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Goal Get the name for an API GW created within Cloudformation stack. The API Name is required if trying to get an API GW metric, since they exist By Api Name Example TESTAPI: Type: AWS::

I want to drop rows with any NaN values in my dataset. The dimension of my dataset is 9733*123. This is my code : Here is the code to drop rows with any NaN value dataset.dropna(how='all')

I'm currently writing help method for every entity, I had one problem in my situation. (I don't know exact name in english, so I expressed it as a help method) Following is example, @Entity

What can I do to improve the performance of nested components? The app has a drag and drop functionality and I think it's re-rerendering the nested components on every drag event (dragStart, dragOver

I have minimal experience with Ruby and am trying to get my hash to update its values after subtracting the values by three. For example, extinct_animals = { "Passenger Pigeon" => 1914, "Tasmanian

Is there a way to get all the bionic packages from this site locally so that I can send them to a Linux VM (which does not have any internet access) using pscp on my Windows machine? I tried

Im having trouble converting the curl request into a python code request. Working Curl request curl -X POST "http://xxxxxx" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-

While I was getting ready for an exam I found a question which asks for an algorithm for indirect multiplication. Question : Two integers p and q can be indirectly multiplied by the following

I have an Excel formula which iterates twice over 2 separate columns for different sheets. Basically it matches two index values for rows and columns of these sheets and stores the two values that

I am using the geoip2 API to detect countries in my script. I have written a script for success and error, however the error part never fires. geoip2.country(onSuccess, onError); I checked and saw

So basically I want the bot to join a voice channel and play a youtube video(that I choose for it not the user).

How can I boot the Linux kernel on the rocket-chip emulator? I have a working Linux kernel compiled into the Berkeley Boot Loader. I can run this with spike. e.g. spike bbl boots right into the

I installed sh for native python, and I started using commands to install: $ pip install sh Collecting sh Could not fetch URL https://pypi.python.org/simple/sh/: There was a problem confirming

I want to transfer data of certain conditions from elasticsearch to kafka. Is there any way to do that?

I am having some issues running a piece of Javascript on my vb.net application. I want to execute this in my webbrowser control. javascript:(function(){if(!document.getElementById("nt-mtjs")){var t=

I'm working on improving my powershell and I have been working on over-hauling a script but I'm still pretty green so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I understand the % is

After running the example in the Readme of the pistache git repo I get a lot of feedback from ld about mostly about undefined references to `operator delete(void*)'

I want to apply offsets to both translation and rotation of ArCore's virtual camera pose(displayOrientedCameraPose). Is there any way I can do that ? ArCore's camera only lets me read the current pose

I have been seeing this error, "websockets is already in a closing or closed state", pop up and even though it does not effect functionality I want to fix it. An immediate hit on SO has no solutions.

I have a small issue with my Download folder on my LG V20. Most days I have normal access to the Download folder, which will contain all of my normal downloads, aka the pictures I most recently

I have listingnaples.com (a Laravel app) and I want to have listingnaples.com/blog/ to have a Wordpress install. I can't just put Wordpress in my /blog/ for security reasons so I am trying to put it

My Gradle+Spring Boot 2+Spring 5 project has the following modules/subprojects: web – the Spring Boot web app core – some common classes (DTO) api – a library/SDK for client apps to make calls

React native project working implementation for getCurrentLocation now fails with cryptic error I'm passing through to console.log: TypeError: Network request failed at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.

Is it possible to async a click on another domain so there is a pop up on the second domain to a third? For example user clicks domain A lands on domain B and a popup is created because user first

My database has a job number field that consists of year+month/serialnumber+type. There can be multiple jobs with the same job number: 201812/6Door 201812/6Stair 201812/6Wardrobe When the user

I have a basic script which shows/hides a div. I'm using this for a drop-down menu. https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_toggle_hide_show.asp I'm looking for the div element to be hidden when

I have a question for a final review for a coding class I am taking. Its asking to merge 3 linked lists into 1 linked list. The problem I am having is when merging the lists its only merging 2 nodes

I am trying to take some data off an intra-net site at work. I am testing the code below, which looks fine me, but it almost seems like it is going to the wrong URL. If I right-click on the page and

I'm using request to do API testing, below is the response: response.json(): {u'message': u'\u6210\u529f', u'code': u'100000', u'data': {u'mobileNumber': u'15252896407', u'channelUserKey': u'5||

Im trying to make a calculator app, and im using a grid view in a fragment for the numbers but i cant manage to make the buttons fill the part that they should trying in different devices. <

After scraping a pdf, I have a data frame with a chr text var: df = data.frame(text = c("abc","def","abc","def")) My question is how to turn it into: df = data.frame(text1 = c("abc","abc"),text2=c("

i execute this query SELECT sentiment.* FROM sentiment_fts fts LEFT JOIN sentiment ON fts.rowid = sentiment.id WHERE fts.sentiment_fts MATCH ? ORDER BY fts.rowid DESC LIMIT 200 but it generate this

macOS family tree app. Can happily draw the tree in a NSView and fill all the boxes with text using the text.draw (in CGRect, attributing : NSAttributes). However when I switch the context to writing

Below is the sample canvas-app functions that I have tried, however I would like to convert the below canvas-app functions that can access collection data to use it: If("EC - Empire Complex" in

I have a system with CB (couchbase) and ES (elasticsearch) where CB data replicated to ES through XDCR (couchbase-elasticsearch-connector), which is working very perfect! Now, I need to migrate the

I'm using Python and was wondering if there's a way to have all my outputted data export to a PDF instead of the IDLE console? ANY help is much appreciated :) print ("Figure 1 Notes:") print ("Games

I am working on a small IoT project using a Raspberry Pi 3, running Raspian 9.6 and Cloud Foundry services from IBM. These IBM services include a Python CF App and a Watson IoT service. To get the

I am training an autoencoder constructed using the Sequential() API in Keras. I'd like to create separate models that implement the encoding and decoding functions. I know from examples how to do

I am trying to display list using recycler view but I am getting null value. I have three classes Test, TestModel and TestListAdapter. Below is my Json Output. I am getting error in one place. val

I'm guessing that there is a scope issue here that I missed somewhere. This function squares all of the numbers and adds them together. It should stop if the number hits 1 or 89, otherwise keep going.

Heres my table structure firebase database table questionPosts has two posts the first post has a date of Tue 20th Nov 2018 and the second post has a date of Sat 24th Nov 2018 the latest

I'm generally an R user but I am trying to use to C for some lower level cumulative sums and multiplications. I am trying to generate a cumulative sum of eta and storing the result in tmp0. However,

I was having some problem when trying to extract information out from JSON. Here is the example of my JSON: My responseMessage is just a string. And my code to extract the info out: JSONParser

I am trying to develop a USSD application and require the user to enter PIN. Is there a way to mask the user input, when he is entering?

Whats the easiest/ most canonical way to convert from a multidimensional array into an array of arrays and vice versa? For example, what is an elegant way to convert the following array of arrays int[

I wanted to publish an open source Java library to Maven, so it's easily acessible to other projects. The Git repository is at SourceForge, but I don't quite understand if it's possible to publish

When I open Visual Studio 2015 it opens as Admin. At the top left of the Visual Studio screen it shows: Start Page - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator) I looked in the properties of the shortcut

So I tried making my own contact form and that kind of worked but I really wanted to add some cool features like telling users when they didn't fill in a required form and telling them when they

I have installed a Linux virtual machine A on a host Windows computer(server) B through VirtualBox. Mongodb is installed on A. Now I want to connect the mongodb from my PC C. By using the port