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我想招募一个这样的字符串列表:001, 002

The title tells all. I want to create a List that looks like this with recursion: 001,002,003,004,005,006,007,008,009,010, . i need this as an String. Can you give me a result? Thanks :)


I have the following code here: import pandas as pd from sklearn.linear_model import LogisticRegression from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split from sklearn.model_selection import


So I'm trying to show the json data that I got and I succesfully show the data from "MenuRole" except data from "cmsmenuschild" array object.I'm tried my best to figure out how to show the from that


Hey I have a reusable list component where I can add items and adds a sum of the prices, and I want to have this component in a parent component where I have the total of the sums and a button to add


I'm using Xamarin Studio and GTK#(.NET), and I'm trying to use GPG to generate keys, encryption and decryption. I've done this using batch, but I have to use GPGME. I've found GPGME-sharp, but I do


I have forgot what is added in manifest file but in xml file i use android:scaleY="1" and android:scaleX=".9" Can anyone help me to find ou this solution.


I would like to allow users to sign in with Facebook when a user has an existing Google account. So the users can sign in whether they choose Facebook or Google. Currently, I can create an account


CODE public class QuestInspectingFragment extends Fragment{ // public static ArrayList<String> mParentStepsList; public ArrayList<QuestObject> mRealQuests; public ArrayList<

Python -传递函数的其他参数的参数的默认值

I would like to write a function in which the default value of one argument is a function of some arguments that are being passed to the same function. Something like this: def function(x, y =


I am very new to socket programming. I have tried different server and client codes to run a local connection using Windows and python 3.6 The latest tutorial that I am following is at: http://www.


I am using Alert myAlert = driver.switchTo().alert(); myAlert.accept();


I'm using vuforia with hololens on unity 2017.4.3f1 I've tried the sample ImageTarget_Astronaut and it works fine. I've added the same Image to the Target manager, downloaded the database, and


I have a web service which consists of a backend and a forntend, and in the frontend I use an API uri which can change depending on the environment the service is being deployed to. Using webpack's


I searched quite a bit, and still cant seem to grasp the work flow, and file arranging of tokens, the lexer, and the parsor. Im using plain c with vs. Went through countless tuts, and they seem to


So I'm building a simple 5-page web app with react. The components are written as stateless as this app is super simple. Everything seems to compile correctly but clicking the menu items changes the


most threads suggest that to privatize a variable, it should be declared like _var or __var to emulate private variables as described in PEP8. I read here that we can use @propertyto make a variable


I need to display a website navigation using collapsable tree in R with a shinny application. The application should contain a text box for entering url of the website and the output should be


When creating a new thread the regular way I can set the isBackground like that Thread t = new Thread(foo); t.IsBackground = true; t.Start(); But how can I do it when running a lambda thread? new


Seems like broadcast receivers cannot be registered without an Activity.I want to make a widget to display my ip address, how can I make it refresh at every time I connect/disconnect WIFI?


I want to improve ibm’s Watson assistant results. So, I want to know the algorithm to determine a dialog in Watson assistant’s conversations. Is it a svm algorithm? A paper is welcome.


I am trying to develop a website and when I am trying to create a connection and insert data in to the database mysql_connect() error makes me crazy. The error is php_network_getaddresses:getaddrinfo


I encounter a problem using kettle 8.1 for data integrating as follow(but kettle 7.1 works): 2018/06/24 14:58:54 - 工单 - ERROR (version, build from 2018-04-30 09.42.24 by

在循环数据帧和访问外部范围变量时获得Null PoExtExchange异常

okay, I want to iterate DataFrame and operate each row with outer scope DataFrame variable but I am getting NullPointerException when I access to outer variable. here is my code val outer: DataFrame =


This is my first post here, please adjust me, if I'm doing anything not in common way. What I'm after - I'm writing a Java code to create a bot to automate some web-site research, it's needs to be


As different option has different information to input I want to ask how can I have additional ion-item after an option is selected from ion-select. These are my codes: <ion-item> <ion-


It seems you can simply declare: import qualified Control.Category as Cat instance Cat.Category q => Functor (q r) where fmap = (Cat..) Is there anything speaking against this?


This is from my homework on algorithm. prove ∑(log(n/i))=θ(nlogn), i=1 to n. I could finished these steps: ∑(log(n/i))=log((n^n)/(n!)) =log((n^n)/(sqrt(2πn)*((n/e)^n)*(1+θ(1/n)))),

TabLVIEW({ HealeFoeHealeReNe:)不工作Swift 4.1

I am implementing an UITableView within my UIViewController. I have been able to get my text to display with a custom UITableViewCell, but I can not find a way to put spacing between my cells. I have

RFC 2822格式-包括附件吗?

Some background - I am trying to use the Gmail rest API to send an email with curl/libcurl. I am able to send a regular plain text email, but I am struggling to make sense of the API docs regarding


I created an aws account a year ago. And I reserved a t2.small instance for 1 year. Now I want to switch to t2.micro and I was wondering if I am still eligible for free tier? During the previous year


I have this nginx vhost config: server { listen 8081; server_name blocked_server; root /home/gian/blocked_server; access_log off; error_log off; index


Can someone help me identify the problem that occurred when I tried to deploy to Heroku? I ran yarn build already, so vue-ssr-bundle.json is already in /dist. Not sure why it says it cannot find the


There has been a question about changing the cursor using before on this site, but it asked for a solution using Javascript, and it wasn't specific about when to trigger the action to change the


I have the get instance method as + (id)viewInstance { @synchronized(self) { if(sharedView == nil) sharedView = [[super allocWithZone:NULL] init]; } return sharedView;


I have tried a number of solutions found here but nothing works until now so I hope someone can help me based on the situation I am facing. I have read a file where I want to remove rows that


I'm trying to display all the running process along with their memory usage, i've used the OpenProcess method to get the get memory used by the current process. However I get Access is denied error. I


Is there anyway i can check anything downloading/uploding to/from my computer via C# I can think of download part but how can i check the uploads from my computer and print them to console So for


I want to do: let server = {} for(var i = 0; i < 20; i++) { server[i] = 'none'; } but I get this annoying error saying that my element implicitly has an 'any' type because type '{}' has no


I'm generating a table each time a user presses a button. That table that gets generated should be sortable, although jquery's sortable is only working on tables being generated server side.


I have form with Textbox and submit Ajaxbutton, when i insert some value in textbox then click on submit button, will perform some business logic written in OnSubmit of Ajaxbutton, its fine for us But


In the vuetify online doc ( Grid systrem # Unique layouts ) the v-flex tag for the Orange block has a child-flex parameter <v-flex d-flex xs12 sm2 child-flex> <v-card color="


I deployed My Springboot Application in Aws Elasticbeanstalk. In my application i have a module to upload an profile picture and i am saving it in Aws S3,its working fine in local server,but not


I would like to create an XML file by a java program. XML Structure is the following <PERSON transactionType="ADD"> <AGE>30</AGE> <PERSON> The problem is that I cannot add

更新VUE JS后组件数据不变

Hi I have this scenario which every time I update a user it doesn't update my data back from my user component. what’s happening now is after i update the user. the correct value is showing then


It means when I drag one border of div, the rest divs will automatically adjust themself. Just like the example of jsfiddle. when you drag the right border of html panel, the css panel will adjust

无法将列表保存到会话/ ViewBag变量

I have an MVC actionResult function where I get some data from the UI. now I want to assign those data to an object then save that object in a session list. but with every request, the count of the


My app is crashing when i start him on device. At start i have all my arrays is empty. Error: Thread 1: Fatal error: Unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value swift How can i


How to Use Facebook API, SDK in PHP to Post in Multiple Facebook Group. I got Some tutorial about how to post in Single Group or we can use the same code and twice or multiple time to post in various


I'm using the resolve method of the Routes interface to resolve routes data from the Store (ngrx) by returning a reducer observable in the canUse method of the Resolve interface. However unlike


I am writing an automation for work and am stuck with a dropdown. The particular select box in question is as follows: <span class="a-dropdown-container" id="select-size-bulk-asin"> <