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I want to make a function that makes a customer buy products with the following arrays but I don’t know how to use the [buy] array that I made to make it happen function makeSell(){ var custumer =

trying to build an ios app which will locate the nearest restaurant and place it on google maps. But not able to read the JSON file. var coordinate = [AnyObject]() Alamofire.request(key).

I think the main problem happened during adding foodInfo into foodLists, and also the part where I pass data to listAdapter. I did check with Log.d for foodData.foodName and it works fine, but when I

I have an android app built with MVVM design pattern with the use of ViewModel and LiveData by Google. Now I want to integrate FCM in the app. So, how will the FCM service will communicate with the

I want to apply color gradient(from top to bottom) to an image named 'newspaperImage'. This is my code on swift language. @IBOutlet weak var newspaperImage: UIImageView! func imageGradient(){

I want to get the content of an image by getting the path from database and decode the original image to base64 in order not to expose the real path of image to the end-user. $user->secret_image =

I just learned to use react native, I have been searching for solutions for hours. I have trouble dealing with this because there is no error at all I only follow the tutorial on YouTube, but use a

My app is styled as 100vh, but the user can still slide the app up and down. How do I disable this functionality? Bonus question: on an iphone, when a user taps a input field, the viewport zooms into

Building an pagination API. Assume the request is coming for 0 to 5 resources. The API returns the 5 resources in an order. But there is no explicit sequence number or order in the responses. When

Hi the json I am receiving has a tri-state value for status: Active Disabled Deleted While I am checking against "deleted" to apply a css class for visual representation [ngClass]="{'bg-danger'} :

I have a requirement where I want to display the time zone in which a record was added/modified to the user. From my browser, I can be able to get the offset and save it in the database as

My company has two Pinterset ads account, if add two tag id in the website, it throws "Pinterest Tag Error: 'load' command was called multiple times. Previously for tag id 'xxx', now for tag id 'yyy'.

I have an application that asks the user to validate a codec like this one #123# which is the code to check the communication credit of his sim for the orange operator. The result of this code is a

I recently installed tensorflow in python in windows 7 and then ran a small test code. I did not do it in a virtual environment, but directly on my system , then after whenever i restart my system, it

I have an oracle apex 5 App running on oracle 12c container DB. I'm accessing apex app using ORDS and oracle client, now I want a pipeline which can deploy my current app into staging than in prod

I am a full time Android Developer and in the current firm I am working at, I have found my system to have modifications that I didn't perform(when I turned it on the next morning) . I am okay with

Recently, I installed a package that requires Pygame learning environment: https://github.com/ntasfi/PyGame-Learning-Environment I added 'ple' to my install_requires, but got this error despite

I want to update the files dynamically based on the user and zip those files and download as a installer package for the end user. I am using PHP application with JSON files to be updated inside the

All, i have two powershell scripts Foo.ps1 (The invoker) Run.ps1 (The invokee). i want to pass a parameter from Foo.ps1 to Run.ps1 where i have written a function to carry some operations and after

I need to upload file through zuul to my application, the content type is multipart/form-data, but I have some other parameters in the request. So how can I get the parameters in the zuul? I want to

I have a windows forms project that self-hosts a WCF service. It's been working for a while. The communication is by XML. However, now I need to use JSON. I've been reading and trying stuff for two

I'm just beginning with SQL and on one of my test projects I've run into an issue. I have 2 tables "DRIVER" and "TRIP". TRIP table: TRIP_ID INTEGER NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, CLIENT_ID

In my laravel 5.7 / vuejs 2.5 app I use moment library to format datetime from db It works in my component, but I have error when I try to wrap moment in my mixing as function with parameters. package.

Original advice given to center the body results in ul, li, a not centered properly: .jumbotron h1, .jumbotron h2 { text-align: center; } .jumbotron { position: relative; top: -9px

I am trying to create a wordpress plugin and I hit a snag. at first I thought it might be my code. Then I realized it's the database. whenever I try to add a row to a table using sql it just will not

This is my project structure I declare ListView in XAML (MainPage.xaml): <ListView x:Name="ShoppingListsLV" HorizontalOptions="CenterAndExpand" Margin="3"/> And

According to what I have read on the internet, the normal range of fundamental frequency of female voice is 165 to 255 Hz . I am using Praat and also python library called Parselmouth to get the

I'm trying to extract the information of the film where it's genre isn't 'Sci-Fi'. But I'm getting an error of #1242 - Subquery returns more than 1 row and I just can't fix this issue. I'm using this

i am using React Router v4 in which i create a route file after creating a router path it gives a =n error as i mention of Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression no-

I started reading the book Programming from the Ground Up to learn about asm on Linux. The Book has a Set of 3 Questions: Modify the maximum program to use the number 255 to end the list rather

I want to use border-radius for my document, I was struggling and I found this code on stack overflow from here but results in this: output.pdf, why? <html> <head> <title>JS Bin</

After upgrading an iOS app to build with Xcode 10.1, I noticed that on devices running old versions of iOS (up to iOS 11.2.1), Fabric Crashlytics for Answers SDK crashes the app. Crash does not repro

I have created a class named Std_Info to manage all the functions pertaining to manipulating the file. I have created an fstream to manage the file. Please see the code and tell me where am I creating

I am using CAPSPageMenu for page menu functionality. It is a very good library for page menu. I am using segment type. When I am displaying the childView Controller, Width Does not properly display in

In my application i use ViewPager for show some data and in this viewPager i want scrolling between pages every 4sec . For this i write below codes, when application started Memory (in profiler tab)

Unless you provide a main() function yourself in your yacc grammar, yacc (or bison) will provide its own minimal main() reading from stdin. But what if I want to have the main() function defined

I managed to stream the video from camera in a smartphone to the web app in the code below. However, I do not know how to save the video to the internal storage of the smartphone from the web app. How

I am new to the R world. I am trying to subtract the sum_bednights from BednightsFruit1.1, but I recieved an error: Error in arrange_impl(.data, dots) : incorrect size (1) at position 1, expecting :

I have question here, and i have done to do what i can do, The problem is i have Multi List python [[1,3,4,2],[2,2,3,1],[2,1,2,3] i want make this list to become like this [[1,2,2],[3,2,1],[4,3,2]

This is my very first use of AppleScript. I'm trying to use it to move a 100+ folders (and their content files) from one location to another. I'm not just moving the files because I want to maintain

How do i remove unused css in a webpage? I could see that bundled css takes more time to load when i try in performance. I was trying to optimise that case by rendering the bundled css based on page

Hi all i am learning Generics in Java. in which i have created this hierarchy. Now i have created a LivingThing class public class LivingThing<T extends LivingThingTypes> implements Iterable&

I want to try to set AppBarLayout overlay status bar. I try with this code getWindow().setFlags(WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_LAYOUT_NO_LIMITS, WindowManager.LayoutParams.

I get this error every time after 1 week or 2 weeks, starting and stopping the pool does not solve the problem. When I restart the server then the problem gets resolved.

Scenario 1: No compilation issue.When base class is initialized in derived class using initialization list class Base { public: int x; }; class D:public Base { public: int y;

I have a subclassed NSWindow that works fine when the app is compiled in debug mode but doesn't get mouse events when the app is compiled in release mode! Its view is getting mouse events fine but the

in ionic app i have used fire base phone authentication so now when i call get opt i get message like => "221565 is your verification code for localhost.",where they says the opt code is for

XML CODE: <company> <staff position=”CEO”> <name> <surname>Ahmad</surname> <firstname>Azmi</

Motivation: Here is the implementation of converting base-n to decimal: template<int from, char Chs> constexpr int toDec() { int ret{}; return ( (

I'm using react-native-gifted-chat in my react-native app. As I shown in this image, there is same message displayed multiple time and message: Yes getting new msg 's place is also vary from its