having a button. Am storing the data as the button's title. What i need : I want to pass the selected button's title to the destination view controller. Code


I am having issues when trying to add group to a team folder using the Dropbox API v2. I am trying to add group to team folder using the 2/sharing/add_folder_member route I am sending the request

LARAVLE 5.6中没有发现雄辩的模型类

I keep getting the following error: Use of undefined constant App - assumed 'App' when I do: Route::get('/tasks', function () { $tasks = App / Task::all(); return view('tasks.


I have installed latest RestSharp NuGet package version (106.3.1) on my C# solution and when I make a request that takes much longer than usual (most of my requests take little time), then the request


I am handing HttpRequestException when I use PostAsync and it works fine, but when I am trying to handle same exception on GetAsync it throws TaskCanceledException a task was cancelled with a long


I'm not getting data in body object from fetch request on my server side. I've tried other solutions on SO but nothing is working so far in my case. I'm using Node express on backend and React on


I got a strange SSL problem with a customer's website (http://www.serbski-sejm-2018.org) Everything works fine in all browsers except Firefox (standard install, SSL_ERROR_UNRECOGNIZED_NAME_ALERT; FF


Hi I having a problem with json responce from Kodi Player I need to extract two values like channelid and label i need to be done in PHP {"id":"libGetChannels","jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"channels":[{


Why can't I create this? I keep getting the error sp2-0042: unknown command ")" create table orders ( onum number(4), vnum number(4), knum number(4), bedrag number(8),

LARAVEL 5更新验证电子邮件需要独特

I'm trying to update a user, as an admin. I'm changing the username, but it says email must be unique. How do I fix this. public function update($id, PutUser $request) { if (auth()->id() == $id)


I have a data table that is populated GUI -> API call -> node backend -> loop back -> mongo db. Just displaying data works fine using NGRX state management. I use a modal dialog to edit one of the


I have MotionLayout with two widgets, one is described in MotionLayout, second - in scene file. Layout file: <android.support.constraint.motion.MotionLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.

从控制器到视图的MVC PASS值/参数

what i'm trying to achieve: 1. fill up form 2. save into database 3. redirect user to another view that displays some details (referenceID) so here's what i have controller: [HttpPost] [


i want to integrate wecashup payment in my laravel5.1 project. I used https://www.wecashup.com , https://www.wecashup.com/dashboard/settings , https://www.wecashup.com/tutorials for this.


Is it possible to get a pdf file of another page in rails and display it? For example: I want to display in users/show.html.erb page the pdf file of posts/show.html.erb. Or is it possible to write a


jfrog rt dl --symlinks=true generic-local/latest.tgz Getting "Incorrect Usage". jfrog cli version 1.18.0. Is it possible to download a symlink data from jfrog CLI?


I want to build a list of employees of a supervisor. Therefor I want to traves over the hierarchical relations, to get all employees of an supervisor and not only the direct employees. How do i get


i found jq very helpful in converting tsv to JSON file, however, i want to figure out how to do it with jq when i have array in my tsv: name age pets Tim 15 cats,dogs Joe 11 rabbits,


I am trying to parse 5mb of xml using StAx parser in java.using intellij idea, in research they asked me to increase the heap size in custom vm options,I increased 512m to 2048m but it is not working.

离子SQLite DB在模拟器中工作,但不在IOS中工作

I'm trying to test my ionic app on iPad by it doesn't work well. It does wok with the emulator on xcode. Someone can help me ?


I am aware about using an AWS web service endpoint using AWS Cognito Javascript SDK. There exists no SDK built for Salesforce(Apex to be precised) that I have found. Is there a way to get the user id


I was using Python 2.7 with PyQt4 and converting .ui files to .py using 'pyuic4 'command. Everything was perfect. Few days back I installed Python 3.5 + PyQt5. I am using 'pyuic5' command for .ui to


I'm working with an extremelly unbalanced and heterogeneous multiclass {K = 16} database for research, with a small N = ~250. For some labels the database has a sufficient amount of examples for


Hi I am scrapping the website and trying to injest in to Elaastic search. I am able to create dictionary. I want to know to how to injest into elastic search. Each doctor is a document here. I am


I want to change my project calendar to jalali.calendar and I changed my fullcalendar to persian form. Problem is, I see no changes in view! How can i do changes in fullcalendar? Where should I begin?


I have 6 second audio recording('ar-01.wav') in wav format. I want to transcribe the audio file to text using amazon services. For that purpose I created a bucket by name 'test-voip' and upload the


I have the following in my response body: aBB1="N|1234A1234|blahblahblah" I want to take only 1234A1234 using Regular Expression Extractor in JMeter. Kindly provide a suitable regex asap. Thanks in

I have the following code with a regex CHARACTER <- ^([A-Z0-9 .])+(?:\\(V\\.O\\.\\))?(?:\\(O\\.S\\.\\))?(?:\\(CONT'D\\))?$ str_match("WILL (V.O.)",CHARACTER)[1,2] I thought this should match the


There is a column idaction_url related to piwik_log_action table in Piwik's piwik_log_link_visit_action table. How can i get to know the actual URL of the visited Site/page using idaction_url. Thanks

我可以在哪里下载微软Visual Studio工具2应用程序?[暂时搁置]

Please share the link as not able to find it anywhere. Where i can download the microsoft visual studio tools for application 2.0 enu ?


this is some wierd issue i'm facing, I have some text fields which shows results from server. In debug mode all is working completely fine, but in release version of the same APK textfields are blank.


v-on:click doesn't work in v-for directive? This is an example. <div id="mainapp"> <div v-for="item in items"> <span v-on:click="test(item)">{{item}}</span> </


I am doing the following on document open: total = writer!!.directContent.createTemplate(30f,16f) onEndPage: val img = Image.getInstance(total) img.scaleAbsolute(30f,30f) //tried


I can't remove this gap between two dates. Problem is that I've dates with 1-hour interval, then a gap in 3 days and dates with 1-hour interval again. How to reduce this gap to make all dates to be


I'm trying to use the Unix System command to kick off a script and I receive the following error message. sh: location/script.ksh: No such file or directory The error message is expected but what


I am using SQLite in Perl. How can I simulate (for testing reasons) a database busy and/or locked? I could not find any information on the web.

如何将SQL查询转换为Django QuerESET?

i have two tables like categories and items in models items has foreign key of categories,here we have 4 categories and 12 items where each category has 3 items how to write a query set to get query


I got error in following code : public ActivityLocation convertCursorToEntity(Cursor cursor) { ActivityLocation activityLocation = new ActivityLocation(); Location location = new Location(


I can not use products variation because I use a theme (rehub) that works with Content Egg plugin. for my case I have two products, one with an attribute of color 'black' and the other 'white'. For


function shift(int val) returns(int) { int res; assembly { let m := mload(0x40) mstore(m, shl(2, val)) mstore(0x40, add(m, 0x20)) res := mload(m) }


I have a list of Strings, like => List list = new List("ABC=123456", "ABC=456789", "ABC=876543"); int limit = 345678; I need to write a regex such that it


What is the difference of the following regular expressions? (\2amigo|(go!))+ (amigo|(go!))+ They both match the same strings. https://regexr.com/3u62t How does the forward reference work?


I am getting Loading failed error when searching for something in a select2 box using ajax. My code is as follows: enter code here. searching text : <div>@Html.Hidden("cod_indem", ViewBag.


I'm trying to load an image with semi-transparent pixels from disk into a data buffer by using GDI+. Images seem to load fine, but once I've drawn them to screen, they have no more semi-transparency.


I need to use a random function, but also have it repeating on different devices (PC / iOS / Android). I'm running this sample code, to shuffle a vector: std::mt19937 generator(1337); std::cout <&