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There is a column idaction_url related to piwik_log_action table in Piwik's piwik_log_link_visit_action table. How can i get to know the actual URL of the visited Site/page using idaction_url. Thanks

我可以在哪里下载微软Visual Studio工具2应用程序?

Please share the link as not able to find it anywhere. Where i can download the microsoft visual studio tools for application 2.0 enu ?


this is some wierd issue i'm facing, I have some text fields which shows results from server. In debug mode all is working completely fine, but in release version of the same APK textfields are blank.


v-on:click doesn't work in v-for directive? This is an example. <div id="mainapp"> <div v-for="item in items"> <span v-on:click="test(item)">{{item}}</span> </


I am doing the following on document open: total = writer!!.directContent.createTemplate(30f,16f) onEndPage: val img = Image.getInstance(total) img.scaleAbsolute(30f,30f) //tried


I can't remove this gap between two dates. Problem is that I've dates with 1-hour interval, then a gap in 3 days and dates with 1-hour interval again. How to reduce this gap to make all dates to be


I'm trying to use the Unix System command to kick off a script and I receive the following error message. sh: location/script.ksh: No such file or directory The error message is expected but what


I am using SQLite in Perl. How can I simulate (for testing reasons) a database busy and/or locked? I could not find any information on the web.

如何将SQL查询转换为Django QuerESET?

i have two tables like categories and items in models items has foreign key of categories,here we have 4 categories and 12 items where each category has 3 items how to write a query set to get query


I got error in following code : public ActivityLocation convertCursorToEntity(Cursor cursor) { ActivityLocation activityLocation = new ActivityLocation(); Location location = new Location(


I can not use products variation because I use a theme (rehub) that works with Content Egg plugin. for my case I have two products, one with an attribute of color 'black' and the other 'white'. For


function shift(int val) returns(int) { int res; assembly { let m := mload(0x40) mstore(m, shl(2, val)) mstore(0x40, add(m, 0x20)) res := mload(m) }


I have a list of Strings, like => List list = new List("ABC=123456", "ABC=456789", "ABC=876543"); int limit = 345678; I need to write a regex such that it


What is the difference of the following regular expressions? (\2amigo|(go!))+ (amigo|(go!))+ They both match the same strings. https://regexr.com/3u62t How does the forward reference work?


I am getting Loading failed error when searching for something in a select2 box using ajax. My code is as follows: enter code here. searching text : @Html.Hidden("cod_indem", ViewBag.cod_indem as


I'm trying to load an image with semi-transparent pixels from disk into a data buffer by using GDI+. Images seem to load fine, but once I've drawn them to screen, they have no more semi-transparency.


I need to use a random function, but also have it repeating on different devices (PC / iOS / Android). I'm running this sample code, to shuffle a vector: std::mt19937 generator(1337); std::cout <&


I have two datasets, one is the reference and the other is the real measurement. I want to predict the measurement data using the reference. I found the R function dlmFilter that can realize it. I

The video node can be created in both render thread & task node thread. Is there a mandate on video node to be created only in "task node" thread? From the definition of render thread, it says


I am new to Angular5 I am trying to edit a question in the HTML page when I click on the questions, it calls the modify function for editing After the edit functionality happened, save option


We want to show alternate of a product like most of the e-commerce websites does. In our case, we need to fetch data from multiple microservices. Products - Stores all product information Prices - In


What is the purpose of spark delta tables? Does they meant to store data permanently or only holds the processing data till the session lasts. How can I view them in spark cluster and what database


NOTE: language : C Processor: CPU INTEL PENTIUMN3710 UP TO 2.56 GHZ OS : lubuntu 16.04 lts RAM : 8 GB


Currently I'm trying to link the submit button to the 'page1' page however im getting a bad request error, originally I thought the issue was to do with the POST part of the method but wasn't clear


I am calculating the capacitance of a circuit using LabVieW. I have tried to get the time after the voltage across it reaches 2.5V. I am giving a supply of 5V. I used a logic operator and connected it


i have JS Script Form Multistep and I would like to create a function that stops the form when there is no data entered "form required" html tag Now when i use this tag the form going to next step :/


I have presentational component in React. And with products.some i am trying to check if any item inside products is checked. And if some item is checked, render parent block for RequestedProduct


I am searching for the option whether we can create entire AWS Cognito instance using some CLI commands or using APIs. I don't find any way from my search. Please help me to out what can be automated


So this is one relating to ques. on codechef(https://www.codechef.com/problems/FRK). I can't figure out why i need to increase the size of String array by 1 and run the loop for less than equal to(<

何时使用@ SuppressLint

Whenever I use Object class in Kotlin it always recommends me to use @SuppressLint("StaticFieldLeak").What consequences would be if I do not put this annotation?


I have a csv file which gets inserted into a database table A once a year. The csv file cannot be modified. However upon insert, I want an additional column to be created in table A, to be populated


Do you know how to create client side list controller? I checked StackOverflow - I didn't find answer to my question. Is there a simple way to create a resource which reads all records from server


I'm sensitive to know the best way to width buttons in html? <div class="row"> <div class="col s6"> <button class="col s12">My Button</button> </div> </


I have a task: on the page there are some specific blocks(div/sections, etc) with id and data-title. I need to detect when I scroll that one of these elements is on top of the screen and console.log


I'm trying to make an SVG element fit to the bottom of the page with "Loading" text centered regardless of the container's width. This is my current code which isn't working as the message is


SELECT db1.student_gender as gender, db2.marks as marks obtained, DATE_RANGE_STR('2017-01-18','2019-08-19','year') as date FROM test db1 JOIN test db2 ON KEYS SUBSTR(meta(db1).id,0,23) WHERE db1.type


I have a call to a DELETE endpoint : var response = await client.DeleteAsync($"{uri}/mypath/{id}"); I would like to mock this, so have setup MockHttpMessageHandler like this: handler


x = input("enter a name = ") y = input("enter a integer = ") z = input("enter a decimal number = ") type(x) type(y) type(z) After running the above code why I am getting just one output for type(


For the model below I got the following error: ValueError: Failed to parse Stan model 'anon_model_d9bce84aa46c0b181595372b9daff8f6'. Error message: SYNTAX ERROR, MESSAGE(S) FROM PARSER: Cannot


How does the regular expression work, so that no " characters are allowed at the beginning and the end of a sentence. Examples: Test "if" that works --> is allowed "Test" if that works --> is

UITababView -设置页脚和页眉-如何用表视图单元格滚动

I must implemented TableView with Header and Footer view. I have all implemented but when the tableView is created, footer and header stay still in my screen. Screenshot And i want that my Footer


In my site want to set the active link for different routes. <li routerLinkActive="active" [routerLinkActiveOptions]="{exact: true}"><a [routerLink]="['/test/']" title="Create">Create&


Hello I am running a code that works out my ROC curve for my data, I am using the following code. However it producing the ROC PDF but with no graphs etc. Any ideas where I have gone wrong? Many


From C++11 onward, it is not necessary to separate angle brackets (>) in template containers (see this SO post for example): vector<vector<float>> MyMatrix; // vector<vector<


I have a WPF window where i have more canvas overlapped. Each canvas contains a specific path. On hover over each path i want to see a tooltip with details about that path. Imagine a rectangle cut in

I have a shell script with following content. #!/usr/bin/env bash sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get -y install python3-pip pip3 install -r requirements.txt echo "PIP RAN SUCCESSFULLY"


I have a .jar file, compiled with the help of the sbt assembly. The program that the sbt builds, inside has a reference to a file with a direct path indication - src/bla/bla.txt. When I run a jar file

200欧元-第一个自定义构建NAS - Bug无盘DIY NAS

I've spend my last 2 week looking for a NAS. I've started looking at an used diskless Drobo NAS (4bay or 5bay) and I've endup with Synology and Qnap. I love the ease of use of a Drobo, I love how


I am trying to get the contents of a .json file using a node js service into an angularjs method. But am getting following error: _http_outgoing.js:700 throw new ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE('chunk'

OnLooCosiDechange方法不在Android 8和上版本调用

I am getting current location in my app by GoogleApiClient. It is working fine in below Android 8.0 version but this method is not called out so I can't get current location.This my code. protected