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I have a csv file which gets inserted into a database table A once a year. The csv file cannot be modified. However upon insert, I want an additional column to be created in table A, to be populated


Do you know how to create client side list controller? I checked StackOverflow - I didn't find answer to my question. Is there a simple way to create a resource which reads all records from server


I'm sensitive to know the best way to width buttons in html? <div class="row"> <div class="col s6"> <button class="col s12">My Button</button> </div> </


I have a task: on the page there are some specific blocks(div/sections, etc) with id and data-title. I need to detect when I scroll that one of these elements is on top of the screen and console.log


I'm trying to make an SVG element fit to the bottom of the page with "Loading" text centered regardless of the container's width. This is my current code which isn't working as the message is


SELECT db1.student_gender as gender, db2.marks as marks obtained, DATE_RANGE_STR('2017-01-18','2019-08-19','year') as date FROM test db1 JOIN test db2 ON KEYS SUBSTR(meta(db1).id,0,23) WHERE db1.type


I have a call to a DELETE endpoint : var response = await client.DeleteAsync($"{uri}/mypath/{id}"); I would like to mock this, so have setup MockHttpMessageHandler like this: handler


x = input("enter a name = ") y = input("enter a integer = ") z = input("enter a decimal number = ") type(x) type(y) type(z) After running the above code why I am getting just one o\p for type()


For the model below I got the following error: ValueError: Failed to parse Stan model 'anon_model_d9bce84aa46c0b181595372b9daff8f6'. Error message: SYNTAX ERROR, MESSAGE(S) FROM PARSER: Cannot


How does the regular expression work, so that no " characters are allowed at the beginning and the end of a sentence. Examples: Test "if" that works --> is allowed "Test" if that works --> is

UITababView -设置页脚和页眉-如何用表视图单元格滚动

I have one problem and i don't know solve it. I must implemented TableView with Header and Footer view. I have all implemented but when the tableView is created, footer and header stay still in my


In my site want to set the active link for different routes. <li routerLinkActive="active" [routerLinkActiveOptions]="{exact: true}"><a [routerLink]="['/test/']" title="Create">Create&


Hello I am running a code that works out my ROC curve for my data, I am using the following code. However it producing the ROC PDF but with no graphs etc. Any ideas where I have gone wrong? Many


From C++11 onward, it is not necessary to separate angle brackets (>) in template containers (see this SO post for example): vector<vector<float>> MyMatrix; // vector<vector<


I have a WPF window where i have more canvas overlapped. Each canvas contains a specific path. On hover over each path i want to see a tooltip with details about that path. Imagine a rectangle cut in

I have a shell script with following content. #!/usr/bin/env bash sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get -y install python3-pip pip3 install -r magneto_poc/requirements.txt echo "PIP RAN SUCCESSFULLY"


I have a .jar file, compiled with the help of the sbt assembly. The program that the sbt builds, inside has a reference to a file with a direct path indication - src/bla/bla.txt. When I run a jar file

200欧元-第一个自定义构建NAS - Bug无盘DIY NAS

I've spend my last 2 week looking for a NAS. I've started looking at an used diskless Drobo NAS (4bay or 5bay) and I've endup with Synology and Qnap. I love the ease of use of a Drobo, I love how


I am trying to get the contents of a .json file using a node js service into an angularjs method. But am getting following error: _http_outgoing.js:700 throw new ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE('chunk'

OnLooCosiDechange方法不在Android 8和上版本调用

I am getting current location in my app by GoogleApiClient. It is working fine in below Android 8.0 version but this method is not called out so I can't get current location.This my code. protected


I have attached the two files, I am trying to verify recaptcha from server side and trying to pass grecaptcha.repsonse() to php using XMLHttpRequest but it sends blank data using POST.I am able to get

运行GO VET和DEP时未找到头文件

I get this error when running go vet in my project, with vendored dependencies. $ go vet ./ # <project path>/vendor/github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/crypto/secp256k1 vendor/github.com/

YouTube数据API V3/有一个服务错误:403:超过未经验证的使用的每日限制。继续使用需要注册

I need YouTube Data API v3 for my open source application, I used youtube java package that already is on GitHub. https://github.com/youtube/api-samples/tree/master/java > There was a service error:


I am building a one page vue.js quiz app and I want to display the current, previous and next objects from my json file. I'm not sure how to achieve this. I have a QuestionModel.js that displays the


I am using JDT to get ASTs and type resolvers for Java sources in Eclipse, is there a way to achieve the same for Scala sources in Scala projects?


I've been working on this authentication system for user login and would appreciate some feedback. My idea is this. Use sessions and one additional cookie. Session cookie and additional cookie work

VisualStudio 2017带有ATL键不工作的鼠标选择区域

Since VS2013 there is a feature in editor to select an "rectangle area" of code not following lines by pressing ALT key + mouse selection. I just upgraded to VS2017 and this does not work. I cannot


I'm trying to convert the "date_of_birth" column's date format to d-m-Y. Currently it is being stored as Y-m-d. Below is my model. use Carbon\Carbon; use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model; use


Is there a way to write something like: scons CFLAGS='-fsanitize=address -fsanitize=thread' which would just work with a minimal script: env = Environment() env.Program(target='main.out', source=['


the submit button of my form is disabled by default and gets enabled when the phone number entered is correct (ie when the div underneath says: "OK"). So I wrote this: $(document).on('change', '

将安装图片更改为Windows 10

Could you guys help me, i want to change the setup image to windows 10. I an totally a beginner,. https://i.stack.imgur.com/8Sh8r.png


when upload app on app store i got below error message from app store and app is reject.I already told my app for iPhone not iPad.I selected deployment info-->device-->iPhone (not universal and iPad)


Looking for some help or suggestions on what to use. If I have a list of cards in a masonry style for example and I click "load more" I find that the elements will all load at their own time generally


it's another question from an Access newbie here. I have created a table that registers each interaction a person has with a client where one can find, amongst others, two fields - one representing

如何在MySQL Workbench架构中设置双数据类型的精度值

I want to have double datatype with precision of two points. Is there any way it can be achieved ?


Node.js is a very powerful JavaScript-based framework/platform built on Google Chrome's JavaScript V8 Engine.


is it possible to detect CoreNFC tag without that default PopUp ? and if not ? can i change icon in it or somehow modify that PopUp ? i am using objective c. Thanks in Advance

从OpenCV C到NoDEJS/JS电子的数据传递

I am trying to do a POC for Video Processing application with the following stack and struck with passing processed media stream from c++ application to Electron Front end GUI. Electron |


I'm trying to install a jenkins plugin (Blue Ocean) from the Dockerfile of my jenkins-master image. Then, I use docker image build to build said image. The code I use to install the plugin is: #


The access rule in multi company. The user's allowed company is 1 company. Print custom report action, then error is: Please contact your system administrator( sale.order, Operation: read) The


In tensorflow tf.layers.batch_normalization() layer is used to train a model. The code to train the model is like this, layer = tf.layers.conv2d(input, ) norm = tf.layers.batch_normalization(layer,


I have a data frame with two columns. I would like to create a new data frame which lists all values of second column for each unique value of the first column in the first data frame. I do not want


i have 2 components present in one screen. if i add or delete in the screen, those count must get updated in the siebar. Can anyone help me to fix this issue. HTML: <app-side-navigation></


i got a mysterious phenomena if i am going to write a file to the share folder on a remote machine. object[] theProcessToRun2 = { "CMD.EXE /C " + '"' + "echo.exe test 123 4 5 6 7" + '"' + " " + ">

Azure VM上的SQL Server:我的应用程序如何连接?

I have an application written in VB, which used to connect with a Microsoft SQL Server, whichh is placed on a VM in the domain, using Windows Authentication(Local Domain). But, I have moved my DB to


I was creating a batch script to run several commands to enable winrm, changing network category and such and I got across a problem with the netsh command, specifically netsh advfirewall firewall set


What is the best way to replace last digits of a number to zero keeping first three digits as it is, in python? Example: 23456789 -> 23400000 112022 -> 112000 1111-> 1110 111 -> 111 (no

SMTP:客户端:535 5.7.3认证失败

Im trying to send an email every time someone inputs a form on my website but the smtp isnt working, it keeps on showing me this error.The credentials of the email account are correct.Also i have

Spring Buff:如何设置一个FieldFieleMe读器来读取JSON文件?

My approach so far: @Bean FlatFileItemReader<Blub> flatFileItemReader() { FlatFileItemReader<Blub> reader = new FlatFileItemReader<>(); reader.setResource(new


I've a file a my s3 bucket and I want to access this file from lambda function. When I pass the path of this file to one of the method,I get error as "Could not find a part of the path '/var/task/