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tl;dr Should I skip tests in maven? Long version (I don't know, whether this matters.) I use Java EE eclipse, I have tests and the code in the proper maven directory. Why should I (not) skip the

从突变角度看AWS AppSyc突变

I have test app where I'm subscribing to a list of todos. But my add new todo mutation also optimistically updates the UI. The problem is it's now refreshing the entire react view and I have no idea


Bootstrap date picker is not working until i reload the page when i navigate to that page by angular router in angular 5.Please help me i think JQuery event binding is not binding because of angular


When i run the programm the music doent star. I checked if the file is preloaded whitot problem bool Audio::load() { if (!_main.openFromFile("res/zelda.ogg")) return false;


I create a html page where are showed the info about the logged user, near the info there is a button that open a form: <h1 class="personal">Il mio profilo: <button class="add_btn" onclick="

JavaScript等待Chrome XHR请求完成

Im trying to scrape some news articles on a webpage but I need to click through each page. I wrote some code to do it but the problem is I have to wait for the XHR request to finish before extracting


First I started tomcat8 after I had moved the webgoat.war to the webapps inside its folder. then I tried logging in to the link http://localhost:8080/WebGoat/login.mvc with the user and admin


I'm still green in scripting and don't know if this is even possible. I have a lexicon with lemmas and their inflections, and I want to extract the inflectional paradigms. Sample file (4 tab


Javascript codes function suma(){ var sum1 = document.getElementById("sum1"); var sum2 = document.getElementById("sum2"); var input = document.getElementById("resultado");


I want to make a button using custom paint class, Is it possible?


I have Spring project which uses org.springframework.security.oauth, spring-boot-starter-data-rest and spring-boot-starter-web. Everything works well but I want to exclude some fields from domain


I am trying to get data from BigQuery Table with Python. I am aware that BigQuery Connector is available and I can export table using that. However I don't want to involve the GCP (Google Cloud


I have 6000 data points( stock price) for script with date, I want to copy each time 500 data points in the next sheet and want to increment it by 250 rows each time the data is seleted till the row

在调用REST API时,无论使用LoBOKS@数据,方法都是未定义的

I have Spring web application in Maven with rest api. Project compiles and Tomcat server starts without problems, but when I call some rest service from browser I get error that getter method is


I have a JqGrid with 3 columns and all 3 of them are checkbox type columns. In my first column, when check box is checked then a text 'Enabled' will be displayed adjacent to checkbox in the same


I have been working on a game in Gamemaker Studio right now, but one thing I do not want is players being able to cheat in it using clients like Cheat Engine and other memory editors. Is there any way


I am writing the below test cases using Mocha in node.js. Please find the below code : describe('Car', function() { it('can park?',function() { const car = new Car(); assert.


i would like to create a legend for the three lines of this function. On the plot the values of the lines shall be mentioned. At the moment it is "line 1", but i would like to see "0.0677" This is the


FileInputStream Fread =new FileInputStream("somefilename"); FileOutputStream Fwrite = null; for(int i = 1; i<= 5; i++) { String fileName = "file" + i + ".txt";


My dataframe: Date AAPL NFLX INTC AAPL_Ret NFLX_Ret INTC_Ret 0 2008-01-31 27.834286 3.764286 25.350000 1 2008-02-29 27.847143 3.724286 24.670000 -0.07


I am using Kivy. This is my code. from kivy.app import App from kivy.uix.label import Label class SimpleKivy(App): def build(self): return Label(text="Hello") if __name__=="__main__":

NPM /纱线安装包从非根Git回购

for example a repot called my-tools has two npm packages tool-A and tool-B, as directories under my-tools repo. if I want to add those two packages with npm, what url should I use? I tried things


Example in mail.app I'm working on an rss reader, and I haven't found a way to achieve this. I need to be able to sort, emphasize "unread" items, and look good.


I am using Angular 1 and using dir-paginate control for paging. But needs to show as 10|25|50|100|All option in bottom and top of the page. How can I achieve this? Thanks <tr dir-paginate="r in


I need some help in foreach: my code: var Content = "nickname:Steven ID:01 nickname:pascal ID:02 nickname:nils ID:03"; var v = Content.Split().Where(l => l.StartsWith("nickname:")).


In my UWP app, i constantly navigate from page1 to page 2 and again from page2 to page1 and again this navigation loop repeats on submit button in both the pages. In the application starting it's


I'm trying to create an invisible boundary around my Hololens-interactable gameobject, but the boundary is hindering the raycast from my mixedRealityToolKit's FocusManager, leaving me unable to


I'm newbie on NodeJS. I'm researching about the inheritance on NodeJS and found there's an inheritance using Class (on ES6). I have some questions about the using of the Class and Module to decide


I'm working on a project in Rails 5.1.6 / ruby 2.3.1p112 (2016-04-26) [x86_64-linux-gnu] My problem is that, following step by step the documentation of the gem best_in_place I get an error. Error: I

试图重新安装MacOS,但不能看到硬盘驱动器“Macintosh HD”

When trying to reinstall a new copy of macOS Sierra by using the command+option+R while going in recovery mode , when I click on disk utility all I see is the “ OS X Base system “ , consequently I don’


i have the following code: -- content of sys.argv is 2 and 10 which is assigned to the specified variables. wthreshold, cthreshold = sys.argv def Alerting(): if PatternCount < wthreshold:


Can somebody show example how to filter FLAC samples in C# with library CSCore or FlacBox (or another one, but in C#)? I mean read of all samples, some simple modification (for example +1) and writing


Notice how if you onmousedownover the div, it turns from green to red. This is expected. But if you hold the mouse down and drag your cursor off and away from the div, then let go of your mouse,


I have 2 components, one creates an Editor using vue2-ace-editor, the other component is a select Option component. I Need to Change the theme of the Editor if I select another value in my select


i need a "Please wait" modal until ajax request stop. The modal show's until ajax end. but the modal is not hide after ajax end. i put console. log in these two states. it works fine but the modal is


I'm a beginner for NodeJS. For login functionality implement I needed to Set Up Passport to Handle the Express Authentication. Here is my index.js const express = require ('express'); const


I’m looking for a compact lodash solution to take an array of objects and then create a new object with the keys of the objects in the array and the unique values for each key. [ { color:


I am using the Powerlevel9k theme on oh-my-zsh which looks right in the terminal (Terminator and Terminal) and Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. In IntelliJ (Community 2018.1.5) however, the


So I just need to direction on understanding a postgres installation better, because clearly I only know enough to be dangerous. I had an app that was my project with a postgres DB installed via


How can I update a single value inside of a struct. Currently I'm fetching all of the data inside multiple documents of a collection with the below function. the data structure is as follows: People -

Java 9、拼图和自动模块

Java 9 / 10 driving me crazy. I have been struggling with a simple project for more than a week. As you can see in the picture, I want to use commons-collections as an automatic module (I have tried


I know some fb users does not have email address, it could be phone number. Anyway i cant figire out in which part of code i should add {scope: 'email'} in this official JS example. https://


How can I make my pdf reader app as the default app to open pdf files? also if the user clicks on example.pdf (which we suppose is in the downloads folder of his mobile), it should directly load the


I've got an XML file an I want to read all lines with XmlTextReader class tools. Here is an example of the xml file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <CodeSigns> <CodeSign


I am writing a simple code. Firsty I converted json code into php associative array. And now I am trying to insert data from that array into my database with sql. I tried in two different ways: 1. $


I want to make a music transcriber, so suppose if I play a note on my keyboard and record it, I want to then recognize that note and convert it into MIDI format.


I have made a word form with some activeX controls in it. When I see print preview of blank form, it can be seen. But if I fillup one of any field of that form, dialog box is showing print preview is


I downloaded the forecast package by using install.packages("forecast") library("forecast) But when I try to load the package, I receive the following: Error: package or namespace load failed for ‘


I'm trying to make a script that receives "email" in GET and then displays MX server and i tired this code it did not work! <?php $email = $_GET['email']; list($username,$domain) = split("@",


I have experimented with my code a bit by commenting out specific parts of my code. I have found out that no segmentation fault occurs when i comment out the for loops with the variable j( shown in