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I am having trouble writing this function. Its purpose is to process the numbers from an array and find out how many prime numbers are in the array. int count=0; for (int x=0;x<num;x++) { bool

So, essentially I export a data set from a website and the data set comes in an excel file. The file is always named as such "Task_State_(Pivot)_xxxxxx" X's are a random string of numbers. The work I

Please let me know if you know how to make something like this work. I am not able to pass a variable to 'myConditionValue" for text_contains. var myCondition = { "type": "TEXT_CONTAINS", "

I have the current code: <ion-grid> <ion-row> <ion-virtual-scroll [items]="places" approxItemHeight="200px"> <ion-col size="12" size-lg="6" *virtualItem="let

I have a nested list with phrases after applying phrasemachine(). Now I would like to create a document-feature matrix having the documents (user) in the first column and all features as the remaining

Here I have 'e' which is an array of arrays. e[i].val() returns a long value (positive or negative). My goal is to add up all these values and return the mean value. The problem is that the total

I have a Service in a Kubernetes cluster which has a label selector, several pods have this label, therefore are "connected" to the Service. Is it possible to retrieve the internal IP addresses of

I have exported my settings from one instance of IDEA into a .jar via the File > Export Settings dialog on my Ubuntu machine. Now I want to import these settings on my Mac running IDEA 2018.3.

there is this thing bugging my mind: I've been banned in a video game even after I've formatted my ssd I was still banned from the game , this is commonly called a hardware id ban, but I've

I made a setup file for a desktop base project in Visual Studio 2013 through Installer Project of Visual Studio 2013, but when I'm trying to install this it gives me this error: could not access

I am trying to understand how to inspect python3 classes. In the following example, onto.search_one returns an object of class owlready2.entity.ThingClass. But help() shows the class as class

I have a dictionary whose values are functions in an object that take two values as arguments. For the sake of example: class A { def __func_1(a, b) def __func_2(a, b)

I am trying to learn Express for NodeJS but I came across this: I am trying to add 2 middlewares depeding on url, so on the /user to do something and on root to do something different. However the

I copied this code #include <stdio.h> #include <sqlite3.h> int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { sqlite3 *db; char *zErrMsg = 0; int rc; rc = sqlite3_open("test.db", &db);

Attached the image how the data is, In my table i have 3 columns, id, start date, end date and its values are like this. id start date end date 100 2015-01-01 2015-12-31 100 2016-01-10

I would like my program to simulate a library system that you can borrow a book for rev 7 days and it will be automatically re loan for 7 days if there's no one wanted the book. but you have to

I want to be able to have users self-register but I want to be able to customize the registration form without having to change the default form inside the flask-app builder files.

I made a code that is supposed to function like a gradebook. There should be 20 Names and grades of the students entered into the structure then display it to the screen. There aren't any error

I am trying to create a side menu navigation that slides into and off of the screen when you click a button. I have a container around the menu and the button so that they move together. The width of

I installed Sequelize-cli on MacOS with the following command: 1. npm i sequelize mysql2 2. sudo npm i -g sequelize-cli However, when I use the sequelize command, I get the following error: bash:

I made a code to create a one chart by vba excel. But I am not able to make a code where I can generate several graphs in the same worksheet, that is, I have 4 columns, I want to create 4 graphs.

I have not managed to connect my vue js to my nodejs server. The configuration is the following, server side: const app = express(); const server = require('http').Server(app); const io = require('

I'm trying to recreate Lights Out, and a board randomizer to start off the game. When I use my boardRandomizer, I still find the board to be impossible to solve, even though my code starts the board

I added the unit testing framework based on Karma and Jasmine to my ionic 3 project as described here and the refered link. Along the way I had to update webpack to v4 or more because the current

In previous times it was easy. We used the words java and virtual machine synonymously. Now we have Hotspot VM (Oracle JDK), the OpenJDK Server VM, the Eclipse Open 9 VM and the Graal VM. I am a

when I attempt to click a button located behind a popup menu I receive the following error message. *** selenium.common.exceptions.ElementClickInterceptedException: Message: Element <input id="

I have this: cat jobpaths.txt | while read LINE; do cd $LINE ./run_scrape.sh cd .. cd .. cd .. setsid done It is supposed to read a 3-level subdirectory from jobpaths.

I want to create a UserControl called GameControl that instances a new thread when its loaded and has a Panel that will contain the game graphics. The new thread will run while loop that updates the

I have the following UI where the values in the Radar Chart is calculated by the arithmetic mean of some of the TrackBar values. A 'Player' object takes those values, calculates the mean and returns

I am trying to convert a set of jpg files to a slideshow with varying durations using ffconcat output.txt contents: ffconcat version 1.0 file slide_0001.jpg duration 0.163 file slide_0002.jpg

Header 1 I used bind_cols function to bind two different files that have multiple data frames. Instead of having 12 columns, I am having 60 which is repeated of Year as Year1, Year2, Year3, Treatment.

In the past I have not needed to use parallel computing, because my python scripts aren't usually computationally intensive. Recently, I wrote the following for-loop and found that it takes on the

I wrote a large MySQL query to retrieve all permissions for a given user, and recently found that this does not work in newer versions of MySQL due to the ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY mode. The query to

This question has been answered in response in the context of Python, PHP, etc., but I cannot find an answer specific to this Next.JS blog I am creating. Each time I build, I get the following error

So, I have this Spinner component declared, which is just a simple preloader CSS graphic. It sits on my App component and checks to see if we are loading any htpp data. If we are, it shows the spinner.

I am trying to run my node app in heroku but I am getting this error which is related to nodemon dependency. 2018-12-16T21:32:51.891208+00:00 app[web.1]: sh: 1: nodemon: not found 2018-12-16T21:32:51.

I created Angular 7 project with server side rendering using universal tool. It works fine on local machine no problem and the dist folder including server and browser folder and server.js The

I have a react-native-firebase headless js task configured, and this task should open the app when notification is received (it's expected by user and the app requires such behavior). What's the best

I am trying to create a screen with coordinator layout that includes: Toolbar Fragment, which will be replaced for every page using navigation API Bottom App bar However, I struggle with

I want do download a whole directory from a FileZilla FTP server. I use wget -r --user=XXXX --password='XXXX' ftp://XXXXXX.org:XX/Fertig/XXXXXX/ the error says: --2018-12-16 21:19:55-- ftp://XXX.org:

I need to periodically backup a subset of a mongo database from production and restore it into a development database in order to diagnose issues for specific customers. Doing a full backup/restore

There's a function provided by my uni that is supposed to read in a file. In the parameter, there's the fileName parameter. What I don't understand is why they're using a character pointer instead of

This is a very strange problem. I hope to get a hint from someone with insight of Android emulators. An app implements WS-Discovery by sending probes to port 3702 of multicast address

It seems JavaScript does't permit insensitive whitespace in its regex. Is there any transpiler for JavaScript that permits something like /x from perl, in the Regex. /x and /xx A single "/x" tells

I am using the leaflet plugin easybutton.js I have added 2 buttons, but I would like to change the background color of them at different points but I am can't seem to fully get there. I can change the

When I check the debug.log, I found magento2 failed to find a few third-party modules css files from view_preprocessed/source. I have looked into them and they all have been added in xml files. And

I'm trying to addDays to a date using Carbon with Laravel, but I don't get why I'm receiving this error. I have checked some posts in StackOverflow, but no one has helped me to solve it. This is my

I must read and count a specific column in .csv file but ı couldnt and also what ı wrote works for small files when ı open a big file it doesnt work and also ı have some stopwords and ı dont know how

My Google OAuth Strategy works perfectly on the client side. However after deploying the project to heroku the OAuth breaks once google attempts to redirect the user back to the specified redirect

On Postman, when the response has a JSON stringified, it looks like this: (this is an example) "{\n \"title\" : \"Forbidden\",\n \"message\" : \"The user is not allowed to approve this post\",\n \"