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I want to get the JWT in respose when I hit '/login'. But I am missing something and can't figure it out. Following is my code: SecurytiApplication.java import org.springframework.boot.

Context I have been tasked with fixing a big bug on the menu-edit page, which was caused by a stale element issue, caused by the HTML elements for it being rendered server-side. In my three-day fight

how to set password for default user in mogodb in ubuntu ? now user access to mongo by this code in temrinal without password mongo --port **** --host **.***.***.*** i dont know set password for

package practicejava; public class Query { public static void main(String[] args) throws java.io.IOException { int j; for(int i=1;i<=5;i++){ j=i; System.out.

I have configured Authorization server and there is jdbc token store like this: @Configuration @EnableAuthorizationServer public class OAuth2Config extends AuthorizationServerConfigurerAdapter {

I'm using recyclerview to display data from database. When i want to change data and save it to database again, data has indeed changed. But in my recyclerview, that data i have changed before, not

I have a console application in C #. It lies in the Git repository and, if necessary, it is downloaded by the script and is built. build_script: - MSBuild SCADAServicesCLI/SCADAServicesCLI.sln /p:

I used ODatajclient through java to get my service OData v3. I should to use v3 cause my OData retrieve String XML this is my code Configuration.setHttpClientFactory(new

To my understanding string literals are stored in read-only memory and modifying it during runtime leads to a segmentation fault, but my below code compiles without segmentation fault. #include <

The overall goal at this moment is to generate a real simple drawing consisting of four non-coplanar points and the skew lines that connect opposite edges. Four non-co-planar points A0, B0, C0, D0,

I found that fasterxml.jackson parse wrong class in my project. I have this controller method: @PutMapping public Course updateCourse( @RequestBody CourseDto course) {

I believe it is related to this one: Spark Error:expected zero arguments for construction of ClassDict (for numpy.core.multiarray._reconstruct) I have a dataframe id col_1 col_2 1 [1,2] [1,3] 2 [2,1]

Having trouble with Path.mkdir() using: Path('C:\\Users\\', user, 'Desktop\\py\\', folder, '\\', str(x).rstrip('.bmp')).mkdir() ignores it's path and makes the directory at C:/ such as in the

I'm having some trouble getting time-zones to play nice on a client project. I'm pretty sure I'm just too burned out to see what's right in front of my face I've got this line new DateTime(

I read everywhere that reading a file with mmap() is better & faster than fread() (may be in large file case only). But I can't find any resources regarding the difference between writing a file

I have a ran out of ideas and I am wondering if anyone has any links to any Discord.js Source code(s). I have looked everywhere, please help me out. Thank you again, your fellow developer,

Format : (UserId->((Movie1Id,Rating),(Movie2Id,Rating))) I wanted to print Movie1Id and Movie2Id. Following code works fine: user foreach (x => println (x._2._1)) Following Code doesn't work:

I need to append Main Menu into first grid's row and put canvas into second row. At runtime I see, that second row rendering under first row. Why? What's wrong? I can set margin from top, but it's

hi im tying to install ros on ubuntu im getting this error sudo apt-get update Hit:1 http://pk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu cosmic InRelease Hit:2 http://pk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu cosmic-

I'm running CentOS 7 I know officially they are never updating their GLIB but I need something that's not 5 years old. I tried installing a package that has them but it's not working It says

I'm working on Twitch api with php. I'm trying to get list of resolutions of clips. How can i get lists of resolution of clips ?

I am trying to test my code using google test and for that I run the command make_runtests in /build directory of my workspace. I cross verified my CMakeLists.txt with similar projects and I feel it

I have a route in FLASK that return a jsonify object: @app.route('/getgoodbye', methods=['GET', 'POST']) def getgoodbye(): return jsonify({'html':'<h1>Good Bye</h1>'}) and a function

I'm working with a Rails API / React project. I've successfully set it up to upload files to S3 with Active Storage. I want to get a public url to be able to display that image file. I believe that

im following this tutorial to implement a multi checkbox field in flask with jinja https://gist.github.com/doobeh/4668212 It works for the most part but when I go to access the value in my code (

Constructor in class cannot be applied to given types. Dcoder d1=new Dcoder(786+"Narri");

I have a table of groups with details of groups that my users can join and a separate table of group members to show which users have joined which groups. The group_members table just has a column for

What would happen to process if it starts using memory more than xmx set? Eg. say if xmx set is 1Gb and there is an infinite loop in the process which is just adding something to the variable, then

I want to frequently crawl a larger website with scrapy in order to discover the newest content and to identify no longer available items. My full crawl involves the download of images. So if I

I have two virtualhosts, let's say the first one is main.com and the 2nd one is second.com I have an issue, when I type in url address second.com, the document root is right but when I add a "www", "

I try to solve a coding question which requires me to give out the two subsets in an array with the same sum. For example, our input could be [3,1,2,4]. My expected solution to this problem is [[3,2],

When building VLC on Ubuntu 18 using the following configure invocation: First I obtain the source like so: % git clone git://git.videolan.org/vlc.git % cd vlc % ./bootstrap Then I build like so:

public function f(Request $request) { } I cannot take a input from by Request $request. Laravel redirects back when I try to take a input. What decides if Laravel take a input by Request $

I am trying to use VBA to navigate IE to search some of the information for me. However, after the code is written and I run it. I found everything is fine before the part of clicking href, but if I

i have problems with YOAST SEO in wordpress .it says SEO unavailabale .but i install completely

I am trying to add a new field to the built in auth user. Here is my code from django.db import models from django.db.models.signals import post_save from django.dispatch import receiver from django.

I'm making a website where users can post stories etc and they get put into the MySQL database and the front page pulls the top-rated stories from the database and fills in the HTML template I made to

I am making an IOS app that has buttons on the lower part of the screen and an SKView on the upper portion. I made this SKView by dragging it from the objects menu on my storyboard file. I then had

After running for a couple days Google Cloud Composer web UI returns the 502 Server Error indefinitely: Error: Server Error The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your

I am currently working on my portfolio website with React. I am making the project responsive, so I added the following meta tag to my index.html file within the head tag: The responsive design works

does it possible to take picture and search similar image for a specific website? I have a ecommerce website and looking for this features in where user can take a picture form their devices and show

When I'm coding for WordPress theme basically for wp_enqueue_scripts() then I noticed a thing. I saw the get_theme_file_uri() working fine also the get_template_directory_uri() working fine

I have hosted a website in Windows Amazon EC2 instance, I am able to browse the website locally in the server. But when browsing from outside I am getting a timeout error. Plz help Below is the

I have webpage which open new browser window on click. I am able to get 2 handles however driver.close() always closes the first/main window. from selenium import webdriver import time driver =

I searched hard in the internet for how to integrate tensorflow pre-trained object detector model with android application. But, nothing was usefull. Can anyone help me by linking something usefull.

I am creating an inventory control system for my sales. i can serialize complete table successfully i have one problem i have sell_price column in in table, retail price column is not there in the

I wanted to build a simple machine learning model with tensorflow so that I could understand the process of machine learning and be able do stuff myself. The dataset that I decided to use are from

I am new to classes in Python. I am trying to implement linked lists. Can someone please explain to me how self.head.next.value outputs the next value in the list? Even though next is assigned to none

I want to use "=" method to transfer data from "Sheet1" to "Sheet2" because it is fast. However, the following code doesn't work: Sheets("Sheet2").range(cells(1, 1),cells(1,5)).value = Sheets("

I encountered the SettingWithCopyWarning in Python. I searched online but it seems that all the solutions do not work for me. Here is a simplified version of my code, suppose the input is a dataframe