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The table Users have a few relationship on another table So here the snippet code var users = DbContext.Users .Include(x => x.ApplicationUserGroups) .ThenInclude(x =>

I'm going to lay out the current scenario I'm having trouble with. I've created three topic branches; Topic-A, Topic-B, Topic-C. I'm done with all these branches, and am ready to merge them into

I'm using tmdb api multi search, I have a get request that returns back an array of items which have an object key and value. Some return 'media_type: tv', some return 'media_type: movie' I have two

my wired situation is, the online service is working now, and everyday i can find a few 500 error reports like below: runtime error: index out of range i can find which api by log, but it returns

We are using Klarna Checkout(3rd party plugin) to handle payments for our WooCommerce platform. When the product is added to cart, Klarna Checkout Form appears with the details needed like email and

Currently I have a textfield in the format ###/##. When typing it types in the correct format but for some strange reason when deleting it will only delete until the '/' sign and won't delete before

Can i create a mobile application using python and firbase, which work in Android and IOS phones?

I have a datatable with several columns of strings. One column is "IPAddress". I want to sort the data table by the IP Address column. I've tried DataView dv = dt.DefaultView; dv.Sort = "IPAddress

I am new to angular 6, I want to show change password field and button when update password button is clicked. (Angular 6/TypeScript)

I would like to train my image and detect anomalies with Keras, but how do I make a weight file? I watched the net, github, medium, etc but I could not find anything using my image data to detect

I created a code to copy file by the partial names which are included in the active workbook and when it is done that cell will be colored. I used "Boolean" option to overwrite the files before but

I have a scenario exactly like this. If one value of a given object matches an object's value in a nested array then update the nested object. If it doesn't match any, push it to the array. If the

i had programming return to other page : when i load page belong to Controller A , it will check login session or not and if it's not so redirect to page login - Controller B . In Controller B i had

The command I used to compile was ./bootstrap the results were: Usable autoreconf found, running main::scan_file() called too early to check prototype at /usr/local/bin/aclocal line 617.

I'm trying to use fft function in R. Now I know how to apply zero-padding to apply linear convolution. However, for a vector of a certain length (after padding), 415999, R program fails to give the

When I ran my code, the batch normalization layer raised error. x = tf.layers.conv2d(x, f, w) print(x.shape) # x.shape = (64, 5, 5, 256) tf.layers.batch_normalization(inputs=x, axis=-1,

I wrote a Java Code to find the result for exponents and powers. It works for smaller exponents and kind of smaller powers, lets say if power is 10 to 20 range. But the real problem happens when I try

I'm having "fun" trying to get a cash drawer kicker to work. The documentation says to use either Ctrl G ^G or ESCp0. This is the code: const //CTRLG = #$07; ESCp0 = #27#112#48; if

I'm not sure how to modify a recursive method call to handle a list of JVMNodes, which I would pass in to be checked and replaced with different JVM commands to peephole optimize the language. Each

I am trying to disable TLS 1 and 1.1 in my docker instances along with disabling several algorithms for security purposes. However I am trying to figure out how to add the below to properties to the /

I need to help for a sql server query. I have a table and it has 3 columns like a, b, c. a b c --- --- --- hello world 10 world

I want to proc sql syntax from sas in python. This time without making any db connection in proc sql in sas. I know sqlite. But this requires to provide sql server name.

I am new to asp.net web api. I am planning to use Token based authentication for a simple web api I am creating in C#. I have created the api and used the following code to create the token

I am new to Python. I am using the following directory structure and am trying to import module OrgRepo into Func1. I am using a virtualenv and vs code as my IDE. src/ ├── Functions │   ├── Func1 │  

I am trying to group my some of elements from this BSON data { "_id" : ObjectId("5c18e25926fb081b8b5b0240"), "Total Detections in Frame" : "2", "StoreName" : "BH", "FPS" : "0.033",

I'm having a problem about this conversion failed i don't know what to do. Can someone correct my query about this error. exec("Insert into TBL_PAYROLL(EmployeeName,PaymentDate,PresentDays,TotalCOLA,

I'm having some serious difficulties googling this because of the sheer number of results that pop up when I search "Xamarin forms app tutorial." Is there an efficient way to build a tutorial for my

I've built an Add-In for Word and would now like to add an option to call a function from it when a user highlights a word and right clicks on it. I've found documentation here on how to modify the

I have a set of 2D input arrays m x n namely A,B,C and I have to predict two 2D output arrays namely d,e for which I do have the expected values. You can think of the inputs/outputs as grey images if

In my Spark Structured Streaming application, I'm doing unionByName on three Datasets: val allRecords = ds1 .unionByName(ds2) .unionByName(ds3) where ds1 etc are strongly-typed Datasets.

When running Dataflow job in Google cloud, how can the Dataflow pipeline be configured to shoot an email upon failure (or successful completion)? Is there an easy option, where it can be configured

javacpp-opencv drawContours produce wrong result than in python. Here is the code in java to use drawContours function: public static void main(String[] args){ Mat im = imread("7KXY.png");

I have an sqlite3 database which has been created via the following CREATE statement in a .sql file: create.sql CREATE TABLE dogs (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, name TEXT,

My First Version : bool IsDynamicType(object obj){ return obj is dynamic; } it's fault because all class object will return true,ex: var b1 = new {} is dynamic; //True var b2 = new object() is

I have a trouble regarding this issue on react native navigation by the way I am using redux. Listserviceaction.js contains webservicecall component is being imported here import ListComponent from '

I plan on using Senti Lexicon ( Senti WordNet/SenticNet etc) for Sentiment Classification on tweets. I want to have an embedding of senti lexicons available in tweets and then use it in my model.

I would like to install the Pillow package on an Ubuntu 18.04 VPS running Python 3.7. I first created a virtual environment -- python -m venv /path/to/env source /path/to/env/bin/activate from there

I wrote a linked_list as In [69]: !cat linked_list.cpp //linked list:

I need to be able to assign custom environment variables to each replica of a pod. One variable should be some random uuid, another unique number. How is it possible to achieve? I'd prefer continue

I used the hibernate validator annotation in the parent class to check if the field is empty, but the subclass inherits the parent class and uses @Valid on the controller parameter, but the reported

I have been working ar navigation outdoor using google navigation. Referred [git@github.com:rakshithaacharymedia/ARNavigation.git][1] for ar google navigation. From this sample i can able to show ar

Fast Android Networking JSON Parsing This is the request AndroidNetworking.post("URL") .addBodyParameter("auth_token", "abcdefghijkl123") I am sending a json format query as a

I have some code from a beginner's coding exercise: numbers = [] i = 0 def populate(maximum, step): while i < maximum: numbers.append(i) i = i + step populate(10, 2) Which

Currently, I'm getting these linting errors: ESLint: UNSAFE_componentWillUpdate should be placed after someFunction (react/sort-comp) and ESLint: Identifier 'UNSAFE_componentWillUpdate' is not in

I have already gone to: Settings Notifications & status bar App notifications [Application] Enabled Lock screen notifications However, I am not seeing a notification in the lock screen of my

I got one output with three layers using following method, next layer I wanted also to use Conv2D(filters=3),but input is one channel. how to how to concatenate the above output with three layers

I am facing a situation in Java where I have a method with signature something like below: public void func(ClassA[] objArr) {} The time when my implemented func definition will be called, there

I have a timeline chart made using a scatter graph. I want to edit the X axis so it is thick and has labels for different Phases. I created an image of the chart style I am looking to create. Can

I'm minimizing a non-linear function of 3 variables with fminsearch in Octave. Because, the solution gets close to the minimum, but not close enough, I need to investigate the behavior during the