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MY DILEMMA: I tend to write in a very modular fashion, creating frameworks and SDKs to be used by contractors and third parties. I write in systems, not apps, so this model is important. A few

I'm working on a django project and I'm trying to implement Github login using username and password. Here's the content of my views.py file: @login_required def github_access_via_username(request):

Hi I was following some android tutorials in youtube, and in the preview of the design tab, I get the following errors However, the problem is I didn't get any of these errors in the theme 'Apptheme'.

I am trying to maintain a users table on MongoDB that contains extracts from our Slack channel that we can access from the Slack API. At the moment I am trying to check each time we load up the server,

I'm trying to scrape all the links available in an infinite page, scrolling down and getting the new links available. However, time.sleep() does not allow to pause the driver for a reasonable time,

By a quick google search there is a lot of rant on google on how to stop jetbrain from indexing but none actually explaining what it means when it is indexing. Image of jetbrain indexing: What does

I need some benchmark result for comparing between Apache Kylin and other competitors in closed source software like SSIS or OBIEE. I knew that apache Kylin is on OLAP engine for big data and

I'm working on a ASP.net (.net Core 2.0) application, and I realize that some queries are very slow. It's an API, the entrypoint just do a query to mongoDB (Aggregate) and return the result. When I

I just started getting into nodes and simple linked lists. While I find linked lists confusing I still start to understand them more and can code them following different tutorials. But to remove

I want to change the href in an element with id "apple" using tampermonkey. The problem is my code works, it changes the href to www.google.com, however, when i click the link it takes me to the old

opt.lg_prof_sample (size_t) r- [--enable-prof] Average interval (log base 2) between allocation samples, as measured in bytes of allocation activity. Increasing the sampling interval decreases

i have been working on android-studio calculator. I'm very very beginner and i have 2 problems. First when i press "c" in my app it works fine by first click. Then when i click on it and click any

I have deployed an AWS Lambda written in Kotlin using Spring Cloud Function. When I test it with a request json {"id":"1", "name":"John" } I get following error: "No suitable constructor found for

How we validate with multiple ck editor?I have around 5 options in that make 3 of it are mandatory. How to implement it. Please help

I have deployed the rails application in staging. The application is running fine except for the sidekiq. In my sidekiq.log, I see the following line, Too many levels of symbolic links @

I Have a Form In which the form should automatically search when i complete entering the first character in the text field, I want to make Tags form this forum or any website. This is an example flask

This sounds simple but how can i display the capital letters of a string like: string = "Hey There" Then displays 'HT'

I've been banging my head on the table over this for a few hours now. I have this Map: private static Map<Class<? extends BaseClass>, Predicate<? extends BaseClass>> constraints;

I try to make React Navigation menu labels internationalized like this on the first menu item. const DrawerMenu = createDrawerNavigator({ {I18n.t('cakes_onthemaps')}: { screen:

Objective: to read in a csv file into a Pandas dataframe and not have to manually call at date columns Here is the code I am using currently,which provides a dtype of 'O' on my date column: df = pd.

I have multiple dates start and end date. How can I get the average of the two dates having 30 and 60 days interval. Sample 9/22/2018 6:13 PM - 9/22/2018 11:01 AM

While converting HTML to PDF online HTML text is in Zurich Font but while seeing in PDF it renders TimesNewRoman.Unable to find solution of it.

I'm coming from PHP (laravel), I'm still new to node.js and its being fun but i have some issues with using server side functions in my html view. Unlike in laravel, where i have access to some

I would like to change of ViewController when I click on "OK" button of my AlertAction but I have an error : thread1:signal SIGABRT "Receiver () has no segue with identifier 'NextQuestion'". Here is

For Example $json_string = '{"employee" : { "name" : "test","id" : "1"}}'; $array = [ "center" => "Mumbai", "data" => $json_string ]; //echo

I'm just following a video tutorial and I modify some codes, but after I modify it, the animation delay is not working for my drop down here is the dropdwon block code for css #nav ul li:hover #

I am developing a multi-tenant system that creates a new schema for each new tenant, however I have a unique schema to check if the tenant already exists, in case it does not exist, allow to create a

I need reproduce this CollectionView I can't reproduce this collectionView.. How to do it?

We are following modular services approach and want to write concordion test cases. So when writing a concordion for a service, we want to mock the service this service calls as the service might be

We are working on a product where licencing is involved. It is build on reactJS, redux, asp.net core and also uses Signalr for broadcasting messages to client. Licence is counted as below.

I am working through the practical sheet at this link: http://www.statslab.cam.ac.uk/~rds37/teaching/statistical_modelling/Practical6.pdf In exercise 3, it is stated that to test whether the mother's

I saw gomoku algorithm for 5 in row for 19 X 19 board,And I tried to code for 4 in row for 7 X 7 but I didn't get a perfect solution.

I have a RDD[(Int, BreezeDenseMatrix[Double])] and what i want is to sum each row and multiply it by a double. The problem is that after that, i get an empty partition to the output RDD. I was

Ребят, можете скинуть ссылки на статьи, и т.д, где можно посмотреть как работать с сетью на C++, просто очень много инфы перекопал, и не нашёл годной.На youtube 1 ролик про socket server, а про

I have several similarly named data frames in R. I am looking for a neat way to create a new column in each one of these data frames. The values in these columns should be dependent on the name of the

Am new to java 8 and still in learning phase. I have to write the below logic using java 8. I have an Json Array data and my json structure is as below. {"list":[{"core":{"min":281.556,"max":286.67,"

Hello i am trying to connect to a RethinkDB container to no avail.I have downloaded the image and i can run it but it seems i cannot connect to it : I am using: docker run --name rth -p 8100:8080 -d

In tutorial: https://blog.keras.io/a-ten-minute-introduction-to-sequence-to-sequence-learning-in-keras.html we have one layer seq2seq model. I would like to extend this model with one additional layer

I want to combine .append and .attr. How I should do correctly? $('.ngg-gallery-thumbnail').append("<a href='add/"+attr("data-title")+"/' class='btn btn-default'>Add</a>"); I want to

I've created a form with a submit button, but it opens cart. It should call module front controller. How to fix it? <form action="{$url}" method="post"> First name: <input type="

I am currently loading the python logger like this: import logging logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO) log = logging.getLogger("myprogram") and using it e. g. like this: [] except

I have 3 table, Merchant_Master, Merchant_PaymentDetail, and Merchant_refference Master table looks like this and Id is the Autoincrement +----+------+------------+----------------+ | id | mid |

In Controller.java i mapped an object msg resultMap.put("msg", msg); now, i want to print all the properties of the method in a html form using ajax call. And i'm doing it like this. Setting an id

I am passing a list of company object from a controller to the view using the following code: controller var res = new WebReference.CompaniesCollection(); try {

I've been successfully adding pre-populated html retrieved via ajax to my templates like so (where I load the response data into the html attribute of data-resp): <img id="profile-pic" data-resp="

The below code represents bagging algorithm parameters tuning using grid search method. At each execution of the code i got a different results for the best_parameters even though i have setted the

I am porting a large XNA project into Unity project. I did not write XNA project and don't have any background with it. The porting was going smoothly until I came across a part that's used to draw a

IDEA: IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2.3 x64 IDEA Embeded Terminal: "c:\cygwin64\bin\sh" -lic "cd ${OLDPWD-.}; bash" I got build.gradle: task info << { println "Привет, мир!" } When i run from

A while ago, I asked a question on stack overflow and was shown how to execute the rdtsc opcode in C++. I recently created a benchmark function using rdtsc as follows: inline unsigned long long rdtsc(

I need to access a web service through a proxy via SSL and the proxy uses a certificate issued from a 3rd party. I have imported the certificate file (PEM format, contains 2 certificates) into the $