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I have a function that appends elements to a global array. The problem is that the table view functions are loading while the array is empty. How to solve this? var testArray = [String]() override

I am trying to make a script that asks from the user to type a date. This date should be typed like this : DDMMYYHHMM. For example if it's 15-12-2018 13:05. It should be written like this 1512181305.

I've created some data in json format at myjson.com. I want to start using this data. I understand I need to do axios.get(url) to use the data in my code but once I've manipulated that data some way

I just tried to playing music in Service and at the same time, Seekbar progresses with the thread. I totally don't know how to get the music's current Position at the new thread.

I want to solve an optimization problem in Python. I am trying to define a variable x_{g,h} where the index g belongs to the set G and the index h belongs to the set H(g), i.e., the set of indices h

In my project I capture photo to buffer using QCameraImageCapture::CaptureToBuffer . But it also saves images to the file. Since I am planning to capture images continuously I want to prevent it from

In flutter I may link to a Git repo in my pubspec.yaml, by pointing it to a git location dependencies: package: git: url: https://github.com/somerepo/something.git Now, supposing I look

Just learning tkinter and finding some odd behavior. My vertical scrollbar is light gray and contains the dark gray rectangle that travels up and down the bar to show progress, When this code first

for x in range (0,24): RandCharGen = random.randint(0,len(characters)) RandChar = characters[RandCharGen] Shows the error: RandChar = characters[RandCharGen] IndexError: list index out of

What was the reason Why I constantly getting this error using vue js front.js:43404 [Vue warn]: Failed to mount component: template or render function not defined. found in ---> <Other>

Hello and thank you in advance for any help. I have an application which reads speed, rpm and gear values from BeamNG Drive and Serial prints them to a COM Port. It works in a loop, separating the

I am currently making an app similar to the 'freelancer' App where people can post jobs and view them and apply for it. I have completed 1/2 of my app and currently I'm using Firebase to store the

When ran, the below code works in a stand alone project. However, how would I modify the code if I wanted to replace the variable "sample_text" with an output in the terminal as opposed to already an

I'm learning Python based on the list below I'd like to filter based on several different conditions and combine the results. list_of_stuff = ["aus-airport-1", "aus-airport-2", "us-airport-1", "us-

I'm trying to call a client-side function from within my server side file, my server.js is something like this: var express = require('express'); const errjs = require('./public/js/popup.js'); app.

i want to add a prediction column in my dataset after i used Kmeans algorithm in my dataset and i don't have any idea how to achive this. Below is the code i used so far (taken from spark

In my program I am passing the search filter and page number as a query to the url. on search : A get form sends the parameter which is accessed in the route as req.query.searchterm; on pagination:

Let number: Any = 10 switch number { case 10 as Int print ("10") default: break } I am just wondering what steps the compiler take to resolve the value of constant number? Does

I understand that objects are stored in heap space. with more details here : https://www.hackerearth.com/practice/notes/runtime-data-areas-of-java/ in the following code the object param the

I have the following bar chart, where the standard deviation is too small to be seen. The y axis uses the log-scale. Is it possible to configure the script to show the standard deviation? from os

I'm creating a Convolutional Neural Network for image classification. I'm new to Tensorflow and just to get a hang of its control flow but my result on TensorBoard is below. enter image description

I removed the android sdk as well as the android-studio directory (also removed ~/.android and ~/.AndroidStudio3.2), then downloaded the most recent android-studio for Linux, unpacked and run. It

I'd like to replace all city name strings which contain parenthesis to be what is contained in the parenthesis but I am doing it incorrectly. Please advise df$City<-ifelse(grep("[(]",df$City),gsub(

I wonder if the code in st0029.pkg could be applied to OLS estimation of the demand system? I read relative Stata help file and found that all the examples Stata offers are MLE models.

I am trying to aggregate data from two separate collections within the same MongoDB database. The "accounts" collection contains user information (cleansed): { _id: ObjectId("

i'm trying to write a python script that will take an image as an input and print out whatever is in the image as text to the terminal or a file. i do have python 2.7 and 3.7 i do have PIL and

I'm using wget to download data for a research project on far-right extremism. I have a list of urls, but the urls are not followed. (They do work in the browser.) The urls are all structured like

I'm trying to incorporate scoverage into our Scala Gradle project. The project uses an in-house complier to auto-generate some Scala classes under certain packages. The packages will have names like

enter image description hereI am developing an Android Application. I have a problem in writing the data in Firebase. First of all, on clicking a TextView, an alert dialogue box has appeared which

Hello Google Play Developer, In October, we announced updates to our Permissions policy that will limit which apps are allowed to request Call Log and SMS permissions. This is the second notification

so I'm using fgets to retrieve line per line from a txt file and storing them on a *char , but the problem is when I compare the string retrieved from the file with another string that I've declared ,

I was coding after disabling tslint for a while and when I enabled it later on, I saw some errors and fixed it. From this: for (let index = 0; index < combinedUniqueIndexes.length; index++) To

I want to display songs from table starting with a specified letter in Room Database Here is my Query @Dao public interface SongDao { @Insert public void addSong(SongEntity songEntity); @Query( "

i wanna setup a LCD display on my Raspberry Pi, but i have no internet on it. the instruction says running this in cmd is needed: sudo REPO_URI=https://github.com/notro/rpi-firmware rpi-update My

I am not able to start my Node-red server, I even removed nodejs and all npm folders including node-red but it didn't help. When I remove all foreach loops in the Registry.js file then the server

So I'm currently practicing DFS & BFS approaches to binary trees and I am confused on how multiple arguments are being passed into the .append statements below. I know that .append can only take

Hello Guys I am trying to grasp the understanding of mutex locks. What i am doing is i am solving a mathematical equation (a+b) x (c+d) / e using three different threads namely addition,

I'm using ssh to download files from my server to localhost. Downloading of files works well with the following command: scp -r pvp@ download But

My Problem: I am developing an Android app where I need to get data from the user (a string) and store it in a database in JSON format but I need to delete entries older than XX hours (provided by

Description:While connecting local workspace with VSTS by TFS in Selenium WebDriver, I am not able to connect. Below error will pop up An internal error occurred during: "Refreshing TFS Server

well i am working on an android application which allowws the users to type complex maths equations but normal keypads do not have many of the symbles like off "integration" and "differentiation" etc

So I'm pretty new to Python and there is this library I want to work with. However there is an argument in the constructor of the class which I can't find anything about. init method looks like this:

So now I have two Tables "Member" ,"PatientsInfo" ,each Member could have different Patients and so I want the app when the Member logs in to load all his Patients by Id after logging In , I have

I am trying to connect to YT API using tuber library yt_oauth(app_id,app_secrete) However when i execute this i have the following error: Error in yt_oauth(app_id, app_secrete) : Unable to

I have to do a program that simulate the movement of some cars using 4 threads. Each one of them have to select a random car from a string and call a function to concatenate "buffer_resultados". All

I am trying to implement information updates in an XML file, by multiple processes running on multiple machines somewhat concurrently. My thinking is to loop for 10 minutes, trying to open and lock

I develop a desktop chat with boost asio and beast (for browser support). I use this architecture : But, when building, I have an issue : bad_weak_ptr, I don't know what is wrong :s Here a link to

i'm programming a contextual widget that shows a container of widgtes inside of it. It also should show them in the theme chosen. it's all programmed in PHP with WP's libraries. I'm trying to figure

All of a sudden after I installed Microsoft edge on windows 10 gd Visual Studio is using IIS Express when run debug a web application and it is messing up everything. How do I get back to normal so

I have a question. Today im trying react for the first time. I want to make fancy-looking navbar. I opened that page: NavBar React example And copied some example. I pasted it to my App.js file.